Truthfulness of the disciple

Q: why some practitioners are looking very ugly and some of them are looking very good? Sometimes I fear to practice because I don’t want to look like some of them…

Guruji: no. you’re not going to be like some other person. So far I have seen in my last 35 years – person begins to look better and better as the time passes by.

If he or she is looking ugly – that means they’re not practicing, just saying that they are doing it.

He simply can not look ugly.

Q: some of them are saying that they are practicing but they are looking awful

Guruji: I doubt it. Whether they are practicing or not practicing – only they can tell it honestly. But if we are doing something which is supposed to be the best thing – we will begin to look our best also. You can relax.

It is believed by yogis that yoga practice is the best thing, which a person can do in this creation. I observe that if you’re doing something which is supposed to be the best and as a result of that practice you will also look at your best. It will make you look more and more better and more beautiful.

If someone is still looking ugly – I mean not so good – that might be some problem with that what he or she is practicing.

Q: may be they talking more than doing?


Guruji: first step in yoga is being truthful. If you’re not truthful then you’re not doing yoga at all.


Q: and when the person are trying to combine two different practices?

Guruji: it will not give results. You can’t do everything at the same time.


I don’t know any person who is eating and at the same time shitting also.


You have to separate them. Simple observation. If they are combining yoga practice with many-many other different practices – that means they are not very much interested in yoga practice, they just want to learn it – so they can tell others that they practice yoga also.

Q: you said that even Mahatma Gandi start to be most popular, when he start to practice Kriya Yoga?

Guruji: he was already very popular, but when Yogananda gave him initiation in  Kriya Yoga, which Mahatma Gandi himself requested, when Yogananda was visiting his ashram – this incident was given in “Autobiography of the Yogi” – after that his rise is phenomenon. Till then he was doing so many things, but after this – extraordinary rise.

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  • प्रणव शर्मा October 13, 2017   Reply →

    प्रणाम गुरूजी !
    गुरुमुख से स्वयं के लिए सीधा सीधा सा निर्देश पा कर भी क्रियायोग अभ्यास में नियमित ना रह सका ! इससे बड़ा पाप नहीँ जानता !
    प्रयासरत हूँ , निरन्तर चिंतन रहता है ! इसलिए गुरुकृपा से इसी जीवन में अभ्यास कर लक्ष्य को पाउँगा !!

  • Anil Kumar Sharma October 13, 2017   Reply →

    दंडवत प्रणाम गुरूजी

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