Yogiraj uvacha:

Seven-eight steps are for purification of mercury; then you make it hungry, then you treat it with gold, and mica, and other things. And before that you need to make mica liquid – then the mercury eats it, but the weight of mercury is not increasing. Then you feed it with gold – 64 times the weight of mercury gold will absorb in it without increasing the weight of mercury. Then all the nine jewels: you make them liquid and feed it to mercury; then the quality of your mercury will be divine. Then another processes, then bhasma is prepared, then…something will happen. We calculated: if you work like demons – it will take at least 20 years to do. And if it is successful – you may live up to 10000 years.

Q: how much money for this 20 years?

Guruji: first you will need great patience because it’s not guaranteed that every experiment according to the book you will be able to do it absolutely successful. Leave some room for trilling adders also. If you are reach enough – than it’s the best way to pass the time.

Q: I have one man with laboratory…

Guruji: we have seen so many people coming to me; we will need a team at least of 20+ people.

Q: yes, also they must have chemical education

Guruji: not exactly chemical education, they must to know a lot of ayurvedic things also – how to do certain things, which they describe in the books.

Q: but money is the main ingredient?

Guruji: money, and will, and idea – what you need. I have done some small-time experiments with 7 processes of purification of mercury; even though you will take chemically pure mercury – the quality will change. It will become extremely bright and it will eat gold just like that( clicking fingers). Silver also – but gold simply disappears in that.

Q: is it possible to find chemically pure mercury here?

Guruji: it’s easy, yes. There are so many alchemical stores and scientifical stores – they sell it. Getting things is not a problem; getting the experts to work for you – if you have enough money to pay them and complete laboratory. Not modern laboratory; some part of modern things also and ancient stuck – because in the books they give process like in ancient time. Then some good supplier, who will keep supply you with the different types of herbs, which are not available in the area – some are available in Himalayas, some are in the central India – you need to have a big thing. But if there are enough will and funds – anything is possible. We have enough space but not enough money. We have enough space either in my bank account or in my pocket also. We need to fill it up somehow( laughing)

Q: You need investors to ask for money for these investigations?

Guruji: you see, if someone else is financing you – you will never have the free hand, he will pressure you. That will spoil your concentration and focus. You need to be in a very relaxed mind; because pressed mind will never have any ideas – but very relaxed mind, who interested in this, for the sake of it, will have so many different new ideas.

Q: what amount of money it requires?

Guruji: few billions rupees. And also: if you make 10 gr bhasma or 10 kg of bhasma – time will be the same in processing. It will be very idiotic thing to spend 10 years making 10 gr of bhasma. You need to consider that also.

Q: better to do 10 kg

Guruji: why not of 100 kg?

Q: it will be big profit to sell it

Guruji: no, if I’ll have it – I will just give my disciples for free.


Q: could the success in alchemy be seen from the chart?

Guruji: I think the 8th house plays a very major role in it- about mystical knowledge and all these scientific experiments. It must have the strong influence of Mars, Venus and the 9th lord. 8th house should be very powerful, it is the key of all mystical knowledge and information.

Q: could be seen that the person will be interested in that but failed in experiments?

Guruji: of course, it’s easily seen. It depends on approach of the person; if his 9th lord is not strong enough and 4th lord is also weak – then even though he may have great interest but he will be not successful in some of them. It’s a combination of so many things. And ultimately if luck is supporting him – it’s a different story. When I was in home town we were doing a lot of experiments because it was good enough team around me; but in Govardhan it is more isolation – so team is not there after the death of old man, ayurvedic doctor. Maybe some people will come.

Q: and could success in magical rituals can be seen from the chart?

Guruji: we have the saying here that the wrestling career and tantra career or ghostly career last for only 12 years, no more than that. The influence of Rahu must be strong and again the 8th house. All secret knowledge and mysterious things connected with that.

Q: the processes on mercury considered as the hardest one?

Guruji: all 8 are not easy. And they get harder and harder, every next process is harder than the previous. if they were easy everybody could be doing them. I still have not see ayurvedic expert, who was able to do all 18 processes of mercury. I’ve never heard of anyone. You need to be extremely experienced and knowledgeable to tackle it. And a motive should be there, which is usually missing.


Mysterious alchemy processes in your physical body: consider prana is mercury and apana is sulfur. The best way to treat mercury – to offer sulfur into mercury and mercury into sulfur; then finally sulfur goes away and you offer specially treated mercury into mercury – and then it becomes divine, it will become pure prana- that will change the alchemy of your physicality. You can explain it this way also.

Q: could we say that all 10 pranas changes their qualities?

Guruji: they are all branches of prana, when we say “prana” – they are all considered. Only after apana is being merged offering to prana and absorb inside. The same process, what they describe about mercury and sulfur – you can use them as prana and apana. You’re already started to do that. That is the most mysterious chemistry, which you have learned and you’re practicing. One human body – then you subdivide it into hands and fingers; that is just the way they try to explain it in detail – five upapranas; and people become more confused.

Q: so when prana entering the body?

Guruji: in that moment it takes all forms. One car – but it has so many different parts. I can explain whole Bhagavad Gita from alchemy point of view like that.


Q: what is four varnas?

Guruji: four varnas of mercury: mercury is available on brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and shudra. Nowadays only shudra varna of mercury is available. Only the luckiest of lucky can somehow get close to brahmanical mercury, which doesn’t need any processing – you just take a drop of it and you will become very long-living person like 10000 years or 100000 years. Body will become divine with single dose of it. It is hidden, only shudra type of mercury is available – that’s why all 18 processes are recommended – to make it brahmanical mercury.

Q: what is three gunas on that point of view?

Guruji: three types of mercury – solid, liquid and it flies away. Make it solid is another great achievement. Even Hatha Yoga Pradipika is saying: if you are able to make mercury stable and you are able to make your mind stable – whatever is there which cannot be achieved? This is even Hatha Yoga Pradipika says.

Q: it is sattva or rajas state?

Guruji: it is the state of the mercury – don’t connect it with sattva and rajas. Let’s say it’s the siddha mercury.

Q: it is connected with the mind?

Guruji: they give a simile: as mercury is liquid, you cannot just pick it up so is the mind. If you can make the mercury stable enough to pick it up or you can make your mind stable enough to be able to hold it inside you, then you can achieve anything in three worlds.

There are different states of mercury; here we’re trying for purification so it become brahmanical so if you use it – your body will become divine and your perfect understanding of three gunas will come, and then only you able to cross over.

Q: if we look at the first chapter of Bhagavad Gita – how You can explain it?

Guruji: all impurities of the mercury

Q: both sides?

Guruji: even purity and impurity – both are actually problems so you have to rise beyond that; that’s why the processes on mercury are described and all the tapas for you is described – so you will rise above purity and impurity. Both are bondages. It’s a deeper philosophy here.

Q: how we can explain the 8th chapter?

Guruji: when you’re able process on mercury to a level that it is ready to transform; that will be the death of one form of mercury and life of another form of it. What is the death or life? – transformation.

It will change – like body dying and essence of the body leaves; so the essence of mercury will leave and the useless thing will be left behind. And that essence, after some processes, will make you immortal.

Q: what about bhakti yoga?

Guruji: you need to be very much devoted for all these problems to go through process mercury. If you will not have enough devotion – then what’s the use? You can consider that: o, Lord Krishna, who is better devotee – who is just using mercury in a smaller way or who is going through all purifying processes – who is the better devotee of mercury? And He said: ok, those, who are using mercury in any way – are very good; but those, who are able to find the essence of mercury and be able to use it – they are almost like Me. Yogiraj vacha!

And why mercury is so important? Because it is considered as the semen of Shiva. It might be carrying all His DNA memories or genetics or something. We need to consider that also.

Q: and what about karma?

Guruji: the main karma is process; successful process is your good karma, unsuccessful processes are bad karma. When on mercury you make any mistake – there are so many possibilities of blasting so it is like dangerous situation also. You may go blind or something – anything is possible. It’s not so easy that you do it just like that; all dangers are there. Always be prepared. Even following the instruction – you will be able to do only by having very great experienced man. Just a person, no matter how many instructions he go, he will fail definitely. Big experience back up is needed.

Q: when we see Vasudeva in the heart? What it will be?

Guruji: but that is the essence of prana – when you will be able to discover. 18 chapters in Gita and 18 samskaras – you can connect them also. When you are successful to the level, when you are able to separate essence of mercury, the purest form of mercury – that will be the essence like a Vasudeva.

Q: mercury is in the leech form?

Guruji: leech is nothing, very easy to make.

Q: what when we see the Time itself like in 11th chapter?

Guruji: when you have made mercury hungry enough – so it will devour everything which you offer. That will be the frightening thing, that 100 kgs of mercury is eating everything you are offering, without increasing it bodyweight. You will be afraid. From gold to all type of jewels, to pulse, mica – everything. 18 samskaras – 18 chapters.

Q: if prana is mercury and apana is sulfur: what is mica here?

Guruji: they say mica is the essence of the dhatus of the body of female.

Q: ok, if we take the last chapter, 18th?

Guruji: mercury doesn’t differentiate between man, woman, low born, high born – whoever is able to purify it – he will support him. low born, high born, bastard, no matter – if you are able to do the processing – it is yours.

Q: but in 18th chapter they describe whole Gita again in short?

Guruji: that is another confusion that they describe whole Gita again. There is no shortcut. When you have reached to a level of 18th chapter – then of course you can say: oh, it was nothing, I’ve did it just like that.

One relative came one time; he never could believe that I become a yogi – so he simply asked me directly: in yoga, what have you done? I’m a gentleman, I answered – not much. He said: I knew that! – it was the end of the conversation. What else you can say? You can’t tell him all your life experiences in two lines.

So when you haven’t gone through all 17 chapters – you will never understand the 18th chapter. Some people didn’t read it – they go directly to 18th chapter, that is wrong. Those, who are using mercury – because there are so many formulas connecting with mercury, which is better than Viagra: if the person are only interested in them – he is asura. But who is after the mercury to extract the divinity of it to use for some high purposes – he is with divine qualities.

Q: same thing with the four types of devotion?

Guruji: like most of ayurvedic things or mercury and sulfur are used; so you’re just creating this medicine for making money by curing, dharma; artha – who is asking: please, help me, I’m dying with this disease and some medicine is given to them – like that. We can explain everything!

Q: how you can explain dharma, artha, kama and moksha?

Guruji: dharma: first you decide on a career and career carries you through – this is the literal translation of dharma. And if your career is right – enough money will come to you. Then, if enough money you have, then kama: most of your desires will be fulfilled. One of the desires will be to do the 18 processes on mercury and create divine essence out of it – that is also your desire; if you will have enough money – you will do that. Moksha- if you’re successful, you don’t need to do it anymore. All Gita can be explained from alchemy point of view.


Q: did Your Guru working with mercury?

Guruji: no.

Q: and how You started that?

Guruji: I think my interest was more on instinct. In India mercury is discussed everywhere. It is not like a started to go and read books: when I became interested- then books became start my way. I bought so many of them and I’ve got so many different books. One of my uncles was the very famous ayurvedic doctor and he has a huge collection of ayurvedic books. He died; and after several years I went to see them. All of his books were just lying in a tin shade, openly, exposed to water. sons were not interested, they were trying to sale it as garbage. I said – let me help you, I take all of them. They say – please, please, take them away. So I took them away. It was many books: he might have 90% of the books which were available in Ayurveda. My cousins still don’t know, what they missed. That was my luck.

Q: I think Your motive could pull the money for that experiments?

Guruji: let’s see. I ‘m for the right team together first. Alone you cannot do that.

Nagarjuna was great chemist: his life was taught when we were in the school. When the king ordered him beheaded – they were not able to cut his head with a sword. Then he become bold by this try – and then he said them to put something on the sword and only then his head was cut. That was the story of Nagarjuna. He was also great siddha – his name appears in 84 siddhas. He’s very much respected. Every alchemist gave some different touch to the processes. Same processes – but their methodology is a slightly bit different. You must read everything. There were two Nagarjunas: one was Buddhist monk, who writes more about philosophy. And very accomplished ayurvedic Nagarjuna – he is one of the 84 siddhas.

Q: he describes this wonderful transformation, when the person dives into big cauldron?

Guruji: yes, Nithyanath also. But without some specialist guiding you it’s a great risk.

Q: what do You think – they went through this process?

Guruji: if they are describing it then I’m sure.

Q: it is like kaya kalpa?

Guruji: it is not exactly kaya kalpa: it is taking your own essence and creating the superbody out of it. It is much more elaborate thing then kaya kalpa. Kaya kalpa means you have the same body – but you have revive it to the youth again and stabilizes in this position. That is kaya kalpa. But that thing – you’re destroying the old one, but you’re taking the essence out of it and using that essence to create absolutely new body out of it, which is superbody. Amazing process. They said, that Shiva told this to Ravana also and Ravana and Meghanada went through this – that’s why they live up to 311 billions of years.

Q: how in this case Rama could kill him?

Guruji: because it was decreed that way. When you live for 311 billion years you will exiting the world very dramatically – which he did successfully.


Even vajroli can be explained with mercury and sulfur.

Q: how?

Guruji: unite them; and the mercury shouldn’t mixed, you should be able to extract mercury out of it without making it evaporate – it will change the quality of mercury. All these three – vajroli, amaroli, sahajoli – all are mercury and sulfur. Put them together and have it. Mercury and sulfur – mostly it is there. There are so many processes in sulfur, amazing in detail; and they will take years to complete.

Q: 3rd and 4th chapters of Hatha Yoga Pradipika, which describes the bindu?

Guruji: that is mercury, because it is highly volatile thing. If you are able to keep mercury at least 1000 degrees, thousanide or centigrade – then you are considered as yes, you are in more friendly turn with mercury. That is an aspect of celibacy. Mercury is not flying away. Even vajroli can be explained that way.

Q: can we make the connection with the human body, when upper bindu is upward?

Guruji: yes, Shiva and Shakti – mercury and sulfur.

Q: why sulfur is in muladhar?

Guruji: because it is apana, Shakti. Earth element. And all power is in earth element. That’s why Kundalini is sleeping in muladhar. Earth is real Shakti, because real Kundalini is sleeping on the earth element.

When you wake it up – it means you’re waking up the main power of the earth element, which will connect all 5 elements together and make them equal to each other – then you will get a yogic body or a divine body or superbody, who will be able to live much-much longer than our imagination. Mother Earth, earth is the basic thing – we need to remember that always.

Q: when we rise this power, it will be mix of prana and apana?

Guruji: definitely! You bring down prana – bring down mercury, after you evaporate it so many times, then bring it down to the sulfur again, which has been processed thousand times before; then together they will do the result. It’s a new chapter in Kriya yoga.

Q: what is bhastrika according to this concept?

Guruji: without the bellows, without the furnace, and something to fire up the temperature according to your need – all experiments will failed. Bhastrika play a very important role here.

Q: if we take nadi shodhana – we do one process on mercury, one on sulfur?

Guruji: that means the mercury has been established themselves, taking the every emotion of sulfur inside, and all the metals inside, and all the jewels inside; then you will take it – and then move it to all your different nadis; the whole your body, every single hair will be full of mercury; – then.

Q: why it is needed to switch on from right to left?

Guruji: otherwise how you will distribute it to every pore of your body? It is a process, so it will distribute it equally everywhere. That’s why in Shiva sutras they say: the yogi becomes like Shiva himself. But if you’re not able to treat the semen of Shiva, which is mercury, and able to assimilate it – how you will be like Shiva himself? It is stand to reason.

Now I’m alone – so it’s very difficult to make more mercury.

Q: to what type of process we could consider the postures from Hatha Yoga Pradipika?

Guruji: there are so many different yantras to process mercury – so you can connect them. When you’re eating mercury after you have treated it – it will evaporate inside and collect on the top of this: that is siddhasana and padmasana.

Q: what are four stages of Samadhi from Hatha Yoga Pradipika in mercury process?

Guruji: they start by describing khechari mudra and shambhavi mudra. Khechari mudra is: when mercury is able to move in space inside the yantra which you have created to process it and remains there without moving. That is as good as Samadhi for you. Then it is ready to process and when you start to assimilate inside your body – then your consciousness becomes different and you’re entering the shambhavi state of it. So khechari is to make the mercury to that level, so when you begin to use it – you will be like Shiva, shambhavi. When mercury is inside you – your all attention is inside, but you’re looking outside. That is the description of shambhavi. Then your body will be powerful enough to tolerate the very high frequency vibrations of the nada.

Yogiraj uvacha:

When you’re successful at 18 processes of mercury and mercury is finally ready and you discovered the essence and it is ready to be used – then only going Samadhi everyday will be able to assimilate mercury in your body. So shambhavi mudra. This processes were described for yogis – that is what I think.

It is told in Ayurveda Prakash: they describes all 18 processes and in the end they say when you start to use it – only going into Samadhi your body will be able to tolerate the power of mercury and assimilate it.

Q: they mean suspended animation?

Guruji: Samadhi is Samadhi – now we can go into detail what is Samadhi; that is another chapter. Samadhi will make you digest it.

Only yogi can be successful on these 18 processes of mercury; safely. Khechari is important even for processing. You know when we were doing experiments with my friend Rambabu in the day time and it was decreed that no bold man should be present. And a bold man thought that we’re trying to make gold here and he just came running. And the moment he was just near – huge blast in the cauldron. Me and Rambabu were both with khechari; and from the blast was so sheer white flame came – you see, in the day time, in the sunlight, you rarely see flames; – but that sheer flame was seen at least 2 km away and people came running – what happened? The flames just pass us, and behind us it were a lot of creepers and all was burn; but nothing happened with us – because we were in khechari. Khechari is the first qualification for that. The whole process has to be done with khechari.

Q: so if you’re not the yogi – you can’t even start?

Guruji: you can do it, but you will fail. If we would not be yogis and without khechari – we would burnt there. It is impossible: you’re untouched but behind you every creeper is burn.


Q: they say khecharatva instead of khechari?

Guruji: khecharatva means you’re able to fly also.

Q: only then you can start?

Guruji: no, the mercury is one of the results of it – it will give you khecharatva, anti-gravitational effect.

Q: khechari can help in another situation also?

Guruji: in all experiments on mercury. That’s why most of them failed.

Q: but in another situation?

Guruji: we do it only in Kriya yoga to develop our mind and in experiments on mercury. Many ancient Ayurveda books gives this condition initially. Another very great book – Rasarnava Tantra; Shiva himself is talking: by true knowledge you’re liberated. Prana gives gyana: with successful pranayama you get real knowledge. With the very healthy body prana is possible; and by taking rasayana your body immense healthy. So create rasayana. This step by step you go. And even vedas are saying about essence of the creator, Ishwar: He is rasa Himself – whoever is the supreme power. And mercury is called rasa and raseyna: so maybe knowing mercury will give you so great wisdom that you will know everything. You will become like Shiva.

You need to prepare yourself and you need to have enough experience. If you leave one thing – another will not be successful. I’ve seen some people, who were not the yogis but experimenting – some of them get blind, to some very great asthmatic problem came and they will be too sick after that. Experimenting on mercury is extremely dangerous thing.

Q: could I use khechari in emergency situation?

Guruji: only with experimenting on mercury it is highly recommended. Otherwise kriya yogi used khechari in it – and most of them goes safe. Very rarely something wrong happen.

Q: what is dehi in alchemical process?

Guruji: the essence of mercury; after removing the 7 layers of impurity of the mercury – the real essence of mercury is dehi. It is hiding inside mercury.

Q: what is mind here?

Guruji: after you have taken it – and then you will get as a result supermind. Mercury adding you to your evolution. I can say – in 36 years practicing yoga my point of view changed a little.

Rule for alchemists: you pick everything there and leave the area and never come back. Never remain in one place, keep moving.

Q: you must leave the place?

Guruji: and break everything, destroy everything there. Your laboratory, left over medicines, tools – everything.

Q: maybe it was about going to some parallel world?

Guruji: no, in this world. On Earth. They say very clearly – destroy your laboratory. Every pot, every medicine, which is left – then move, leave the area forever, never come back.

Q: maybe it because of people will try to get your results?

Guruji: of course. Greed is the main driving force of humanity.

Yogiraj uvacha:

There are 8 pranayamas and 10 mudras. Pranayamas are specially made to purify everything. Mercury also has 18 processes to purifying; after all of them it can grant immortality. After you’re gone through so many pranayamas – 8 types of pranayamas – 8 processes are specially recommended for purification of the mercury and when it is prepared enough to be ward of old age and death – your journey towards attaining immortality begins. After special purification, which we call pranayamas here, mercury id prepared for something; – we come to mahamudra. Mudra in Ayurveda is used to seal some container where the mercury or any substance is there to make it bhasma. Mahamudra is the greatest of seal where mercury is not evaporate out of container. But it will change its nature and will go up and will stay on the sahasrara of the container. And then it will leave – we say from the nostrils, but “put” is a special technical ayurvedic term, when you are putting the mercury into container then you’re giving it inside the fire – this is called “ giving it a “put”. After you’re given the mercury two puts – it will be like death, marana – death-like condition will come. then what will happen? It will ward off old age and death. After the 8 processes of purification the 9th process of the mercury – if you can do it successfully, it will be like death; not exactly death but very near to becoming bhasma. Even that substance will be able to keep old age and death from you for a very long time. And then we go on to mahavedha – special treatment of mercury with different methods, different metals are treat. And there is one mudra: they say you may have enough food to do it, especially in viparita karani. That means you have increase the hunger of the mercury to that level that you must have everything ready to feed it. The liquid metals, gold, mica and the liquid jewels also which you have successfully made them liquid – and you keep on feeding mercury as long as he could eating it. Then the divine things will happen. After that you go to final Shakti Chalini, that is specially treated sulfur, sulfur is Shakti; after vajroli, amaroli, sahajoli they will both become extremely calm and in sort of the bhasma state – then immortality will follow. We can look at Hatha Yoga Pradipika from alchemical point of view – even then it looks like great formula there given, for treated mercury and sulfur. Mercury is Shiva, sulfur is Shakti.

Q: it connects with mahamudra what we are practicing?

Guruji: it connects exactly: we are using prana, and there it is mercury. We can combine both of formulas together. In mahamudra they say: state like death will appear. Mercury will become very stable, it will went like in suspended animation without dying; so the property will come into it. If you use it wisely – it will stop ageing and coming of death. Mahamudra is like a furnace – fire will spread everywhere, wherever it is needed.

Q: what about nabhi?

Guruji: nabhi is like the furnace, which heats up the system; how you will give fire to prana or to the mercury? Nabhi means center.

Q: how this mudra is connected with alchemical process?( position of the hands in nabhi Kriya)

Guruji: well, the power of the woman is sleeping there – that means the power of sulfur is sleeping there. If you do it like that – it will be awaken. This special mudra is to awaken the woman instinct in your navel.

When you successfully made bhasma of mercury – it can grant so many things: you can convert base metal into gold – it will be the test now it is ready make a normal body to a superbody. It is a test of it. It is a test for mercury: if it can change to gold any metal – then it can make your body into superbody.

Q: mahabandha is used to hold the mercury?

Guruji: yes, mahabandha is the thing when the super heat treated mercury will remain inside. They should be done one after another – mahamudra, mahabandha, mahavedha. Then comes khechari: the mercury will grant you the power to levitate; or maybe it will go into the empty space of your body also – it will penetrate even that. It will change the vibration of the whole being – if mercury will be able to penetrate the empty space between your cells and atoms, 99,9% – then that space become very special and a different consciousness will wake up in that void. If vibration will change – you will change.

The creative instinct of the woman is activated only with this. It is sleeping inside – wake him! if the veer is going out again and again – the inner woman will be continue to sleep; if you will able to stop it inside somehow – then the different process is starting inside you and a union will take place.

Q: so in mahamudra we heat up the system?

Guruji: we heat up the system and stop all the outing of the body – so the prana will just take the special way inside.

Q: and next we try to wake up the women power inside?

Guruji: yes; sulfur – without treatment of sulfur mercury is not so active. Proper heat treatment is required. Without proper heat treatment mercury will not be ready for anything. It will be ready to fly – but you’re stopping it from fly or evaporation; and then very different effect will start inside. The different power will come.


Yogiraj uvacha:  

After you are made it heat resistant and it will not evaporate in very intense heat – then you need to cool it down. That is sitkari. Here I will say – apana is so important, because apana is sulfur; to make sulfur heat resistance – it’s a near impossible task. More harder then make the mercury heat resistant.

Q: it is connected with vajroli, amaroli and sahajoli?

Guruji: no, these three are processes between mercury and sulfur.

Q: it exists the parallel in yoga practice and the process of making sulfur heat resistant?

Guruji: yes. When you’re taking up apana and put it into heart and as the nature of prana it remains cool – only apana keep the body warm; so when apana will reach heart – it will cool down. Prana will take it place and it will keep the body warm – in a different way, reversal. So mercury will take all the emotions of the sulfur and sulfur will take all the emotions of the mercury. I gave this idea just to fire up the imagination of everybody.

Q: what is ranjana process?

Guruji: ranjana is when you’re giving different colors to the mercury. Like when you make ruby liquid and feed it to the mercury – it will take the color of the ruby. It will appear like red, but remain liquid; they are called drutis – even mica is druti, it can be converted to a liquid form and then fed into mercury. It is considered as very potent technic. Even to make a gold or mica liquid is nearly impossible things. Finally – the final color come, the mercury begins to shine like sun – then it is ready for the next process.

Q: what can add color to us in yoga practice?

Guruji: they are described like the colors in aura, it is your own light. The more electromagnetic flashes your brain will produce – the more colorful your aura will become. It will be pure colors; and finally it will become white or golden.

Q: and what about kramana process, when mercury is leaping?

Guruji: kramana is not leaping, it is when it assimilates in every pore, in every cell of your body will be permitted with the effect of mercury. For kramana – Samadhi is recommended.

They also say: when some process has been done – the solidification of mercury is called khechari; it’s nearly impossible thing to make. When you put it under the tongue – you will be able to jump 400 miles. In one instance you will be 400 miles away. And I believe – it may be possible. After you’re able to solidify it or to control it – it will give you the power to fly. And: if you are able to purify your prana and to lift it up and if you’re able to hold it for at least 48 minutes – you will be able to do that.

Main thing here is: good knowledge about it and brave to go through it and great patience – because all process will take years and years. And at any moment something may go wrong, big blast will happen then.

Q: but it cannot be such blast in yoga practice?

Guruji: I don’t think so; but if you’re doing something wrong – something may happen. But thanks to Babaji – Kriya yoga is safe enough. Remember, everything is step by step. When you’re driving – you’re putting the first gear and letting it the clutch – car starts; but you cannot put it directly to the top gear and just start – it will not move. It need some kind of moment to this top speed. So always start from the grassroots level.

Q: could we connect mercury with the vayus inside the body?

Guruji: no, it is like emotions inside your mind. In Ayurveda they are saying – bhavana dena – to give the certain emotions to the main substance. With all herbs we’re giving certain emotions to the mercury.

Q: prana is supporting mind; but with the practice of yoga mind will supporting prana to give her different emotions?

Guruji: after some use of pranayama- prana and apana – will be able to stimulate your sleeping mind – then only mind will begin to think on it. We need to wake up a sleeping giant a little. Then alchemical process will begin. Body itself is like damaru yantra – big pot and a small pot; you need to process and the prana will go up.

Q: but they say it must be collected up and down also?

Guruji: you see, it is not once you have taken up prana it will always remain there; it’s up to you. With enough practice you can take it anywhere. Down to up and up to down – anywhere.

Q: what is the use to take it down?

Guruji: to make your earthly body very powerful. Support system always be needed. It doesn’t mean if you’re living on the top floor – the ground floor is useless and you can remove it. Everything will have its own importance.

Q: will yogi feel this need on the physical level?

Guruji: he will feel everything – he will become so sensitive.

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