Isha upanishad

Isha was synonym. If you look at Sanskrit dictionary, the word “isha” literally means the most prosperous woman. Next word – where the most prosperous woman lives. Who is the most prosperous woman in the entire universe? In my opinion that is Mother Earth – she is the most prosperous woman. These whole creation is the  limit place of Isha – the most prosperous woman, that in my opinion is Mother Earth. So take everything from her, enjoy it, but remember – it belongs to her, not to you. That is the literal meaning.

Living like this, you should hope to live for 100 years. By thinking this, that everything belongs to the Earth, that you will enjoy it – keeping this in mind your karma will not affect you. Then there are some shlokas –   the 5th one – it is an absolute description of Mother Earth. It moves, it moves not, it is far, it is near, it is within, inside it is also observe. The Earth: it moves, but here we don’t feel it moving; it is very near – we are sitting on it, but now your home is far away; and no matter how fast you move – it will always be in front of you. No matter how fast you move – Earth will always be in front of you. Combination of the five elements is Earth; we are trying to separate elements and give them names – there are near and far – but the combination is Earth. Five elements inside us and outside also. And almost in the same proportion. Earth have 71% of ocean and it’s 71% of water in you. It’s same proportion.

….you’re already seeing Atman. I’ve been teaching you for many years and in Yoni mudra you see the kutastha. The black thing appears with the bright light around it. Is it not the miniature form of Earth herself? It is dark inside and atmosphere around it – Earth will look exactly like this from outer space.

… atma means yourself also. It means if you are destroying Earth – you are destroying yourself. Both ways: if you are destroying your body – you are destroying earth at the same time. If you are destroying Earth – you are destroying yourself also. The end of end will be dark, absolute darkness, no knowledge, nothing. And even after that.

The 1st shloka becomes very simple, if we know that Isha is Earth. Earth is perfect; and the body of 5 elements, which have been created out of Earth, is also perfect. If you take the one perfect from the greater perfect – perfect still remain perfect.

Q: but the perfectness of the body is very limited in time?

Guruji: that’s why it perfect. What is death? Only dispersion  of different elements. But they are not dyeing. They are only transform. Keep it in mind.

… in 6th:  he is all beings in his own self and his own self in all beings. He does not feel any  evolve by reason of such a being. Your same combination in every being, because everything is come from Earth, Isha. We are children of Earth, so is everything. Once you are actually realizing this – the whole world will become your friend. And Earth will take you accept as her own. You see: intellectual understanding is the beginning of realization. The real experience – you will be one with her. That is what I’m trying to say from so many years. When you develop your consciousness then united with the consciousness of the Earth. Than that union will take place – then everybody will be friend. Nobody hating  Earth, nobody is doing anything to her, simply live on her.

And from 9th shloka to 18th – it is exactly description of Kriya yoga. They are started from the basic thing – Earth – and your connection with her. Your belongings – everything belongs to her, even you – you are nothing. So first this understanding will come – then the renunciation will take place. Then this thing.

Q: could you comment on 11th shloka?

Guruji: this is fantastic thing. Let’s start from the 9th . Those who are busy with avidya – they are already in darkness. But those who worship vidya – they enter even in greater darkness. You see: avidya and vidya – this is the very technical thing. “Avidya” – which is not present in front of you. “Vidya” – which is present in front of you. That means those, who are in avidya,  -they are living in light, because that is not present in front of them. Then suddenly represent itself – they enter even greater darkness. And next shloka says: by avidya – no vidya – than that is not present – you should make an effort to know it. With empty not present; and when you will know it, and the light will appears,  – you will cross over and enjoy immortality. When you will know something, which is not present, beforehand, everything about it experience  – then it will represent in front. You will not be afraid. And you will cross over beyond five elements and will be immortal.

I was just enjoy the party  in 1997, when people dancing and I was also enjoying it and suddenly 4th shloka was in my mind. It was in Bangalore. The stress on it. When it is not present – no light. And by knowing it you cross over and enjoy immortality. This is what they saying. It is not present now, but it will come one day. Now it is not present, so we don’t know it – it is words about death. By practicing yoga, everyday when you’re having experience in Yoni mudra – it is miniature experience of death. And the 15th shloka is exactly description of  result and effects of Yoni mudra.

… the fire will go into fire and the air will go into air. They are saying about only these two; and the body will become ashes. This is about after death. So remember what you have done, remember. Because after death  –  only your remembrance could tell you, which you know by practice before death appearing in front of you. That’s what you cross over. That’s why we were just discussing, why it is stress that control your mind. Because without body, whatever you will think – you will start to feel it as it is real. When your mind is in control, your force are very in control,  – then will be no problem.  So control it now. Before, when it is not present, – that’s the point. Be prepared. This is my favorite upanishada.

Fire came to fire, vayu will go into vayu. You see, when some person is dying, the atma goes with the last breath. So vayu is going into vayu, it maybe vayu sharira. Fire of the body remain, and the body will be burn. If there will be no fire element remain in the body – it will be impossible to burn it. Fire with fire only there will go.

Now our conscious mind is absolutely centered on body. And most of your experience and feelings and attentions are centered on the body. After death, when there is no body, whatever you will think – will happen. All will be created like this, because it is mental world. If you are able to control your mind now, while having the body, with that controlled mind it will be easy to cross over. Instead of just be in confusion, because every thought will appear. So when your mind is controlled, concentrated, remembrance of all your past experience will tell you and you cross over. You see the beauty of upanishada: they are not limited for someone – they are for all humanity. I never come across such compassion in the way to get immortality.

Sometimes Isha translated – mostly – like as “god”. But it’s so much confusion around this word. But look at Sanskrit dictionary, find the word “isha” – it literally means “the most prosperous woman”.

Q: but Isha is one of the names of Shiva?

Guruji: Ish; if you take it without “a”. Ishwar; if you just cut the word: “war” is husband- the husband of the most prosperous woman.

8th shloka: whoever realizes this connection – becomes all-knowing. Because all our knowledge is centered on Earth. Nature of Earth. Physics – understanding of physicality of Earth, botany – understanding of varieties of growth, biology – understanding the life force, which are from microbes to biggest forms – whoever live on her. History – studying of events, taking place on the surface; psychology – study of the mind of the people, who are living on the surface of Earth; – everything is connected with her. So whatever we are study – no matter, it is art or science,  – it is centered on Earth. That means – she want us to study her. To know her better, so we will be more tune with her. Maybe one day the final union will take place and Mother knew us.

The 7th one: when the one who knows own beings have been ready become one with own self so what will use the force of that union. You see, when you realize that all beings have emerged from the Earth, and will one day merged with her – whatever is there, belongs to her. It is just an illusion, that you have something, it is actually belongs to her. And you realize it, and your conscious is united with her, then there is no sorrow, no happiness, – you are one with it. We will see the greater light, which mother wants us to see.

Q: why we have time limit for 100 years( in 2nd shloka)?

Guruji: because mostly this combination lasts for 100 years only. This is like another practical problem. But if you cross over, you will be given more. Who will cross over, he will be observed. And another thing here I have mentioned, if you somehow manage to live 120 years – you leave all your karma here. It concerns astrology: full planetary time is 120 years, so only this period planets will have affect on you. When you are 121 – all effect is over. No planetary situation can create you problem. If someone dies after  – he will be liberated.

No sperm could realize how it be transformed. Form the union with the biggest ovo – the Mother ovo, and you will transform. And only after this transformation you can be introduced to your Father. And yoga means union. Only by practicing yoga you will be able to form the union. That’s why most of the ancient yogi were not cremated – they were buried. Because they were entering Samadhi, and becomes like the sperms, entering the ovo; so when someone absolutely enough – then Mother takes over. As long as you are moving – nobody will take you. If somehow you are able to do that( suspended animation)- then; mental and physical. You are not breathing, your heart is not beating, but still you are alive. And Mother will take you.

…. I think you never can imagine: it was very cruel civilization.

Q: what is the difference between the conscious of the void and conscious of the Earth?

Guruji: you have to remember that even somebody is carrying Earth herself. Void is the carrier of Earth herself. And time is the carrier of the void. And the time is carrier itself. In hindi time is called “samai”. Look at the word “sa” – it is one of the names of Shiva. Samadhi is the one of big stepping stones in yoga. Read the Yoga Darshan, the third chapter – they are giving different modes of Samadhi.

Q: it exists some explanation or description of the Time?

Guruji: looking at the word “samai”: it means time, opportunity, chance, right time, tradition, hypothesis; theory, established by some knowledgeable people, death, order, very heavy subject, symbol, boundary, end, success, end of all sorrow – these are the synonyms of samai. And the word “kal”: black, deep, very blue color, iron, a kind of Earth, death, the great time, planet Saturn, Shiva, Vishnu, people of the (?), destiny – this is “kal”.

… this understanding will develop before. First understanding will develop – I’m simply giving you information. By information some understanding will develop, it will take some time, but you will begin to understand, – then real experience will follow. I don’t want to go through what I went to because it suddenly burst on me and it was almost impossible to digest it.

Q: the foreword to Gita: about that mystical element…

Guruji: this is a description of Time.

Q: how time can destroy the void? How is possible to destroy nothing?

Guruji: by simply: – you have one thought, and you move it aside and bring on another thought. From outer point of view – destroy one thought and take another one. Thought is somewhere in your mind, and you can make it appear again. If someone observe it, he can say that thought is destroyed. Void is the carrier of all matter, there is 99,9% void in you. Time is very subtle to feel it and to discuss.

You should read Devi Sutra. I will give you 2-3 examples only. Oh, Shakti, you are hunger in every being;- I offer my pranam to you. The hunger is like expression. Oh, Shakti, you are a mother of every being. That’s why mother in respect. Everything – the thirst, the hunger, consciousness – it’s all Shakti expressions. And Shiva is her husband. He’s lieing, and she’s dancing on his chest.

Q: and how we can perceive the time?

Guruji: you’re already perceiving it. Your body is nothing but sentence of time. You’re already perceive so many years of time. You have sense of time. I give you another example: fish can never see water. Because we are set in time frames, we never see time. For this you stop everything in your body – body is sentence of time – and go into suspended animation. You will be out of the stream of time and you will be able to see it. Only by marks of time we are able to recognize it. So main thing is to go out of the stream of time, then you will see it. Take the fish out of the water and she will see it.

We should take the mythology more seriously. They say this is actually the big ocean – about whole Universe. Or maybe many different types of Universe are holding on it. And sometimes it refers to the (mystical name, must listen to video); – this name was given, nobody knows the meaning of it. Only one ocean, and in that – all these planets and other things are just floating on the surface of the water. So Shakti was taking a bath in that ocean. Only Earth is the carrier of all forms of lives. There are many hypothesis about aliens but so far nobody seen them. And if they’ve been seen – they are time travelers from Earth to Earth. Different time frames. Now we have so much technical devices – Hubble – not a single planet have been seen yet. Maybe they are exist, but not in our area of perception. So much UFOs have been seen from the ships in the ocean and they dive down into the water. So maybe aliens civilization lives under the water. And because of the pressure they need to come over.

Maybe we are imagination of the Earth herself. Because Earth is the very big mystery. No religion depicts the gods live on Earth – they are always somewhere else. And maybe only on earth you can die. And sushumna and smashan are one and the same according to Hatha Yoga Pradipika, that’s why we are feeling ourselves different here. We are living inside sushumna, because smashan also means sushumna. And we are trying to awake our sushumna living on smashan – perfect situation.

The astral world is the sort of mental world or dreamworld. Whatever you are thinking – you will feel this in the reality.

Q: if someone dies and imagine heaven or hell?

Guruji: for some time he will be there.

Q: for some time?

Guruji: because it is his mental projection. It will not be real.

Q: if the person all his life think about money, and in the moment of death he also think about money – what happens with such person?

Guruji: in India such people becomes snakes. In the next life. Most of the snakes discovers the hidden treasures and just live on them. We have seen some cases. You remember my theory about pharaoh’s treasures: they believe that in next life they will become cobras. There was no snake worshipping in Egypt – but every pharaoh had cobra on his head. And small tunnels were also discovered in pyramids – if you become snake, you can come and go. And cobras considered as the nearest to Shiva; you can do the great tapas in the form of cobra. And if the cobra do some great tapas, no eating anything, just licks some drops of water – in 250 years the moustaches began to grow on her face. And we seen one here and I even cut one hair of moustache from him – now it is keeping upstairs, it has green and grey color.  And then after 500 years doing this tapas the snakes became able to fly. And they start flying. And mostly they fly in the rainy times – and it is India, and it is forbidden to sleep that time outside. Because if the snake will fly over you and her shadow lie on you – that particular part will paralyzed. And if the snake will continue this tapas for 1000 years – then the very strong jewel develops inside him, which gives him supernatural powers and he can convert himself into human being or any form he wants. Then another form of tapas start from that point. That’s why most of them are considered to have supernatural powers. They are very near to Shiva and very near to the supernatural world – I mean they are in both worlds at the same time. But the only main things of the tapas – they must not bite anyone. They should keep the vermin inside and their poison convert into their Shakti.

Q: but why Egyptians worshipped the cats?

Guruji: cats are the carriers of the 52 forms of Bhairav. Maybe because they are going to be buried in the grounds – they had to worship cats. Without you pleasing Bhairav nothing of such things are impossible. They rule the grounds, the land. That’s why so much archeologists die, working with their mummies.

Q: how it is possible to have a birth and to be immortal at the same time?

Guruji: I will give you examples: Ashwatthama – has regular birth, Dattatreya – has regular birth, Parashurama – has regular birth, Hanuman – was born the regular way, Kripacharya – was born, Vibhishana – he was born. All of them are immortals. How you do it – that’s the main thing.

Kripacharya became one of the seven rishis.

Q: and immortal beings has immortal mothers?

Guruji: we don’t know exactly.

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