You see the video with cobra on puja? We see many cobras here, but this time cobra was absolutely different. She was very high and was very-very slow moving. Her eyes were sparkling like diamonds. She was absolutely relaxed – she moved between Shivalingam and Nandi and then remain there – we did puja, all water was falling on her – no reaction. And when I started my damaru  – alakh niranjan – she lifted and stay all the time like this. Even after puja she was there. We left the doors open for her to let her go.

Q: and when you go around Shivalingam…

Guruji: no problem.

Prana and Apana

… akash is producing sound. But vacuum is much higher than akash. Sound and akash is one and the same. You must remember the physical experiment, which show the power of akash. When two things were put together, and there was nothing between them except vacuum – and it was impossible to take them apart. You can’t see it and feel it, but the extreme power is there.

Q: is it necessary to go on puja every day?

Guruji: I think the puja will give you the different type of energy – it will give the extraordinary boost for the practice, when you go back home – it’s better soak in like a sponge the energy it given. Here you can have puja – in Moscow you never have it.

Q: but after puja I feel myself broken and feel tiredness…

Guruji:  it is not tiredness, it’s some different thing, happened in your mind. Just feel the atmosphere, enjoy the energy. That is enough.

Q: akasha is emptiness?

Guruji: akash is five gross element and emptiness is beyond that.

Q: it exists connection between five elements and five pranas?

Guruji: it possible.

You just need to feel the emptiness. Only because of emptiness all movements are possible. It is the major thing here. I will give you the different point of view to make you think: your body is apana and your mind is prana. Perfect union of that both – will give you superknowledge, superbody, and everything will become different.

…actually all five elements come together, so prana or apana can play. Prana is mind, pure consciousness. Offer your apana to prana and prana to apana – offer your body to your mind and your mind to your body, so they will change places. And also you can say that your conscious mind is apana and your subconscious mind is prana. And you also can say that your body is your conscious mind. Conscious mind is just connected with the body only. And subconscious is mind. The body is Shakti – without body – nothing.

Q: and what prana is connect with what element?

Guruji: we will discuss it later. Udana vayu is directly connected with akash. It also moves in your sushumna. Samana vayu is directly connected with the element fire. Apana is directly connected with muladhar, so it’s directly connected with earth. Vyana is everywhere, so like the water is everywhere. That also means that our five fingers represent all the five elements and five pranas; and a witch or warlock has extra finger. That means – they have some extra play of the prana, that’s why they have extraordinary abilities. It matches, if you think.


…think from another point of view: all fruit contain the seeds, which is the life source of the plant. So you are actually eating directly the life source of the plant. Of course it will give you more life, more energy. But myself personally I love only the fruit of my karma. As I’m growing old, eating extremely simple way, much less the same; even I’m physically working – the diet is less, not much. My diet is same for many years. Only when my sugar level is getting a little bit higher – I take no sugar, that’s it. I’m not taking honey even before. I’ve been group a lot around with sadhu and learn different things from them – I learn how to survive; the most minimum diet is enough. Everybody who prepares my own food, they all know – I never eat this much less, but I never eat this much more. Same thing year after year after year. And I eat according to the yoga thing: even after eating my lunch or dinner I can do many mahamudras, I don’t need a brake to digest it. I can do now, five minutes after eat – I’m normal with it. Always be ready for action. That’s a point. And there is a big gap from lunch time to night time of food: I’m eating before three and the next meal will be after ten. Same quantity. But I’m drinking chay two-three times. If I’m not talking – even chay is not required. And I’m not eating rice for many years.

… crow, dog, cow and ant. All of them connected with Yamaraj, also with Bhairav; and cow is symbol of Mother Earth; crow is directly connected with the death herself – death rides on a crow; and ants are spies of Yamaraj, they keep reporting about everybody. You will always find ants everywhere.


Q: so after vaishya era money will be cancelled at all?

Guruji: when everybody will earn everything – for what you need money? That will be era of absolute discipline. Self-control. And I will say, self-control always be needed.

Q: and approximately, when it start?

Guruji: now there are so many things to sale, and many people have a lot of things to purchase. And the distribution of the wealth is not proper – there is too much underacts – let’s hope it will be much more balanced. Making money is not bad, but everybody should have the opportunity to make it also. Contrast between Somalia and US is dangerous. But it is needed also, that’s why it is there. But when you feel insecure, you want to get under control, because you want to be safe. When someone afraid of you, he tries to control you. But very little percent is smart enough to take care of himself and people around him. Until unless everybody strained to that level – that control become necessary. Every politic, government, even family is here to control you. As long as you are receive money from somebody – you are under control. Employment is system of control.

Illusion of freedom.

… I give some chocolate for my monkey; she was very happy in her cage – the food is coming, water, then I remember – what is happened to the monkey, who are free? They roaming here and there to save themselves, no food, no shelter. Because she was in bondage – she was enjoying. The illusion of freedom may be also bondage.

Q: I have seen the awful picture, when the tiger was lying in the cage near the piece of meat, even not looking at it…

Guruji: do you know what happen with tiger in jungle, when he’s growing old? He starve and die from hunger. Because they are too old to hunt, and there is nobody to take care of them because they are free. In the cage he also dies, but there was a doctor, looking after him. You can be free only if you stop your breathe: you will be roaming in the space – you don’t need any food or something.

Yoga Sutra, Shiva Sutra

…I saw Babaji first time in 2nd april 1988 and he told me those pranayamas. I came back and begin to practice and in a very short time the time and space matter, the consciousness of this simply begins inside me; I begin to be aware of these things. And it grew more and more and more. And I think nearly it reach climax, when I came here to Govardhan to do my first parikrama. And I suffered so much in that parikrama that all these thoughts fell in alignment – they were very clear. And went we went back, one man simply ask me a question and the flow begin. It just blasted on him and that’s how the commentary came. I think it is exactly as the result of meeting Babaji and the sadhana which he give. After written Gita’s commentary situation begin bad with my relatives and family, so I left my town. Landed in Vrindavan and some disciples would come from Gwalior and they will continue to ask me questions – so I decided to write the commentary on Yoga Darshan. One chapter every day – and it was done. It took four days, because I wrote it long in myself. I think writing these two commentaries warn me up to write Shiva Sutras. Then some questions come on Shiva Sutras, and I decided to write one commentary, which I did in one day – 17 hours to be precise. So many brakes in between – I was talking like this and writing at the same time. It was the climax of all that things. Because all this yoga and all those blessings of the great beings I was able to understand what is written in the shlokas, what is meaning, – so I simply just wrote it. But writing a commentary on Shiva Sutras gave me the greatest of satisfaction – I considered it as my best work. Of course, Gita is good, Yoga Darshan is good, Shiva Sutras are the best. It looks like that three great beings came together, for a meeting after hundred thousand of years and they are simply said their own experience. I will say with all honesty, that much discuss is enough for beings so high. No more is needed to say. You are practicing yoga, so your understanding of this will develop more and more.

Q: why do you think – there are three beings?

Guruji: in Shiva Sutras are three chapters. So every being is giving a different version of the same thing. This names are unknown. Maybe Shiva, Shakti and some other yogi. This is my assumption, because there are three chapters – Shambho upaya, Shakto upaya and Anu upaya – it looks like three men just gave their experience. It is the most mysterious work I have ever come across in all my life so far. No match for Shiva Sutras. Maybe three heads of Dattatreya are talking. And I think it was ready inside me, that’s why I was able to finish the work in one day. But it’s small work, only 77 sutras – no big enough. Before writing Yoga Darshan and Shiva Sutras I had to leave home, I had to leave my home town and was going through so many nervous situations – at that time the masterpiece came.

… we assume, that it maybe Hanuman. Because always on the left side, absolute gold dancing shadow will be seen – like of a tall man, very slim, long-haired and bare-bodied. But there was no identity given. When I’ve reach a certain tempo in dictation – it begins from third chapter – his appearance will take place. And anybody, who was present in the room, was able to see him. All of them; because 6-7 people were sitting – I was talking very fast, it getting very fast – they are all writing down and they all see him. Those were fantastic days. First time I think a touch of miracle, a touch of divinity they feel. Same in Vrindavan also.

Shiva & Shakti.

…soul is Shakti and a spirit is Shiva. In India we gave two names for them: jiva and atma. Together they are called jivatma. Half-man, half-woman – Ardhanarishwar. Jiva considered as Shiva – that’s why it’s immortal. And only in the body the union takes place. According to puranas, it is always Shakti, who is doing hard tapas to get Shiva. Here you can say soul is synonym for a physical body also. You are jivatma; but jiva is immortal, so at the time of physical death it moves on, takes on another atma. So maybe they are doing tapas for the final union.


… if you love them – they are your best friends. And also I think, the trees if they take you as a friend – they will try to protect you also. You see that tree on the corner?  Everyday in the evening I’m going to the gym – I’m touch that tree, and it’s grown like this( show the down direction). Because you are connected with a tree – it has direct connection with the Earth. So many type of spirits are said to live on banyan trees, also on udumbar trees. We have many – they grew automatically in 1997. Also big bats are coming to eat kadamba fruit.

Q: what do you think about celtic druid tradition – they are saying, that some trees are take any sort of energy, and some give?

Guruji: I think they are right. Trees like the feeling of love. And they are sensitive ant telepathic also. So they will exactly feel your emotions, your thoughts about them. I can’t see the scene from “Avatar”, when the big tree is falling. It’s too much. When Pandavas were going to make their capital – there was the very big forest, Khandavaprastha where the thousands of creatures was living. Krishna and Arjuna went there and Agni element appear and say, that he is sick, he need some big fire – please, make it. And Arjuna begins to torch the trees with his weapons. And this was the first time we come across anything about destroying forest by fire. All animals were simply burnt in that fire. And then see, what happened to the Pandavas – so much people died, big battle came, and there was no peace, and they are suffered to death. And this is the only one example – destroy the forest by fire to create a big city. The results was not good. I remember many years back I read a story in some book, and he was the great man, who wrote that; on the human body there are millions of viruses living. Two viruses, who living on the cheek are talk with each other. They were sitting on the big trees, they were growing there, and they were discussing , is there life on other planet, which we see. And one virus said – no,no, we are the best creation in the world, we were created by the grace of god; and then another virus came and the argument begins – he was not believing in god. And they began to argue, and suddenly some out of phenomena talk all the big trees they were sitting, living, were simply cut away; there were suddenly big antiseptic scent came. The man shaved and put on after lotion. It was the end of the world for them.


… you just find Sagittarius ascendant or Leo ascendant – that’s it. If the planetary situation is strong, then the spirit will comes. Otherwise shivaratri doesn’t mean much. Also the name will have direct effect on a child.

Q: is it a good idea to choose child’s name before his birth or better to choose it after?

Guruji: you can decide before. You will have enough time to choose. Surname will also have some meaning. It is like a stamp of the court. From indian point of view, father surname will carry. It will go by tradition. Mother is already save the genetic records of the father – so give the stamp of the father to child.

Q: if we don’t want to choose religion for the child, how we can protect him?

Guruji: I will make a statement, that every child, born free in this world is a Hindu by birth. They are baptizing to other religions after. When somebody simply taking birth and has no baptizing – he will be Hindu, free, free thinker. Because they are my disciples – their children are also under my protection.

Q: can he wear rudraksha?

Guruji: of course.

Q: how many months or years the child needs this protection?

Guruji: I think we need protection all over our lives.

Q: can pregnant woman practice Kriya?

Guruji: yes, it will have direct effect on the child and he will also receive direct benefits of the practice. Because he’s not breathing: his breathing is mother’s breathe, his food are mother’s food, his feelings are mother’s feelings; whatever mother is doing – it will have the direct effect on a child. This is very powerful. And also, at the time of practice the woman is extraordinarily sensitive to the spiritual things. She has the possibility for carrying two spirits. That time is highly spiritual. Whatever practice she will done will have direct effect on her child.

Q: how the energy distribute around chakras during period of pregnancy?

Guruji: equal. Energy will enhanced at the time of pregnancy. Because so much energy forces are going through her body –  that’s why pregnant women are more sensitive to supernatural phenomena. And the child’s spirit is always near them. Sometimes she can feel it also, sometimes not, but it is always there.

Q: and if it’s powerful spirit, will it help?

Guruji: of course, yes.

Q: can the pregnant woman be at the crowded places?

Guruji: this I will not recommend, because in a crowded places so many people are breathing; their breathe have so much information and disinformation is coming out with their molecules, and she will have to breathe them. It may have the direct effect on the child’s psychology. It is better to avoid it, if you can. It is better always not to look into the eyes. Eyes are index of the mind of any person. If it is a good person – it’s ok, but if it’s a bad person and you make the eye contact – he can start interest in you. It is better to avoid it anyway.

Q: can pregnant woman be at smashan?

Guruji: of course. In where Guru lives, not any other smashan.

Q: in what age we can bring our children to Guru?

Guruji: anytime, but for initiation you must wait them to be teenagers.

Q: which mantras are more preferable?

Guruji: my protection mantra, Om Namah Shivaya, Hara Hara Mahadeva Shambhu… not Hare Rama Hare Krishna. You have to be careful with it.

Q: why?

Guruji: they are create the different type of vibration and something happens. Prasad is carrying vibrations.
Q: what should we do at the time of upbringing and education of children?

Guruji: you should try your best, but also don’t try to keep them too antiseptic. Bring them up in the natural way. Introduce the child to the nature, show him nature, let him play in dust and mud, expose him in everything in the world.

Q: is it ok to beat, punish a child?

Guruji: yes, if it requires. You have to remember – the child, who is taking birth is not such accomplished and wise man, he just recently expose to the world. So he will need some training.

Q: what in your opinion is the best way to develop child’s mind at most and prepare him to the practice of Kriya in future?

Guruji: let the parents be the best example for the child. For a child the father and mother are the greatest of heroes. So whatever they will do sincerely – child will take it on. Let them be the example.

Q: could the child present during the parents practicing Kriya yoga?

Guruji: only if it is very small; after 3-4 years it is not a good idea.


Q: while doing khechari mudra the soft upper palate became so stretched, that the person start to snore when he’s sleeping. What he should do?

Guruji: this is the first time I hear khechari mudra introduce snoring. They are not connected. That means he is too tired and should rest some more.

… heart will continue to beat. It will not remain oxygen, it will be more and more carbon and it will go into system,  – you will feel extremely high.  You can be in that position for more than hours, so the body chemistry will change. The demands of oxygen will not be there. It will be something different. And mind will open, it will be very high feeling. Kumbhak means that pot is not breathing, but the air remains inside of it. Human body is absolutely different – air goes out of it. And that’s a problem. Whatever you do – when you are awake, your breathing pattern is different; if you are simply change your breathing pattern, your mental waves will be affected directly. Breathe is the real history.

Q: you tell us make our breathe our friend. But we are trying to make very strong kumbhakas, we are force them – is it not a violence?

Guruji: it is not a violence, you are simply playing with it. Like a wrestling.

Q: what does it mean the real friendship?

Guruji: for real friendship first you need to know. Without knowing – how you can do it? Friends will look like as you look like. At your best. Because it is formless, you can’t give it form. If your breathe are already taking your form – now it is waiting, are you recognize it or not. So recognize it, make friendly with it – you will be friends forever. It is actually magic. All the philosophy is useless, nothing.


One very religious woman asked me, what is life. I said that life is a disease, sexually transmitted and invariably fatal. It shocked her. She was silent during ten minutes, then said – I’m not agree with this, I will go with what my Guru told me. I asked, what he told you. “ he said – life is a mystery”. And I tell her to remain mysterious. Years back it was decided, that on this particular date and this moment and this exact time you will exactly make this statement, that you can make anything a mystery. It was destiny also.  It helps pass the time.

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