…duality or not duality – leave it to the philosophers. And see all around the world – everything looks like duality. But the life source is one. But still we are individuals.

Q: I’ve studied quantum physics. And it said that everything is energy. And we are all one energy. We have center of the atom and their electrons around it. And everything is one energy. It is significant to me to understand why we are not?

Guruji: I will say it is very good knowledge for quantum physics who is studying it. But from the grass root level everything looks different to me. And then physics also is saying that energy can not be created and can not be destroyed. Then why it is also the energy crisis all over the world? You can not create it, you can not destroy it.

Q: yes, I know, it is always the flow, you can’t create…

Guruji: and even the murderer and the corpse. If the corpse will absolutely believe in physics – will go free. According to the physics nobody can’t touch anybody. It is impossible to touch. But only scientists know it.

Q: it exists, but we don’t feel that.

Guruji: you will find out: only after you begin to tap in the potential in your mind will begin to develop your consciousness  – then maybe some awareness will develop. So first of the first: first you have to know yourself, whether you are creation of God or you just appear on yourself or you are just reaction of Mother Earth, something. First find it out. Your breathe – the basis of your life – make it your friend. Then it will teach you about life. Then we will explore whether it is duality or not-duality.  Leave it to the philosophers. That means that if I will eat  – your hunger should go away, if we are one.

Q: but when you are hungry and you are perhaps angry I can feel it too.

Guruji:  only the emotions, because your mind is very sensitive. But if you will eat, and I am hungry  – my stomach will not feel that you are eating. Go by that.

Carbon. Oxygen. Sulfur. Immortality.

… you are exhaling carbon dioxide. Inhaling oxygen. If somehow with yoga practice you will be able to change it – then you began to inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen – you may become immortal.

Q: but how?

Guruji: you’re already practicing it, it’s a matter of time. And holding breath means what? – you’re taking in oxygen, in the lungs it is changing into carbon dioxide. The more long period you’re able to hold that – it means it will create a sort of tolerance inside your body for carbon dioxide. And carbon, as you know, is a basis of life. When you’re breathing out – you breathing out our life essence. You will become like a tree. Trees taking carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen.

Q: I want to understand the chemical process…

Guruji: chemical process is impossible to explain, because it is extremely rare phenomena, scientists will note it as a magic. They know nothing about yoga.

Q: but on a grass root level, can you explain how it works?

Guruji: first you need to develop a sort of tolerance for carbon dioxide – the holding of breath is something different. Also slowing down your breathing pattern will be on great level. I keep saying that from 17-24 breaths in one minute, and if you are able to slow down for 4-5 breaths in one minute – that means you’re already developing the tolerance level. Even less – more better.

Q: can you give us the chemical explanation?

Guruji: chemical explanation is very hard for people, never studying chemistry, but what is the biggest source of oxygen in your body? In water, which is 71% of your body 2 portions are hydrogen and 1 portion is oxygen. So by doing this the water in your body will be not like normal water. The oxygen content of your water will go away. And all the hydrogen will remain and you will begin to levitate by the power of hydrogen. Your body will become extremely light. And remember: oxygen is the real spur for growing old. Oxidation.

Q: let’s take erythrocyte – they are work like the taxi…

Guruji: that’s why in Samadhi the blood circulation stops, because oxygen is not needed. Not need a taxi.

Q: they are taking oxygen from the lungs and take it to the cells and then take the carbon dioxide back to the lungs to breathe out. As for me, cells needs oxygen – it’s like something necessary for the process which go inside.

Guruji: you see, it is just a matter of program your cells exercise, the oxygen. If you are able to change the program in your cells – maybe different story will begin. And most of the scientists have discovered, that growing old is because of oxidation. The less oxygen inside you – the younger you will remain. The oxygen is the real killer. You’re actually keeping oxygen in your water content  – that is the only reason you are breathing. If you don’t  need to keep that level of oxygen inside your body – than you don’t  breathe  like a normal person. What maybe the reason for immortality? Hydrogen sulfide is your brain. If there is enough hydrogen sulfide – you will get hibernation. Most  of the animals who are hibernate  have the high content of hydrogen sulfide in their brain. What is sulfur? They are discovered it, but I think until unless body can’t do it itself – outside sulfur will not help. So less oxygen, more hydrogen, then convert it to hydrogen sulfide – it will be more concentrate in your brain and you will be able to hibernate for very long period, so it will lead to immortality – this is scientific thing.

…it’s a simple thing. There are only 22 vertebras there in our spine. Separate they are only 22. Ancient yogis knew it.

…I was discussing that mercury is the best thing which will made in the ph point of your water. This is one theory. But from alchemy maybe it is lessening the oxygen enhancing of hydrogen content and sulfur along with that will create hydrogen sulfide inside your body. Or all over the water of your body. That will lead to live the very long life. But then again I’m thinking from another point of view: in India most of the yogis are suggest that remain free from attachment, don’t stay very long at one place, keep wandering the face of Earth – if you become immortal you will have to do exactly that. Remain away from attachment – because whoever you will live or be attached will pass away after some time, some years. If you will remain in one place – many problems will begin, so you keep moving all the time staying free from attachment – it fits to the immortal way of life.

Q: one scientist has a theory that mercury can change DNA…

Guruji: in Ayurveda we also believe in that. Mercury, sulfur, phosphorus, arsenic are very important elements. Now maybe you will understand, why self-realization takes such a long time.

Q: what do you think about third alchemical component – the salt?

Guruji: sometimes in Ayurveda it’s mica.

Q: I think – the third element must be some part of datura…

Guruji: this is the very mystical things. There is no so much information about datura even in Ayurveda. Datura is Shiva in Sanskrit dictionary. There is another salt – we call it suhaga  – we don’t know it’s English or latin name-  that is also called Shiva in Sanskrit, so it must have also extraordinary properties.

If someone live for thousand years – everything around will be different, world will change, people will change, all their friends and relatives die,  – but they are continue to live. What they will do?

…when you are able to travel in time – that means you begin to understand it. Without understanding time on a certain level it is impossible to go back and forward in time. That’s why you requirement for oxygen will go down – holding breathe is ok, but taking less breathe in one minute is more important, naturally. This is what most of my students are doing. Doctors will find them incredible. In one minute normal person is breathing 17 to 24 times, and most of my students breathing maybe from 4 to 9. In all they life, while they are walking, doing exercises, etc. but if you are normal man without practicing yoga or without touch of magic  – you will continue to breathe more than 17 in one minute. You will grow old so fast.

Q: we must control it all the time?

 Guruji: It must be natural, don’t limit your consciousness for this, think of more high things. Your body requirements will go down. I have one doctor – he is disciple, who took my brain scan. One day it was some emergency and he was without consciousness for 5 hours.  And when the doctors saw him breathing only four times in a minute – they put him to ventilation device. After they say – that you was so close to koma, so we put you to this device, you were breathing only four times in a minute. He said – I’m fine please give me something to eat. That I came to know in any hospital if you’re breathing very slowly – they put you to ventilation. Most of the doctors put masks on their faces, so later you will not recognize them.

…and the yogi. After sickness he began to see the connection between slow moving and fast moving. That is your consciousness is very fast moving and your body’s like (???). all strength and powers comes to a man. It clicks.

Q: could you give us the definition of time?

Guruji: I will paraphrase the bible here:  out of the time you have come. And to the time you shall come one day. In the beginning was the time, and the time was God. Time is beyond power. What was before creation? It was time. And creation was in the womb of time. And then the time came to the birth of the creation. When it’s time will be over – only time shall remain.

Q: how time can start and be over?

Guruji: because you take birth, live the life and will die one day, so we think that the time will go to an end. But there are much more dimensions, which are not present here. The time is limitless. In Sanskrit the word for time is “samay”. The word “sa” is the one of the names of Shiva. “may” means  full of. So time is full of Shiva. And remember: only Shiva is worshipped as Time, the great time. He called Mahakala. Shiva is time himself, and void is Shakti. When time and void comes together  – conscious matter takes birth.

Q: can the void exist without time? Or time without void?

Guruji: void is ending where time is beginning – no one is able to draw the line. That’s why Shiva and Shakti is called Ardhanarishwar – half-man, half-woman. They are together all the time. When first time Shiva appeared in front of Brahma and Vishnu – he appears half-man, half-woman, – Ardhanarishwar. Then he separate him himself – then man and woman was created.  The story of Shiva, we read his marriage on Sati and Parvati – go back to the first appearance like column of fire,  – out of that Kalabhairav came. Who cut one of the heads of Brahma. That’s why all gods were against Shiva. Kalabhairav and Shankar are one and the same. First incarnation of Shiva.

Q: why he cut one of Brahma’s heads?

Guruji: because Brahma was saying things against time, and he was saying – he’s the supreme, only me, me, me… that’s why Daksha – the son of Brahma – was so much against Shiva, because he cut one of the heads of his father. This reference you will find in Kurma purana: they are describing the journey of Kalabhairav. After he cut the head of Brahma, then Shiva tells  him that you’re kill bramin. Even if you don’t need to (???) for it, but to set an example for the creation at all. And he took the skull on hand and begin to move all over the creation. And the death of a Brahmin – Brahmadhya(???) begin to follow him in the form of the woman. And then the description comes, and that description is exactly of Shankar. Riding a bull, followed by many-many-many bhutas, pishachas, ghosts and spirits, with skull in his hand, three-eyed, in the very happy mood he begin to travel. And when he went to the abode of Vishnu, and Vishnu came running – what I can do?. And he answered “give me some alms”. Vishnu said – “what can I give you?” and he cut one of the Vishnu’s head and begin to full the skull with his blood. And he killed one of the Vishnu’s gateman before, because he was trying to stop him. After that he came to Benares – Kashi – and one of the skulls fall down. Even today that is one place, called Kapalamucha – they are not saying, that all these was happen with Kalabhairav , they say it was Shankar Ji– Shiva. So Shiva, Shankar and Kalabhairav are so much mixed together. That’s why most of the gods re against Shankar. Everybody was trying to create problems for him. Because he cut off the head of grandfather – Brahma.

Q: what is the meaning of these five heads and the head was cut?

Guruji: four heads was quiet, and the five head was saying things against Shiva. He was not ready to accept that out of the time they was created, Shiva is the main creator and they are just the third generation of created things. He was thinking, that he is the most supreme being. And this head was cut.

If you going into philosophy, you can compare it with so many things. Five pranas, five vayu, five this, five that. But try to take the story literally. And you also will have to consider that every person to oppose Shiva Shankara  – all those gods – they are not worshipped nowadays. They are all gone. Including Brahma – nobody worshipping Brahma. It was the very great improvement. All Shiva’s ganas defeated all the gods – after that new era came. Krishna was send, and he finished period of Indra. Krishna introduced nature worshipping there – the holy mountain and respect for the cows. In Vedas no much care was given to cows. In Devi Bhagavatam we read, that Kali incarnated as Krishna.

Q: can father or mother practice Kriya yoga in the room the sleeping child is?

Guruji: yes, they can do it.

…Bhuvaneshwari, then Bagalamukhi. Kali is standing on Shiva; Shiva is something which can not be seen, beyond carbon  – Alakh Niranjan. She has four arms: one is giving you protection, another is giving you everything, with a sword she is killing you also and take your head at the same time. No matter what you do – she always giving you protection and all that you need, but she kills you also and keeps dead bodies as skull in her hand.

Q: Shiva has the skulls of the rishis, but Kali – of all the people?

Guruji: yes, she is the Mother – she loves us so much and she is carry after dead body. Every skull of died person is on Kali. It sounds horrible, but it’s true.

Q: I think we must perceive her like beautiful…

Guruji: but what is the beauty? You know pygmy? Imagine one pygmy man is fall in love with pygmy girl. For you it could be ugly, but for him she’s the beauty. It is only point of view.

Q: I hear that Kali is connected with the first level of Kriya?

Guruji: you will begin to understand the earthly connection. This is the basic step. And every step is taken on Earth. Then comes Tara – with her true knowledge comes. Then you cut away your head and the different things begin. Bhuvaneshwai means the whole cosmos  – you will begin to see ether.”Bhuvan” means the Universe. Then Bagalamukhi – all the bad things will disappear from your consciousness. You will begin to know what is death and what is inside which will go out. You will go step by step. Level of Dhumavati is very high – you can leave your body at any time and you can enter any body easily. Dhumavati is very powerful being.

Q: but you stop your pulse even without khechari…

Guruji: it depends on lot of practice. It’s just a command.

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