Darshans 2017#13


You’re of 5 elements in different proportion. Then you recognize them one by one and start to equalize the proportion – 20% each. You will be a superman. Once you finish the cleansing and bring them to equal proportion.

Q: can we say that we recognize the elements one by one?

Guruji: no, we become aware of them simultaneously.

Q: like development of the chakras?

Guruji: the development of your chakras depends on the development of your consciousness. They are go together – they are one and the same. Your spinal cord is just an extension of your brain – they are together, one.

Q: fire element categorized in the aspect of movement?

Guruji: fire element is very important of keeping all the five elements together, including fire element. It acts like catalystic. Water is also like a cold fire. Hydrogen and oxygen are highly flammable gases. Earth element also carries fire within; look inside the atom and you will find the fire.

Q: in what stage of yoga practice the elements become in equal proportion?

Guruji: when you achieve immortality. It’s continuous process.

Q: first we increase fire element with the surya bhedana, then we cool it down, and what after that?

Guruji: all the elements will be tempered only with fire. The essence of fire will wake up in every element. Only then the proportion will become equal. After you temper any metal – it needs cool down in a very- very strong form. It’s like tempering of the physical body.

Q: what do You think of karma yoga?

Guruji: this what you tell – was given by people who don’t understand the true nature of karma.

Q: Krishna is giving the different paths…

Guruji: he’s not giving the different paths. There is only one way. He was trying to describe that, but people categorize that. Develop your mind and the nature of your karma will change with that.

Q: what about samskaras?

Guruji: if I will say the DNA memory – you can call it samskar in other way.

Q: only?

Guruji: simple thing.

Eating animal meat will intermix your DNA memory and genetics. Remaining vegetarian will keep your genetics clean – if they are not genetically modified.

Q: sometimes I feel that I’m using the speech style and pattern like my father – is it samskar?

Guruji: of course. Be natural and sometimes diplomatic – when you’re going to society. All your behavior pattern will depend on your DNA memory. It proves what I said – your body represents your conscious mind.

Q: if I look at You, at Babaji with concentration – can I change my DNA maybe a little bit?

Guruji: if it will be very strong impression – it will bring about some changes. It’s possible. Instead of changing you need to understand them. Don’t think about change – think about understanding that. There might be great wisdom according with your memories.

Q: how You can explain that energy appears from the pure thought?

Guruji: from the ocean of consciousness the wave of thought will appear – it will create energy. The rise and fall of the wave is enough to create big energy.

Q: we’re calling the consciousness of matter – Brahma, the consciousness of the Void – Vishnu and the consciousness of Time – Shiva. Where is pure thought here?

Guruji: it connects matter with the void.

Q: and we have no devata for this, no name?

Guruji: because it’s yogic realization – no devata is involved here. The word “Vishnu” is not for devata – the word Vishnu means who is limitless. Void is limitless and it is everywhere. Even your body is 99,9% empty space. It’s a carrier of all matter, all movements. All real world is the personification of energy, it’s last stage of matter.

You reminded me one incident; when all these things were blasted in my mind and I was becoming aware one of my relative disturb me and I was full of void. I said – you know, what is between us? He said – what? I answered – the empty space. Then he think I was gone mad. It was very difficult to restrain yourself of talking all these things. Who can deny this – there is empty space between us? It also tells me that when you realize some big thing – don’t talk to normal people, otherwise you will enter mad house very quickly.

Q: Guruji, how to increase concentration?

Guruji: first realize the purpose of your life. Then your whole life will be concentrated to fulfill it; only then you will experience concentration in its purest form.

Q: I need to understand, what I really want?

Guruji: yes, you need to decide it. And for this you will need to listen to your heart, not to your mind. Heart will always tell you the truth, pleasant or unpleasant – doesn’t matter.

Q: we want and we need truth – it’s two different things?

Guruji: but if you need truth and you also want it – then you’re found the purpose of your life.

Q: if you not understand, what you need?

Guruji: expand your understanding and try to find it out. Most of the mysterious things in life are very simple. We’re made the life so complicated – so simple things we fail to understand.

If it was your heart desire to practice yoga – you will be happy with it. It was not a calculating mood; because everybody says practicing yoga is good  – it is very good for my head, my mentally states will go away, so I also should do yoga – that will be listening to your mind. From the heart – I don’t know, but I must practice yoga – and you’re happy by doing it.

The tragedy of human beings – we have gone through very big influence of religion. Most of the religious teachings are creating a big guilt inside you. It’s like – if you’re happy, you will definitely committed a sin. That is an influence of the religion on us. I will say – be happy.

Q: you remember Neil Gayman’s American gods? Everything there has the own personification – like internet, telephone?

Guruji: I think some power or some spirit is controlling everything. Or maybe some immortal beings guiding us and carrying of us.

Q: everytime when some force is appeared – it’s appearing of some god?

Guruji: human beings call them gods – for us they are extraordinary. Because it’s so much religious impact on us – so we connect extraordinarily with gods.

Q: that’s why I’m not understand, why energy has no personification?

Guruji: it’s having it’s own personification – we don’t understand it. It is there.

Q: how to differentiate the idea from my heart and idea from my head?

Guruji: listen- when you fulfill your obligations with happy mood – that will make you a very good human being. And when you will become a very good human being – you will become aware of the voice of your heart. Bad human being will never listen to the heart. Fulfill all your obligations – these obligations test you whether you’re good human being or some more goodness come to you. Carry on that way.

I was asked the question – how man should keep the promise? He or she as well. I will give you very early answer to that. I will say that every decent good man or person keep their promises. But on the same time an intelligent person never makes a promise. Remember that!

Every decent man or woman – let’s say person who makes a promise – must keep it. And they always do. But from the worldly side – decent man keep the promise, but the intelligent man never make promise.

You’ve just complimented me how I look – I will thank you and it was a big boost to my ego. Here I will say – I’m no problems with big ego, especially if it is mine. If someone else has it – then some problems may come.



Q: can You give me some suggestions to worship Ganesh?

Guruji: I will suggest you – you should pay your respect to Shiva, first Guru of yoga, the giver of yoga and all arts. Keep it very simple. No rituals are required – just you should offer your respect from your heart and that will be enough.

Here I will add: it’s human nature to complicate things. I will give you just one example. Human being complicate the most simple thing like love. By creating the relationship, and going legal and doing marriage. Then love is lost and the marriage remains complicated. The beauty is simple – or it is simply beautiful.

Q: most of the people think that Ganesh is very kind?

Guruji: very powerful beings are can be kind and can be dangerous at the same time. All depends on your behavior. Better to keep of their way. If you’re a good yogi and they will think you’re fit enough – they will contact you. Then it will be the different story.

Q: but common people think…

Guruji: common people have very common intelligence and they just after getting some benefits from them or their desires fulfillment  – they have no other desire than that. But for a yogi – you’re ambicious person- let him come and contact you.

Lao Tzu wrote about the way. I wrote about the wayfarer. I think these two books will compliment each other. But it will take some time for society to observe this.



Gaya means the cow – that’s why cow represents the Mother Earth. Earth is the most mysterious being – nowhere I’ve come across, who created Earth. No religion is talking about it. She’s one and only – and maybe it’s the soul of the Universe.

Q: have you witnessed that people feel the soul of the Earth?

Guruji: I have some experience in this. Union is yoga.

Q: what do You think about theory that if some circumstances come the whole humanity should find another planet to live – Mars for example?

Guruji: I’m very happy on planet Earth. I don’t want to leave. I’ve born here and I will die here – I have no problem. Those who migrate to Mars will not become immortals. They may die on Mars. Better to stay here and try to make this planet better instead of ruining it. We should care for this. If we migrate to Mars – we will spoil him also then migrate to another planet. Let’s make the Earth more beautiful and care for it – that will be enough. After their migration to Mars the Earth definitely be the better place.

Human beings never be able to create something on their own – even the blade of grass; they are taking different things available on this planet, making a combination of it and saying – this is synthetic thing, but it is also from nature, including plastic. We’re created nothing- we just make different mixes and gave them different look. Pollution is a criteria of evolution – how much human race have evolved. Earth is the biggest reprocessing thing, it recycles everything. Everything comes from Earth – every synthetic or chemical, whatever – we have never created anything. Everything is from nature and it will go back to nature.

One thing I observe; go to the villages or farm lands where people live in the open air and go to the most polluted area in the cities – you will find much more younger looking people in polluted areas than on the farms in open air. Consider that. Too much oxygen is not good for your looks. When you’re passing through the most polluted areas – to avoid that air you hold your breath, which will credit you to practicing pranayama also. Ordinary person – if the person can be called ordinary – has so much opportunities for him or her. Now the living standard is much better than it was when the kings were ruling. After 50 years or century the democracy will be more refine and more understanding will develop.



Q: is it true that Saturn has the rays of sulfur type?

Guruji: it all depends of individual karma. The Saturn and Jupiter are most powerful. They has some effect in the solar system but we don’t know what effect they can have outside the system. We’re under their influence. In my opinion Shani is the very great teacher. Mars is considered as the son of Shiva and his mother is Mother Earth herself. Somehow all our imagination concentrated on Mars – all science fiction told about marsians coming, travelling to Mars – something like this. There is direct connection with the planet Earth. Even in Shiva purana you can read about it.

Yoga Martanda is translated into English – when the time will come we’ll also publish it from Amazon. I’m trying to revive most the ancient books. Viveka Martanda means the sun of discrimination.

Q: here they describe the earth element and talking about stambhana – what is it here?

Guruji: usually the earth element is described situating in muladhar chakra; and stambhana means to still – the breath for 2 hours or more by concentrating: you will read about this dharana in Gheranda Samhita also. 24 minutes without breathe and heart beating – this much you should have while concentrating totally into this element. It’s the very difficult thing to do. The result of using your unique power, which will come after years and years of practicing yoga. How many people can stop their breathe for 24 minutes or 2 hours? You must reach that level – but it’s the information, you keep it in your mind.

Q: maybe it’s confusion but here it is said that earth is in the heart lotus?

Guruji: no confusion – they are trying to tell you how to do dharana in it. You have to invoke it in your heart – then do it. They are not describing chakras here; it’s a certain method, how to master the earth element. One by one every element are mastered like this.

Q: but it’s a big difference between 24 minutes and 2 hours?

Guruji: if you cannot do 24 minutes – how you will reach 2 hours? It’s stepping stone. It’s a combination of physical and mental power. More we discuss such things – more understanding develops that yoga is extremely mysterious and very deep science.


… Aghora face supposed to be the most handsome and beautiful, white in color. Blue, red, yellow, black and white – these are colors of Shiva’s faces. He express himself in different types – and it can be five elements also. They are also eternal – endless and beginningless: nobody knows, who created the elements. When Vishnu opened his eyes – it was water everywhere.


Q: how long the day of Brahma lasts?

Guruji: 4,32 billions years. After that he goes to sleep in hibernation. Then again the day will come – and most of physics are saying that the age of Earth are nearly 4 billions of years.

Q: is it true that if yogi could activate sushumna for 1 day and 1 night – he will remove his death for 1 year?

Guruji: I will agree with that. He will be like a god – and 1 god’s day is 1 year. His body will not be ready for death.

There are three nadis inside sushumna – chitra, vajra and brahma. Brahma nadi is the main nadi through Kundalini rises. Chitra and vajra are just behind your swadhisthana chakra. They are short and brahma leads directly up. That’s why sushumna also can be called brahma nadi also. It directly connects with the mind.

Q: for what reason we should activate chitra and vajra nadi if they are so short?

Guruji: to remove all the obstacles of brahma nadi so the energy will flow. Brahma nadi is from muladhar up to the brain and these two somehow block her near swadhisthan chakra. Chitra and vajra nadi has the different purposes and gives certain sort of mental attitude; if they’ll remain in control – you will never think of higher things. You will always remain concentrated on worldly things. Only with yoga practice they can be open. First vajra and chitra opened – then there is no obstacles and the Shakti will flow. Only with vajroli practice the vajra nadi opens. When it will be done – chitra also will be involved. Hatha Yoga Pradipika covers all.

Q: to achieve rising of Kundalini or even Samadhi we must only purify the nadis?

Guruji: go back to Hatha Yoga Pradipika. All these ten mudras are described to awaken the Kundalini. It means with very regular practice, every day, some progress is there. It never happens suddenly. It’s the very gradual progress, step by step by step.

Q: so the obstacles is the dirt in our nadis?

Guruji: keep doing mudras and Kriya yoga and it will happen one day. Tell me with all honesty: every day you wake up – in the morning or noon – you feel like a different person every day. There is progress – you’re never the same one again. Some definite changes is taking place inside your brain and inside your sight. Only when you go a little bit further on the path and when you’ll look back – then you appreciate how far you’re gone, otherwise you’ll never feel that “I’m in progress”. Carry on!

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