Darshans 2017#6


Q: who created the Earth?

Guruji: it’s written never where except maybe one story. Vishnu was sleeping on the ocean and out of his ears two great daityas were born – Madhu and Kaitabh. They were extremely powerful beings – so powerful that they wanted to fight. They went in challenge Brahma, the creator. He told them – I’m too busy to fight, so you better wake up Vishnu and fight with him.

They woke up Vishnu, challenge him and the fight begin. For 5000 celestial years Madhu was fighting and another 5000 celestial years Kaitabhu was fighting. They were equally matched so the winning or defeat was near impossible. Then Vishnu decide to put a trick on them because it was impossible to defeat.  He said: “o daityas! I’m so impressed by your power and valor  – I’m ready to grant you some boons, ask me anything you want!” they answered that they’re also so much impressed by his power and valor and bravery – so you can ask any boon from us, we will give. And Vishnu asked them – ok, then die by my hands. They said – we’re ready, because we’re truthful people. But kill us there is no water.

Vishnu put their heads on his thigh and cut their heads with a chakra. Then the fat and meat of their bodies became to flow on the water and with the waves it turn into small balls. And I think one of the balls is Earth. Because the Earth is also called “medhani” – made with fat. The fermentation which takes place on that ball of fat – we’re. the bacteria.

Looking at it from another point of view: ear means sound; and sound  is one of the properties of the akash element – out of akash the vayu emerges. Out of the vayu – two parts: prana and apana, Madhu and Kaitabh. No matter how much you fight with them – you cannot win them over; until unless they allow you to win. It’s very yogic story.

You cannot win prana and apana without their consent – that’s the beauty. That also tells us that daityas were true to their word.

Maybe you can call Vishnu like subconscious mind. Vishnu is portrait like sleeping on the bed of Sheshnag; the goddess Lakshmi is just sitting with him, doing some service while he is sleeping.

My point of view on this is: Naga means life, the carrier – it also looks like your brain exactly; and Vishnu is sleeping on that. In my opinion, Vishnu represents your subconscious mind. he is sleeping – but all powerful, almighty. Goddess Lakshmi represents conscious mind – sits there and takes care of subconscious mind sleeping on the top of the brain, which looks like Sheshnag.

Only when something happens – then goddess Lakshmi wakes him up and he does the miraculous things and again goes back to sleep. Vishnu represents subconscious mind, Sheshnag represents your brain – the formation of brain looks like a Naga coiled together – and goddess Lakshmi, in my opinion, represents the conscious mind. and the cortex represents the Brahmanda – brain is floating inside cerebral fluid – you can call it the ocean, in which Sheshnag is there and Vishnu is sleeping on it and goddess Lakshmi sitting with him. Ocean of consciousness – brain, floating in it – subconscious mind, sleeping – and goddess Lakshmi, conscious mind taking care.

Q: If the Mother Earth is the mother, then who is the father?

Guruji: let’s go a little bit on the background, to the level of the sperm and ovum. Starting from there:

sperm is absolutely in the dark, it doesn’t know, who is producing him, where it is going; but instinctively it is running towards ovum. When it reaches ovum and is united with the ovum- it goes inert, it goes into sleep, and the ovum takes over. Transformation begins. When the transformation reaches the level, when the child begins to look like his mother or father and is delivered; and then is old enough – only then mother tells the child: “he is your father”. To the sperm nothing is said.

Now bringing another light: look at your brain and spinal cord. In my opinion – they look exactly like a sperm and they are gone inert – they are just sleeping there, they are not ready to form another union. By sort of awakening the chakras, energy flowing and Kundalini awakening maybe that sleeping sperm wakes up again and is ready to form another union to the biggest and most important ovum in the whole creation, that is Mother Earth. When the sperm – spinal cord and brain – has been awaken and they are ready to form another union with the Mother Earth herself they unite and then the transformation has been taking place; we don’t know, how we will look after we will transform. Then the Mother will tell you: “my son, my child, he is your father”. So just prepare yourself- finally the union will take place. Here I’m giving another light to the word “awakening of the Kundalini”, what for? – for this.

You will agree – the spinal cord and brain looks like a sperm. And they will go inert because of the second awakening of the Kundalini. First union; now wake it up – so it will form another union with the Mother. Then she will introduce us the father. Nor till then. This wisdom has never been given in the history of mankind. It was described in different books, but it is the essence.

That brings us to another dangerous conclusion. When one sperm united with the ovum when formation begins – all other sperms die. That is the dangerous side of it. Apocalypse. Maybe that’s why Shiva dancing – because he’s happy going to have another child.


Q: I heard from one great yogi about Great Mother – it’s about Mother Earth?

Guruji: he was referring to Kali. According to yogic believes, symbolically Kali is the Earth. She is standing on a dead body, like on Shiva. Shiva will be representing the void and Earth is standing on it, hanging on void.

Kali has four arms: this one is to protect( right upper); this – she is giving( right downer). She’s also carrying a sword( left upper) – Earth also kills and carries all the dead bodies in herself( head in left downer hand). All garlands from skulls, from hands – Earth is like a mother, who loves us so much, then even we’re dead – she will never let us go. It is like embodiment of Mother Earth herself. Kali is the portrait of Earth- mother.

We cannot leave Earth, no matter if you die or alive – our remains will always be here. Even cremated you will become like gases and will be part of the air. If will be buried – will be part of the earth body. There is no escape. This body is also called earthly body – you cannot going either.

From the positive note – maybe Earth is giant spaceship taking us somewhere, to some unknown destination; providing us with everything, recycling everything. Providing us the every type of entertainment – wars, politics, movies, everything. Carrying us to somewhere.

Q: so when we leave the body?

Guruji: the consciousness is leaving. Even scientists are saying that we hardly using 3% of our mind – rest is dormant. Yoga maybe the only one to awaken it.

Q: we lose all our energy?

Guruji: we’re not use this word –“energy”, we use the word “breathe”. Because breathe is the only energy that we have. And it is connecting your physical body with the spirit inside. If you use your breathe intelligently – you will discover your spirit on the other side. Then another relationship will begin.

In “Gorakhbodh” we’re discussing these things in detail. Fantastic thing Guru Matsyendranath says: “time will come, Gorakhnath, when your spirit will become the Guru and your mind become the disciple; – then true union and knowledge will begin.”

I maybe the only yogi, who is saying – make your spirit your friend, by making your breathe your friend. Friendship is begin.

I will give you the definition of nirvana in the twilight language of “Gorakhbodh”: simply dying is not nirvana. Other people say- oh, he attend nirvana – no. Attending nirvana is when  you achieve immortality, you achieve immortal body – then you decide to leave it: then it can be called nirvana. Not before that. It’s very high indeed.

For a sake of discussion: Buddha notice the sick man, old man, dead man and a monk. He went find a cure for a death, old age and sickness. And these three things he was ever not able to discover. He was sick, he grew old and he died. Very simple observation.

Q: how we can connect with the cosmic consciousness?

Guruji: first you need to connect with the consciousness of this planet. Step by step. When planet will accept you – then it will take you further. Without connecting to the Earth you cannot directly connect to the Universe. The more you will feel connected with the Earth – more you will feel connected with the nature. And it will become naturally.

How do you like my garden here?

Q: it’s beautiful.

Guruji: I’ve been planted 150000 trees in the last 12 years and they are growing very well. Absolute new life started there with that. It is now difficult to imagine – it was only cactus growing here when I first came. Soil was so saline and acidy – nothing was growing here, except cactus.

Q: you change the whole system

Guruji: the nature is supporting.



Q: what do you think about that concept – that cannabis is friend of Shiva?

Guruji: I’ve been bidding on Shiva for 40 years and nowhere I came across, that he’s smoking cannabis.

Q: so it’s misconception?

Guruji: and with misconception miscarrying is following.

Q: I saw so much sadhus, using this herb?

Guruji: in yoga it’s especially given suggestion: never use any type of intoxication – it destroys your consciousness.

Q: in Gita there is mentioning about medicines?

Guruji: medicine is not cannabis. Cannabis having the medicinal effect also – in Ayurveda it is written in details; but there they are talking about different medicines, different herbs.

Your person is a combination of 5 elements and 5 senses. One needs to be very understanding therapist to diagnose exactly what you need. It is not a simple thing to diagnose.

The mind has the power to discriminate, that is called buddhi. And ahamkara is feeling of being, that I exist, I am. This combination makes you. It will make 5 elements together. The mind – power of discrimination – and the feeling of being. First the feeling of being appears, that I exist, I am. The next step is – which is good for me, which is not good for me; that is the power of discrimination, which is called buddhi. Then the mind will develop and consciousness will expand. Combination of this and five elements will be you or me or anyone else.

Q: where is a spirit here?

Guruji: feeling of being is a spirit. First you need to exist, to feel yourself. Then you will worry about what is good for you and what is bad for you. Step by step progress.

Q: when the spirit enters the body?

Guruji: spirit remains near from the moment of conception and enters the body from the first breathe taken. But it remain connected – because most of the mothers feels the presence around them; that is the spirit which is about to take birth.

Q: the first breath when it is in the womb?

Guruji: when the umbilical cord is cut.

Q: why it’s not recommend to eat cottage cheese when you’re practicing yoga?

Guruji: it will always give you nightmares. And you will eat so much bacteria.

Q: from where we get the proteins?

Guruji: forget about proteins, it’s a new concept. Human race survives thousands of years without worrying of proteins. Too much proteins will spoil your kidneys.

Q: what do you think about sport proteins?

Guruji: I don’t know – I’ve never take supplements in my life.


Every child, who is taking birth on this planet – by birth he is a hindu. And only after certain period they are baptized to a certain religion. Till then they are natural – they are hindus. Every person is born free, – then he becomes Christian, then he becomes musalman, then he becomes Buddhist.


Q: in Hatha Yoga Pradipika they mentioned that you should not combine a lot of physical work with Kriya yoga?

Guruji: I think you need to be strong and fit, because only strong body can support strong mind.

Q: they are talking about overtraining?

Guruji: they’re writing – you don’t need to lift heavy weights and you don’t have to walk too much – that means you can lift moderate weights and you can walk slightly less. Create a balance. And no protein shakes or supplies are needed. Definitely you can look good, strong and shapely.

Q: we can look like you

Guruji: thank you for the great compliment

Q: what do you think about extreme diets in tantra and aghora?

Guruji: not for a yogis.


If you want to be worshipped – you will not anyone else progress. Maybe that’s was the motive. Creating organization is like creating a certain type of empire. And if you will teach everybody how to be enlighten – everybody will become enlighten. But you need followers to serve you.


Q: when we’re practicing – no matter what sadhana, but sometimes we feel that it’s enough to do it. The question is how to maintain?

Guruji: it will all depend on your motive – what you want to achieve. How far you want to go. I don’t think such things can be cultivated inside you: either it is there or it is not there.

Q: what is Your motive?

Guruji: I have no motive now.

Q: I can’t believe that, because everything that requires action has a motive?

Guruji: I’m a different type of person. I don’t care, what society is thinking about me. Society should care, what I’m thinking about it. You can call me arrogant or egoistic, but this is how I think.

Q: some people are thinking that stars are influence them and other are thinking – they are influence future or stars?

Guruji: we all love to put blame on someone. On stars, on god, on our parents, on society, on politics. I take all responsibility on what I’ve done or what I’ve said. Start with that – be honest with yourself. Be brutally honest with yourself. Then maybe something will come.

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