Darshans 2018#26


We were celebrating Shivaratri, we were all sitting on the veranda of the temple; suddenly 25-30 big bats just came. Red eyes, pure black – they were about 1 meter size – they landed on the trees and remain with us the whole night. Before morning they disappeared.


Q: why some great yogis had the very short lifetime?

Guruji: such people come to do some special work or some mission and when it is done – no need to remain longer. It depends on the work – for what you have come.

Q: what about Yogananda Paramahamsa?

Guruji: he make the Kriya yoga very famous, the lineage became very famous – maybe that was his mission. He was the first yogi to go west. My own journey began after reading his book in 1979. Maybe that was his mission(smiling) – to give us inspiration.


When you wake up – you face the world and world is harsh enough and so many problems are there. Who doesn’t want to avoid it? But we have to face it anyway.

Q: do You have fears?

Guruji: so many – even now. You need to be afraid – only durak is not afraid. Fear makes you very careful.


Q: on puja we must not cross the line between Shiva and the cow?

Guruji: yes, that’s why we made half-circle. Whatever we’re offering – it is going in the certain way: if you cross it – all your prosperity will disappear. Good time will disappear – so nobody crossing it.


Guruji: we have the line in the song: those, who know too much – they don’t recognize what is being human. knowing too much maybe not good idea: you start categorizing people according to what you have read – which may not be proper.

Q: “yogin attains similarity with Shiva by weapon and activities”; activities is yoga practice?

Guruji: it is the result of practice of yoga. Weapons here means powers.

Yoga technics are given to us so we are practice them. They are not given to us so we are just continuously discussing them. They are for practicing, not for discussing.


Q: is it possible to curse someone for eternal life without any possibility to die?

Guruji: I think it exists a legend that Jesus Christ cursed one jude – until the day he will return – and he is still wandering the earth. Maybe others are also there.

Q: for him it’s good idea for practicing yoga

Guruji: when you’re cursed – this idea will never enter your mind. But it was not exactly the curse – it was more like a blessing: the day until I return. He’s just waiting for.

In India most of the immortals beg for food to keep their ego under control. It’s only one incarnation of Shiva, who is a businessman – but only one. Other immortals always beg for food  – they ask farmers or poor people and never enter the cities. Siddhas never enters the city. You can survive here without any identity, without any passport – there are many villages around where nobody will ask.

Q: that sadhus, who could make gold and silver – they were immortals?

Guruji: the way they were relaxed and absolutely don’t care  – it could be. There was not too much signs of ageing on them also. It was the great wisdom: then – it was different but now when I look back I understand more. If you will remain young – people will notice that, but if you put some age on you – nobody will notice.


Q: once You said: boys will be boys – that is their nature. What is the nature – soul, personality? Will we change it in practice?

Guruji: actually men has more hunger for knowing more things because they have one chromosome less than girls. Because girls have chromosomes balanced – they are don’t running here and there to achieve something, to prove something. Only with the boys it goes. But I will say – basically girls are more spiritual than men. They will work even a little bit harder; they will have great spiritual experiences and wisdom also.

Q: men needs to control their ego more?

Guruji: what is ego? We need to re-define it here. What you understand by this word “ego”?

Keep your ego with yourself – this is the only thing you have. One thing you should make sure – it should not be false. It should be genuine and you can develop it to the sublime heights. This is the only thing you have: this is your identity. Don’t try to kill it: everybody is trying to remove your ego. You cannot remove yourself from yourself.

I think so far, since I became Guru and start initiate people into Kriya – I never ever told anyone that you should fight with your ego, remove it; I just say – try to know your ego, make it your friend, because it’s the only thing you have. Clean it, take it to sublime heights – otherwise what for we’re working hard? Like yourself, love yourself.

Q: now You broke whole psychological system


Q: does desire for development depend on varna?

Guruji: no. your desire to develop and knowing your spirit depends on the inspiration which you have received or by something you have seen – you became aware of life is so fickle and what is the substance of life. Varna is nothing here. Man, woman, nationality, varna doesn’t matter. Yogis don’t recognize this. That’s why we say: yoga is for human beings.

Q: not so many people wants to develop themselves?

Guruji: because they’re not aware of it. Usually they aware what they have to make the kitchen money, they look after their family, they have to care of the career, to prove themselves in the society. And the most difficult thing: they must to prove themselves in front of their family and relatives. All these difficulties don’t give them enough time to think on themselves. Very few people become aware of this. And out of the few people have genuine search for it. Lucky ones find the way. It’s the very rare thing when somebody genuinely interested in self-realization. Curiosity maybe there – but the genuine seeker is a very rare thing. Nowadays everybody is discussing about self-realization. Yoga is for all people – whoever is ready to go all the way.

Q: but from where this soul, this personality came?

Guruji: that’s why we’re  practicing yoga  – so we will find out the answer one day. One day your spirit will tell you that. One day, when you have done enough, and you’re successfully attracted the friendship of your spirit, – then your spirit will tell you all this things.

Q: so physical body is not so important?

Guruji: if the body will be not so important – the spirit will never come down inside it. Your physical body is also very important. Find out the value of this – about all the possibilities which you’re carrying.

Q: only by practicing yoga?

Guruji: only that will develop your mind and brain and you will become aware of it. Yoga is just like means to certain aim: it is for developing your brain, mind and consciousness  – and you will begin to understand. It helps.


Q: could You tell about first experience of Samadhi?

Guruji: terrifying experience – I’ve told about it in the “right hand of God”. Frightening experience – not very romantic, as people can expect. You’re out of the body, your consciousness is everywhere; and your mind is in tune with thousands of people surrounding you. It was night time – someone having sex, someone in the toilet – and the smell of humanity was not tolerable. The first experience was frightening – and maybe it lasted for one and a half hour. It took me many-many months to recover from that. Then my fortune was shining on me: Babaji blessed me. Then it became tolerable – at will when it be. First experience was accidental.

Q: and the second one?

Guruji: second one was good; I was already out of the city, living on my farm – it was more or less pleasant. When the consciousness begins to go by beyond the physical limits – in the middle of the city your mind will definitely link up with so many minds around you and you will see whatever they are doing; and I tell you: the smell of humanity is not tolerable. When I was out of the city – only farm land are there – it was very different experience.

Q: on what depends that tuning with other minds?

Guruji: their true nature is open that time. Two percent are always: one you’re trying to show into society – mostly it is a fake behavior and one is inside. When you’re in Samadhi – you’re looking at their originality, which is not all the time pleasant. I think maybe that’s why immortals live outside the cities.

Q: could you perceive in Samadhi – that person has a little bit developed mind, that has closed?

Guruji: first time – no, but after several times when you’re settle down in this – you can concentrate on some particular person – if that person is important than. Otherwise they all look same.

Q: and in a free area?

Guruji: then you begin to appreciate nature. First several times your mind covers miles and miles; then it will grow and grow. Then you learn how to avoid certain things and go all the way another things. It develops. You just settle down with that. You practice it easier or more or less comfortable. First time it was accidental and I was not known that I’m experiencing Samadhi.

Q: You were controlled by Your Guru?

Guruji: you see, no Guru controls. This word “control” is a very misleading word. Maybe because of his blessings I was able to revive on my own – because Samadhi means suspended animation, outward. That’s why I survived. When I realized what happened – hairs on my chest started to be grey after that. I was just lying in my room, will to do anything was not there. I could hardly drag myself, because Samadhi and death are similar things. If you’re not prepared for Samadhi and it will follows  – the symptoms of death and old age will catch you immediately. Many of my hairs begin to be grey; in two months I even could bring enough interest to whatever. One day I came back I took a shower and I saw myself in the mirror and I think – what is happening with me? I lost every interest in everything and my family was thinking that my heart broken by some girl so I’m just lying in my room – mothers are like that. When I look myself in the mirror after maybe 2-3 weeks, then – blessings of Guru, I force myself to do exercise then. It was very difficult and tuff times for me to force myself to do some physical activity, but I persist; then – things begin to change. Some of my grey hairs again went back to black and I begin to look better and better. Then I visited my Guru after all that things happen. One thing I realized – that physical exercises are extremely important. It works like an antidote to the suspended animation state. If you will not do physical exercises – you will lost every interest in everything. These exercises will maintain your balance. You will be in the world and in the same time outside it also.


Q: You have some sensation before this first experience?

Guruji: I was doing yoni mudra. And I don’t know – something happen and the holding of breath continued. I found that I fell through kutastha – and this thing begin.

Q: You can repeat it?

Guruji: no, it was difficult to repeat it. I couldn’t repeat it till Babaji blessed me, till I was able to see him face to face. It was three years. I couldn’t repeat it on my own – but then I was working out, practicing every day and I will think that “ I’m just very near” for the second – but it didn’t happen. Then, when Babaji blessed me on 2nd of april 1988 – I couldn’t stay at home after that, begin to live on my farm which is several miles from the city – then it came.

Q: again after yoni mudra?

Guruji: no, it’s very different principle there. He taught me how to.

Q: You can stop your heart?

Guruji: within three months after initiation I could control my pulse and slow down my heart. I don’t know why it happened – but it come very naturally to me. I’ve did khechari after that – maybe in February 1983.

Q: it is mind work or something physical?

Guruji: simply by willing: I think and it happens. Mind over matter. No matter how much we discuss on this – I don’t think the real principle it is possible to convey. This is the result of yoga practice. Whatever you want to put the level on that – yoga is yoga.

Q: You were living on the farm…

Guruji: it was the most fantastic fairy-tale time. I was just coming from Benares after meеting Babaji; I was unemployed then and I’m unemployed now – no money, nothing; suddenly some money came my way and I begin to build a single-room small cottage with veranda on my farm – it took me nearly two years to finish. Then circumstances develop that I decided to leave home and shifted there out of the blue. Within two years of living on my farm the commentary on Gita came. Something blasted inside.

Q: in Your first experience You felt the consciousness of humans around – what about animals?

Guruji: them too. But the smell of humanity was so overpowering that you could not concentrate on some other animal. It happened suddenly – you’re not in control. And you’re afraid also: will you leave or will you go back, am I dead – because you see the body lying like a corpse there. First time it’s the very frightening experience. Maybe it’s happened so suddenly and so surprisingly, I was not even prepared for what I will experience now. Later, when I was in control – it became better and better.

Q: when You came back?

Guruji: about 1,5 hour and it happen automatically, I was not in control then. Only after several months and years when I came back – I begin to understand what happen there. Suddenly you cannot even describe, what you’re going through.

Q: how did You feel after You return?

Guruji: it was beyond my tolerance. Because the blood circulation begin – the tickling sensation was all over the body. I was using all my will power to avoid shouting or something: that sensation was overpowering. Like many-many springs are all over your body – imagine, that your leg go to sleep and then suddenly the blood circulation come again.

Q: You have a lot of power then?

Guruji: without any power. After that I slept maybe for 10 hours. Then I’ve lost interest to everything – even to take a shower.

Q: You have vomiting after this?

Guruji: no, never. But mood remain bad; even now I’m think about it – it’s bad.

Samadhi experience is not end of yoga – it is just the beginning of another chapter.

From October 1990 – it’s 28 years now; you count every day – almost every day I’m experiencing it, so it will come up to thousands. After Babaji’s grace it became within control – more or less. No one can get 100% control – but more or less it’s tolerable.

Q: that sensation all over the body – it presented the second time?

Guruji: yes, but much more tolerable. Every time it is more and more tolerable. I realized the wisdom that you must do physical exercises every day. I call the weight training like my body meditation.

I like it – because you work with different muscles, all your body parts are connected and you’re aware of them. I think that awareness only weight training gives you.

Q: if you have not a good body and suddenly dive into Samadhi – it could kill you?

Guruji: I’ve seen and I’ve hear from my Guru and from others also that without preparation sudden experience – they usually not survive after 21 days. They lost every interest in life or something. I was lucky to survive it. Because of my Guru blessings or maybe Babaji were looking at me – I was able to survive. Also my body was strong enough.

Q: You know someone from our lineage, who didn’t survive?

Guruji: that were some disciples of Lahiri Mahasaya. Outside our lineage I’ve never ever heard someone was in Samadhi. Or khechari mudra, or esoteric heights of yoga. Only in our lineage Samadhi is discussed so much. The main aim of this practice is also to achieve Samadhi. I’m always telling you: be ambitious! Have very strong desire to achieve Samadhi! And go for it. Technics are not for discussion, they are for practice. So use all your power, your concentration, your focus in practice – and it will give the results. That is absolutely current statement.

Q: is it possible to prepare the body and nervous system enough for that?

Guruji: only very serious yoga practice will make your nervous system and brain very strong. And to tolerate the very strong brain, to support it – you need a strong body also. They go together.

Q: how long time takes the preparation – to make the first experience of Samadhi tolerable?

Guruji: we cannot analyze it- because my case is exceptional. But only a champion can coach another champion.

It’s very good that I was going through the brain scan and all these machines; some people may think that stopping the pulse can be some trick or something. When device was on my head and I stop the pulse – the brain waves goes flat. I was not knowing that before, that was the new discovery for me. Doctors says: when your heart stops to work – brain waves will go flat after 3-4 minutes. When I stop my pulse – instantly brain waves go flat. That means – yoga is very mysterious thing, we don’t understand it superficially. More you will go into it – more deep understanding will develop. I’m still have the feeling – I’m the beginner in it, just a little scratching the surface of the iceberg. Let’s see –how big it is underwater.

Overpower tickling sensation all over your body – as the blood begin to flow in a regular way. Thousands and thousands of the small shrinks are going – and the tickling is overpowering.

Q: no headache?

Guruji: nothing – but I slept for 10 hours. Then it was very difficult for me to get out and do things.

Q: why such thing happened with You?

Guruji: the body was not prepared. Three years is nothing.

Q: but Your body was strong enough?

Guruji: maybe that’s why I surviving.


Q: what was the perception of time in first Samadhi?

Guruji: it was just like a minute or two.

Q: like a very fast dream?

Guruji: not even like a dream, just your time sense is different. Only one or two minutes – but when I saw a watch when I came to – it was 1,5 hour already gone.

Q: no matter how long Samadhi is?

Guruji: your time sense will be different. Maybe it was the moment I became aware of the Time. Even few hours you will feel like moments or minutes. And the perception of Time will be different.

Q: if someone find the person sitting in Samadhi?

Guruji: they will be crying – oh, he is no more; because no pulse, no heartbeat, no breathe. Whole system is cool down. Only top of the head remains a little bit warm. Otherwise the body is like the corpse.

Q: top of the head because of dhananjaya vayu?

Guruji: because prana shoots up in the head. If the family members are not experts in yoga – they will burn or bury you. That’s why night time practice is good. I was experience it 2-3 times a day – only that will give you some control, when you go through it again and again. Never sit down and relax after this, start doing something. It will balance you.

Q: 2-3 times a day???

Guruji: yes. Now I think one time is enough. I’m talking it openly – it will inspire you too and make you more ambitious. Otherwise listening to stories is good, but inspirations are needed.

Q: how much time it takes to You to perceive the whole world in Samadhi?

Guruji: actually you became more cautious when you do it 2nd, 3rd or 100 time. Then, as your courage increases and you become more brave and bold – then you go on and on. That’s why most of the ghosts are aware of me.

Q: they are see You?

Guruji: they become aware.

Q: how it’s like – for them?

Guruji: like tsunami. Waves of consciousness moving all over – and spirits and ghosts become aware of it. All the spirits know when someone achieves.

Q: they see vayu sharira?

Guruji: waves of the consciousness.

Q: how they react?

Guruji: I think they respect.

Q: when You’re in Samadhi state – You could perceive their activities?

Guruji: now- yes. The subtlety comes later. Maybe I’m the only one who is saying that the Earth is most mysterious being in this entire world.

He(Bababji) told me on our last meeting – many of my disciples will go very high. This is one aspect – but I think every disciple becomes my friend finally – because only friends share secrets between themselves. As the consciousness will developing and mind will become more open – then the beginning of genuine friendship starts.

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