Сlothes not can be man; that’s why physical body doesn’t make it spirit. Physical body is like clothes to a spirit. That’s a difference. Hindus believes in reincarnation: spirit is free to take new clothes all the time. If you’re not taking another birth – that means you’re going to live naked, till eternity – which is the very bad idea.


Q: You were talking that ash is the strong protection?

Guruji: ash is for disciples only.

Q: what You can suggest for normal people – baptizing or some red thread or what?

Guruji: baptizing is not a bad idea: you will be socially accepted. Being in Rome dress like a romans – and you’ll survive. If you’re going to pigmy tribe – dressing tux is not good idea.

Q: if you do something in life – you must have the aim, no matter is it bodybuilding or something?

Guruji: yes, or to make money or looking good, impress others. If you’re genuine yogi – you can do anything and you will always maintain the balance. Maintaining the balance – that’s the name of the game. Whatever you will do – you will do better than another person.

Why we see so much unsuccessful people? Because most of the people don’t like what they do. They don’t make there complete focus and effort – so they fail. Wherever you will see the person, who like, what he’s doing – you will see successful man. Another observation from Shailendra Sharma: a person, who lacks intellectual perception and is not intelligent, cannot remain without physical work, to remain idle without physical work you have to have highly developed mind. Then you can just lay down and think.


Q: it’s impossible to develop in Kriya yoga without physical development?

Guruji: physical development will come because only strong body can support the very strong mind – they both go together. If your mind tired – do physical work and vice versa. It works every time.

Bodybuilding in old times was very good – very shapely and strong. Now bodybuilding is just for stage show – that’s why most of them are taking drugs and they look dangerous and horrible. Recently I was searching for one old bodybuilder –Boyer Coe, who was Mr.Universe; they’re giving the list of one-class bodybuilders, who even didn’t reach 50. Most of them died. Old bodybuilders – like Bill Pearl – he’s 80+ and still going strong; like John Grimek – he died near 90. We should learn from this, healthy life style. At the same time they are good looking also. Now most of them are dying of overtraining and using drugs. But Bill Pearl’s example I like – he was the first vegetarian bodybuilder, who become Mr.Universe. you can see Arnold’s encyclopedia of bodybuilding – the photo, where Schwarzenegger and Pearl are talking with each other: you can see the difference in the size of the head – Pearl’s head is bigger than Arnold’s. if we go back to history – gladiators were given only vegetarian food. I’m vegetarian and I think I’m looking ok.

From heavy weight training it takes time to recover; but without weight training you maybe able to do 1000 squats – but you will recover very long. You will achieve the result slow, not in a day. And I will say: for recovering the vegetarian diet is the best. Too much protein is not good for health. In wrestlers diet there is at least half kg of almonds – they say almonds gives the power and much protein. Then they train for 4 up to 8 hours in a day. They do 5000 squats, 2000 push-ups, mudgars and then practice wrestling in akhada(arena). They have very different way of life. No meat at all. Most of them are vegetarians – except some musalman wrestlers, but most of them are absolute vegetarians. They were extremely powerful people, great muscles and very big. But I’ve never see six pack on indian wrestlers. You remember Gama? Recently we found the stone in Baroda museum – 200 kgs: and they write that Gama Pehalwan lift it and moved it down. He was real superman. He also run 20 kms every day, did 1000 squats and 2500 push ups and his mudgars were very heavy.


Q: what do You think – it must be some kind of bad karma of the whole nations, who’re eating meat and drinking alcohol?

Guruji: I’m sure of it. See- meat eaters population is going down.

Q: cannibals in Africa also?

Guruji: there are many cases of cannibalism in Moscow, NY and many other European countries.

Q: can it be connected with absence of last rituals?

Guruji: yes, they’re becoming dangerous ghosts, because they’re waiting for the judgement’s day. Till lord will come down with the flames – they will just lie and wait. That’s why I’m saying – Christian heaven and hell are empty. It could be connected. I think every animal or being living on this planet has the same rights as a human.

Q: is it possible to exhumate the body to cremate it and do the last rituals?

Guruji: yes, but you need to take permission from the government. If you cremate someone – no chance for him becoming vampire.

Kriya Yoga is the very exclusive thing, not everybody is practicing it – but according to their religious beliefs they are doing last rituals. Only hindu style of last rituals guaranteed that you will take another birth. Otherwise you will continue to wait the judgement’s day.

Q: how much time the person is waiting for another birth?

Guruji: it depends on the development of the person and urgency of taking another birth. There is no set rule of how much time it will take.


Q: Guruji, why Yoga Darshan begins from yamas and niyamas but they are not mentioned in Hatha Yoga Pradipika?

Guruji: I think yama and niyama are achievements of practicing yoga. It was the style of all ancient rishis that they will talk about the result first, then the process. That’s why Patanjali started by introducing Samadhi on the first chapter – then the process. Yama and niyama are achievements which comes with very-very heavy yoga practice. it is result, not a practice in itself.

That’s why in Hatha Yoga Pradipika they never mention yama and niyama – they directly start with shatkarma, asana, pranayama and mudra. You cannot establish yourself in yama and niyama without practicing yoga. It is a reference book for masters, not for the beginners. Beginner will focus on yama and niyama and never will practice further; by that he will never be able to master even the single yama or single niyama.


Q: in the battle of Bhima and Duryodhana their power were equal?

Guruji: Bhima was stronger physically but Duryodhana had more skills with gada. He was also very powerful – even Dhritarashtra had the power of 10000 elephants. They were superbeings.

Q: can we say that all Mahabharata is just display of powers of the gods and asuras, incarnated in warriors?

Guruji: it was the change over time – the heavenly gods to be removed and from raja Bali asuras ascend heaven. If there are too many warriors – it will always be war.

Q: it exists such hidden idea in Ramayana?

Guruji: in Ramayana is very plain that Ravana was going everywhere to win and he actually won all the worlds – all heavenly gods were defeated by him. Even Rama’s ancestor was killed by him in a single combat – and he cursed him, that my descendant will kill you. It was the duty of Rama to kill him. Quotation from “Scorpion king”: this is the destiny of all kingdoms – it end one day.

Q: was Ravana defeated by someone?

Guruji: only by the disciple and by Kartavirya Arjuna. Bali was too powerful for him – his children defeat him. Ravana was the grand-grand son of the creator: Pulastya was the son of the creator, Pulastya’s son was Vaishravana rishi, and Vaishravana rishi’s son was Ravana and Kubera – and others also.

Q: can we compare them by force?

Guruji: Scanda is Scanda, no match. But he was born much after. Daksha yagya was after Rama and Ravana, between Rama and Krishna avataras. Scanda and Ganesha was born after Ravana.

That time was of superpowers and too much powers; that situation was not appropriate for human beings to survive. Maybe now it’s evolution or some special situation, created for human beings. Too much warriors will always have wars. Some kind of different discipline will be introduced: because astral beings, heavenly gods – they all mixing up freely.

Q: what do You think – for all that beings, who was live before humans – there was no yoga discipline?

Guruji: yoga discipline started from Shiva, no other gods were having any yoga discipline. Shiva is supposed to be the foremost and the first yogi and Guru of yoga. Out of compassion He gave yoga to human beings. Remember, the home of Shiva is smashan, and only the human beings are cremated. He was carrying for us. Many mysterious things are involved here – so we can understand.

See the link: the creator was so arrogant to told the useless things for Shiva  – and Shiva make Kalabhairav appear. Kalabhairav cut the fifth head of the creator – then the battle for creation begin. Creator was forced to marry his granddaughter to Kalabhairav; Kalabhairav and Shankar are the same. Then the conflict continue and the climax was the destruction of Daksha yagya – all heavenly gods were given the severe beating. All the chain of events up to Krishna  – they all finish vedic gods and ghosts and spirits took over.

Q: and if we take another chain from Krishna to nowadays?

Guruji: I think every invasion to India is a part of it. Muslims were coming and destroy the temples, the Buddhism take the vedic culture to the end –  then up to british times. Now vedic culture mostly disappeared. Yoga became extremely popular all over the world – it was never before. New discipline is already arrived. It’s going everywhere.

Q: but so much confusion were created: even today I saw the link about vedic mantra working for you?

Guruji: I’m stay away from vedic mantras now. Some of them are good – let’s be prosperous together. Most of them are dedicated to certain vedic gods and it maybe dangerous to invoke them now. Sergey told me about someone starting of build the temple of Brahma in Gokarn – he died within a month. Another man took up the job and he also died within a month. Now everybody left the temple.This must be the greatest revolution against vedas: they all were for pleasing many different types of gods and yoga is to make your spirit your friend and invoke your own spirit.

Q: how that process went on when Krishna started the new style – worshipping to cows etc?

Guruji: it was already going away, but some of the roots remained – because the vedic culture were ruling for billion of years. Finally Krishna did it – he stopped the worshipping of Indra and started to Govardhan hill.

Q: how such changes could be done in one day?

Guruji: by his power display. It was the extraordinary superpower forced them to do that.

Q: during process when Christianity was invented too much people were killed

Guruji: you must also considered, how much people Krishna killed: who will begin to count – that were more than a billion. Without blood nothing happens. His mind is dangerous.

Q: who invented the vedic culture?

Guruji: Brahma, the creator. When Brahma came into being – he close his eyes and remembered. Now Hanuman is in the place of Brahma. Let’s hope it’s going to be permanent now.

Q: you said Brahma remembered all past creations?

Guruji: it means now all past creations had been erased and new system is coming.

Q: if he remembered past creations – they must somehow had their end: how it was?

Guruji: Shiva dances.

Q: every creation has the limits – it exists something beyond the limits?

Guruji: what is beyond your limits? Another people. Beyond this limitation of this creation maybe more creation. One thing I have noticing: now the spirituality and worshipping heavenly gods disappeared and human beings are worshipped now. It has never happen before. Rama was human incarnation, Krishna was human incarnation – from Rama to Shirdi Sai Baba all are human beings. This type of things were never ever recorded before. I think it’s king’s Bali’s work and Shiva’s grace that human beings are actually evolving to that level.

Q: now that worshipping also coming to an end?

Guruji: ISCON only – now much less americans is coming. Hare Krishna movement helped finishing the hippie movement. Most of the hippies begin to chant Hare Rama, Hare Krishna and that was the end of them. End of one thing and beginning of another.

Q: what was the aim to stop hippie movement?

Guruji: many of them were really liberated people, they deserve to chant the name of the Lord, they came to Vrindavan; some of them were in old age and died here and they were cremating here according to the rituals of vaishnavs. Maybe it was another step forward in evolution of hippies. They were liberated in certain way – maybe this much were created only for them. They evolved so much. I’ve seen many old hippies here – they were Krishna devotees and living the very Spartan life, according to the rules. Yes, it was many businessmen – but it was many genuine devotees also. It was created for that genuine people. Whenever organization is built and some movement begins – the business is also connected with that, it’s the part of the game. Even yoga is big business now: about 30 billions now is involved – but the core will always remain the same. In the center of cyclone it’s absolute calm – only outside it’s big storm.

I think you remember the story when some followers of Prabhupada came here and I allow them to come; my very big bull was standing there. if I remember furtherly – it was some Bulgarian girls, Krishna devotees; there was one guy with them. I was standing near the bull and they asked – can we touch him? I said – if your heart is really full of love for Krishna, otherwise it’s very dangerous. and I saw it with my own eyes: 2-3 girls begin to weep and they embraced my bull – and he begin to lick them. That means their hearts were really full of devotion. Sincere people are everywhere – we should concentrate on them but on the superficial picture, which is usually discarded.

Q: real Krishna devotees has a chance, but not muslims and Christians?

Guruji: they will lay and wait for the judgement’s day – I accept it literally and there is no argument on that. It is their choice and their devotion. They will be judged by the second coming of the Lord. Maybe they are the part of the big plan. Nothing happens by coincidence or by chance.

Q: the time of Ramayana or Mahabharata was the time of magic and superpowers: can this time come again?

Guruji: I hope, yes.

Q: is it possible that it will be women ruling next era?

Guruji: they were ruling from the day one – but men never realized it. Now they’re realizing it. Women have more sensitivity and possibilities for magic. Every woman can create her own magic.

Q: again to the topic of Rama, Ravana, Arjuna Kartavirya – can we reach that level or the spirit must be born like this?

Guruji: you were sportsmen – you know, how much depends on genetics. Ravana genetics were very special – he was the direct descendant of the creator and the son of rishi.  They were very special and then they did great tapas to develop themselves – all their superpowers. Rama’s genetics was also extraordinary – he was an avatar, Parabrahman Parameshwar. It was the clash of the titans.

Q: so for us it’s not possible to be like Shiva Himself?

Guruji: no one has been able to achieve that.

Q: what is the ceiling for human being?

Guruji: to attain liberation from all your problems and begin the deciding position. If you will be able to decide your own future, your own destiny – whatever you want to be.

Q: after that can we decide to be superpowerful being?

Guruji: yes, it is possible. Read my commentaries: you can be one with the Time – but you cannot be Time itself. You can be one with Time – even this much is very big thing. It’s a big game – let’s play!

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