Q: before You someone in our lineage have meetings with Matsyendranath or Gorakhnath?

Guruji: I think it was greatest from great grace from him: Matsyedranath has not been seen since he was so-called rescued by Gorakhnath. Never been heard of him after that. When he went to the kingdom of women; you know people – when you’re with women they will draw only one conclusion. But every siddhi, supernatural abilities, also called woman. Nobody sees that. Hanuman is guarding the kingdom of women: Hanuman is celibate – why he is guarding the kingdom of women? They are siddhis, supernatural abilities. And he mastered them.

Q: so from what Gorakhnath rescued him?

Guruji: it was the test from Matsyendranath. Maybe the final test from Guru to disciple. Matsyendranath was just playing it and Gorakhnath tried to rescue him, he passed the test. Many people just leave the Guru if he’s gone saying he’s not the real man. Gorakhnath tried his level best to rescue him. and the truth is: they were just sitting at the dhuni together on Girnar and Matsyendranath created this illusion. After that Gorakhnath appeared in some stories, but Matsyendranath never appeared. If he appeared now – I think some very important plan is already ruling, which we maybe not aware still. Siddhi – even in Hatha Yoga Pradipika they are called devangana – the divine women. Siddhi is a woman. And yogi love to call Kundalini also a woman. What they are talking – they are talking in a twilight language – and people understand from their point of view and development.

Q: who were two sons of Matsyendranath, killed by Gorakhnath?

Guruji: they both become tirthankaras in Jainism. They existed physically. If he can create Gorakhnath – he can create two more. And I still have no idea, who were that two ladies with him. very impressive looking, very beautiful, more than 2 meters tall. I was too nervous to ask anything. They look at me and smile – but remain silent. It maybe due to the respect to the Guru. When the Guru will talking – they will remain quiet.

Such meeting not described nor in our lineage neither the other lineage.

Q: what Matsyendranath told to You?

Guruji: he talked with me so sweetly; we discussed about kundals – he asked my ears pierced and wear kundals. He talked about creating of dhuni. He was aware of Shiva appearing – it supposed to be very important event among Nath yogis. I went to see him after two years finding Him.

Q: You have no dhuni before?

Guruji: no, only Shiva temple. It begin to develop after installation. First Ganganath came and told us so many things, then he send a message to be there in exact time. Then it took us quite some time – about one year – to create the technicalities of the dhuni. For outer observer it looks like simple fireplace – but it’s not like that. And the supernatural things begin to appear immediately after that. Now there are hundreds of photographs. He has triggered something. It was easy for me to coming there; but as a took of respect – the junior should come to the senior. If he made his appearance after thousands of years – it is too incredible. It is certain place in Maharashtra, called Mahur gahr. It is said that Dattatreya resides in the afternoon there. There are some ashram of aghoris; and nobody remains there after 4 or 5 in the afternoon. I was called there. That is amazing: never our lineage has connection with Nath yogis. First Ganganath came after installing the Shivalingam and he constantly called him only Avadhut. Chandranath was the direct disciple of Gorakhnath and he had only two disciples – Ganganath and Darshani Nath. All three were here. But meeting Matsyendranath was beyond my wildest imagination.


Q: but from the beginning You have only to learn Kriya, not to go to Naths?

Guruji: there was no one to teach.

Q: so much rules for everything

Guruji: for sadhus some discipline is needed

Q: and for the yogis?

Guruji: for the yogis the discipline is even more severe.

Q: but You’re not creating nada with whistle?

Guruji: I’m creating nada thrice in the evening with horn. Some very complicated plan has been moved.

Q: I’m still wondering – from where Naga baba came?

Guruji: they were created for different lineages. There are Shaiva nagas also and Vaishnava nagas also. They are like guardians: guarding the sadhus, who are doing tapas. Warriors. Among them there are many yogis and many other different people – but they were created for defendant.

Q: but there was ancient system?

Guruji: even now they are ferocious people. All they know how to use swords.

Q: there are some organizations or only Guru and disciple discipline?

Guruji: no, they are very organized. Maybe the richest.

Q: they have no even pockets!

Guruji: but they have bank accounts. They have absolutely different discipline from any other one.

Q: generally people are thinking that Naga babas are Avadhutas?

Guruji: it is said that Avadhut is going naked; but if you will start to go naked – it doesn’t mean you’re Avadhut. But still it requires a lot of courage to go naked in all seasons. Some nagas remain naked – but most of them wear some sort of thing when they are coming into society. Only in Kumbha mela they go naked. And they do incredible things also. We have seen naga sadhu in Ujjain pulling a truck full of wheat with his linga. He walked 100 steps. Their training is very different. When we were going to school – near bus stand there was one naga sadhu living, he was very old. When people pump him to demonstrate – he lifted more than 100 kilos stone with his linga.

Q: why they have such practice?

Guruji: to demonstrate the worldly men are nothing.

Q: they are warriors and guardians for another sadhus?

Guruji: all sadhus. Many musalmans and outsiders were attacking – that’s why they were created. Maybe because of naga sadhus many sadhus were saved from Islamic attacks. There are women naga babas also. They are called nagis and they are also going naked in Kumbha Mela.

Q: I’ve read somewhere – there were different promises in Kriya, given by disciple to Guru?

Guruji: who was writing that – Satyashwarananda from Santyago? I’ve read that book: he was writing that disciple promises  – I will give everything to my Guru including my wife. We were told to respect a woman married to another man as a mother. I have no explanation of this statement. I have read Lahiri Mahasaya’s diaries personally – no such promises there.

Q: he is also saying – I promise not to drink and not to smoke?

Guruji: this is for americans. He was settled in Santyago, USA. And he was saying that Jesus Christ came to him and invite him to see Babaji. Babaji was sitting on a stone; then he asked so many questions to Babaji – and Babaji was too happy to answer his questions. One of the question was – can the pregnant woman practice Kriya? I’m the very simple man and I fail to understand: when you’re facing the immortal being – will you ask him such a stupid question? He’s not a yoga instructor. There is a photo in book: he is standing in g-string holding the pot in his hand like this( hand is holding the upper part from above)? When a person is holding a pot like this – he is going to jungle to answer the call of the nature. Somehow he read some portion of Lahiri Mahasaya’s diaries and quoting them there. He became very rich.


My monkey is taking water only from me – this is my duty to give it to her. And breakfast – there must be 1 tamarind and 4 almonds and something more. When she is drinking water she’s holding my hand – only then she will drink.


Q: it has meaning, which type of horn must be used on puja?

Guruji: always bull’s horn. It’s direct connection with the fifth element – akash, with that particular sound. Bull’s horn creates positive sound.

Q: but with other type of horn it could be negative? It could harm the area or someone?

Guruji: oh, many types. It usually harm the person who is using it. We were discussing with Larry Carney that most of the judes are blowing the horn of the beast – goat or sheep – so you can see the history.

Q: but they always have some money and prosperity?

Guruji: there is one thing to have money. And absolutely another thing to enjoy it.

Q: if someone will start to blow bull’s horn?

Guruji: the most positive energy will flow. The best part in them – they follow the tradition to the tip. Maybe someone invented this confusion and then it became a tradition. Devil is worshipped with the head of ram or goat.

I think the devotee of Shiva will finally become a yogi.


Q: vaishnavs are not eating onion and garlic?

Guruji: because they grow from blood of Rahu’s head. It might be carrying some germs of immortality inside. Rahu drink the nectar: then his head was cut and the blood flow. He didn’t die; and the blood flowing from the head becomes garlic and the blood from the torso becomes onion. I see no problem in eating it.

When you talk with krishnaits – they say that Shiva is the great devotee of Krishna. And one time Shiva became so emotional, thinking of Krishna, that tears falling from his eyes dropped into the ground and rudraksha tree grow out of it. According to their hypothesis – rudraksha is the pure symbol of Krishna devotion. And about Tulasi: she was the very virtuous woman, devoted to her husband, that he nearly became unbeatable. When Shiva was fighting Shankhasura – and nobody could kill him. then Vishnu took the form of her husband and had sex with her. She became unpure and her husband was able to be killed. She cursed Vishnu– that you will become a stone and shalagram came out of this curse. Tulasi cursed Vishnu – but that symbol every vaishnav is wearing. I’m still asking where is the logic but they just becoming angry. I will ask with the very open and humble heart to very pure vaishnav – where is the contradiction for wearing rudraksha? No answer has come to me so far.

There are so many things described and out of devotion we follow them also. Every religion is based on devotion; we’re agree that after a life there is something very great – and we believe in it, everybody, no matter which religion we are following. They all heart devotional by nature. Whoever will guide them to different paths – they will follow because we’re devotional by nature. We ask questions because sometimes the questions come. I wasn’t even thinking about it – but one vaishnav was not liking me because I’m wearing rudraksha. I’m nothing against tulasi also. It’s normal thing in every hindu house – to put tulasi leaf and make a chai. It gives great flavor to the chai and has the medicine value. And she was the great sati – the greatest of the great women – everybody respect her. Tulasi has a great power. But to differentiate – this thing is good, this is not – is not a good idea for devotee.

Q: Hare Krishna is modern mantra?

Guruji: no more than 4-5 hundreds years old. Devotion is not a ritual, it is straight from the heart. If in your heart there is no love or devotion – all rituals will remain just nothing. Tulasi remains one of the greatest women of all times and she has the power of the sati. After her husband was killed his spirit was purified and he became Jalandhar Nath.

Q: but Jalandhar Nath was not a human?

Guruji: he was rakshasa but born out of Shiva’s semen – so he has some very incredible things inside him.

Q: she was also rakshasa?

Guruji: let’s say – she was a woman. The woman can be rakshasa, she can be vampire, she can be pishach – and she can be a woman also. A woman is a woman: the mystery is which angle she is expressed. To command the woman’s devotion is the greatest achievement for any man. And responsibility is again on the man: to command the devotion of the woman, 100% or 1000% devotion from her heart, from her body, from her spirit or from her soul – that everything she will just offer to that particular man – that depends on the man, on the qualities of the man. That again depends on the man – to bring out these super qualities in any girl. All girls has those possibilities. But all man may have not these possibility – to command this devotion.

Q: only great man can command that?

Guruji: great or not so great – but he should be good in the eyes of that woman. That is the point.

One very old Bollywood song: if you not lоve me it’s fine; but if you will love someone else – it will be the big problem for me.

Q: why such cases of half-truth or misinformation exists in every religion?

Guruji: maybe they leave it deliberately: if your devotion is true and genuine – you will discover yourself.

Q: no religion describes everything step by step?

Guruji: you will not developing that way. Some riddle should be there, some mystery should be there – only intelligent person or real devotee will discover them. If you’re asking the questions and the person becomes angry – it means he became devotee just of the feeling of security belonging to some organization. Genuine devotion may not be there.

Name Michael is very famous in Bollywood movies. There was a character – Azit – and among his antagonists – villains there was always some Michael. Great aphorism from Bollywood actor: Michael put this person into liquid oxygen: liquid will not allow him to live – but oxygen will not allow him to die. He was an amazing character. You can learn a lot from movies – Bollywood or Hollywood it doesn’t matters.


So many versions of Ramayana exists; but I advise you to read Valmiki Ramayana – because Sita herself lived in the ashram of Valmiki and delivered twins there. Whatever Valmiki will be writing must be most authentic.

Q: is it true that Hanuman mother was apsara?

Guruji: that is true – she was apsara then was cursed and became a monkey but had a power to change herself into human form – that monkeys were superbeings. She was married to Kesari – then Rudra avatar came to be.

Q: he was born immortal?

Guruji: all Rudra avatars supposed to be immortal.

Q: what is his form of Balaji?

Guruji: it’s the most common name for Hanuman in Rajasthan.

Q: who is considered as father of Hanuman – Shiva or Vayu?

Guruji: they are foster fathers; the legal father is Kesari. He is called Kesarinandan – the son of Kesari.

In India children’s day is celebrated in 14th of November – and it’s exactly 9 months from Valentine’s day. Natural outcome of Valentine’s day – if the roses were accepted(laughing)

Q: in Shiva Purana is described to have the kundals from 6 rudrakshas – how it is possible?

Guruji: it must be 6-faced rudraksha. There different types of kundals are described. Most of them are like mine, but some of them also like Gorakhnath kundals – that is the impact of the time.

Q: how that great race of monkeys disappeared, the whole race?

Guruji: you can find the references of some scientists that about 1 billion years before there was the race of big monkeys, their body weight was about 500 kilos, they were giants – 3-4-5 meters tall and they were living in harmony with the human beings then somehow disappeared. The time frame exactly coincides with treta yuga, time of Ramayana. They were not ordinary monkeys – they were superbeings, someone of them has able to fly, jump a long distances – they were like demi-gods. Another great race were bears.

Q: and what happened to them?

Guruji: they were still surviving till then – maybe even today they are living hiding.

Q: they are like shape-shifters?

Guruji: this power must be with them. Were-bears – like werewolves. Monkeys were able to change their appearance also. One day my monkey bite me – then I was afraid for many days to become a monkey(laughing)

Q: they have high level of consciousness?

Guruji: even our monkeys roaming around – scientists are saying that they have mathematical calculation abilities 20 times more than a man. That maybe the future for any mathematician – he will go naked if he will go to deep into maths. So be careful when you begin to study maths.

Q: could animals practice yoga?

Guruji: they never asked for practice; only human beings ask – so they practice.

Q: why Hanuman Ji is connected with spirits or ghosts?

Guruji: he is the son of Vayu; all people has vayu sharira – he commands them. But why he’s introducing me – it remains a mystery. He simply says: “you will discover in time”. He is described like the essence of the beauty – he is so beautiful as 1 billion cupids. When he appears himself – he always keeping back towards you, never shows his face; people hearts will burst, simple could not tolerate the beauty. Or he will appear as an old man.


Q: Why this special place was chosen for your ghost program?

Guruji: because Mehendipur is very famous as a court for the spirits and ghosts for the last 1000 years. Mehendipur was included as one of the nine most haunted places of India. It’s very extraordinary that yogi’s photograph is in the court and almost every ghost recognizes it. That was the introduction from Hanuman himself. I don’t remember something like this were ever happening in the history. First he contact me at November or December of 1995. In 1996 my photo was put on a small darbar in the order of Balaji. After that darbar begin to grow extremely. Then the man was not so good – so I cut off all my connections. Then – this man came, asking for my photograph. I said – ok, but be careful. Again darbar is rising to a very great heights. What is amazing – all genies know me; when they come to darbar – they know me.

Q: genies are Islamic ghosts?

Guruji: actually they come from the Middle east, they are much more ancient than islam. They are like bhutas. They were born like that.

Q: they are looking different in astral world?

Guruji: of course – because they are much more powerful: they were born as genies. Some of them have surrendered and are in the team now.

Q: if we compare them and Betal – who are more powerful?

Guruji: Betal is the king of bhutas and gateman of Shiva; he is very-very-very powerful.

Q: I think it exists many betals…

Guruji: not many – only one family. Two betals live in my area. They are here from the very beginning. One lives on this tree, he is junior – and there lives the senior one. He has black skin, mustaches down and can change his height, long hairs down. The black one is going naked. This one is wearing a robe; his head is shaved and he wears big kundals. Senior is shining black. When I put things in the fire – he comes down from the tree and sit near. Betal supposed to be gateman of Shiva and king of all ghosts.

I think only yogi lives the real spiritual life. But no yoga instructor can understand it – just after do some postures. It is human nature – to categorize things; instinctively they think that by categorizing they can understand them better. They are always trying to find some explanation.

Q: when you have strong and trained body – you can fight with anyone; same with spirit?

Guruji: also – strong people will become your friends. Even in a gym: when you’re becoming strong – strong people becoming your training partners, group forms. Until unless you’ll exert yourself – you will never know things about yourself.

They need mediums who will absolutely dance on their tune – they just use mediums to make contacts.

Q: is it comfortable for female spirit to use men’s body?

Guruji: no problem.

Q: who is Patal Bhairavi?

Guruji: there is Bhairav and Bhairavi; in the Netherworld she’s very powerful. That was amazing news for me – that even in Patal my name is known.

Q: like You’re present in every point – it’s impossible to understand in normal condition? How You focus on everything?

Guruji: yes, it happens this way. In fact, most of the people are suffering with normal condition.

Q: when I look at You – I can’t see him for example; it’s impossible to focus everywhere?

Guruji: yes, it’s different. Papa at home and papa in the office are two different people( laughing).

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