It will take 7 life times to understand, what you achieve. You will be Paramahamsa then.

I’m indian, hindu Brahmin also – and I will tell you, it doesn’t exist such thing as forgiveness among hindus. I will tell you the difference between hindu religion and other religion, very simple: hindus don’t worship creator.

Just for the sake of discussion, hypothetically if we believe that all human beings are descendants of Adam and Eve( even it’s jewish mythology) : we cannot worship the person, who kicked out our ancestors from heaven.

Q: in heaven it was a snake who confused them?

Guruji: snake always gave wisdom – so he gave them wisdom and make them aware of their nakedness.

Remove snake from bible – there’ll be no story.


Q: Shiva’s ganas are forever with Him?

Guruji: they are eternally there. They are supposed to be the most powerful beings, immortals.

Q: but could someone be added to their number?

Guruji: only if Shiva wishes that. The story of Banasura became Mahakal –I don’t think any ordinary person could pass such test. He achieved the state of Mahakal; and one of Shiva’s names is also Mahakal. In Ujjain millions of people coming to his temple and worships Him.

Q: one of Shiva’s ganas name is Amogha: what is the meaning?

Guruji: Amogha means “who never fails”

Q: so Banasura is Mahakal?

Guruji: I’ve come across two references about Mahakal; there was one Brahmin, whose name was Mante  – this story might be from Skanda Purana. By the power of his tapas he also achieved the state of Mahakal. He invoked Shiva successfully and He granted him that he will be Mahakal. In second reference it was Banasura. His test was different. Being Mahakal maybe the level of development of mind and consciousness. Keep thinking and develop your consciousness; by developing your consciousness you will begin to understand the genuine meaning behind any word. Words limits us – so we need to develop the mind to understand, what is the meaning. Too much philosophical discussions are not good for mental health.

When people start discussing Gita – you already know, that I’m not Krishna and you’re not Arjun. There will always be misunderstanding. Keep practicing yoga – so your own understanding will develop and you will begin to understand.

Q: so for what we are discussing now?

Guruji: one day this great information will penetrate your mind – and maybe one day you will understand.


Q: what are three worlds?

Guruji: bhur, bhuvah, svaha. Earth, atmosphere in between and space. They are 14: 7 netherworlds and 7 higher worlds – earth is in the center.

Q: they were able to travel into space somehow?

Guruji: they were travelling interdimensionaly also. They were moving all over galaxies. We’re still not on that level. They could teleport, could move faster than light.

Very simple story in Shrimad Bhagavatam: there was a king, he had a very beautiful princess. So beautiful – it was difficult to find a suitable groom for her. King was worried. One day he visited Narada, the celestial rishi. King asked: will my daughter be married one day? Narada answered – yes, it’s everything written on her face. And rishi took them to Creator – and they wait few moment in front of the Creator, Brahma. And Brahma said: you’ve made a mistake by bringing them here. Their time and my time is different. What you feel as moments – millions of years have passed on Earth. Krishna is incarnated; now this girl will married to the elder brother of Krishna, Balarama. They came down – all their kingdom, everything disappeared. Nobody knew them. Then they went to Krishna court and there Balarama accepted her as a wife.

Great story tells us that they maybe moving faster than light. Scientists tells us – if you move like speed of light – time will be still for them. Many-many years will pass on Earth – but for you it will be few minutes. With enough intelligence you can see so many things in our stories. They could travel to astral world and come back anytime; it is actually very difficult to draw a line – what they are describing. They could described earthly things – and then suddenly what happens in astral world, in continuation.

Q: maybe that times two worlds were much closer to each other – and now they are too separate?

Guruji: we don’t know; maybe all that described in mythology are happening now somewhere. In Shiva Purana there is a chapter on rudraksha; Shiva himself is talking – that I’ve placed rudraksha in different places, even in Mathura I’ve planted rudraksha trees, I make them grow. In 2001 I’ve planted 11 rudraksha trees here, in this area, first time in history. Rudraksha trees were never mentioned in this area, nowhere, even in mythology. But Shiva make the statement – I grow rudraksha in Mathura. He was talking in future? Or where? First rudraksha trees came here in 2001 – now we have 27. How you will connect it? When Shiva is talking – you never know, whether he’s talking in future or in the past or in the present. For Him – maybe it’s all the same.

Q: how to understand the flowing of time in physical and in astral world?

Guruji: it’s very difficult to connect.

Q: in the dreams the time is flowing very different?

Guruji: no matter how we can observe – our observation will be very limited. We’re not using enough our brains, hardly 2-3%. So what we see – we see just 2-3% of anything, not in its totality. It is beyond our capacity.

Q: yes, scientists are saying that our specter of vision is very limited…

Guruji: hearing is very limited also. And thinking is even more limited.


We’re always behind the Time. Very few people are supposed to be contemporary people. We’re always behind. What you understand in this word – Time?

I will paraphrase bible here: in bible they are saying – out of the dust you have come and to the dust you shall return one day. But I will say: out of the Time you have come and to the Time you will return one day. In the beginning was Time, and the Time was God. Time is the Creator, Time is the Sustainer and Time is the Destroyer.

You need to develop your understanding, the Time consciousness – that only very serious practice of yoga will develop. You see, most of us – of course, we are conscious, but this consciousness is not enough, so we’re not be able to understand immediately by reading a certain word or hearing certain word the totality of that particular word, the sense of it. That’s why we need to work to develop our mind; our consciousness will expand beyond our physical limitations – than some glimmer of understanding will start. Till then – it is study; information is there, so many people have said things about that, they written so many things about it; – ok, we read, and we think by reading certain words – somehow we understanding them. But what are words? We’re trying to express the formless thought by making particular sound which we begin to call “words”. Because words are heard – they become more primary and the thought, which is formless, going to background. And we never understand, what the writer is trying to say. Because the writer or the person, who is talking about things, is talking from the certain level of understanding. When we read something, when we hear something – we try to understand from our level of understanding, which is usually mismatch – so often it is misunderstanding. That’s why first thing: develop yourself, develop your mind, and let it lie in your mind and one day you will understand, you will realize.


From the song: go to sleep early – because your lover will come in your dreams.

Quote from famous actor – his wife’s name is Savanna; he said: my and Savanna’s friendship is so deep and so thick that even marriage failed to affect it.

Song: just give everything for a sake of a smile of someone, share someone’s pain, borrow pain of someone. You should have love for somebody in your heart – I don’t know anyone, who doesn’t believe in this; for me – life means this.


Paranormal means not normal; and you never know who will face you.

Q: after chief’s suicide all the society members escaped?

Guruji: nobody is doing such researches now. I don’t think by using computers and some sophisticated gadgets you will understand the spirits and ghosts. If you see a ghost – it’s fine; but if the ghost will become aware you’re looking at him – the problem begin.


In ancient times that were about 562 kingdoms in India – the separation was on 562 pieces. When Islamic invasion then britishers came – they united some kingdoms. But even different kingdoms were worshipping the same gods. In this part of India so many invaders came and the culture is very mixed – but even then the roots are same. In south India culture remained more or less unharmed. There are many stories of great warriors there. They are very cultured people, very devotional. Even in south India there are many different languages – kannada, telugu, tamil and others. Even then – all are hindus. I think more than 5000 dialects are spoken in India. I visited south India maybe in 1997; and every temple – maybe because I’m wearing rudraksha and long hairs – people bow down to me. Wherever we were stopped for coffee or some snack – crowd gathered around me. And the feeling of devotion was overwhelming there. Kanyakumari, Rameshwaram, Hyderabad, Chennai, Madurai temple, Kalahasti; – we travelled by road and landscapes are fantastic. The temples are amazing. In Rameshwaram it’s the biggest corridor: more than 1 km long. South India is beautiful.

Q: but too much mosquitos

Guruji: they also have rights to live. In Kalahasti temple very extraordinary thing happen: one man were looking at me and suddenly begin to shout: Har Har Mahadev! – and everyone begin to prostrate in front of me. Then the temple security took me out because it was too much. And you remember the story from Tirupati temple.

Q: You studied to sing?

Guruji: no,never. Over the years – my voice was not that good, I don’t think it’s good now – but he is saying it has some resonance now. Over the years because of all yoga practice something change.


Because we have no parallel with our ghost program – we just see the developing. Lahiri Mahasaya written that he saw Shiva and Parvati, Bhairav also.

Q: bhairav of Benares?

Guruji: yes. After him – no one.

Calculation of Time by hindus is too big. That’s why I would like to make one point very clear: what we call mythology – puranas – actually they are called history. It’s very- very long history from the moment of the creation begin.

Q: what was before the creation?

Guruji: only Time was there. It was big gap between creations; only Time and Void was there; out of their union the matter was born and the creation begins.

Q: in Shiva Purana they said that it was only the void, which is devoid of tejas elements – what is it?

Guruji: seed of creation. Tejas is the word used for that seed also.

Q: first the Void have no that seeds and then…?

Guruji: the union of Time and Void is taking place – that how it begins.

Q: it existed so many ancient cultures, which disappeared with Time?

Guruji: they had one thing in common: all those cultures, which disappeared – they all were worshipping the sun. now they are no more. Even here in India – all solar dynasty is disappeared. All over the globe that was the very common thing: who was worshipping sun – disappeared.

Q: there are nо descendants of Rama anymore?

Guruji: some people claim – but they don’t look like it. If they are descendants of the Sun god himself – you can’t simply ignore them and you can’t fail to notice them. They must be full of valor and shining.

Q: and the Moon dynasty?

Guruji: some descendants we have seen. Glory is gone; what we see – is just a little minuscule shadow. It’s a big chain: the ruling of Kshatriya disappeared, now meek people are ruling all over the world. Blessed are meek for they shall inherit the kingdom of Earth. Now they are ruling by the power of the vote. That was amazing change suddenly after second world war – almost every king disappeared and suddenly out of the blue democracy landed. Simply – it cannot happen: there are some big forces behind that. We’re going for the better times. Impact of monarchy still remains in our minds. I’ve been looking through history – first time I see more or less equality all over the globe. Legally everybody is the same. It is big step forward. In India it was beyond imagination. Now many talented and creative people are there – they have all opportunities to achieve anything. These situations were never recorded in history. I think we live in a very good time.

Q: what do You think what will happen with climate in future?

Guruji: I think all coastal area will go underwater. If you compare even the photos of India gate – now the water is almost on the level; but it was 10 meters down. I’ve already telling in my commentary on Gita: remain in the middle – not the seaside, not the high mountains.

Q: and Govardhan?

Guruji: let’s hope. It is said in our books that it came down from Goloka. If it came from some another direction – one day it can fly away. That’s why I prefer to stay here( laughing). If you look to the map of Govardhan hill – it looks like spaceship to me. When millions of people are moving around – maybe they charging the batteries of spaceship?


Shiv drank the poison of the world to save it – when the ocean were churning. From that day title Mahadev is stuck with Him. after that – even if people were describing earlier events, they call Him Mahadev.

Q: Nila –Lohita is more ancient?

Guruji: yes, it’s Rudra’s name – whose color is red and blue.

Q: Shivji in Daksha yagya also stopped the sun worshipping?

Guruji: that was Indra and all heavenly gods, who were defeated. Sun was always considered the most powerful planet. He is among the gods also – but heavenly gods are gone. And not only from India – from everywhere. No Olympian god, no Egyptian god, no one. Sun was Guru of Hanuman; Hanumanji learned everything from him. story is: when he grew up – Sun agreed to be his Guru. Sun said: I cannot stop my travelling – so you will have to follow me, if you want to be my disciple. Hanumanji faced him and flew the same speed as the Sun were travelling. Astrologically speaking, Hanumanji became great siddha by influence of Saturn, Rahu and Sun. sun was his Guru and Rahu created all the situation.

Q: what about Shani?

Guruji: Shani gave him a boon: whoever will worship you – I will not torture. He rescued Saturn from Ravana’s prison.

Q: if Sun is so powerful god – why worshipping to him was stopped all over the world?

Guruji: maybe he didn’t like human sacrifices.

Q: it exists the temples of other planets – except Shani and the Sun?

Guruji: yes, they are called navagraha temples.


Q: when you meet Babaji – have you any sense that Babaji have some group of disciples? What do You think, whom Babaji choose in Kriya?

Guruji: I saw Babaji in Govardhan in 21st of December 1995. There was one man with him; maybe I was too focused on Babaji – I don’t remember his face, but I just remember he was very slim; Babaji was sitting on the bed – and he was sitting on his lap side on the ground. We have read that Babaji has a group since the times of Lahiri Mahasaya. I have the firm belief that most of the names, yogasiddhas from the list in Hatha Yoga Pradipika belongs to His group. More than that nobody knows. He never told about his parents, names or where He was born – nothing. I know exactly – when Lahiri Mahasaya saw him: he left that cave on Diwali day 1895. Since then were he established – nobody knows. He can keep moving around or he might be living in one place – no idea. He is immortal – he have enough time to wait.

Q: have You an idea – will He choose someone in his team?

Guruji: how can I decide that? How immortal person, who is living centuries, thousands of years, – how his mind is working, what are the motives, what is his lifestyle – for us I don’t think it’s possible even to imagine or to form some idea what he might be doing.

Q: maybe You can guess how much people are in his group – several hundreds, thousands…?

Guruji: not in thousands. All in the group are immortals – I don’t think there are so many immortals around the world. He was never appeared openly with whole group. When I saw him first time in Benares – he came alone. Then, after 7 years – there was one man with him. and who would not love to be the part of that group? Every ambitious yogi would love that. Only problem is – only Babaji will decide.

When you’re facing such a great personality – you should not ask idiotic questions. They will tell you if they decide – better to keep quiet. You’re so nervous and frightened so you even have no words to ask him.

Here even grassroots level villagers knows about immortals – they hear, such beings are exist; they know about the sadhus can live for centuries – it’s grassroots knowledge.

Q: only yogis want to be immortal? For common people it’s like punishment?

Guruji: that’s why they are not seeking immortality. You should have the reason to live that long. No reason – what you will do? Only after becoming immortal you can finally relax, sit down and think something. Till then – it’s always some problem facing you or running after you, you cannot think proper.


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