It was in 1996: I discovered the method to invoke any god and to be able to communicate with him face to face. So on 16th of june I was sitting in the central room where we initiate people on my wooden bed and I don’t know why this thought came to me: let’s invoke Vishnu, let’s see what happens.

I begin to invoke him in a certain way – and he appeared. He was very tall – his head was touching to the roof, extremely beautiful and very shapely. He had fantastic body; and he lifted me up. The moment he lifted me up the ail broke loose.

Suddenly Shiva appeared, very angry. He snatched me from him and roared in a very different voice. There was trident in his left hand, black trident, and he just threw it into his right hand and tried to attack Vishnu – he was holding me in the same time at the right hand. His black snake was also trying to attack – and Vishnu disappeared. I was so afraid: I was trying something else – and something else started. Then holding me he makes the round of that place where we worshipping Shiva Ji – it was very bad place then, all broken up, nothing, only cactus and cobras moving there.

Suddenly he disappeared and I found myself sitting here shaken, it took me a few months to calm down. And I recall that he was sweaty; he was very tall, slim, not muscular and he was wearing the elephant skin around his middle and skull garland. All his three eyes were open. Only one time I was looking up and see them – it was very ferocious, fearful thing. Most of the skulls were belong to the avatars of different era. When he touched me I somehow knew to which avatar they belonged: Shri Ramachandra’s skull was not there. Maybe he is still alive. His sweat touched me – so maybe something happen, because I’m feeling different after that. And where he circled – we found the natural Shivalingam and installed it there exactly on the cremation spot where now we’re worshipping.

Some knowledgeable sadhus and scholars told me that there is only one certification of seeing Shiva face to face – that the natural Shivalingam will appear and that person will continue to worship it. I think whatever were happen – were pure luck and grace and I’m very happy it happened with me. 16th of june 1996 – and within 10 days the whole area were flooded, everything changed, the soil was recycled; otherwise before the only cactus and thorny bushes were growing. It transform the whole area. Let’s hope – his grace is upon us. Even though: it was frightening experience, I was shaken.

Q: he had matted hairs?

Guruji: I don’t even remember that: just one look – and anger, all the eyes blazing with fire. He had two arms and wear elephant’s skin; later in Shiva purana we discovered that sometimes he wears Gajasura’s skin. Extremely fair colored and slim and tall. Vishnu figure was more like v-shaped – and he was very slim and tall, but chest was in front.

Q: Vishnu afraid of Shiva Ji,

Guruji: he simply disappeared, when Shiva appeared in anger.

Q: you did some ritual or mantra?

Guruji: no, it’s just concentrated invocation, no mantra. For yogis after a certain level – we don’t need mantras.

Q: why Shiva Ji was angry?

Guruji: I don’t know, why he was so angry. Vishnu lifted me up and he just snatched me from him. I think that thing – when somebody smell my hand and feel high – maybe it is started from that day, because his sweat touched me. From scientific point of view – maybe some DNA passed on me that day – but we don’t know exactly.

Q: you will belong to god or goddess forever if he lift you?

Guruji: looks like that – but I’ve never read in any books that he lifted someone like that. I’m really thankful that this thing happened. Maybe it was fated to be like that. I’m still thinking on that – now it is 22 years.

Q: what You wanted to achieve when You invoke Мшыртг,

Guruji: just to look at him. Curiosity. And if such powerful god appear or not appear – it’s not easy to invoke such powerful beings. Maybe only because he appeared – Shiva also appeared. When such big forces moved – so many happens around. It’s not easily tolerated. Within 10 days flood came, the python hit my stomach and so many things changed for better after that. It was like cleaning of the old place.


In 1995 one of my gunman, Kesan Singh – he is no more now; brought a sort of shivalinga-type thing, reddish in color. Just about first of December – about 2 months before we found the breasts of the Shakti. You know me: we’re always discussing and seeing from different sides – he thought, that he found the Shivalingam. I was sitting in this veranda – in the evening he brought it. I took it in my hand and strong feeling came: break it! I just dropped it on the ground – it was in two parts and the small face appeared from inside: I said – oh my god, this is some statue. We begin to clean it somehow. Then my sister came, she recognized it was sindur and wax – it was like sealed inside. She simply boiled it in water and it all came out and Shakti appeared, riding on the tiger or maybe lion. We were continuously discussing and it was there upstairs in one room; then we found another Shakti’s body part.

Then in 2014 suddenly message came to my mind that you must have it build large; so we arranged, try to find the wright artist, who can create it. We found one. This is the best gun metal, high level, the whole statue is 350 kgs. When it arrived in 2016 some another artist came, very famous, he offer to gold plate it which we have done. She was just sitting there; we were planning to put it in the center room but when the statue arrived – it arrived in 2016, we put it there in gallery and then she said: now I will be here. We cancel all the previous arrangement, when her stone thing was created – and now she’s sitting there from 4th of august. When the statue arrived in 2016 the whole water of the kund became white for 50 days continuously. Amazing thing! And I’m sure: feeling in front is very different now. We have doing enough research for the last 23 years – but we have found no description matching this, anywhere. She is looking very different. And when she arrived, she simply said: no man should touch, to change my clothes or to do thing. Only girls will be allowed to do this. So my niece comes or some disciples – they help her changing the clothes. I just do aarati and pranam – that’s it.

Q: one thing in the right arm looks like kutastha?

Guruji: or let’s say she might be holding all the spirits in her hand. Kutastha means immortal spirit. There is conch shell – we can say it’s a symbol of Anahada naada. The sword – cutting the cord of your ignorance – and from that thing you can drink the nectar of immortality. Already so many things are beginning after she’s in her place. The whole Govardhan is going to be different; 4 billion rupees have been released for improvement of Govardhan – more then 7200 houses will be demolished, inside parikrama is declared that no construction zone. It will be very beautiful in 2-3 years time. The biggest miracle of all – high court ordered for all loud speakers to be off, silent. So after many-many years we’re finally enjoying silence. One thing I missing: when the speakers were on we were continuously cursing them, using every type of bad words – now we don’t know, how to pass the time. Many amazing programs are coming.


Buddhism dominated India for nearly 1000 years – after Buddha many kings followed him. Then, like it happened with every great starting, they became decadent after some centuries. It was happening when they were dominating: one Brahmin – he was the very great scholar- Kumaril Bhatt – learnt about Buddhism from Buddhist very famous monk(I don’t remember his name). by becoming his disciple he learnt everything, studying Buddhism; then came out and challenged him in theological challenge. In that debate Kumaril Bhatt defeated that Buddhist scholar. As historian say – that was the beginning of decline of Buddhism in India. They were already becoming decadent because too much powers always corrupts – everybody knows that.

But I will say – I’ve read history – but no comparison with all respectful Kumaril Bhatt. There is a sort of a repentance, described in hindu books, that if you were become a disciple of some Guru and learn from him, and then you challenged him and defeat him – is considered as a great sin. You’re going against the Guru. And the only repentance or prayashchitta that: you should burn yourself in tushagni: tushagni means the fleets of rice, it burns very slowly: you need to sit on it and let yourself burn very slowly.

So he did that. And when he was sitting on that slow-burning fire – in that exact moment Shankaracharya appeared and challenged him on the debate. This I also considered not very good thing to do. He said: I’m not ready to debate now – but you go to my disciple, Mandala Mishra, he will debate with you for me. I’m still respect Kumaril Bhatt because he’s the honest and saintly person, he was repenting… but he won – and it was the decline of the Buddhism in India.


Q: I like books on Buddhism, I read them time to time, I like the idea in general – but I learn that you oppose them?

Guruji: not exactly; actually we discuss with the very open mind on everything. When the question comes – I think it is better to discuss from every possible point of view. This is what we have done so far. Buddhism started from India – we need to remember that. And also we must one thing to remember: how he achieved buddhattwa. As we know – sitting under the Bodhi tree. But everybody missed the most important ingredient of illumination. I will just point it out and you begin to think in a different way. He was practicing a very severe fast – he was going without food for some time and he became very thin. As Buddha describes himself: when he was touching his stomach – he was able to touch his spinal column, he became so thin. Then he thought that fast is not working. There was one very rich cowherds woman, Sujata. She had asked to offer something to the god of the woods because some wish was fulfilled. Now most important formula: she choose 1000 best of her cows, milk them, gave this milk to 500 cows, then next time she milked that 500 cows, gave this milk to 250 cows and so when it finally came down to one cow. Then she milked that cow, make rice and milk together in the pot of gold, out some herbs in it; and that thing she was taking to the jungle to offer to the jungle god. There she saw Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree. He was Buddha – and she thought he was the god of the wood himself and she offered this thing to him which he ate – because he have already concluded that fasting is not the way. According to Ayurveda this is the most potent powerful brain tonic, which Buddha ate – that was his destiny, remember that. He threw the golden pot in the river and sat continuously for seven days and nights – and he became Buddha after that. My point is: all the tapas is ok, all dhyan and meditation is ok – but this thing is playing the most important role in his life, this most potent brain tonic, which opened his mind. Nobody talks like this, but this is written in the history of Buddha’s life – so we need to consider everything, which help him in reaching this state. I’ve did enough research: this experiment was never repeated after Buddha – maybe nobody deserves it after him.


Q: why Vibhishana betrayed Ravana?

Guruji: for his throne and his wife – what else?

Q: but he is immortal now?

Guruji: he was already immortal then

Q: but he is in the list of 7 chiranjivis?

Guruji: yes, that is an example that

  • Brother never should be like Vibhishana.
  • Son should be like Ashwatthaman.
  • And the Guru should be like Vyasa;
  • maternal uncle should be like Kripacharya,
  • the keeper of the word should be like Parashurama – he kept his word.
  • And powerful person, with all the power to control his mind – he should be like Hanuman.
  • The power of righteousness should be like king Bali.

Q: so he is an example like people must not behave?

Guruji: yes. Here is a common story that when Ravana was dying Rama went to him. And he asked: by family lineage you’re far more superior than me – you’re direct grandson of Brahma; our crown is made of gold – but whole your Lanka is made of gold; you’re the real wise man – nobody is near to your wisdom; then how I was able to defeat you? And Ravana said: Rama, your brother was supporting you – but my brother was not supporting me, that’s why you won. There’s wisdom here.


I was asked – how I start to wear dark glasses? When we got this property from king of Bharatpur – there is a famous temple in Vrindavan, Banke Bihari temple. I said when we will get a good place to live and pay respect, have darshan of Banke Bihari and offer my respect. We got this property in 1993 and 1994 I went to Vrindavan. Some disciple from Delhi came with the car so he was taking me to Vrindavan- it was about 10:30 or 11:00 in the morning.

We stopped at a railway crossing, it was closed. In front of us – I was not wearing glasses at that time – there was a tractor and the trolley, some villagers  – they were done parikrama and now they were going back – and they were singing bhajans of Krishna and Radha. I was just looking at them  – they were singing really good.

One old man, who was singing, looked at me: to my long hairs and I tying cloths very stylish way, like Rembo. He locked eyes with me – I was looking at him; and he begin to sing very loudly, he stood up – eyes were locked with mine – and he begin to dance in a very different way. All the time the eyes were locked with him. And he simply dropped dead. What happened? He was singing, he was dancing, all the time his eyes were locked with me; I thought maybe some problem with my eyes? Then I cut to avoid eye contact, next day I’ve bought glasses and started to put them on – you see, I got scared. It happened in 1994. But then I tried on some people to look – nothing happened; then I relaxed that was just an accident or coincident and my eyes are not responsible for that man. But then it became a habit – I like it time to time.

I was so shaken up after that. And also comic thing happen: you know me – I’m always telling the stories; whenever I was telling this story – everybody was looking down or aside.

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