Kha means also the space, the void. If you somehow make the mica liquid and give it to the mercury – making the mercury hungry – then after it will become solid and you put it to your mouth – it will give you ability to move in space. You can fly with that. I’ve never seen it done – but I’ve read it can be done. There are so many fancies in ancient ayurvedic books – so kit must be true.

Q: can we say that the real khechari mudra can give such possibilities?

Guruji: why not? If you’re able to hold at least 48 minutes kumbhak – you will begin to levitate. Many different things will happen inside the body: the whole chemical composition will be different. The main problem is to achieve this state.

Q: from what approximate time frame the very strong changes comes?

Guruji: from the day one of real yoga practice. When you find the real path and begin the real practice – from the day 1 the real changes begin.

Q: even if you somehow can do the very long kumbhak once – it is nothing, you need to practice it?

Guruji: kumbhak, like khechari mudra and other things – they are just the tools. You need learn to use it in certain ways.

Simply holding the breath will not give you the result. Kumbhak means to make your body like a pot: without any effort the air will remain inside. Not holding – pot is not holding air. You will achieve such physically state that air always remain inside – you’re like a pot. It’s very different principle.

Q: I like the word “without effort” in this case

Guruji: but to be without effort you need to do a lot of efforts in the beginning. He is one of the most famous sculptors in India: I will give you an example. He can create anything effortlessly; but to reach this state – years and years of tapas is behind him. That’s how effortless state come. you have to go through a lot of tapas – only then sahaja state comes.

Q: what is the mechanism to levitate?

Guruji: 71% of your body is water. water is oxygen and hydrogen. When you’re doing certain pranayama – very slowly oxygen in your water will go out and the hydrogen will be more and more and it will lift you up.

Q: so the water in our body will not become radioactive – like tritium?

Guruji: no, only the oxygen will became very less in that. And that will come only with pranayama. If it will happen suddenly – you will fly away(laughing). So you need prepare your body to tolerate such state without oxygen. It’s gradual process. It’s very easy to talk about it – but to achieve it is the very different story.


Q: is it possible to become Shivagana only by using the certain type of mercury?

Guruji: I will agree on that because the mercury is the seed of Shiva and sulfur is supposed to be the seed of Shakti. If you use them wisely – anything is possible.

Q: it could be done only by alchemy?

Guruji: you cannot achieve alchemical things without tapas. They compliment each other. I’ve seen many ayurvedic doctors, very accomplished ones – but because of they have absolute zero knowledge in yoga – most of their efforts failed. Otherwise you will have extreme success in that – especially with mercury and sulfur.

Q: is it true that when practitioners’ body becomes like Shiva’s body – all his body secretions could transform everything?

Guruji: yes, it is described that you can even piss and the stone will turn into gold. I believe it – because the body already have digested different types of mercury and different types of poisons.

Q: but for what it is done?

Guruji: to create some devotion in people, to inspire them – otherwise such beings are no need to do that. Greed is the greatest inspiration for many people.

They will think – how it can be that just because of piss the stone become gold – and that thought make them to do great tapas – and after that they will become different type of people.

Greed is the great inspiration you can have. It is the most positive use of greed.


“Bhed” also means a secret: so you can translate hridaya granthi bhed like a great mystery of hridaya granthi. “ bhedi” means to pierce something. Bhed is mystery, bhedi is to pierce or to brake – and bhediya is a spy. It’s much easy to discuss philosophy and devotion to god – but such things are very complicated and highly mysterious.

Yoga practice gives you situation that you’re in position to observe yourself. You can call itself ego or call it any name – but your mind will develop to that level that you will be observing yourself. The general person usually look outside, never look at themselves. Only when they are look on themselves in a mirror – they are aware of their existence.

But as a yogi you will be looking at yourself every direction; put inside your mind, inside your heart, inside your body also – otherwise how you will realize yourself? You’re watching yourself. So many levels and mysteries are hiding inside. It will be very different experience.

That’s why people can’t tolerate to be solitude – they wants to be with someone else. They don’t like their own company. For you it maybe no problem – it’s for a general person: they cannot tolerate be alone.


Q: in the yogic texts are used two terms: ahamkara and asmita – they are one and the same or different?

Guruji: ahamkara is the feeling of being – that I exist, I am. Asmita is how other people will recognize you and how you recognize yourself. I am Shailendra Sharma – this is our asmita. But “I am” is much more deeper than that. It is beyond asmita.

Q: asmita is like false ego?

Guruji: like identity. Not false – just an identity. Your name, nationality even you’re a human – ahamkara is the feeling of being and it’s much deeper than that.

Q: what is false ego then?

Guruji: I’m the great man, I’m rich or I’m poor – that is false ego.

Q: but if I’m really great man?

Guruji: then others will recognize you, you don’t have to clime it: you idiots, I’m a great man.

Give others the chance to recognize your greatness.


Q: there are description of animal sacrifices in ancient texts; but nowadays I have the strong feeling that there is no need of animal sacrificing in any religion. What do You think about it?

Guruji: people already are eating too much animals.

Now there are another type of human beings – butchers kills, someone orders and others eats. In ancient times only animal, which were sacrificed to certain god were eaten as Prasad. There were no butchers time. Too much of so-called sacrifices now. I’m not against eating meat or I’m not evocating to be vegetarian, but I only say: if you want to eat meat – go, hunt, kill yourself and eat. Don’t buy it from a market. This is my point of view.

I don’t understand, I’m the very simple man – or I’m simply a man – how you can eat chicken and beef and then talk about compassion? I don’t understand it. It’s beyond my understanding how you can at the same time eating an animal and talking about compassion and having pity on others. I’ve tried my best to understand it – but I’ve failed every time.

Very few sacrifices – to Shakti or sometime to Bhairav, otherwise no sacrifices – maybe once in a year, but it’s not a common thing. Very limited way. Even then – we’re yogis and we’re respect life, and I think every animal has the same right to live on this planet like we have. We’re the human beings, we were given some intellect  – we can decide on ourselves what to eat and not to eat.

Q: so now money is the god who takes the all lives of animals and fish?

Guruji: not money.

It’s the very simple thing in economy: demand – and it will be supply. No demand – no supply.

Also I like to live here because all over the world it might be the concentrated vegetarian area. Outside I don’t like to go. And I’m sure – not animal is very happy that his meat is sacrificed to some god, he’s very happy that some human eat me, he will become powerful and convert me to shit – I think they’re not very happy being in that situation.

Q: what is the karma for the butchers?

Guruji: to killing the animals. And if you look at them – they look very different than normal people.

You will already go beyond karma effect and leave society behind. They’re still living in the eden garden.

Q: if we’re talking about sacrifices – was it any fish sacrifices in ancient times?

Guruji: never, not to a single god. I don’t recall any evidence. I think killing fish is even worse than killing surface dweller. Because we believe as the yogis, that sea creatures or the water creatures – they’re the most disciplined creatures of this planet. They never cross over to the land to kill you. Shark never going out – we go into the water to kill them. When the Apocalypse happens, water is rising,  – no fish s threaten by, only surface dwellers. Whoever will break the discipline – will suffer.

Q: people who eating fish think that fish has the very low level of consciousness?

Guruji: I have the doubts about their own level – it must be very low. Someone show me the record, where scientists are saying that simple monkeys have abilities to mathematics 20 times more than humans. We call them animals – but who is animal here? If we will starting behave like animals – the world is going to be a good place.

I remember one story I’ve read when I was young.

There was some so-called great king, who expand his borders – so it was so many wars there. He killed more then several thousands of soldiers of others and he was standing there, glorious. His soldiers caught one cannibal and took him to that king. They say – he was such an ugly person, he was trying to grab the dead body to eat it. And he used all bad words to that cannibal. Cannibal simply answered him: you kill all that persons – are you going to eat them? Why are you wasted them? The king was ashamed to hear that. You’re killing them just to prove something – but I’m killing only to eat. Men kills for power.

Since last 60 years I’m trying to find humanity – but I find only human beings. If you find it – please, inform me. Every religion gives you the false superiority that you’re the best creation of god. Because I’m chanting for Krishna – I’m the greatest, because you’re drinking the blood of jesus – you’re the greatest. It is all false ego, every religion is creating that.


Q: You said, that list of nine nathas is changing in every era?

Guruji: yes; so maybe – hypothetically speaking – if the fifth yuga is beginning, the new list of nine nathas will come.

Q: in ancient times nathas and siddhas were synonyms?

Guruji: no, siddha means – who may not be a yogi but may have contact with some ethereal Shakti and he’s working through that. Naths were yogis, who achieve anything through yoga and make their body much more stronger, live the very long life – they could do the great miracles. They were displayed ashta siddhis. Simple siddha may be like catching a ghost or something – but even that is not such easy thing to achieve.

In some texts it is described that while work with mercury first the body’s dhatus will be reduced – and it explains the reduction of body weight. Then it will become full and very beautiful.

Q: to what limit they can be reduced?

Guruji: almost everything will disappear – only skin covering the skeleton will remain, with the vital organs and cerebral fluid. That’s why we say it’s very dangerous without any competent guidance and assistance – almost nearly impossible to achieve.

Q: sometimes there are references about nine nathas like nine directions?

Guruji: they are real personalities. And the directions are ten, not nine. Ravannath will come and give the very special knowledge for the people.

Q: will it be spiritual or practical knowledge?

Guruji: I thing the being of his state will give great self-discovering knowledge and spiritual knowledge. They are not interested in material things like everybody; they are already gone too far beyond that.

Q: is it true that mercury is using in witchcraft to create some obstacles?

Guruji: mercury is used in every part of life.

Q: when we’re practicing – do we approach all five kleshas simultaneously?

Guruji: no, we just need to recognize them and concentrate on our practice. One by one all kleshas will disappear.

Q: it exists particular order of their disappearing?

Guruji: no order, simultaneously. When you’re polishing the diamond – how you can sure, from what angle it will shine more? It will happen simultaneously.

I will quote Krishna – he is saying in the Gita here: a person with the doubt in the mind perishes. A man with the doubt in the mind cannot survive. First you clarify or your doubts in your mind; then from the moment you overcome your doubts the real progress will begin in life.

Q: how to face it?

Guruji: with respect: you’re studying yourself. Make your mind powerful, take a strong decision.

Q: there are so many workshops on energy and chakras now?

Guruji: I will ask in a different way: MONEY IS NOT THE GOD – BUT NOT LESS THAN GOD.

For the money all goes.

Q: kurma vayu will make your body cold and dry?

Guruji: yes, it will take you into Samadhi – you will be cold and dry there. It’s the result, not the process. But some results you will experience in the process also.

Q: there are different actions of upapranas – like shaking, drying and fear?

Guruji: yes, if you’re practicing it  – you’re practicing yoga, only then it comes into play. Otherwise that are normal effect of them. Deeper work is nowhere described. It’s just a reference.

1 ghati is 24 minutes – such time frame they observe. And to make less oxygen and levitate it will take 48 minutes – double time frame, 2 ghatis. In Yoga Darshan I also translated as nadi – and nadi also means 24 minutes in Sanskrit. But everybody translating it as channels. I did the different translation – and the whole thing became different. Kurmanadya sthairyam  – everybody translates there is a special nadi which looks like a turtle; if you will concentrate on it – you will achieve steadiness. The next thing is: then siddha looks at the light of god inside his head. From a yogic point of view it will be having if you’re able to control your kurma nadi for 24 minutes – then you will see light of god inside your head. It is step by step. That’s why I told you – Shailendra Sharma’s commentary is the best. All another will lead you another direction. To achieve Samadhi kurma nadi is the most important.

Whatever you see – is female energy absolutely. Shakti is everyewhere.

I’m answering the question: which energy is better – man’s energy or woman’s energy? I say as a yogi: whatever we see in this world – we just see pure display of female energy. What is a man? He’s another expression of female energy. Whatever you see – male or female – is absolutely female energy, expressed in different ways. Everything is Shakti. There is only one man in entire creation, which is Shiva. All others are females. Some yogis are saying – and now I begin to believe in that – male is just a female, because his body was created through the female’s body; technically speaking everybody is a female.

There is only one man in whole entire creation – that is Shiva.

Q: from that point of view what can You say: everybody is saying that yoga is only for the men?

Guruji: who said that? They are not aware of the history of yoga. There was a very famous woman, yogini, she was the disciple of Jalandhar Nath – who was the disciple of Adinath himself; and she became immortal by the power of yoga. Yoga does not discriminate between man and woman for yoga practice. it’s open for them both.

Q: they have equal possibilities?

Guruji: if the girl is determined – she has more possibilities than man. If she took that strong decision – I’m sure she can go very high. I’ve seen quite a few now.

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