Quotation of one mother of our Bollywood star: Sharukh Khan is the very famous star – he was telling in one interview that: my mother used to say – never cut expenses, increase your income. I like it; cutting expenses is nothing. You should be man enough or woman enough to increase your income.


Q: why Brahma created this great illusion?

Guruji: that is his game – are we able to rise above this, are we able to develop our mind to the level to go beyond the planting program or this impact of the sex; if we’re go beyond it – then a very different type of attitude will develop and your motive will be different. No shadow of sex on your mind.

Q: first you will subdivide the motives?

Guruji: yes, and you will be able to decide – what is from where. What is the rising of the kundalini? When your mind rises to the head from between the legs. That is the awakening of Kundalini.


Q: I always thought that we can met some teacher, some saint and we will tune with him; and only after that we will meet our angel. But a lot of people says that they all have god send angels?

Guruji: in India we believe that 7 generations of your ancestors – their spirits actually help you and guide you. 3 from your father’s side and 4 from your mother’s side. Angels are just persons who are working for god – for a different reasons. Your ancestors spirits, 7 generations, – they will help you.

Q: no angels can help?

Guruji: they are too busy fighting among themselves.

Q: but You think they are exist?

Guruji: I believe it, yes. If religion is so adamant that they are there – they must be there. But they are too much busy fighting Lucifer and among themselves.

Q: this is not their duty?

Guruji: nobody cares for human beings. So we need to care ourselves. They are harvesting your souls, only – so they can continue to live forever. You’re the live stock for them – or crop for them. That’s why the angel of god is called Reaper: they harvesting your souls – so they can continue to live forever. This is the only immortal thing you have – so keep it yourself.

Q: for them soul is like battery?

Guruji: like food. It gives them energy to continue to live.

Q: how much energy gives one soul?

Guruji: maybe 1 day. One meal in 24 hours. But it’s more hypothetical. Hell looks like a kitchen for heaven. You’re barbeque there, fried there, you’re baked there – then you’re served in heaven. Go back in medieval or ancient time: just try to imagine the kitchen of a count or a king: animal slaughtering, blood flowing, big sweaty cooks are cooking in a huge pots – it will look like hell. Different body parts of some animals been cooked and then served to monarch. Keep your soul yourself: this is the only thing considerable important to have. This is too much simplifying things – to say that all is the plan of god, which is mysterious and unknowable. If so many angels are looking at us and carrying of us – why humanity suffers so much? Why so much wars, diseases and crimes? We need to think more deeply on that things.

Again they say: god helps that who helps themselves – this statement is also there.

One Russian asked me: what should I do to attract god’s attention? What type of praying? I said : stop praying immediately. The whole world is praying to god; if you stop praying – god will notice it immediately, why he’s not praying. It will attract his attention to you. What will be his answer – that we don’t know, but you will definitely attract his attention.

Q: recently I’ve read the story of Hanumanji – and they were praying?

Guruji: no, they were devotees of Hanumanji and also followers of the Master, taniwala; he intervene for them – they could not directly apply this to Hanuman.

Q: amazing that they were need him to say in words to Hanumanji the things they were really need?

Guruji: it’s extraordinary things, yes. And the real ones. I’m still wondering – how much intimate this man must be with Hanumanji; he was  able to invoke him and calling him “dada” – the elder brother. We will ride kilometers on bicycle to hear this story from him. and I think some blessings came to that man also: most of his sons and daughters were very good and successful in life.


Q: about symbol of OM: where it is manifested, where it is unmanifested?

Guruji: it is very easy to explain in Sanskrit: bindu, nada and kala. We see there is a point, then there is a crescent moon, and then the word “u” is written in Sanskrit – all three forms “OM”.bindu is the point, from where the nada is emanating. Crescent moon is the sign of nada. If we will talk in contemporary language – the originator of vibration of creation. Nada is vibration; wherever there is vibration – there is a sound. And then kala: when this vibration becomes condensed – it appears as a visible material creation. The “OM” sign is sign of the creation itself – the beginning and the expansion( extention?)

Q: how this three – bindu, nada and kala becomes the sound OM?

Guruji: the pronunciation will be “um”; then the description is what point it stand for, what this crescent moon stands for and what “u” stands for. It will be called “OM”. When it starts to vibrate – it starts the creation.

Q: and while it vibrating – creation lives?

Guruji: as long as the vibration will continue.

Q: so it is one eternal sound, not like a-u-m?

Guruji: those who are idiots who are saying a-u-m. it is not that. But some people have copyrights on being duraks – so we’re nothing to say on that. The sound is one.


Q: could we say about past lives by the body?

Guruji: of course, very easily.

Q: he will be not so much involved in it?

Guruji: his physical trace will be different than an average person. His features, face, structure will be different. His talks will be very different, his likes and dislikes will be very different. You can see it from the beginning.

Q: it’s like the features You told about Arjuna?

Guruji: yes – he never become a yogi.

Q: where such body features are described?

Guruji: some of them are described in Agni purana, some in Garuda purana also – the complete work; and in Valmiki Ramayana highest features are described by Hanuman – when he has gone to Lanka and meet Sitaji there in the garden and she doubt whether he is genuine person or someone sent by Ravana. Then he describes Lord Rama physical features in detail – they are supposed to be the highest symbolic things. Must read thing.

Q: but he also went through so much struggles and sufferings?

Guruji: but only because he did something great – he is worshipped today. If he would taking it easy without doing anything – who would remember him? suffering is nothing, suffering is just your test. The biggest plan which I come across, which I understood – because Sherlock Holmes was my disciple – Ravana, when he was going all over the world to conquer the world; it is recorded – I don’t remember the name of the ancestor of Shri Rama – Ravana killed him in a dwell. And when he was dying – the ancestor, the king – he cursed Ravana that my descendant will kill you one day. Ok? Now we come to the story of Rama. He was made exile from Ayodhya, he left Ayodhya for 14 years, he took help from no man – no human being; politically he was the most powerful man of that time. Sugriva became his aline  and created an army of monkeys and bears and took the war to the gates of Ravana. I think – the human army of Ayodhya  – they couldn’t match for Ravana’s rakshas army. But he kept it very safe in one place, took help from not a single human being from Ayodhya, started an army of monkeys and bears with monkeys and took it to Ravana. It looks like a very great plan for me. And when everything were done, they win the battle – then they come back. He is the only one example of such connection between human and monkey race. He was mighty enough to do it. He killed Valin and made Sugriva the king of all monkeys – so he had to owe him. they all had supernatural powers – to fight with rakshasas who already has magical powers. No human being could stood against them. He kept Ayodhya absolutely safe and take the battle here. He did the very great thing.

Q: maybe he did that because the time of monkey race were coming to the end?

Guruji: maybe on the Earth 2-3 races of aliens were dominating that time; all those rakshasas and the supernatural monkeys and the bears – that was the time when the human beings establish the dominance and they had to leave. Look at it from this point of view. Human era begin from that point. Another point, which I have observing: before Rama only heavenly gods were worshipped. Rama was the first human incarnation, who was started to worship. Before that – no human being ever. Then Krishna was the human incarnation – and he’s still worshipped. Maybe the divinity come to human being after that.

Q: You think, the era of humanity…

Guruji: started with Rama and Ravana. Even now it continues. The nature of human being is to criticize everybody; even Rama came after finishing Ravana as a victor – even then people criticize him. still we’re criticizing everyone – so the human era still continues. We’re always ready to criticize anyone – from politicians to the god, the divinity, some good men… we’re only afraid of criticizing a mafia boss; I’ve never heard anyone criticizing mafia boss, local or big one – never ever. Otherwise we’re supreme – we can criticize anyone.

Q: so You think that bears and monkeys were aliens?

Guruji: it looks like it – for the Mother Earth they must be aliens.

Q: that were the forms of life which are not natural for the Earth?

Guruji: show me one human being who are able to fly. All the rakshasas were able to fly, monkeys were able to fly – they were jumping hundreds of miles; human being cannot do that. Even Superman is an alien and he can fly. Maybe Earth was the meeting point or the central point for the races to come here and try to dominate human beings. From Rama’s time first human beings became free.

Q: now rakshasas are no more?

Guruji: they maybe living somewhere.


You see, many people are searching for yoga – yoga is very fashionable now; but very few people come to me. Maybe it’s their destiny or my destiny. I don’t think I can give lectures; I can answer the questions – but giving the lecture is a difficult thing.

Q: but around You people come from different sources?

Guruji: they are from different sources. Some are from India, some are from Russia, some from Ukraine(laughing)

Q: when some yogis are excavated from samadhi, their position of the body are exactly the same. Maybe traditions are different but the technics are the same?

Guruji: probably. How many yogis were discovered like this?

Q: not much, I’ve see the movie

Guruji: few of them from the british period had the same body and head position. But now for a very long time these things have not been witnessed. In 1936 my Guru told me one story. When sadhu came from Chitrakoot; you have to go through so many legalities to ask permission from the government. Even now without government permission you cannot do it.

Q: government gives permission for samadhi demonstration?

Guruji: yes, because you may die also. He was asking for 6 months time period and from the city magistrate the permission was granted, and he was under the earth for 6 months. After this thing was over my Guru invited him for lunch in his house and he came and told his life story also. He prepare himself for about 1 week. His whole body was shaved before he entered to that state. Also he drink about 250 grams of ghee – then he went under. And after 6 months he was dug up: no hair grows on him – like he was just been shaved; and he had turned absolutely yellow. Then he was massaged for 3-4-5 days – it took him about 1 week to recover. Suddenly he became a very famous person, big money came his way – which he donated. He told my Guru his life story: he was out of work, no money; and in Chitrakoot is very ancient Hanuman temple, it’s on the hill top. He climbed more then 400 steps, thinking to jump from it and commit suicide. When he was just standing there, pondering to jump оr not to jump one sadhu came from behind and say to him: if you want to die – come with me, I will teach you how to die. That sadhu taught him samadhi and he demonstrated it for 3-4 times. We don’t know anything about him – from where he came and whom he was; everyone just called him Swamiji, no name was given. There is another sadhu also – Haridas – it was documented by britishers. He just went under and a sort of crop was soiled over; after it was cut – he was dug up and he was alive. But for a very long time we have not seen the genuine demonstration of that.

Q: what is the name of the place?

Guruji: Chitrakoot. In Chitrakoot Rama lived when he was exiled for 12-13 years. Very beautiful place. Of course, many bandits are there – but it’s part of beauty. I’ve been there 2 times.

Q: where it is situated?

Guruji: if you go from here to Benares – it’s on the way. Near Satna – it’s big industrial town; Chitrakoot is the very famous place. Not many white people are seen there. There is a cave – Gupta Godavari – where Rama supposed to have lived: amazing huge cave. Very small opening and there is water more than up to your knees. You cross over – there it’s very big cavern and there is a sort of a platform – you can climb on it and go to sleep; and there is a place you can take a bath – continuous water running, other small cave where you can cook your food. Amazing place – go inside and you will believe that Rama was lived here. Vibrations are so great there. It’s a beautiful place – very natural and very beautiful.

Not many people comes forward to demonstrate it. Maybe it was their way to make your faith – that there are still people, who are spiritual giants. After independence we never heard of this – the genuine demonstration.

Q: I have seen few fake ones

Guruji: oh, it’s easy

Q: that sadhu must did some yoga technics for that?

Guruji: without saying: samadhi is the result of yoga. He must have been doing something. But he never discuss the process. When you are in samadhi or you’re demonstrating it – it goes without saying that how much preparation you’re gone through already. He just told that sadhu taught him and he became his disciple – but he was quiet what he taught him, he simply demonstrated 6 months under the ground. It goes without saying he was a yogi.

Q: 250 gr ghee?

Guruji: before; first he clean himself – for 3 days continuously he did shankhprakshalana. Nothing remains in his intestines ad then he drank the ghee. He was drinking about 50 gr of ghee for 3 days after shankhprakshalana; then when he went under – that day he drank 250 grams, maybe to get his intestines lubricated – we can guess upon that. And when he came out, he was massaged, he was absolutely yellow and looked as he has just been shaved. That was a perfect suspended animation state, even hairs and nails were not growing.

Q: why he became yellow?

Guruji: because he was 6 months underground, no blood flow and no sun.

Q: why that sadhu came to him in the moment he wanted to committed suicide?

Guruji: it’s very obvious to know that the person has reached the certain level of vairagya already, he is highly disappointed with family, society and general situation and he was ready to give up his life: that means no attachment were retaining with him already. So that was the right time and the right person; that was his luck also that sadhu told him to wait. He was young, in his early 30s. his mental situation was right.

Q: so it was true samadhi, not a trick?

Guruji: no, it was genuine thing. British guards were there, police were there, it was official thing.

Q: it was impossible to imitate it somehow?

Guruji: no, it’s impossible.

Q: maybe some poison can be taken?

Guruji: for 1-2 hours it’s possible – but not for 6 months. And in that case the hairs will continue to grow – but he was fresh. Such things gives us hope and much more deeper faith in yoga, more horizons to reach.

Q: oh yes, if initiate someone just before suicide – he will work like a demon?

Guruji: of course, he will work very hard – because he has nothing to lose. Just try to imagine the mental frame of that person – he’s already reach the limit.

Q: if he can go to samadhi for half of year – he can do it much longer time?

Guruji: I’m sure he must be living still. He became very famous in that time, but where he went after – nobody knows. These people are reckless – I mean they don’t like to meet with so many people.

Q: is it possible to avoid the period of probable death in the chart by going into samadhi?

Guruji: I’ll tell you another great story about Dnyaneshwar dev; there was the man who become a sannyasi but he was already married. So when the great sadhu was coming – his wife bended him pranam and he said to her: become a mother. She said – how can I become a mother, my husband is already sadhu? Then he realized that it is her husband  – his disciple and he told him to back to family way of life. Once you become a sadhu and then came back to the family back of life – the society will simply dishonest you. Otherwise it will become a child’s play: one day you’re a sadhu next day you’re something else. So society was shunning them and 4 children were born. Nivrutti nath, Dnyaneshwar dev, Sopan and one girl – Muktabai.

Then by their destiny they become disciples of Gahaninath, who was disciple of Gorakhnath. It was in Nasik. They become Nath yogis. Nivruttinath initiated his two brothers and one sister. There was one great sadhu, whose name was Changdev, he was 1200 years old. He was waiting for a genuine true Guru. Whenever his death’s time will come – he will go into samadhi and then again revive himself after the time is gone. He lived for 1200 years. When he heard about their reputation – their chanting mantras, ride on buffalo – you can read their story, it’s fantastic. Dnyaneshwar also wrote commentaries on Gita, which are very famous in Maharashtra about 700 years before – Gyaneshwari, amazing book. So Changdev came to test them. He was riding a tiger and was carrying a cobra like a whip. These four people were sitting on a wall. They saw him rides and say: wall, please, take us to him. the wall moved and took them to Changdev who was riding a tiger – and he surrendered himself. It’s fantastic story: the youngest sister, Muktabai: they said – she is your Guru. You just serve her and maybe you will become the realized person one day. He begin to serve her.

One day he become in front of her room somewhere – she was taking a bath inside. And she came out naked – Changdev just turned his face away. What she commented: 12 hundred years old – and you have not rising above the skin still??? That was his moment of realization. They were great people – fantastic way to teach 12 years old dedushka; and we need to ponder it – I mean what attraction is, just a skin deed. And he still had not risen above the skin. You must read that stories.

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