Q: could the wrong technics lead to the destruction of the person?

Guruji: wrong technics, if you’re doing something wrong, that means every day you’re committing a mistake and piling up all bad karmas – that will give you very bad results. That mistakes will not make you successful.

Q: the question was about nadi shodhana, if someone is doing it by fingers?

Guruji: it’s just a breathing program.

Q: so it will not lead you to the bad results?

Guruji: it could be. In these things you’re working with your own life force and you should be very careful. Learn well, then apply. It is not like devotion to god – that in the name of god you’re free to do anything. Finding a guide or Guru is very important here. Even to learn something so simple like alphabet of English or Russian – you need to find a teacher.

Q: what do You think about just visualization?

Guruji: I think nothing of it.

Q: if someone is trying to imagine chakras – their colors, petals and other details?

Guruji: but that is another information from John Woodruff. Why not, if they are your chakras, go down and discover them? Instead of trying to imagine something, which was described by some translator?

Q: is it useless spending of time?

Guruji: if a person is strong enough – it will be a good exercise for his mind, no more than that.


Guruji: what was the cause of Ramayana?

Q: a woman?

Guruji: (smiling) they are the cause of everything, no doubt.

But: recently there was a story – there was a great son, his name was Shravan Kumar. He was carrying his lame and old mother and father on this thing – in hindi we call it banegi. He was carrying them on his shoulders. They asked him: please, take us to all the holy places of India. They were blind and they couldn’t walk – they were so old. When they cross my hometown, Gwalior, Shravan Kumar suddenly enlightened and said that you’re grabbing my youth and this and that; maybe the land was not so good – so the son became to criticize his own parents. But I think that he was so angry and wanted to say – why you were waiting so long, becoming blind and lame and only then you ask me to bring you to all the holy places? You should have done it in your youth. Then what happen: they go forward, Shravan Kumar said – I’m sorry- when they crossing the Chambal river. Then they ask him: we are thirsty, so please, bring us water. he put them in one place and took a pot and fill it from the river – and the sound was come like elephant is drinking water. the king Dasharatha was sitting there, he was hunting, thought, the elephant is drinking water – so he shot his arrow. And this son died with this pot. When his parents hear, that their son is died, they cursed Dasharatha – that you will also suffer the separation from your son. And they created a fire and burn themselves. That was the core reason of the Ramayana begin. Dasharatha was to be separated from Rama, then Ravana came, and Sita was kidnapped, Rama shows his valor and came there, kill Ravana on Lanka and brought back his wife – all history was full of tragedy and adventure. But my point is: if the father and mother of Shravan Kumar would have gone to the holy places when they were young – not blind, not lame, not so old; then nothing could have happen. That was the beginning of Ramayana.

If it is friendship- then there should be no money, status or political should come between the friends. Friend will be a friend. This is lesson number one.(concerns king Drupada and Dronacharya) Second lesson – if you want to visit holy places, do it, when you’re young. Don’t ask your son or somebody to carry you over.


Weight training is progressive resistant training: more stress you’re able to tolerate – stronger you will be. It stand to reason. When we weight training – we’re giving special type of stress to our muscles; they are able to tolerate and they begin to grow. Same with men: you simply cannot become great or achieve something if you’re always lying down on your bed, overeating and watching TV and thinking things. You must go forward and you must have very clear vision what you want to achieve. No pain – no gain.

Q: is it possible to be tolerable to stress that you have every time?

Guruji: I remember when I first went to the gym – next day I could hardly move. But I kept on and then I became much strength.

Q: it can be transferred into practice or in any life situation?

Guruji: anywhere – the principle will remain the same. Now the thought come to me, that most programs of stress-release – maybe they are taking you to the wrong direction. There must be programs to make you strong enough to tolerate more and more stress. Stress is a test of your own strength. Mental, physical – everything.

Money is the only inspiration, which will make you face any adventure or any stress – and come out successfully, if there is enough money. Money unites the humanity together. All over the world – I don’t talk about aborigines – we all love money.

Q: could we say that if the person will have the very comfortable life with all comforts he can imagine – he will not progressing at all?

Guruji: I’ve not seen anyone doing that. We’re saying in India: when you have done the hardest work and you’re tired – only then you can actually enjoy the sleep. And if you’re very hungry – then you will enjoy your food. If you’re very thirsty – you will enjoy your drink – water or whatever. If you’re always lying down in comfort – you will get insomnia in no time. If your stomach is always full – you will lose taste of food.

Q: it’s very popular theory among practitioners that now I will work, but after 10 or 20 years I will earn enough money and then I will practicing only?

Guruji: they are trying to convince themselves – they are so interested in practicing that they will do it in future. I keep reminding them that we all have the very limited frame of time – so it is just a matter of time management; so use now whatever time you have. Keep remembering, that we have very limited frame of time – so use it very wisely and practically.

This is good for business: what is your new year results, what is your aim, what you want to achieve in this year. For us – all years are same. I just realized, why calendar was created: you can pay weekly or monthly.

Q: could the stress be destructible for the person?

Guruji: if the person is not strong enough. In the bodybuilding we have a term – overtraining; in life also same. Lifting weights in the gym and carrying your responsibility are almost same to me. If you’re strong enough – you will carry all the responsibilities; and in my opinion, responsibility is the ability to give response to any certain situation. Only strong men have that thing.

Everybody is born with some special thing inside: if you continue to look at others – I don’t think you’re going to find out what is hiding inside you. Everybody is born with some specialty inside them. So go deep down inside you, explore, you will come up with that. Then hold on to it, develop it. If you will be inspired by looking at someone- if you want to copy that person’s lifestyle, then this cultivation may not be everything for you. Everybody is a unique individual: so find out, what is hiding inside you and let it come.

Q: if someone inspires you – what you must to do?

Guruji: inspiration is ok, it’s a very good thing. But you must also work hard. And I keep saying: if one man can achieve something – others can also achieve it. If they have that drive to achieve – anyone can do it.

Q: what do You mean – that you must not copy?

Guruji: you see, some people – this is the general trend – we see the very famous movie star with this thing and the fashion will begin to dress like him, hairstyle he do – but we not going to become that star. Of course, if you like the style he dresses – you can do it, but always remember: the hard work, which he put behind him.

I remember one interview with one Bollywood star, he is no longer there. He was old and suffering with some kidney problems, but he love to drive; his name was Shami Kapoor – one of the greatest actors in Bollywood. Reporter asked him: good looks are the gift from god, talent is the gift from god, when where is hard work? And his answer is still inside me – I admire this man only for this answer: he said – agreed, good looks are a gift of god, great talent is a gift of god, but you should be educated enough to use them – that is hard work! He said it the best.

People don’t look at hard work and all the frustrations they have gone through before they became so shining. I think intelligent person will always look behind the scene.


Most of the Indians believe, that satya yuga was extremely good; but I will give you one example of king Harishchandra – the most truthful king ever. He suffered so much, he had to sale his wife and son on the open market; nobody willing to give him even morsel of food – so he had to sale himself also to the Dhumraj of Kashi. The taxes was so strong that even when his own son died – he had to take the half clothes of his old wife, whatever she was wearing. Now they say – this is very bad age, this is Kali yuga, but as I moved around India, I never gone outside except Nepal, and my own experience is: any house – if you will simply ask for food, nobody will say “no”. and if you want to sale your wife and son in the open market – first the public will give you the severe beating and you will be arrested by police. If you’re going to sale yourself – nobody will buy you, police will come and take you up. If there is the dead body and nobody take care – people gather immediately, pull their sources, get enough money for the cremation. This is the difference between Satya yuga and Kali yuga. In India – or maybe all around the world – any lady of the house will never refuse a hungry man the piece of bread. This is my firm belief and I’ve seen it happening with my own eyes, some of my own experiences are like that. I will support now. In Satya yuga not even the piece of bread was given to king Harishchandra – because he was so truthful, he suffered so much. Now it’s too big change, too big difference; I think human beings are becoming human, finally. Of course we need more refinement; and I think more time will pass and we’ll get more and more refinement. I noticed when we were in college – it was recently democracy, but king’s impact was still there – and it was lot of street violence, many students were fighting in college. Nowadays we don’t see so much street violence; even in college it is more or less peaceful, not much problems are going on. Some problems are there, but not to that scale. I think we’re improving and it gives us hope – we are improving as human beings. So finally we will become human.

I was moving around, not even half a rupee in my pocket; if people were not ready to support me, give me food and shelter – I don’t think I would have survive. If I could manage to survive – it gives a great hope. Even unknown person, whom I’ve never seen before – they were willing to help. Food is not a problem in India now: you ask and you will get food. And I’ve noticed, if you even doesn’t ask anyоne – you just lie down beside the road in any city – one day somebody will observe, then some shop owners will start to come, give you chai, toast, some food – so many things will come. it was never like this before! We’re in good times. And the biggest thing, which never happen in the vedic times or in king’s times: nowadays legally we are all equal. That is fantastic, too big thing. Before that – high-born, low-born, this blue-blood thing, royal family, not so royal family; but now legally  – we are equal. If we’re equal legally than it’s fine.


Q: now we’re in the first day of 2019; what kind of activities are most suitable for this year?

Guruji: now people become more interested in the real spirituality; they are too tired of so-called religions – I think you might be noticing it also. Let’s hope humanity will become humans finally. Also I see a swing now – maybe one war is needed. The situation may start this year. It is coming, it looks like it. Actually we were just discussing: when automobiles was first introduced – the horse-drivers and carriers tycoons tried their best to stop it – but the progress you can not stop. Now I see the pattern that more and more electric cars and batteries are now being introduced from big companies of the cars – it means less and less use of petroleum. Now the world’s economy bases on petroleum and coal, that is a basic thing; if it will disturb it somehow – always, wherever it is happen, war is coming. But you cannot stop progress.

Q: but all these electrical things are more ecological and suitable for nowadays?

Guruji: everybody is talking about pollution, smoke, global warming, fog, this and that – maybe with electrical pollution will be less. We can hope for it – we don’t know exactly. Maybe different type of pollution will start.

Q: at least they will not mine the Earth more?

Guruji: mining is a dangerous thing. In the name of progress we all do too much mining – and finally the civilization disappeared.

Q: it will be changes in the map of the Earth?

Guruji: could be; some major calamities may happen.

Q: You think the main changes will be after 2020?

Guruji: it will start now and it will gather force in 2020. Maybe we will see history happening, we will be transiting.

Q: what after – the golden age will come?

Guruji: we’re always hope for the golden age. We have been hoping for the golden age for thousands of years. Why hope for golden age? Gold was always the main reason country command for the human beings. Let’s hope this age is going to be the grassroots level age: we will take life as life, a being as a being – maybe then it will be a very good age. Gold is the main cause for the conflict. Maybe the feeling of sharing will be more – I think it’s very needed.

Q: from where so much attention to the gold was coming? It exists so much more rare minerals or metals in the earth…

Guruji: gold is a noble metal – you cannot corrupt it, it continue no oxidation, nothing; it is less in number. When they started this trade and commerce thing – they decided this is the best thing as money. Even nowadays we use paper money, but if it backs for the gold – then the currency is strong. Gold is gold.

Q: should we notice some special points like eclipses?

Guruji: it was already two blood moons in 2018- they happen maybe after 1,5 centuries; maybe we will see more magic in the world.

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