• Q: what is yama? Guruji: yama means three hours. If you’re able to regulate and control your breath for three hours – then it can be called pranayama. And ayama means dimension also. There are two words: yama and ayama; pran-ayama means you begin to enter into the dimension of the prana. Then it will be called pranayama.
  • Who is miserable? Who is able to remain in miser all his or her life – he is really miserable.
  • Following the very strict discipline, daily routine, keeps you freedom from doing idiotic things.
  • I will say – the most important question person can ask to the God is: how are you? This is the very important question – because everybody is asking something from him; how many devotees and how many saints are saying – are you ok, sir? How are you? Maybe god will like it. Q: what if god is having a bad day today? Guruji: he’s not having a bad day – he may have bad millennium or bad century.
  • Only a man, who has lost his mind, can smile; only mad man can laugh: otherwise in such times who can effort the smile?
  • Sometimes it’s impossible – not to react, but try it. I’ve seen many times in social situation: we want to cut somebody’s nose and make him run naked on the main road – but we just smile and behave nicely. It requires more strength. And also fear of police(smiling)
  • Mother Earth is giving us absolutely for free – and we create business out of it. This is an effort to make something pure and fine.
  • “Putnik” came in only three days, I’ve not wrote the single poem before. And it sounds best in Russian: I’m putnik, be my sputnik. In no other language it sounds so poetic.
  • LIFE AND DEATH (DEFINITION ) Union of the spirit with the physical body – it is life, separation of spirit from physical body is called death. Union is life – separation is death.


This story will be fantastic for many – but it’s true story.

My elder sister got married – she was a professor in hindi literature. And my brother-in-law – he was senior engineer in one plant, which was built in Russian collaboration; it is about 30 hours journey from Gwalior. That was after marriage; I was taking my sister there, we went by train – and it was some service problem or something and my brother-in-law couldn’t come – so I went there. I was studying in high school then. When I was coming back – we couldn’t find the reservation so my brother-in-law just put me in one wagon without reservation and told me that when conductor come he will arrange some work for him. it was a reserved compartment but it was so crowded – it was something. My nature – I can rarely asked: sir, may I sit? Or something – you can call me arrogant or let’s say resolved person; I was just sitting on my attaché – but so full of crowd. There was boards, people were sleeping in that; and can you imagine young person sleepy more than old one? I just falling asleep every minute and cursing my brother-in-law also for his resettlement. I was very good at cursing from the beginning. Then about 3:30 or 4 o’clock in the night one lady, who was sleeping on top – she may have look at me, that young man is suffering; she was newly married and they were going to Delhi. She came down. And she just said – go and sleep on the top where I was. I answered that I’m ok, I’m fine – I was already very furious. She told me again – and I said: I told you, I’m ok here. Suddenly she became very emotional – it’s a touching story – and she show me: see, this is my husband, he is a navy officer. He was called in some emergency; in 71 the war wit Pakistan start – it was just before that. He has been called to report and we couldn’t find the proper reservation; they will go in first class or by air – and we were travel in the second class sleeper. He was sleeping there. We were just been married for 5-6 months; I was looking at you from my board and I couldn’t sleep. I was just imagining that I’m just been married, I may have children some day – maybe I will have a son; and looking at you I was thinking – suppose if my son were suffer like him, how he must be feel? Tears came into her eyes and she said – go and sleep there. I was speechless, I went up there and I got up about 12 o’clock in the noon time – I don’t know how she managed, I was just out. Then in the morning she introduced me to her husband, he was senior navy officer, with a beard and they offer me breakfast. I will say – she has left the fantastic memory and I realized: support of the woman is very important in anyone’s life.


Q: Lord Krishna said to Arjuna – go and fight, because other people will shame you if you don’t? but it’s a pressure?

Guruji: you will be shamed, you will lose face in front of other warriors.

Q: but why did he care?

Guruji: he was preparing all his life for this battle: suddenly you cannot back when everybody gathered. You will lose face. It was not a sudden program, it was well-prepared, well-thought, very well-planned thing. You cannot back on the last moment.

Q: he was a king, big face?

Guruji:  Big face could be lost in a very big way. He was not a king – his elder brother used to be a king.

Q: but there were his cousins on the other side?

Guruji:  I think it’s all over the world – for the kingdom and for the throne. There is a bloody war between families – it happens. Take it physically but think also metaphysically.


Q: what is the reason of coming different colors in kutastha?

Guruji: five elements is you; whichever element is much more cleaner and more powerful – that color may come. but not necessary: color maybe appear because of something else. It might be a spiritual color as well.

Q: what color is considered as spiritual?

Guruji: so many – more than seven.

Q: Shiva is the light and Shakti is dark: if the light is not coming – what does it mean?

Guruji: that means Shakti is more prominent in that moment.

Q: if you see just golden field with mall dot in the center?

Guruji: that is good. All these are good things.

Q: if you can see only in one eye?

Guruji: different work of hemispheres.

Q: how to understand – which colors is connected with my elements and which are spiritual?

Guruji: there is a list in some yogic books about it. Mostly it is connected with svara yoga. In svarodaya you can find some hints.

Q: they are talking about shapes of the figures…?

Guruji: colors also. Now I’m even not go through practice – kutastha is always with me. It is a sign of opened sushumna.

Q: but it’s always golden, not changing colors?

Guruji: no, it will change colors according to the time and situation – but it will always be there. With communication it will also change so many colors – because it will not speak to you in Russian or Ukrainian or Hindi or Sanskrit. It’s the way of communication.

Q: when we see – we need to say something or think something?

Guruji: no, let it start the communication.

Q: how it will start – it will say something or what?

Guruji: oh, you will know exactly.

Q: it will be scary?

Guruji: no. it can do anything. Let’s wait till then.

Q: is it connected with untying of Hridaya granthi?

Guruji: no, it can start communication at any level.

Q: but khechari is needed?

Guruji: not even: it is kutastha’s decision to start communication. It’s all our preparation – spirit is already prepared.

Q: he or she will teach us, like it’s described in Gorakhbodh?

Guruji: it will take time. He start to communicate when the person is ready, then some teachings come. it’s big qualification thing.

Q: could it happen with the person even not practicing yoga?

Guruji: the decision is from the spirit. Sometimes it happens, very rare. Sometimes some people do something extraordinary, which may start some interest in spirit.

Q: but it must be some other spirits, who trigger the person to do something extraordinary?

Guruji: we all have the spirit inside. If suppose some people creating a situation for you – it is their spirits, who are creating a situation for you; and your spirit will behave to do it. It’s like that. We all have spirits inside: they may start a situation or it maybe just a game – oh, I’m suffering and other things. You don’t know, what immortal spirit can find entertain.

Q: You said that best thing is not to react – just observe?

Guruji: when you’re standing in front of some great creature – giver of life and taker of life- you need to be careful.

Q: but when I think: I must not to react, I must observe – it’s also a thought and reaction?

Guruji: that non-reaction thing will develop slowly. Otherwise some reaction in the mind will always come. so very-very slowly the non-reaction will develop. The thought “I must not react” is also reaction – but it is better than reaction.

Q: state of non-reaction is an achievement?

Guruji: like sahaja avastha.

Q: so you must be ready for anything?

Guruji: No. just don’t react to the situation – it’s the main wisdom.


Duality is very hypothetical thing; in Gorakhbodh you’ll find exactly, what is duality and what is non-duality. I’ve give the very different understanding of this topic. And maybe first time it is written like this; usually people are just try to put philosophy on it.

Q: in Gorakhbodh it’s not philosophy?

Guruji: they are sound philosophical – but they are very practical yogic things. We also need to remember, that two immortals yogi are talking.

Q: apana is triggering us to do inhale?

Guruji: nobody knows, why we’re inhaling – whether it’s instinct or it’s the powerful force which we called apana, makes us to inhale. Prana is always running out.

Q: but it’s not the inhale itself?

Guruji: no, we’re inhaling air, and it’s another thing. But why we’re doing it – that is the question. Apana is the cause to do inhale.

Q: but in commentary to 34th shloka it’s vice versa?

Guruji: by yoga practice you need to change this. Simple thing – that’s how immortals breathe. We’re inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. When you reverse it – you will start to inhale carbon dioxide and release oxygen, and your body will become like a diamond – pure form of carbon.

Q: that means in diamond body prana is holding apana?

Guruji: yes. Only then it will become immortal. Shiva is holding Shakti, finally. It’s very simple: when a girl is running after a boy – he is running away. When a boy is after a girl – it’s fine.

Q: here You’re talking about origin or source: what is it?

Guruji: you see, prana and apana is not originating inside us. We need to find their real origin also. Origin of prana and apana – from where they are and how.

Q: they have different origin than spirits?

Guruji: that’s you have to find out.

Q: prana, apana and nada: they have different origins?

Guruji: nada is the property of the Void. One origin will be very much simplification of things.

Q: for what purpose in the yogic diamond body prana must holding apana?

Guruji: that is the only way to become immortal.

Q: prana couldn’t be without apana?

Guruji: no. they will be together forever. “Gorakhbodh” was waiting for 15 centuries – and finally some comments come. actually prana and apana are just words – until we begin to understand them.

Q: You said, that prana and apana became Kundalini?

Guruji: together. It is essential power of the earth element. I written about it in Gorakhbodh. Muladhar chakra – everybody knows, and it represents the earth element. That means Shakti is sleeping in earth element. When it is awakening – it means it is connecting earth with 4 elements also; then only all other elements will linked up. This is the first time such type of explanation is given; people are too much into philosophy.

Q: when Kundalini is rising, activating – prana and apana is just in it, they are not to inhale or exhale?

Guruji: it’s simple – they are not connected with the source of energy, they are sort of let’s say independent; all five element will remain linked up together. Then you’re ready to form another union with the Mother.

Q: but how breath comes again after that? It must come again or not?

Guruji: it’s your choice – kevala state is described. When you talk – you need some breathe. Some air to blow the horn. But you don’t need to breathe after that.

Q: but You write in commentary on Gita…

Guruji: when I wrote that commentaries on Gita 25 years before my mind was not ready to tackle Gorakhbodh. First I wrote Gita, then Yoga Sutras, then Shiva Sutras. It was sort of warming up process. Hatha Yoga Pradipika also. Now I can’t believe that I said these things.

So what is duality and non-duality?

For me it’s  very simple: your brain is in duality – conscious and subconscious. When your consciousness will develop to the level when subconscious will not remain subconscious – then you will be in the state of non-duality. No conscious, no subconscious – that is the real non-duality. After developing conscious will become one in non-duality. But even to understand this statement you must have some developed consciousness( laughing)

Even before modern psychology came into be they have discussing about chetan and achetan – conscious and subconscious, thousands of years before. Yogis were knowing something. This is modern psychological discovering – but Matsyendranath was talking about it centuries before. This work is very ancient. Very simple question: what is I and who is He? And he is answering: consciousness is I and subconsciousness is He. When they will be together – it will be non-duality. So famous statements: I am that, I am He: ok, I’m 2% I , but 98% is He; in fact it is also me. They discussed conscious mind and subconscious mind thousands years before; – who were able to understood that? Now it’s modern education, everybody knows about it.


Q: pure thought is without word and without a picture: it’s some kind of telepathic way?

Guruji: yes; by giving it word we’re giving it form. Sometimes giving the right word is also very good. Pure thought is formless: while it is formless – it can take any form. Just give it some words.

Q: when we see the dreams, we see not the “pure dreams” – because we see pictures; question is – when I see someone in a dream – my mind gives him some image the person I know?

Guruji: not your mind – that person’s mind is already give him image. I will say – dreamworld and astral world is one and the same; we can see dead people and so many extraordinary things there.

Q: but if I don’t know someone – my mind can give him image in a dream someone I know, whom he resembles in some way?

Guruji: no. you’re in the astral and that person are in the astral – it’s a chance of meeting in the astral. You’re looking at astral form, not physical, and you’re doing it in subconscious or in the vision.

Sometimes people are talking without understanding, just repeating the words.

Q: when you can see dead parents in the dream…?

Guruji: it’s the real astral experience.

Q: but what I can do to control it somehow?

Guruji: don’t believe people who are saying they can control their dreams. It’s a big achievement.

Q: from what depends your decision how to react in the dream?

Guruji: when you’re in the dream consciously. Without that it’s not possible.

Q: but if you remember your thoughts in the dream and the choice how to behave?

Guruji: remember, you’re not alone there. Other beings, their decisions are also affect you. If you’re absolutely alone – only that you’re think will happen. Same with the world, same with the astral world.

Q: one person said to me that he’s unique because he can remember all his dreams?

Guruji: anyone with good memory could remember all his dreams. If you can control the dream – you’re very extraordinary.

If you’re able to control your dream – it means you’re able to control the astral world – so you’re very powerful being. But if you cannot control the physical world – how you can control the astral? But if person is happy with his imagination – it’s fine. Nobody wants to be common, everyone think he’s unique.


Q: when you’re practicing Kriya more and more refine – you’re breathing not only through the nose? With the time you’re breathing through the skin and whole body?

Guruji: yes

Q: how to tolerate the smell of people?

Guruji: stay away from them. The smell is very difficult to tolerate – but it can be done.

Q: only yogis with a diamond body could easily tolerate?

Guruji: they are staying away from people.

Q: how it’s possible not to depend of your emotions?

Guruji: I think yogis have experienced almost every emotion which is possible. They are very sensitive persons. That’s why they stay away from people, because the diamond body is the very powerful body; and if some emotion will come – it will harm others.

Q: so they also have chemical reactions?

Guruji: I mean – emotions. In their mind, in their brain, in their thoughts. What chemical reactions they can have – it’s impossible to say. Their body is already transformed in extraordinary way. But they are more sensitive than normal person. That’s why they keep away.

Q: again in Gorakhbodh you stressed the point of 120 years?

Guruji: it’s a checkpoint of karmic effect. This question raises only in Gorakhbodh. The main problem is to live that long.

Q: condition depends?

Guruji: in any condition: if you cross 120 – you’re beyond the karmic effect. In our books is said that if you cross even 100 years – you will never see hell. Even if you reach 100 – you will have very less karma left, which is easy to work out.


Q: what is the difference between justice and injustice?

Guruji: the situation of injustice is far superior than the situation of justice. Then some law is established – that means a person needed a justice: he go and complain – that I’m not getting what I should or someone took away of what I had – so please give me justice. Situation of justice is for the society where all bad things are going on. And the situation of injustice is that state of society when nobody is doing anything wrong to the other and they all are living according to the nature’s law – that is the state of injustice. Once upon a time I have to see the dacoit from Chambal prison: he surrendered to the police – and I was a young man, I was interested how dacoit looks. My uncle was a government lawyer and he arranged for me to have their darshan. And he said – all these locks and all these documents are creating for so-called mаss people, because they are not trustworthy. For a dacoit a lock doesn’t matter. His word is command – he doesn’t need a legal paper to own something. All these things are created because so many people said that human beings are not trustworthy. Even Batman says this. So let’s have more faith in nature’s law.


Now so many people can see and catch the photos of different spirits there. And at 1st of July Hanuman Ji maze was moving: after putting flowers I was waiting for the fire, and maze which is standing turned 3 times – everybody think it will fall, but then it turned back and stand again. One side could be imagined – if it was not balanced before, but not the reversed process. This is first time it happened there. Don’t you think normal life is boring? There is always supernatural adventures happen here.

Actually – different colors are the way of communication of your spirit. When your consciousness begin to develop – you will begin to understand that. It is showing its emotions and thoughts to you; when we are developed enough – we understand. You cannot force it: if it will like – it will accept it, then the communication starts. Human cannot force the spirit.


Krishna came to remove the excessive weight of the Mother Earth. Most of the people are actually the excessive weight on Mother Earth. He just simply came and finish them. They come down to save the Earth. We’re bacterial infection to the Mother Earth.

The time frame is more or less same as Krishna’s times, all the yadavas were killed – there was nobody because all were dead.

Q: but territorially it fits?

Guruji: it is only 70 kms from Dwaraka. Until today it is considered as best-planned city of the world. Krishna’s city was the best. When Krishna planned to go to Dwaraka, leaving Mathura, he invoked the architect of gods, Vishwakarman – he created that city for him. if celestial architect will create something – it will be the best.

Q: it was underwater?

Guruji: for some time. They took some land from the ocean and then created it; and when Krishna was no more – water again took over. But there is another story, when Mohenjo-Daro came up – only Nаth yogis can tell you that.

There was one famous yogi, named Dharmanath. He was doing tapas near that area and some locals stole some horses from their camp, so he became furious. He put a betel nut on the ground and stood shirshasan on it. He gain such power that when he open his eyes – everything around will be incinerated. He did it for 12 years and then Gorakhnath heard about it. He just pulled him by his ear: what are you doing? For the mistake of few don’t punish the all! He asked – now what should I do? When I open my eyes – it’ll be so much power? And Gorakhnath said: look towards the ocean. And we he looked towards the ocean – the water vaporized and Mohenjo-Daro came.

It is stand to reason, because Dharmanath had the anger towards those people; finally, when all these Pakistan things happen, all those people were uprooted – sindhus; nowadays most of them is living in India, but their motherland doesn’t belong to them, it is now in Pakistan.

Q: someone told that Mohenjo-Daro is the oldest in the whole world?

Guruji: it is about 5000 years old and it’s exactly time of Mahabharata. Nobody still doesn’t know, what happened there, but if you connect it with Krishna story – it fits.

Q: where Mohenjo-Daro described in Mahabharat?

Guruji: just convert the name: jo daro in hindi means “the place of someone”. Mohan is the one of the famous names of Krishna: Mohan’s place.


Q: people often say in any case – oh, it’s karma; what is karma?

Guruji: origin of all karmas is your thoughts. From your mind: you see something, you get some inspiration, or out of jealousy you want to prove yourself – everything starts from the mind. Or it’s just a reaction to some situation.

That’s why yogis saying: if you’re able to understand your thoughts and you’re in a situation to control it – you will rise beyond karma. Origin of karma is inside your mind.

Q: in subconscious mind also?

Guruji: generally we’re looking only in 2% of our karmas, on the conscious mind. Once you’re get the access to your subconscious mind – let’s say the level of karma and the formation of the karma will be very high and very subtle. You will be already beyond karma then.

Q: if you’re just put out your hand from the fire – it’s also karma?

Guruji: no, you’re learning.

Q: but if you do it before you have the thought and recognize only after?

Guruji: then you started the karma and you learn out of it. Every karma, no matter how we will criticize them,  – it carries the special learning within. It’s sort of education for us – to do karmas.

Q: instinctive action is also karma?

Guruji: of course: it is starting from your mind and you expressing it physically and it will have its effect.

Q: physical body is also called karma?

Guruji: because it’s the thought, expressed by your mind. That is philosophical thing.

Q: how the thought transforms to the body?

Guruji: body is just a thought.

Q: but thought doesn’t have a shape, a body?

Guruji: thought is formless, but it’s an expression of your mind, which is also formless and your brain is the seat of it; and the body is another expression of it.

Q: why we have materialistic thoughts?

Guruji: it’s a reaction on the society and your family. And money is the essence of society. If you are in the society -most of your thoughts are the reaction to some situation. If you’re inside commercial society – you will have commercial thoughts.

Q: that’s how desires come?

Guruji: or you see someone having something better and you also want it. So many emotions triggered – jealousy, greed, this and that.

That’s why yogis were smart: they say if you want to be in the situation to observe the society – do nothing. Then only your mind will be free from commercial thoughts, then you’ll be in the situation to observe. If you’re inside it – you’ll be always acting; and without observation you will never learning.

Q: it’s very difficult

Guruji: no, it’s not difficult, it’s just a strong discipline. Everything is difficult – even to make some money is difficult.

Q: I still couldn’t understand: how formless get the form?

Guruji: it is formless – so it can take any form.

Q: the thought of whom?

Guruji: universal mind. As we are living on Earth – so maybe this is the mind of Mother Earth which is working like that. We are just a neurons of it. Think big! Instead of universal mind – let’s say it’s the mind of Earth. She’s living being – so she must be having thoughts also, emotions also, everything.

Q: She is sending every spirit to take birth on the Earth?

Guruji: maybe She’s not even aware of it: we’re not aware how many bacteria are taking birth and dying in our body. There are millions and millions of bacteria, living on us. We’re not concern about single bacteria. She may not even be aware that we are there. The time frame is very different. We calculated once: 1 second of Mother Earth is about 700 years of human beings. It’s very difficult for her to even notice us. That’s way some civilizations are takes centuries and maybe thousands years to develop – and then she take notice and civilization will be no more.

Q: once You said that everything starts from the mind?

Guruji: yes: the first thing start from the mind, then it will be expressed in many different ways.

Q: is it possible for the person without practicing yoga just with very strong concentration…?

Guruji: of course, there are people with a strong mind. But that’s the point: yogi is trying to know his mind. Many people have powerful mind – they never take enough effort to know their mind, they just keep using that.  That’s the difference in your ambition.

Q: but is it possible with the very strong mind to remain young with one very strong though “I will be forever young”? and you will be not ageing?

Guruji: well, everybody wants like this – but it never happens.

Q: You remember Sandman – when he granted immortality to one person, who just decided to be immortal and was talking about it with the friends in the pub?

Guruji: Sandman gave him immortality and every thousand years he will come and take a cup of chai with him. I remember that story. So even Sandman needs to talk to someone. And if he will take a new person for chai – it will be very shocking for a new person. Every century is fine – when it’s one person.

Then again: to be immortal he must have the very strong reason to be immortal. Without reason – how you will pass your time? That is the biggest problem. They need to have something very big to do, something important. I’ve already said it n one of my quotations: a person, who likes intellectual perception, is not intelligent; you cannot remain without physical work. To remain idle without work – you must be very strong and powerful and very imaginative – then you can be without any physical work.

Q: but at the same time the body must be in a very good condition?

Guruji: the mind will maintain it.

Millions of neurons dies every day – that’s what doctors say.

Q: in Ayurveda they say that the most are dying in the period between 30 and 40 – what do You think?

Guruji: most of the people start to be different that time. They just keep repeating their habits.

It’s very easy to stay away from temptations when you’re old – difficult thing is to find them. Temptations are important thing( smiling).

Every man is a specific kind of the Creator: they are carrying some emotions, something inside them. I’ve never think  – this person is inferior to me or he is idiot, never. They all have very special something inside, which we must be wise enough to find out. Yogis become even more sensitive.

If you don’t have creativity inside you – you will never understand the Creation of Creator. Creativity is the first thing you must have; otherwise you will never understand, never appreciate. Again you cannot discarded your destiny.

Q: how destiny will affect?

Guruji: it will carry your previous karmas from your previous birth; that’s why you were born in a particular family, in a particular initial situation. Then you will need to develop to actually understand this. 50% you cannot change. Genetics are there, family are there, but you need very strong mind to understand all these.

Q: why people can fail in their life – because of their destiny or because they are weak?

Guruji: maybe they are weak – but we cannot give a judgement here, because we don’t know their destiny. Maybe their stop is the part of their destiny. Life is a complicated thing. It is simple – but it is simply complicated.


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