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Q: We can observe that nowadays yoga became popular. There are so many different styles, technics… Could you please tell us what is the essence of Kriya Yoga?

A: Babaji gave Kriya Yoga to a very humble person who was just a clerk in the army in the Engineering department at the time of Monarchy. He could easily call a King or a Prince and initiate him into Kriya. But he called a very humble, a very ordinary person. So, I think it was the beginning of Democracy in the World. In Democracy our individual rights are respected; our individuality is respected. Everyone is equal. Yogis for 1000 of years keep telling us that everybody is equal. Everybody can have the same opportunity if they are actually seeking something and if it is inside them enough enterprise, they can achieve everything. So this is absolutely natural outcome of Democratic time that yoga has become so popular. I think as democracy will become more refined, yoga will become popular very much. And many many good and deep seekers will come out of it. So I have very high hopes.

Q: How the concept of moving and stable prana, which Lahiri Mahasaya was talking about, relates to the definition of time, which you give in your commentaries?

A: Moving prana is when you are breathing. Your prana is moving and it leads to your aging and normal ways of life. When prana becomes stable then people’s mind become very stable, and it will also help your physical body to become more stable; your aging will slow down. This what stable prana means. Even scientists are talking about that oxygenation is the real cause of growing old. The less you will breathe, or the less your body has a demand for breath, your aging will slow down dramatically. This is what he meant there.

Q: and what is the connection with your definition of time?

A: We are experiencing many layers of time; your biological clock; your physical body – breaths are acting like seconds; then we are into earth time – 24 hours brings us a day; the Earth is moving around Sun that is 1 year – this is the solar time we experience; then the whole solar system is moving; and the whole galaxy is moving – galactic time is there. We cannot experience time in its totality until unless we are able to develop our consciousness to that level. So first to be able to work with our breath, we will become aware about biological time; everything is indication towards knowing the time; whether we are breathing, or heart is beating; or day/night – all of this is indicating towards knowing the time and we are trying for that. Plus, the more you will concentrate on your breath, then your consciousness will develop. And remember one thing: there are 2 worlds on the both sides of your breath – when you are breathing you are in this world; and when you are not breathing you are in another world; that is the main link here – the more you know about breath, the more you will be able to make it stable; the more your mind will open up and the more you will become aware about existence of the time as it is.

Q: What do you think about sukshma vyayama in the tradition of Dhirendra Brahmachari?

A: Dhirendra Brahmachari was a good yogi. And I think he went to Russia also. I have good thoughts about him, but he is not longer there. He was an expert in yoga postures and in so many other things.

Q: what do you think about yoga postures what he was giving?

A: all yoga postures create a different body language which will directly affect your consciousness and your mind and your brain. So yoga postures in any form will actually affect your consciousness. I’m very much okay with that. You just need to be sincere in whatever you are doing.

Q: Does individuality «I am» possesses any qualities?

A: Of course, your individuality «You are» is actually possessing everything which you have carrying, all your memories from the past, this family line or genetic line, anything, everything you are carrying with the feeling ‘I am’. It is all pervading; it goes very deep. That’s why knowing and realizing ‘who am I’ is so important. You will remember everything whatever you have experienced in this genetic lineage.

Q: In the shloka 10 of Hatha yoga Pradipika, it is described three types of tapas and the translation of tapas is like suffering. What is these three types of tapas?

A: Please elaborate more on that. There are so many definitions of three types of tapas. Adhyatmik, worldly and about let’s say religious tapas. So yoga belongs to the Adhyatmik.  About self-realization, developing and knowing your own spirit that is called Аdhyatmik tapas. «Religious» thing is about worshiping certain Gods, so after your death He will allow you to enter heaven or you will be joining the hell if you are not good enough. Hard tapas – is worldly things, to achieve anything significant in this world. All your efforts and hard work is also considered as tapas. So yoga is in the category of Adhyatmik tapas – knowing your own Self, realizing your spirit inside and the immortal substance of it, and to be able to develop your consciousness to its limitless limits, this is what we are trying to do.

Q: Why does it say that tapas is suffering?

A: I don’t think that tapas is a suffering. Just think about a person who is trying to achieve something and he is doing very intense, concentrated, hard work. He is not feeling suffering. Suffering is bad, then when someone else is actually making you do something which you don’t want to do. Then, maybe, it is suffering. If you are trying to achieve your own goal and your own ambition, then the hard work will not appear as suffering. With every hard work day by day, you are getting nearer to your ambition and your goal. So how can it be called suffering. General public will think he has suffered a lot. But you are trying to achieve something. And it can be any art or anything, or even to make money. We work hard to do everything whatever we want to achieve. I don’t consider it as suffering.

I will give you one more thing: you will be successful in whatever you are doing if you actually like it. If you don’t like what you are doing, then you will never be successful in that. And whatever you are doing which you like,  you cannot call is ‘suffering’. It is like working for perfection.

Q: To take initiation to practice is a very important moment, because disciple gives promises that can’t be taken away. In your book «At the right hand of God» you say that for complete yoga practice, you should be free from emotional attachments and financial problems. Now I do have age, financial liabilities, family and emotional attachments; are there any restrictions to become a devotee of kriya yoga?

A:Well, that discussion was on a hardcore yogi those who left society and do just one thing that is working for perfection in yoga. But I will say Babaji has given us opportunity that while being in a normal household condition or living in society you can also practice yoga and achieve great heights. And what we meant by financial independence that is there should be enough kitchen money and enough money to provide for your family. I think this much is enough. You don’t need to be a billionaire to star practicing kriya yoga. And it is also expected that a person who trying to become a yogi or practicing yoga should be at least mentally and emotionally stable otherwise he will never be able to take a strong decision that ‘yes, I will practice yoga and I will progress’. So he has to be a little bit mature in his thinking and emotions. This much is expected.

Q: In the book «At the right hand of God», chapter ‘Life, death and after’ you say that religious rituals including christening affect the after-death existence. You say that they secure a grip on us after death. If I was a Christian when I was a child, and I don’t follow my vows who will I owe after death? How will the death of a Christian person differ from the death of a non-Christian person?

A: Well, the difference, the major difference, between different religions is the last rituals, what they do with the dead body, they are different. So, if you get a christian burial, you will receive or experience exactly what they actually tell in the Bible and what they preach. So I see no problem in that. If you are a good Christian, you should ask for good things there. So there is no problem. For the other religions the basic difference is Hindus go for cremation, Muslims go for burial but they are buried in a different way than Christians. So their after-death experiences are different. Christians after-death experience is different and hindus after-death experience is different. That means, whatever the last rituals are being performed on the dead person, they will directly affect his mind and spirit and consciousness. And whatever is writen in religious books, they will experience that. And If you are a yogi and you have realized your soul inside, and you are somehow able to make your spirit your friend, then a different story will come. The spirit will tell you so many things because it Is coming from the other side and will go on the other side.

Q:Is it true that during initiation to kriya yoga all religions vows are taken off the person?

A: No, we say that whatever religion you are practicing, you should continue to do so. And privately practice kriya yoga because most of the religions they are asking to surrender your soul; and yogi say this is the only immortal substance, you have to keep it , make it your friend and maybe it will give you, tell you so many different secrets because only friends share secrets. So it’s a different approach. Instead of surrendering your soul, you are making it your friend. That is a very big difference in approach.

Q: In Bhagavad Gita with your comments chapter 8 shlock 16 describes the death of an ordinary person, of non-yogi. Is it possible for non-yogi knowing only the theory and not having direct experience, to go through the experience of death without fear and be liberated?

A: I think if a person has enough devotion in the heart and he is a strong-build person and if he somehow got this information that is written in your chapter, he will be able to face it boldly, and his reactions will be different. And a layman who has never been into yoga or never been into kriya yoga and he doesn’t know what to expect, and suddenly this great experience he will experience, his reaction will be full of fear and that will change the course of his death. If you are prepared beforehand, you will be able to prepare without too much fear. And then a different story will begin. So for this this information is given.

Q: Should we strive to pronounce the Guru mantra with one breath? Is it ok to take multiple breaths before and after practice during that mantra?

A: It is better to hold your breath while you are saying this. It again will give you the effect of pranayams.

Q: Question about Shiva chillana. When I was younger I’ve got an accident where the upper lip detached from the top. So when I’m lifting the tongue up to touch the nose. Should my tongue be over the layer of my lip or should my tongue touch my teeth?

A: I think your tongue should touch your teeth, yes

Q: So the chin will go out a little bit more?

A: Yes.

Q: If one is to complete the 144 mahamudras, I’m not there yet but I’m trying very hard, can the body and the nervous system withstand the rest of the practice or should we just focus on mahamudras for that duration?

A: 144 mahamudras should be done beside your regular practice and when you have given it  enough time for some time, then your nervous system will be ready to tolerate it.

Q:In the chapter in Upanishad, the one of these stories «The untold tales», it’s phenomenal, mind-blowing chapter. You commented on the yakshas and the rakshasa. Are they good, are they bad, are they equalizers, neutralizers, are they working together, are they still here, should we give them any offerings , as the creators of this world, protectors?

A: Unnecessarily you don’t need to attract their attention, until unless he appears in front of you and demands something. Don’t go on your own to offer something to them. Leave them alone.

Q: Are they from this world? Are they friends with nags and nagins?

A: They are not human. I think there are some instances when the marriage between the nag and the rakshas is recorded in ramayana. But they are different types of being. I will give you one example, the son of Ravan , in Ramayanas you can read, Meghanada was married to a narg girl from the nag. So the marriages were happening.

Q: How I can keep balance and stay stable in different life situation, ? I don’t have Guru yet, what I can rely on, what to have as a support? How not to waste vital energy in everyday difficult situations?

А: I think she is  a strong girl and she can cope with any situations in life and at the same time will be able to maintain her balance. A weak person will never ask this question, so I think she is strong enough to face any challenges in life and still maintaining the balance. And she is doing Prithivi Namaskar, so she will be able to maintain the balance in any situations. Her mind is strong enough. I have no worry about her.

Q: My question is about gravitation. I’m a scientist and a teacher of mathematics and physics. There is an opinion that our thoughts are material and when we think about something we attract it. Everything is attracting to the Earth. What do You think about an opinion, that the Earth is thinking of us and is attracting us to Herself.

A: Because the Earth is attracting us and it’s not letting us go, that actually giving us life also. I think the Earth is a giant spacecraft which is taking us somewhere, keeping all our DNA memories and all our remains on herself. She is on a journey to some unknown destination and she is taken us there. So think on this line and you will discover so many fantastic things. She is providing us with every type of entertainment from politics to war, to yoga, and she is providing us with every life support system also. Maybe just from science fiction point of view all UFO which keep coming, they may be the pilot crew which are actually taking care of the Earth- spaceship which is taking us somewhere.

Q: My question is from book Bhagavad Gita. I don’t remember what translation it was. It was said that we have to get rid of any rituals. Can you elaborate a bit more on this, please?

A: Yes, you are talking about Vedic rituals. Most rituals were done to please certain goals of god, so he will allow you entry into heaven. But when you have made yourself strong enough, then you don’t require any ritual to please anyone, and I will give you a different perspective here: there was a time when humanity was worshiping immortal gods living in heaven or Olympus. Then Jesus Christ coming the divinity descended into humanity and after Jesus and Gautam Buddha and there is a long line of human being who actually were able to archive divinity without worshiping on an immortal god who was living in heaven. So it gives us a very great hope and Shri Krishna and Gita already write saying that you don’t need rituals to be divine yourself, you just need to find it inside you. So for this he’s recommending to become a yogi. Do it.

Q: What influence do public places have on us, for example , public lavatories? Can we minimize or eliminate this influence?

A: Well if you are using a public toilet then you cannot eliminate this  influence, and if you are sensitive you will feel it. So try to avoid using them.

Q: Why we should not do Khechari in Shirshasana, while sleeping and driving?

A: Well, while you are driving khechari mudra will change your mental state, and you may not be able to focus where you are driving to, and you may have go through some accident which is not recommended or required. And while sleeping, you may go into suspended animation, your family will take as you are dead already, and you will be buried very soon. In Shirshasana too much blood flow will go into your head and you may have hemorrhage. So to avoid these circumstances it is recommended to practice khechari only when you are doing kriya yoga

Q: In Gorakh Bodh , I see that the sound of nada comes from vibration of  bindu. Then the sound of nada gives birth to the Matter. Somewhere in Gorakh Bodh it is said that the sound of nada comes from Omkar. What is omkar? Maybe omkar is the realm of the Void? Because bindu is the seed of time in womb of the void or is it something else?

A: Actually Nada and Om are one and the same thing. When we elaborate and try to explain what is Om, then the discussion of Nada comes naturally. And you remember how the Om is written? There is a bindu and a crescent moon. So they say: from the Bindu the Nada emanates, the crescent moon sign is open up and then this “u” is a condensed matter, so nada starts in a very fine way, then it becomes gross and condenses itself into matter. So this is the journey of them. And science also says that everything is vibration, eastern theory and also many things they have discovered. wherever there is a vibration there is a sound, wherever there is a sound there is a vibration. So the whole creation is actually vibrating on a certain scale. So that is the play of the Nada

Q: If the sound of nada is eternal and five elements are immortal, what gives immortality to the physical body? Maybe the balance of 5 elements and the interest of our atma or something else?

A: As long as there is atma inside, there is life. And when atma goes away from the body, life is no more there. So, it is up to you to create some interest in your atma, so it will agree to stay inside your physical body. Continuously, forever, for a very long-long time. So here your creativity is actually tested. How much you are able to create interest in your atma, so it will remain together forever. It’s up to you.

Q: What can diamond body give to us?

A: There are two things there. It is called ‘Vajrakaya’ in sanskrit. Vajra also means a thunderbolt, vajrakaya also means a body of electricity. And here i will say when you are using 2% of your brain, brain is working with electromagnetic currents and the body is tolerating that much current. But suppose your brain is awakened 100%. It will create a tremendous electrical charge, and your physical body will transform, in the process of achieving that, and the pure electrical body you will achieve. That will be Vajrakaya which usually has been translated into diamond body. Try for it.

Q: Maybe diamond is equivalence of 5 elements because in the diamond the five elements are in the same proportion.

A: Yes, I understand. I will tell you one story and everybody would love to hear it. Gorakhnath – one of the greatest yogi of all time, was trying to achieve diamond body. So, he was somewhere in Himalayas trying to find extraordinary quality of mercury. By taking it, his body will become like a diamond. And for a thousand years he was waiting and waiting, trying and trying and one day he was successful in it. And he took it and his body became like a diamond. Then he took his sword and hit himself with a sword. There was a sound like thunderbolt, but nothing happened. And he became so elated and happy that he laughed ‘Now I have a diamond body!’. Suddenly there appeared a very old man, a very weak. Old man said: “ why are you laughing alone, have you gone mad, what happened?” Gorakhnath said:” See, I have achieved diamond body. See, take this sword and hit me”. Old man took the sword and hit him with it, and nothing happened, just the sound came. Then old man told him:

” Take the sword and hit me, let us see what will happen”. Gorakhnath told him that he may die. He said that” If I die in your hands, I will get liberated! So please, hit me with the sword”. And Gorakhnath hit him and the sword passed through him without making any sound. Gorakhnath’s guru, Matsyendranath, appeared and told him: ‘Don’t stop here. You need to achieve this pure electrical body. Keep working towards it’ and disappeared. So diamond body is one step and getting electrical body is the next step. Keep working.

Q: What exactly is dharma? Is it something that is determined by your birth? In Bhagavad Gita we read that Krishna says: ‘do your dharma without attachment to the fruits of it and do what is ordinary to you without attaching to the fruits of your actions’. What is dharma? How does one reach the state where they are not attached to the fruits of actions?

A: It’s a very important question. And if you analyze the word dharma, it literally  means “which carries you through”. If you translate it, “dhara” is the dharma it’s a Sanskrit definition of dharma, in English it will sound ‘which carries you through’. So there are so many things which are actually carrying us through. Our career is carrying us through so whatever are the requirements of your career are, you need to fulfill them. Then there are different responsibilities which you are carrying, you are dharma to your responsibilities, so you need to fulfill them. And whatever responsibilities you are taken willingly like your family or society, your friends, you should take good care of them as well, that is also part of the dharma. Dharma here doesn’t literally mean a religion. Dharma is which ‘carries you through’ or whatever you carry on your shoulders.

Q: Should we consider society’s expectation as part of our dharmas?

A: Well, we are living in society and society is providing quiet a lot to us, so we just remain to be very careful that whatever our actions are, they not actually harming society or disturbing society. That much is enough.

Q: My husband has a question, he wants to know, what you think about cloning people and cloning animals. Because there are modern scientist who are making a good effort in this sphere. What do you think about it in the future because he is thinking to take part in the project about cloning animals for the start. It will be about the cows for giving maximum of milk. It looks fine but someday it will bring to cloning people. What do you think about this area?

A: I think people are always against scientific progress. In the last centuries we see a pattern here. But science is moving forward and giving great things to general public, ease of life, and now we are able to see each other (in internet) and talk. Thanks to the science we are able to do that. So maybe now people are against cloning and all these things, but maybe in future it may bring some very extraordinary good results which we cannot imagine now. So let’s keep our minds open about it and let’s see what will happen.

Q: Can I have blessings for doing this?

A: My blessings are here, yes.

Q: I have a question about our universe creation. Were all spirits created at the same time our universe was created. Do we have any new souls in here or it was just created and closed and then we are living. And if it was so, then why we have so different experience and tasks since so many years we have here like thousands and hundreds of years, so we have so many time to experience whatever we want here. So why we are so different?

A: Maybe, actually in non-religious books, we will find this thing, who actually created the spirits, so that remains a mystery. We read about creation of the universe, but nowhere actually mentioned who actually created the spirit or the soul. So I think their realm, if we can call this ‘realm’, is beyond this Сreation. And maybe every creation, whatever we look around, just for their educational program and their entertainment. So spirits, because they are beginningless end endless, and they can go on for living forever and ever and ever… So to experience certain limit of time and certain different experience and different emotions, and that’s why so many different situations are created here in society from the beginning. Even dinosaurs were created different situations and they might also be having emotions. So it is a thrill and entertainment and education for the spirits to pass the eternity, learning and at the same time with entertainment.

Q: Do they have any opportunity to have so newborn here, new souls?

A: Maybe. I mean we actually know nothing about the spirit’s world. So they may be increasing their population also, and they are sending their children here, for like we send our children to school, they are sending them here to learn, they learn from emotions, different things, situations.

Q: I have a ‘mayday’ question about Vastu shastra. Does Vastu shastra present everywhere, in all the parts of the world, like Japan? Is Vasta purusha living in that houses as well? And should the one who is practicing yoga perform all these rituals and take care of Vastu purusha?

A: I think Vastu is a very effective observation. And the way our houses are built, how the city or the area where we live is planned, it directly effects our mentality and our mood. If you are in a good mood and good mindset, then your thinking will be good and you will take good decisions, and good decisions will bring you good results, so you will be a successful person. If all around you is giving your different impression – you are always angry, your mood is always bad because of the effect of Vastu in there, then your thoughts will be bad, your mood will be bad, your decisions will be bad and the results of your decisions will be also bad. So if you are sensitive enough, it is better to have your Vastu around you. It is highly recommended thing.

Q: Guruji, I saw you in my night dreams 2 weeks ago. And I was very happy to see you. But at the same time I saw many cobras and one of them bit me. I have a question: is it just a dream? Or is it perhaps a hint to pay attention to something in life?

A: In yogi community it is considered to be a very good sign if a cobra bites you in a dream. It is considered as a direct blessing from Shiva. It is a good thing. Relax

Q: Recently I have very unstable attention in my practice. There are many thoughts, even though some of them are worthwhile. How to make attention more focused, especially in mahamudra?

A: I think very regular practice will cure that. And if you are getting lots of thoughts, it tells us that your mind is developing. More developed mind will always have more thoughts and different ideas coming. So you should not worry about it. Just keep practicing very regularly and you will get over these things soon. Your mind is developing.

Q: I have been studying to become a yoga teacher in one of Moscow schools. What would be your advice to all new teachers? What is the main idea to understand and to give to people? What is the main message to people? As it is a very responsible thing, as it is not just a person practice any longer

A: The main message is that you just teach what you practice. This is the main thing. Because people can easily see whether this person is practicing himself or just giving a lecture to the class. So I’m sure you are going to be a very good teacher. And always keep them in a good mood. Because most of the yoga teachers from old time were extremely serious looking people, and their students were so much afraid of them. So establish a very good communication with your students, keep them in good humor and at the same time keep telling them very serious things about yoga. So this is how you should work.

Don’t teach them seriously! But teach them serious things happily! That’s the main formula.

Q: What advice did you get from God to be happy and to make other people happy?

A: I think that’s the most important blessing from the Guru and the God, that if somehow you can radiate happiness around you. And if you are able to make sad faces smile, I think it is a very big thing for me. I try my best to do that.

Q: There is a story that Subhadra was pregnant with Abhimanyu. He had experience of some knowledge. During pregnancy, does the child inside get some experience in yoga practice?

A: Definitely. If you can keep practicing as long as you can, the child will be practicing with you. And he will receive all the results which you are going through that time. It is a fantastic situation.

Q: will it affect somehow his future life?

A: he will be more extraordinary than a normal child. He will be more intelligent and he will be able to think more. And to become more successful in life, we need all these things. And he will be lucky as well.

Q: Is it possible to step out from the family karma and to start something my own: doing yoga, asanas, reading books? Is it possible or we are all connected to the family?

A: It is definitely possible. First, you need to become aware that 50% of you is fixed – you cannot change your genetics, your DNA, your initial circumstances which you went through, your cannot change your blood relatives. This is 50% of your destiny. Once you begin to understand this and you are able to develop your mind that you can see beyond that and go beyond that, then you are free to create 50% of your own destiny. You can do it. Simply by understanding the limit of your family. First, you need to understand what is the limit, then you cross over it and be on your own.

Q: In ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’

Paramahansa  Yogananda described how Shri Yukteshwar Giri gave him a stone which was meant for him. How to identify our stone which will protect us?

A: Swami Shri Yukteshwar Giri was a very good astrologer of his time. He was very famous for his wisdom in astrology. And he was able to decide which stone is for whom. And he suggested this to Yogananda and then you see he became world famous after that. Of course, it was his destiny, but the stone supported him.

Q: I have 2 questions. One question is about the visions. I sometimes have when I go through some breathing technics I see eyes of people and animals and babies, snakes, cows and so on. These moments are very emotional. I’m not scared but I’m very thrilled in these moments and I would like to know whether it means anything. And there is a saying that eyes mirror our soul, is it really so?

My second question is about the nature of people. Are there pure evil people or are we all a combination of good and evil?

A: There is no purity in this world. Everything is of a mixed character. There is good and evil in people. It is very difficult to judge anyone just by something what he or she has done recently. So keep an open mind and an open heart and we don’t judge. I have seen many evil people doing very good things and sometimes, so called good people, have done some very bad things. So we are all of a mixed character.

And about your visions that means when you are doing that breathing things, you are becoming very sensitive. And I will say that most of the women are very sensitive by nature, and their intuitive power is very much developed also. It is a very good sign. If you keep doing whatever you are doing, those experience will become very deep. So I will say carry on.

Q: What is love?

A: Well, that is the most mysterious and important question all humanity is asking for thousands of years. I will just answer what I understand. Most liberated intimate and open friendship can be called love. But we are still looking into it. We have not reached the conclusion there. Friendship is the basis of love. Real deep intimate and open friendship can be called love.

Q: I studied to become a yoga teacher and taught others. But I constantly have doubts whether I can continue to do so. Everyone likes my classes, but I’m not sure. I keep getting traumas in yoga and that’s why I don’t know whether this is my way. Should I just practice yoga for myself and not teach others?

A: You should have more faith in yourself. And it is better if you continue to teach people. Actually, by teaching other people we are learning from them as well. Have faith in yourself!

Q- Guruji, I’ve been practicing asanas for many years at Anna’s studio. I’ve been reading a chapter of Gita every day for 2 years already. I’m feeling some processes that are happening inside myself, and I’ve noticed that something that used to bring me joy and pleasure no longer does so. And I haven’t discovered new sources of joy. Sometimes there are difficult moments when I can’t find any joy or anything I can lean onto. Where can I find some support?

A- I will say that one chapter is over, another chapter is beginning, so he is in between. He will get over it and new joy will enter his life. Very soon.

Q- The question is about “Hatha Yoga Pradipika”, chapter 2 about the practice of  pranayama. I know there’s the God of Death Yama, Yama’ sister is called Yami. Why is a yogi called Yami?

A- Yama is actually regulating the number of people on this planet. That means when you are regularizing your breath, then you will be called Yami, following a very strict discipline. Yama regulates the number of human and other beings and a yogi is trying to regularize the number of his breaths, so from that point of view they are called Yami.

Q- I had to take off my kundals because my ear lobes became inflamed, and the holes have closed off. Can I ask some Gyrubhai to pierce my ears or should I wait until I can go to Govardhan to get it done there?

О- Any disciple or jeweler can do it, no problem.

Q- Guruji, the practice helps me in my life very much, it gives me some structure  and makes my life better. There was a question about the criteria for getting Diksha, and one of them is the stability of the mind. I came into practice with a very unstable mind, but with time, with practice, my mind is becoming more and more stable.

A: That is how it happens with everybody. It takes time for the mind to become stable. You are starting in a very unstable situation. But I’m happy that you are doing good. Carry on with that.

Q- There is such a fruit called avocado, I’m not sure avocado grows in India. Will you allow me to bring some avocado sprouts to have them planted in your garden?

A-Yes, please, give it a try. Thank you.


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