Q: it really exists Babaji’s team?

Guruji: Lahiri Mahasya mentioned that it is a group of immortals of Babaji. I think it’s a very good idea to have immortal group: if you become immortal alone – it will be a big boring thing, you will remain alone – so let’s have the whole group become immortal.

Q: we know about Babaji’s group, about Nath yogis and about Dattatreya with his disciples: is it one community or different groups?

Guruji: Dattatreya lives alone: he is never mentioned – maybe in a few thousands years he have one disciple, otherwise he’s alone.

Q: so You think it’s only one community like Babaji’s group?

Guruji: they may have connections – or maybe it is one community but we know it in different names. Not exactly community: maybe good satsang is going.

Q: it must be some great goal or aim to keep such a big number of persons immortal?

Guruji: we don’t know their number exactly. It must be not a big number.

Q: in Hatha Yoga Pradipika they gave the whole list?

Guruji: it might be names of Babaji’s group or Nath yogis – they look same to me. We will be able to connect them only after we will know who is Babaji.

Q: what for this list is given?

Guruji: for reference – to give inspiration to us.

Q: is it known, who was direct disciple of Dattatreya?

Guruji: well, Parashurama is mentioned. And he gave upadesh to king Yadu – ancestor of Shri Krishna himself. Few only, not much.

Q: so we cannot find like Nath parampara from him?

Guruji: some Aghori parampara came from him – there are some disciples, their names are mentioned in many books.

Q: is it paramapara still alive?

Guruji: he is living on Earth, so he can keep it alive. Immortal persons don’t care about parampara much: they are omnipresent and they can teach anyone any time. That’s why we’re don’t worry about Kriya yoga parampara: Babaji is immortal so he can teach anyone any time. That is fantastic: Kriya yoga is ot depending on parampara – Babaji is immortal and can teach anyone again.

Q: but he created parampara for some reasons?

Guruji: it looks like it – so Kriya yoga will reach Shailendra Sharma one day. I like to think that way.


I’m complete 51 year of working out with weights – but I’m not looking like bodybuilder, I’m just fit with no muscle cuts.

Q: what I see – the cuts appears when I’m completely tired, off?

Guruji: agreed on that. We just want to remain strong and conditioned. We’re yogis: union, not separation!

Kriya yoga increased my chest nearly to 8 inches – and lower body measurements are same.


Q: is that episode from Mahabharata – when Ganga sat on the wrong lap of Shantanu’s grandfather – true?

Guruji: yes,  something like that: on right thigh the daughter sit, on the left thigh – the lover sit. We have so much things. Definitely it was done intentionally.

Q: several times that is said about satyavada: if I have some tapas or spiritual powers – so let something come into be?

Guruji: yes: by the tapas whatever will be said will come true.

Q: is it like formula that you’re giving your tapas for some aim?

Guruji: no, it develops. It’s side effect. If you speak the truth and only the truth – then this power will come. don’t try, it will be very difficult to survive in society. To survive speaking the truth – for 12 years it will be very difficult.


Q: why they decide to take birth in other countries?

Guruji: otherwise who will go and teach them? It is not possible that so many great experts in postures and so many things just coming from the West – this is nearly impossible. That is the very good beginning. I was always interested in Kriya – and never interested in postures.

Q: You have ever practiced other technics than Kriya?

Guruji: nothing

Q: what do You think: past life remembrances are more important than genetics?

Guruji: with good past life karmas you will find the right genetics also. It was very easy to us children to do padmasan or baddhapadmasan – this is normal thing here. There was one sadhu – Kailash Brahmachari , he used to visit my ayurvedic doctor uncle; he will show us nauli, everybody try and we was able to do it. He even showed us khechari one time – which was too “wow” for us. This is India!

Q: how this man learned to do khechari?

Guruji: he was trying – and made us to touch our nose with our tongue- but not inside. But even touch the nose with the tongue is something. And we all could do uddiyan and nauli.

I’m the fast reader; I could to read 4-5 novels in hindi in one day, one after another.

Q: You remember everything You read?

Guruji: whatever I like – I remember. It was one exam in my army training camp, where we used to give a lecture on a fixed topic; the topic for me was – “I don’t like sweets, I like salt”. So I just said – I don’t like the sweet of luxury, I like the salt on my brow and work hard – something for our country. I’m a boasting type, yes. I think the more you read books- the better you talks begin. It helps! It’s the beginning; only after you can come back and see. Five novels a day is something. Then I became more busy and I begin to read English novels – than 1 novel a day. Even that is quick. We began to read – he was a good writer: James Hadley Chase, very good thrillers – and one novel a day was my daily. I still have his full collection.

Q: have You read many books on Kriya yoga?

Guruji: oh, I came through so many fake gurus in the name of Kriya yoga and so many sadhus also. That’s how I discovered that ashram in Jagannath Puri. I think it was good exposure. If everything comes to you easily then you don’t value it much, that is also true. I think it will apply to everybody. Come easy – go easy.

Q: what do You think: You wasn’t conscious that time – some subconscious mind was leading You towards Yoga?

Guruji: I think so, yes. Only Kriya yoga appealed to me; I was never interested in yoga postures or this thing or that thing; no philosophy – because I was read them all already. Now I’m went through Mahabharata. I’ve read Mahabharata complete work at 1969. And you know, when I’ve read Gheranda Samhita? 1966 or 1965. My father had so many books; and I still have that book. Vishnu Purana, Valmiki Ramayana – we all have it around that time; I begin to read. I’ve began to read Мшыртг Purana in 1965 and then read them all – all Mahapuranas.

Q: You read all 18 of them?

Guruji: yes, later I’ve bought myself and went through all of them.

Q: what was Your favorite purana?

Guruji: Mahabharata and Valmiki Ramayana. Mahabharata is one of the 18. Somehow even before I go to school I’ve begin to read. And there was a comics which were coming in our newspapers those times; they was my favorite.

I’m still don’t know what is my work and what I’m doing; yes, I’m lucky enough to learn something. Some of the things I’m sharing also.

Q: don’t You have the déjà vu feeling when You read Mahabharata or Ramayana?

Guruji: that feeling came when I was reading the “Autobiography of the yogi”. It was the big surprise to see Lahiri Mahasaya’s photos: i saw and think I know him. and when I stand in front of his house I knew exactly what is inside. That was something.

Q: what does it mean?

Guruji: maybe I was the mason who build that house(smiling) or the previous owner of Lahiri Mahasaya’s house – who knows? You can think on so many things. But usually people think they might be a disciple or Lahiri Mahasaya himself.

Q: have You tried to remember Your past lives?

Guruji: oh, I remember just a hints. Now I’m more interested to meeting myself.


Q: Guruji, when You started on Kriya – how long or how much You practiced in a day?

Guruji: 14 to 15 hours every day. And for 3-4 months I’ve tried to practice 20 or 21 hours in a day. But the day is different then: you practice for 20 or 21 hours then you need something then you sleep for 12-13 hours. Then you get up, get ready, eat something and practice for 20 or 21 hours – then you eat something and go to sleep for 13-14 hours. You cannot fix it in 24 hours in a day.

Q: so for You it doesn’t matter – is it day or night?

Guruji: if you’re into it – it’s ok.

Q: how You stop this routine?

Guruji: after I realized that precise technic is more important. And Babaji came; so no problem. When I experienced samadhi – then I stopped.

Q: so only with such intense practice it came?

Guruji: yes, I did a little push.

Q: what was Your level of practice that time?

Guruji: I will say – good level of practice. I was doing 1000 shvasahita pranayamas every day.

Q: and how many mahamudras?

Guruji: 12 only. Even though I’ve done 144 mahamudras many times – in a day. It also takes 7 to 8 hours. If you’re doing the right proportion. We must test our limits: physical limits, mental limits, limits of our will power. I was not talking for weeks and months. And my mother worried my heart must be broken- some girl brake my heart so I’m just in my room. Mothers always think only this. Then I’ve begin to talk and I’m still talking.

Q: so only after the first experience of samadhi Your routine changed?

Guruji: in fact I couldn’t get up for a few weeks: I was just lying in my room – it was so overwhelming effect. My hairs begin to be grey, chest was grey, beard was grey – and I’ve lost any feeling for anything. Then my mother was absolutely sure that my heart was broken by some girl. Then one day I’ve coming down from the bath and looked myself in the mirror and thought: what happened to me? Then Lady Luck smiled and I forced myself to do exercises. Somehow even within a week I see the reverse process started. Then I realized that physical exercises are extremely important to balance you. So we do it.

Q: You feel better after first physical exercises?

Guruji: I was very tired but I felt better. That’s how we learn.

Q: from what You start training?

Guruji: I had barbells and dumbbells and even some isometric things: so I’ve started with isometric thing, then some dumbbells and barbells – so it begin.

Q: how Your body was looking before training?

Guruji: I was able to bench press 300 pounds. I was strong man. My bodyweight must be 83 or 84 kilos. And the last one bench press 300 pounds I did when I was 47. In 2017 I did incline bench press 110 kilos every day. Then the bench broke. Now I’m more careful: I’m using machine. Then I begin to worry about evil eye so I stop showing off(smiling). I could do squats 400 pounds 8 repetitions. Bench press 300 pounds; cleaning press 200 pounds.  I think that’s enough strength for a pure vegetarian man.

Q: if You had not such results in strength – you will not survive after such experience of samadhi?

Guruji: probably. That’s why I keep telling to all my students: exercise every day, make yourself strong.  Yoga is not for weak. Devotion practice are recommended to them. Now looking back I think I had enough physical training: swimming, so many weight training, cycling, mudgars – so many things; arm- wrestling. And I’ve also noticed in college: if you defeat someone in the arm-wrestling match – he remembers it all his life. He will never forgive you for defeating; so we stopped it. My dedushka friend was also bench pressing almost same weight. He was good bench presser.

One of our trainers in wrestling was one-eyed man – we called him kaana behind his back – but we were respecting him. even though he was 70 plus – but he wrestling with young people and they were very devoted. And he will say: patha ( athlete or wrestler): if his thighs are very muscular, even if he wore dump clothes – everyone will turn back and look at him. and I agree absolutely with him.

Q: why You were progressing so fast because You practicing so hard?

Guruji: actually my Guru told me, he was already 77 years old: he commented after initiated me – that I’m very old, I don’t know when I will die – so work hard. That made me very much afraid that after him who will teach me? So I did the best I could do with myself.

Q: You should have the very strong mind to practice like that?

Guruji: I hope all my school teachers will hear you now about my strong mind(laughing) – they all disagreed.


Q: Gorakhbodh comment to shloka 51: Kundalini is by herself attached to prana?

Guruji: yes

Q: but in all other books it is said that it is all our efforts and force to rise it?

Guruji: see, this is a very simple thing: only through navel everything is created – including the power of Kundaliini. So the navel is the main key point: that’s why they gave the so much importance to that – bank naal and all these things.

Q: but from muladhar up to nabhi Kundalini goes by herself, without any efforts from our side?

Guruji: when it wakes up

Q: and after nabhi we need some efforts to rise it more?

Guruji: no, it will go by herself. Then it will go to sleep.

Q: so we are making all the efforts only for waking it up – then the process is automatical?

Guruji: we have already clear all your different obstacles for doing it; you have already taking prana and apana: when it will rise – it will go up.

Q: so the main thing is to open the door and wake it up?

Guruji: yes. Nabhi will remain the creative force always.

Q: where exactly in the brain Kundalini goes to sleep?

Guruji: I think in medulla oblongata.

Q: but it’s different from agya chakra?

Guruji: bhrumadhya is between the eyebrows and agya chakra is on the opposite side. And the medulla oblongata also controls your breathing pattern: so you’re without breathe or in suspended animation. Then it continue to sleep till you wake it up again. Then it penetrates the subconscious. Then through medulla oblongata it goes somewhere inside the brain: this is what we describe in Shambhavi mudra.

Q: Kundalini enters sahasrara chakra through the tallu?

Guruji: it starts from tallu, yes.

Q: it’s like the inner gate?

Guruji: that’s the only way to sahasrara. To stimulate it or to make it conscious or something. There is no other way.

… that is the result of keval kumbhaka and Shambhavi mudra. It’s not the state of suspended animation. With the extraordinary practice this thing will become easy to you.

Q: so here prana is inside?

Guruji: already inside. In the last shloka of Hatha Yoga Pradipika Gorakhnath says this: if the vayu is not enter the madhyama marg, all this thing has not happen – then the talking about knowledgeable thing is just nothing. He’s already described it here.

Q: this is not the state of kevala kumbhaka?

Guruji: it is sahaj: when everything is mastered – it becomes easy to you.

Q: is this the profound technic of kevala kumbhaka?

Guruji: it is all sum total result of all technics. When you know, how it is done and you have done it.


Q: if the Time is stable, static – it could be seen in the moment like present, past and future?

Guruji: yes: like the ocean – it is not going anywhere but there are so many streams inside it.

Q: but why now if someone practicing he could see the past and present – but not the future?

Guruji: that time will also come. the whole practice is for knowing the Time – as I already stated in Gita, in my first poem.

Q: question from Gorakhbodh: during practice we’re trying to find the source – we’re going to the past, then more past and finally to where all it began?

Guruji: ultimately if you will not become aware of your full past – you will never become aware of your present moment. And if you’re not aware of your present moment – you will never become aware of the future moment.

Q: is it true thought – that what we’re rewind to the past – it is our future?

Guruji: no, it’s the part of your self-realization. Until unless you will know your own past – how you can say “I know myself”? it is part of that.

Q: if we’re going to the past – it doesn’t mean it’s our future?

Guruji: only then you’ll be able to see your future or even try plan it also. Till then you’re not in a situation to plan anything. And we all learn from our past mistakes.

Q: could we take another path if we see the future?

Guruji: no. Without knowing your past you will never see your future. Knowing your past – it’s only one past, you cannot change it. That is the base, which will provide you with strong base for taking of towards the future. So knowing your past is extremely important for your wisdom also and to know yourself as well. you cannot create the new past. From science fiction point of view: when your mind will become too powerful, you have become Time conscious and you’re able to see past, present and future same time; if you want – you can bring about some changes in the records. But to be that powerful will take few billions years.

Q: to change something in your past?

Guruji: in the fabric of Time – anywhere. In your past – everything. You cannot just change the past: you should have enough mind and imagination to see the consequences – how it will take here and how far it will go. Because you will have to also plan it: same time when you planning to change some past. That takes highly development.

Q: if someone could change the past without this ability to plan?

Guruji: that means you cannot do it. Only in science fiction stories it happens.

Q: some time ago we talked that we could progress as the astral being?

Guruji: first in this life – then after in many different lives. But that always needs time, it’s not happen suddenly. Have patience. Yoga Sutras says: very long time patient practice will make your base very strong.

Q: again Gorakhbodh, comment to shloka 61: the breathing of life is drinking during pranayama with khechari mudra?

Guruji: yes. That will come from your breath. Amrita will come from your breath. And take the breathe is like amrita to us, so that’s why yogi said: as long as air is inside you – you’re alive; because air is giving you life. If you’re able to retain it inside indefinitely – it will work like amrita, you will live forever. It’s a direct connection.

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