Q: what do you think about this mercury from Karnataka?

Guruji: it’s an amalgam maked with tin. Combination of certain metal with mercury.

Q: and for what they use it?

Guruji: to impress people and make money. How much you pay for it? Fifty rupees? Not expensive. I’ve seen many of such type. It maybe harmful if you’ll use it in your mouth, it’s not pure enough. Real purified mercury you can not buy in market.

Q: is it useful for health?

Guruji: it is useful to impressing the tourists. Everything has some use.

Q: maybe it could be used in some spiritual things?

Guruji: it’s not so value. Solidified mercury is supposed to be extraordinary thing. Many people just learn how to make the combination with the certain metal which is low in quality. I can teach you if you want. You can start selling it anywhere.

Q: in our country mercury is prohibited for free sale

Guruji: so if you want to free shelter and food you just start to sell it – and government will take care of you( laughing)

Q: I was at your puja yesterday and I want your explanations about it

Guruji: it’s a private affair. I’m not a religious teacher. But I follow our tradition as best as I can. Many people told me – that was unusual to them. So what is your opinion?

Q: I have nothing to compare

Guruji: it’s better that way. We are not open for public and for tourists also – it’s absolutely personal thing. Only my friends and disciples can be there, that’s it. Now it will be nearly 18 years we are doing it continuously.

Q: all the souls or spirits must now true samadhi?

Guruji: no. very rarely,  very extraordinary souls could do it.

Q: but all the souls are going to the god

Guruji: no, this must be some misunderstanding. Nobody knows the true nature of the creator or the god. God could be the microbe, sitting in the center of the Earth. It could be smallest of the small virus.

Q: what do you think: the final task for every soul – it could be changed?

Guruji: not for every soul. Some of them just there.

Q: so not every soul has the special task? Some of them are just to be there?

Guruji: yes, just be.

Q: and they have no potential?

Guruji: Time is unlimited, so they are waiting for some potential or some task.

Q: so they could change their task after coming ten or hundred times?

Guruji: maybe million times when they will be aware of some things.

To make your spirit your friend – this is the first step. And when your spirit is your friend – it will introduce you to the god, who lives inside your heart. So it is step by step process. And this is not going to be easy. It is hard work, and the hardest thing is to remain consistency in your practice. Every day, day after day, month after month, year after year with great patience. And always do your optimum and most excellent practice, whatever is being talked. Then your spirit will introduce you to god, who lives inside your heart.

Every religion gives very romantic ideas about god, but when you may see him in reality – he may be absolutely different. Be careful and be ready for that shock also. Most of the religions teach us, that the god lives inside your heart. And what is inside your heart? It is the sealed container of your darkness. And there is blood inside. That means god is living in blood and in pure darkness. And only your spirit can introduce you to god or whatever name you give which is there. This practice will take long time, great patience and force – that is hard. I’m telling you because you commit yourself; right motivation and right information is needed. If you are ready for hard work – that is a very good thing.

Q: are the steps in education very much needed?

Guruji: if you want to have some chip inside your head – yes, maybe you can jump over some steps. Otherwise we are the human beings, we are not the angels from God, not superheroes from other world – we need to learn step by step. I’ve never see anyone with so developed brain to not go step by step and just directly reach the conclusion. We are normal people and we learn to work hard.

Q: so you have no magic pill or magic suit to be superhero?

Guruji: abracadabra – and I’m extremely big and strong. Fantastic perspective. There is saying in America  – there is sucker born every moment. And there is always smart man to take care of them, in the name of magic. This is how the world goes on. But that is not our concept.

Tell me one thing: does God care for you, that you come to him? Or know him?

Q: yes

Guruji: why? God is sitting on the other side. Your spirit will go to him anyway, if you follow religious way of life. But knowing him is really hard work. You will have to prove your sincerity, you will have to do so many things just to draw his attention. It’s not so easy. And if god is creating everything – it means he created me. And if he created me – it means he knows me. For me this is enough. If he knows me – this is something.

Q: and who is god?

Gurjuji: I watched one movie many years back. Two clones ran away from some organization, and one of them asked one man – who is god? And this answer I could not forget. He said – god is a guy who ignores you when you need him the most. I’m still thinking on that – and it sounds good to me.

Q: what is the first step in education?

Guruji: first you start believing in yourself. There is immortal spirit inside you – make it your friend first. Spirit comes from the other side. Until unless you will make your spirit your friend – you’ll never know what is happening there. Your own spirit will tell you. Life is very precious, this body is unique – so use it very wisely, try to develop it as best as you can; mind is also inside your body – so develop yourself. Make friends with your own spirit. Develop your consciousness as best as you can. You will know so many things. So many secrets of the nature will open for you. If you believe that god created the nature – then by studying nature you will begin to understand the nature of god. But it also is stepping program. Suddenly it is not like winning the lottery, you will have to earn your money the hard way. It starts by believing in yourself. Immortal things are inside you. Discover them!

Q: Guruji, when the person is born with the possibility to see some spirits – does he have from the beginning the another type of the relationships with his own spirit?

Guruji: yes, they are much more aware of their spirit, so they can see other spirits.

Q: this is possibility of the body or of the spirit?

Guruji: it is consciousness, awareness. Some people are born with it.

Q: it exists some external features that you can say – oh, that person can see the spirits?

Guruji: no, you can not see external features. But this much  I can say – they are look different than normal person always.

Q: how can you judge – people are telling you fairy tales or they are really say the truth?

Guruji: it’s your way to judge.

Q: yoga and aghora – are two branches of the same knowlrdge?

Guruji: aghora is the extremely rare branch. Only extremely advanced yogis may become aghoris.


Q: I’m studying ostheopathy

Guruji: it’s remarkable thing. I think it’s right business, because what I’ve read about godfathers of Italian mafia – they are very good at breaking bones. You will continue to save people – it’s fantastic program. That study give you so much knowledge about human’s body – it’s always needed.


Q: what’s the difference between turya and turyatita?

Guruji: actually turya means the fourth state. It exists awaken state, dreamy state and sleeping state; turya comes after- it is beside these three states. That means – awaken state going to sleep, the dreaming state is being realized, and subconscious becomes conscious – that is the four state, which every yogi trying to achieve. You can call it Samadhi – the fourth state of mind.

Q: and turyatita?

Guruji: same thing. The mind will remain, but it will be in the fourth state. The word was made in the sake of trying to explain, but it actually increase more confusion, when you are trying to explain something that you have not experienced. So the fourth state of mind is turayatita – who established in the fourth state. Awaken conscious and subconscious.

Q: so it’s not turyatita, it’s turyachitta? Mind in the fourth state? I found somewhere that udana has turya character and vyana has turyatita character?

Guruji: they are trying to explain which nobody understands. You can continue to use any heavy words and mix them – everybody will think you are extremely wise.

Q: so the right term is turyachitta?

Guruji: turya chitta is awaken mind, who is establish in the fourth state.

Q: how they are mixed in turya state – conscious, unconscious and subconscious mind?

Guruji: I’ve already written in Hatha Yoga Pradipika: make your conscious mind unconscious in one state – and make subconscious mind conscious. That is the fourth state of mind, viparita karani. It’s not so easy, but it has been done – and I believe it can be done. We really discuss some fantastic things.

Q: when in pictures are some position of the fingers  – it’s not the mudras, it’s hastas?

Guruji: it’s hasta mudras.

Q: I think when someone who are not aware of yoga could see the yogin, who is counting his circles of pranayama – he could decide that it’s some mudras, what do you think?

Guruji: in many tantric rituals so many hasta mudras are used. You know the tantric yoni mudra? I ‘ll show you.

Q: and what is the use?

Guruji: when they are worshipping Shakti, they do like this( do like puja circles)

Q: could something be changed just by holding of some position of the fingers?

Guruji: I’ve seen so many of them, that I don’t believe in that mudras anymore. Many great things are described – this will happen, that will happen, actually – nothing. Like if you will read Yogini Hridaya Tantra. They are describing ten mudras, so you will become immortal – for Shri Vidya. Yoni mudra, maha mudra and others; and they also keep saying that in yoni mudra the great light will be seeing and bindu will appeared but in the commentary is said that if you will do this( hasta yoni mudra) – the effects will be there. But we know Kriya yoga, where yoni mudra is absolutely different.

Q: so the text is genuine, but commentary is absolutely useless

Guruji: that’s the point. Texts are always genuine. That’s why I keep saying to all my friends that always go for literal translation. Because you are practicing yoga, your understanding always be different and much more deeper.

Q: Guruji, have you ever heard about text named “Spanda karika”?

Guruji: I’ve heard about it. They say that in the beginning of the creation starting with spandan- spandan means the vibration. It is true.

Q: it’s yoga text?

Guruji: some yoga is there, because in every ancient text some yoga is described. They say the spandan, the vibration, or some beats – they started the creation.

It gives you no result. But people believe – I’m doing Shakti puja, I will show it to Shakti and she will be extremely happy and she will grant me extraordinary powers, but nothing happens. I’m very sorry that ladies are watching this.( demonstration on video). This is tantric yoni mudra, and you just keep showing it to Shakti and worship her, and no result will come. But if you show the finger to the strong man – the immediate result will come. So be careful.

Q: aghora and tantra – it’s the same things?

Guruji: aghoris knows the lot of tantras, but they are very different.

Q: they have different practice?

Guruji: tantrics are – you are worshipping Shakti or ten Mahavidyas, trying to please them to reach their level – when everybody will worship you like a deity, give you money etc. that is the main aim of so-called “tantra”. “Tantra” means “technic”, so even yoga can be called tantra, because it’s technical aspect. And real tantra is somehow to attract Shiva’s attention and receive his grace and Shakti’s attention and receive hers grace. That is the ultimate aim and result of tantra. Tantra literally means technic. Whatever you are practicing, if you are doing certain technic – you are practicing tantra. Now black magic is called tantra. But we are yogis, we like to live clean way of life and I think this is good for us.

Q: it is said that it exists the 5 conditions of the mind: kshipta, mudha, vikshipta, ekagra and nirudha. How they are connected with conscious and unconscious mind?

Guruji: vikshipta means you can not decide anything, you are almost like psychotic person; vikshipta means like a mad man. Kshipta means all of sense, full conscious. This categories are suitable for the normal brain.

Q: and what is ekagra?

Guruji: absolute concentration.

Q: and what are mudha and nirudha?

Guruji: mudha is when you are enjoying yourself. Nirudha means – when it is under control.

Q: so what is the difference between ekagra and nirudha?

Guruji: ekagra means when you bringing one thought forward out of the millions of thoughts, which are already there, literal translation – bringing one thought forward. It is not exactly concentration. And nirudha means – you are able to control them.

Q: you tell us, that Brahma is in muladhara. But also in muladhara is Rudra granthi bheda.

Guruji: don’t connect them, Kriya yoga is the different program.

Q: so we’re not concern this placement of Rudra, Brahma…

Guruji: there exist swadhisthana, manipura, anahata and vishuddha – all of them are different type of Rudras, different creations. Because earth element is the basic element- it is Brahma, read my Gita preface. It is directly connected with Brahma. There Kundalini Shakti is also sleeping, surrounding very great Shivalingam – it is also there, in muladhara. That means – Shakti lives in earth element. Earth is the real power.

Q: in that case, how is connected Brahma granthi bheda and Brahma in muladhara?

Guruji: here brahma is not Brahma, here brahma means the mind. The opening the knot of the mind. Only with khechari you can do the complete circuit.

Ram becomes Rama, yog becomes yoga and brahm becomes brahma because of translators. Krishn becomes Krishna – so we need to give the original pronunciation. But in muladhara it is Brahma.

Q: and hridaya granthi is also connected with the earth element?

Guruji: it is directly connected with Vasudeva, living in the heart. It is beyond elements.

Q: all the elements ends in manipura chakra?

Guruji: no, here is the fire element. Air is in anahata, akash – in vishuddha. And atma is in agnya chakra, Paramatma is in sahasrara – beyond elements.

Q: what about gagana chakra?

Guruji: it’s just a description of empty space; gagana means akasha. Like vyom chakra.

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