GSR experiment


I thought it might be curious for more disciples to know the results of a small experiment which Guruji allowed to happen on one nice day last year – only to discover how vastly differently his body and mind operate.

Let me start though by giving you a flavour of what was actually measured, how and why. Or, those impatient, may wish to skip the nerd down to the paragraph starting with the «Sooooooo». :-)))

The above graph has been provided by a software, accompanying the MENTAL GAMES device, which can be bought The operating principle of the device is a biological feedback on galvanic skin reaction (GSR). It has been established by science that changes in the GSR correspond to changes in the mood of a person, her/his psychosomatic and psychophysiological condition.

GSR is measured in Ohm, or, rather kiloOhm, kOM, as electric impedance between the two spots on the skin of one’s palm. The higher the impedance, the calmer the mood, they say. This technology is one behind lie detectors used by intelligence services, as telling lies places (an unprepared) person in a comparatively more anxious state of mind.

Thus, the usual application for GSR is comparative analysis. The absolute numbers usually don’t really matter much, what matters is changes in GSR levels, which reflect changes in the mood. Research I found claimed the living human body would show GSR levels from 10 kOM to 2000 kOM, sleeping person’s GSR would on average be higher than that of an awake person, however, within the above range, a dead body would demonstrate GSR levels higher than those.

Those researcher have not Not until Guruji became interested in the device.

The device is supposed to help train ability to relax consciously, to let go of thoughts and dive into calamity. It is a small box connected to a PC through USB port, and the software which shows the level of GSR on the screen. Meaning, your eyes would actually SEE your state of mind, and, wilfully manage to learn ‘where’ the relaxed state is. All just by seeing the reflection of the mind’s condition and wilful attempts to let go.


My experience shows that when the device is attached to an average person, whatever that should mean, the graph is between 200 kOM and 500 kOM and is usually quite volatile. And in order to ‘relax’ from 200 to 500 usually takes 5-10 minutes of stillness and requires, sort of, ‘work’ from a person.

So the surprise was even higher when Guruji used the device, while continuing to talk to his disciples. The GSR level was as high as over 4000 kOM (for your information, the maximum impedance the device is calibrated to measure is 4063 kOM). And over 30 seconds the impedance gradulally, smoothly went to 3000, while Guruji switched his attention from one disciple to another, and then to the device.

Furthermore, according to the instruction manual, a person, using the device, should refrain from eating or drinking 30 minutes prior to the session, as those activity make the body and mind more anxious and GSR levels fall. Guruji was taking his tea DURING the session – i.e. he was acting in his ‘usual’, if I may, Darshan routine.

The experiment was repeated twice with similar outcomes – GSR (calmness) levels 10 times higher that that of most other persons I have seen, twice higher than maximum the ‘living body’ shows, and the volatility of the curve is nil, i.e. the state of mind is maintained constant while talking to people.


Thanks to Ilya Khanykov for all materials.

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