Definition of wisdom

My very-very good friend, he was much senior than me that years. He was grand- grand son of Lahiri Mahasaya himself. His name was Shri Banаmali. he use to be professor in Benares university, and when I was go to Benares – I visit him, he was living as a retired professor. We was sitting in the room of Lahiri Mahasaya where he use to sit – and we discuss. He use to give the very great definition of what is wisdom. When you become aware of ignorance – that is the beginning of wisdom. The more you know – the more you become aware what you don’t know. That is wisdom. I remember B.Lahiri – he was the great person, great mentor and great friend. I hope he is in the very-very good place now.


This question was asked by one of disciple after seen this video. 

Question of disciple: let’s don’t touch Kriya yoga – just imagine such a situation. Some son lives somewhere in love and care of his parents, and he doesn’t care, where his parents earn the money for food and all everything. One day postman came to him and give him the letter from his Father – his father is the very honored being, or maybe not very honored – it’s not important; “ don’t you want to know about Father?”. And that son replies that “no, for me it’s enough, that he knows me”. Don’t you know – in that moment what the FATHER will feel?

Guruji: well, he abandoned me already. And those other man and woman took care for me. So I should care for them more, who are for me – as a nice human being. And until unless father tells me the good reason, why he abandoned me – why should I care? Where he was, when that man and woman – even if they not my biological mother and father – face all the problems and raise me? As a good human being it is out of my loving duty – to take care of them. The raising will depend on them, who raised me – their training and their teaching – only because of them I become a nice man.


If they want to know god – they come and consult the priest. They are specialists for taking different people to god. We’re ordinary people. We’re not priests and we’re not taking many people to god, and god is taking very good care of us. That is enough for me.

If somebody is so keen for finding god – he has my best wishes. And please, do your best for find god and when you see him – tell him my best wishes. We love you, god.

Instead of realizing your spirit or soul you are trying to please some unknown person. Let be more practical and find out, who created the souls. Spirits are coming from different sources. One source is too much simplification.


Real friendship 

About human relationship – friendship, emotions. Of course I was into it already, but now becoming aware I think – observation is very important: about human relationships, friendship. Why some people become friends, why some people can not become friends – it’s a great observation. I think, if you’re friendly in your heart – than you will have lots of friends. If you’re not friendly – you will have only acquaintances or business associates. In my opinion – the person is the most poor, who have no friends. Friends are friends.

I will again caught from Hollywood movie: you may have seen Predator of Arnold Shwarzenegger. There was the black character, black man, and his friend was killed by the predator. Shwarzenegger told him – that he was a great soldier. And he simply answers: he was my friend. This is the best dialogue from that movie.

Just imagine you reach the level to live in the jungle, and there are the family of lions – you are resting on a back of big lion, elephants are coming to give you a shower, they moving their ears for you to have breeze, peacocks are dancing to entertain you, monkey are bringing fruit to offer you – what a great life! Think big, everything is possible.

Q: to be friends people must have the similar values

Guruji: but friendship is friendship – opposites are attract each other.

Q: could you imagine the yogi whose friend is eating meat, drinking alcohol?

Guruji: if he has the great mind or poetic expression – everything is possible. Even Shiva has a friend, who is eating everything.


Friendship between man and woman

Q: do you think it exists a friendship between man and woman without sexual attraction?

Guruji: I think everything is possible. If a girl will accept you as a friend – she is a friend for life. I can say that. Girls also has the very great senses in understanding what type of man it is – good or bad. I pay great respect for their feeling. They can sense, if you’re a bad man or a good man or just a durak. If they are accept you as a friend – then genuine friendship be there.

Q: I think it is rarest of rare – without any other motivation

Guruji: other motivation may be there, but in genuine friendship it is part of life. But if there is only sexual motivation – then no friendship will develop. It’s very different thing.


Man and woman can have sex, but only lovers make love. That difference will remain.


In no religious book I’ve never come across any description, who created the soul or the spirit and what is the true nature of them. Nowhere it is written. Because only yogis are know them and trying to make them their friends. That’s why in Gorakhbodh Matsyendranath tells Gorakhnath: when you will progress to a level when your atma will become your Guru and your mind become a disciple. That is the best situation.


You remember – it is on record- that when I was lying without food for three days, only ladies came with food and she even put the food in my mouth. I think it was very important experience for me: my attitude change and I begin to talk with them; and they really supported me.

Q: in no religion women are respect

Guruji: in Hinduism they are respected. But in others is still discussed – have the women souls or not.

Q: muslims are saying that only men are coming to heaven

Guruji: well, then if all the men are in heaven – the hell become the heaven for women. Even hell can become heaven.

Q: why it is more important that woman accept man as a friend and not vice versa?

Guruji: the woman’s feeling is more important here. They stand to suffer more than men. Every men is ready to accept woman as a friend, only superficially.

Q: but it can be the situation when woman accepted man as a friend but he has some thoughts about her?

Guruji: then it is always mutual. But in the mutual understanding, woman, accepting man as a friend, is more important: then always friendship is mutual. You can see: only women are working in my kitchen. And I haven’t talk with them since they are working here.


Divinity test

Just now we were discussing the Bollywood song, which is extremely poetic. He is lover, and his girl dead or going somewhere – so he is roaming here and there in search of her. And he said: those, who are crying to find god – let them find god; I’ve just would like to find my lost love.

And I absolutely agree with it. You have not seen god – you have just heard about it; suppose if somebody conjure some  spirit or ghost and he is saying – oh, he is god, just go to him – because you have faith, you will definitely go to him.

But to test I would like any priest or any “godman” to bring back the person whom I knew very well, but who is no more there, who is no more alive. So let him make his spirit appeared first – then I will believe.

I don’t know god, I don’t recognize him – so how I will know that this person, standing in front of me, is god? Let me see my departed father, mother, or friend, or anybody whom I use to know very-very well – then I will believe. Always practical approach.


Krana is the great warrior & real friend.

I will give you an example from Mahabharata – it’s the very great example of Karna, who was the first son o

f Kunti and the Sun god. She abandoned him and chariot driver brought him up. And when the battle was about the week – Krishna went to him with the message from Kunti, that you’re actually her son – he simply refused. He agreed that she is his mother. But he said: that people carried me when I was absolutely helpless – they give me shade and take good care of me – I will consider them as my real mother and father. Now I simply can not abandon them. And I’m absolutely agree with him. Till today he continued to be called by the name of foster mother: Radheya. Her name was Radha, and he always was called as the son of Radha. Even if my father was a poor man – I must be proud of him. It is not that I must continue to regret – my father should be a king, or a count, or a billionaire, he must come and take me away – I will do my level best to support my father, who may be very poor and very low person in society. It doesn’t matter to me – he is my father and I am proud of him. And if I will have enough capacity or enough talent – I’m sure society always recognize that and enough money comes. If I have not talent – I will have enough power and I’m fine with that. Suppose that I’m not talented at all and I’m a poor person: what is my role in the society? I’m providing comparison to the talented person – don’t you think, this is very important thing? At least, I’m an example: look at him, look how he is poor etc. this is my duty, god created me only for this. For comparison.

Q: I think it’s funny when it is said that such people are children of god


Guruji: if I’m son of god, it means that I’m feeling great complex about my biological parents. I’m ok with them, I’m extremely proud to be their son and I’m fine with it.

Q: same thing if microbes, living on me, would think that I’m the creator?

Guruji: yes, they can believe in you. But what is believe? Believe means to be able to live on someone. That is believe, be live.

And I will say – no matter what happen, the circumstances – being very humble or poor: always support your people. Your friends. No matter of consequences.


Q: Karna also supported his friend

Guruji: yes, and he stands out best character in Mahabharata. Recognize his greatness: Krishna himself did all the last rituals for him. That is amazing. If I remember correctly – Krishna did last rituals only for Karna. One and only example. That makes him the very great person indeed. An avatar like Krishna doing last rituals for someone – just imagine!

Q: what happened to him? He never take another birth?

Guruji: no. he died in a battle, with the weapon – it make us sure that he take a very high realm. And he was officially son of Sun god. For all the Pandavas  – the real father was one, official was someone else: but for Karna there is no doubt. Only foster parents – they brought him.

Q: what do you think – Hanuman supported Arjuna?

Guruji: he promised Bhima to sit on his flag. He look after Lord Krishna, because he was looking after Lord Rama also. Krishna was not lift any weapons, he remain without weapon – Hanuman was sitting there. For any case – if something goes wrong. To protect and to survey, if the need rises.



Q: delusion, anger, shame and greed are the five qualities of akasha. How such emotion states are connected with akasha?

Guruji: there are five spaces inside your body. Every emotion is connected with particular spot. That’s why we need to overcome them.

Q: with which spot delusion is connected?

Guruji: with your chidakasha. Greed also – they describing it, I read this book thirty years back.

Q: how this connection appeared? Someone did this?

Guruji: this is observation.

Q: for what purpose such connection is given?

Guruji: you may know it. Without knowing how you’re planning to control it or go beyond it? They are like a guards or access to that particular shunya. These emotions are guarding it.

Q: why delusion is here?

Guruji: delusion is the main thing – all other are rising because of it.

Q: how delusion can be connected with space?

Guruji: the space behind your nose, which you access with your tongue. That’s why it is called brahma granthi bhed, because it will make you cross over the limit of delusion and you will begin to think much more deeply. Hridaya granthi bhed will make you to penetrate the space inside your heart: all the emotions which are guarding it  – you will go beyond it and begin to dive deep into it.

Q: chitta is above the sun and jiva is above the moon?

Guruji: moon is mind and also prana and apana both – you can connect them. Sun is apana, and existence of chitta depends on apana. Apana is the basis of life; it is the nature of prana to move out of the body: thanks to the apana – it continues to pull it back. Chitta depends on a breathe – so apana is responsible for the chitta. And chitta also means spirit. Because atma is body – chitta also could mean the body.

Q: it’s not consciousness?

Guruji: body IS consciousness. Body is a solid expression of consciousness.

Q: Shakti is within and Shiva is without. Time is in space and causing ages?

Guruji: Shakti is apana and prana is Shiva. Only as long as apana is living inside – Shiva continues to visit it. Or it keep pulling Shiva inside – that creates life. Only prana goes out, apana always remain inside. The day apana leaves the body – that is death. Apana stop catching prana, prana will go and apana will also go with it. It is all affair between apana and prana, love between them and life is just a play for them. You can also say that apana represents your body. These are words which are easily said, but their meanings takes very long time to understand. If Bhushundi can become immortal simply by knowing essentially – just imagine the power of them. He knew it essentially. And some goddess gave him upadesh – in Yoga Vasishtha it is written in detail.

Q: vital breath wants food. Food is consumed by fire. Vital breath is awake during awakening, sleep and deep sleep?

Guruji: well, it’s a very deep thing, that only fire – whatever you burn in fire, turn into gases form. So breath is also depending on fire somehow. To continue to this engine you need food, which fire consumes and turn into breath or gases and you are able to breathe.

Q: bound by delusion – jiva, freed from delusion – Sadashiva. You are cause and effect. Enlightenment is different from you?

Guruji: always. You will receive enlightenment: that means it is other from you now. We’re trying to discover the knowledge – that means it is not in us. All the tools are there, so you can know it, but it is somewhere else. Cause is karma and fruit of karma is the effect.

Q: enlightenment is not effect of karma?

Guruji: it is beyond that. In this room enlightenment is easy: you switch on light and there is light. Suddenly the room is enlighten.

Q: the path of brahma is the ultimate tapas, not the ordinary tapas. Whoever knows the upper semen – he is the death?

Guruji: it’s about bindu, urdhvaretas. And the path of brahma is brahmacharya. To know the mind is brahmacharya.

Q: the middle Shakti is in the navel, and the Shakti above is without description?

Guruji: inside your skull. And also inside your hridaya – that Shakti is beyond description. Let’s look at it from the Kriya yoga angle: throat is very important, navel is extremely important and muladhara is extremely important. Every technic directly connected with this. No system is near Kriya yoga. It’s most mysterious thing.

Q: top half of the body is called brahma loka, below – that is Patala loka? Why below is Patala loka?

Guruji: look at the word “patala from another angle. Everything which comes out from the body is called “pat”, “patan”. So that is Patala, which makes you going down. “pat” means to fall, “patal” – to make it fall.

Q: description of upapranas: naga moves upward, kurma is situated in tirthas?

Guruji: eyes are considered as the greatest of tirthas, it lives in eyes and their protectors – eyelashes.

Q: dhananjaya is in singing and roaring?

Guruji: they are in your skull. Only with your skull you’re able to sing, otherwise the voice will not come out of it. Dhananjaya vayu lives in the skull. Skull is the root for singing; until unless there is a cavity inside the skull, which we called mouth and throat, – no singing is possible. Singing is directly connected with the element akash. What is singing? The basic definition of singing, in my opinion is: to be able to listen the silence between the notes. In different ways. That is what singing or music is for. Between the different notes the silence is feel different. That way you become more aware of the void, of the empty space and silence.

Q: dhananjaya is the only prana, which leaves after death?

Guruji: yes, that’s true. Because the skull is remain: that’s why it’s very important to crush it while cremation. Because dhananjaya vayu doesn’t leave the body even after death; that means, if you’re able dhananjaya vayu permit your whole body, bring it down from the skull, – you will not die. The vayu will remain in your body all the time. That’s why everything is connected to bring down the dhananjaya vayu.

Q: it must be some technic to control dhananjaya vayu?

Guruji: from the hridaya granthi bhed everything is connected with dhananjaya vayu. It’s a combination of technics, which is bring it down. They connect dhananjaya vayu with all other vayus inside the body. That is the main property of dhananjaya vayu: it remains.

Q: but for normal person it’s just circulated inside the skull?

Guruji: It remains stationally, it’s not circulated. Remember, the conversation in Gita is between Dhananjaya and Krishna. Maybe only after stimulating dhananjaya Vasudeva will talk with you.

Q: krikara is connected with crying?

Guruji: crying is stimulated very different movements inside the whole body.

Q: tears are coming?

Guruji: if you laugh too much – tears will also come. But the crying has different action in the body.



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