Q: what can You say about shodhana and khetri karana?

Guruji: shodhana is purification, it’s a very elaborate process; and khetri karana is – before feeding it with mica and all other things – you have to create a field; so it will begin to digest everything, whatever you feed to it.

Q: can we connect it with the first chapter of Gita, when Arjun is getting prepared?

Guruji: I think khetri karana we can take as a second chapter: Krishna is creating the kshetra – so Arjun will be ready to listen it. Before that he was just complaining about his problems. So we can start from the second chapter. So we can call it kshetri karana. Also when the person have achieved the results of this – he will have to go through the kshetri karana on the physical body also. Without proper kshetri karana mercury will never be assimilated in the body. Even though he will go through all these 18 samskaras – kshetri karana is the very important thing.

Q: at this point shodhana is washing, melting and roasting until this proportion starts? It’s still considered to be the first steps?

Guruji: yes; but they are elaborate steps.

Q: when mardana is starting – grinding and rubbing?

Guruji: you will do mardana with the so many different things; then you start to give different bhavans – different emotions by different herbs to the mercury. It’s fantastic thing!

Q: and how we can continue to compare it with Bharavad Gita? What would this stage relate to?

Guruji: you can say that different type of emotions described in 16th chapter – about tamasic, rajasic and all these people: all types of emotions can be expressed. In the form of different types of herbs, when you do mardan with mercury, extract of it in a certain way – sometimes mardan is done with a heat, so you put them in the heat and do mardan. All the emotions and essence of divine herbs – mercury absorbs. That also tell us: after you observe or absorb any type of human emotions – then you’re free enough to evolve.

Q: when You say “absorb the human emotions” – does it mean you’re through it or you understand it or…?

Guruji: I will say  – after a certain level of yoga practice, when you’re evolving, different type of empathy will begin to develop: simply by observing some different type of emotions you begin to absorb the emotional feeling of that particular subject – not only human beings, all beings: from trees to insects and everything. I think it’s a very difficult phase in every yogi develop. Anyone goes through absorb of any emotion.

Q: when we coming to murchhana?

Guruji: that means the mercury begins to be a sort of swoon or become unconscious. In murchhana it loses its movement – and you may be able to pick it up with the pincers.

Q: it becomes unconscious?

Guruji: in a way.

Q: where in Gita sadhak is experiencing such state?

Guruji: in the 5th chapter, when they are describing about samadhi. In the last chapters also. All the subject will leave outside; only prana and apana will moving only inside your nostrils; that muni – he is beyond fear everything. Last part of the 5th chapter they described.

Q: there are certain mentioning of binding, fixation, bandhana?

Guruji: bandhana means to make it solid.

Q: solidifying, make stable?

Guruji: which you have already seen.

Q: it’s not exactly the step, it’s one of the processes?

Guruji: one of the results.

Q: each of that bandhas has a specific medicine?

Guruji: yes; many different type of bandhanas is described in different texts. Nityanath describes many of them. Extraordinary classic work: different types of solidification of mercury in detail. I believe – they were doing it.

Q: is there any reference in the text of Bhagavad Gita?

Guruji: we can find different type of bandhans there; but the main one – when Arjun was in a sort of solidify resolve and become steady to follow. You can connect this bandhan with it: instead of his emotions flowing everywhere – he solidified them and took the decision.

Q: what about of killing of mercury – marana – which is also coming for any metal, turning them into ashes?

Guruji: it is the most difficult part: making the bhasm of mercury. Some elaborate books says that it’s impossible to actually kill the mercury: it simply goes into great fainting, take maha murchhana: that is considered as killing of mercury. But the great alchemist is able to revive mercury again from that. I’ve seen some great people: when they incinerate an iron, or gold, or silver, or any other metal – they are able to revive it from that state.

Q: how many times the revival process can be performed?

Guruji: as many times as you’re able to kill it.

Q: the seed of material is endless?

Guruji: the point here is: nothing dies absolutely. It is like reincarnation of that particular metal. The formulas are given in the books – how to revive it again. Of course, it’s elaborate process. Only highly accomplished alchemist or some ayurvedic siddhas may have done it.

Q: where we can apply this killing to ashes and revival to Gita?

Guruji: when it’s described the atma leaves the body and remains immortal. All these impurities are coverings of the mercury; and the essence of mercury is like a spirit, which can never be killed.

Q: is feeding mercury with the liquid form of precious jewels or something else have some connection?

Guruji: we can also bring this conclusion: that all the nine planets influence everybody. As mercury is absorbing them, represented as jewels – it is absorbing every quality of every planet, which astrologically influences it. That way – if you’re able to do it successfully – mercury will take you beyond the karmas as well. Feeding it with liquid gems and different metals – it will give you life, thousands of years. Only then you have gone beyond your karma and are able to create a future for you – only then this process is successful as well.

Q: urdhvapatana?

Guruji: yes, after swooning you revive it again.

Q: patana is like sublimation, distillation?

Guruji: patana is like distillation, yes. There are processes: you just put in in the certain thing, heat it up and then collect mercury on top; then do it again – so you are collecting it many times. Finally after hundreds of time mercury refuses to fly: it remains and it becomes heat-resistant. That is one of the greatest achievements.

Q: it will be hard?

Guruji: not hard, it will remain liquid – but it will become heat-resistant. It’s highly volatile. We were able to keep mercury on melting point of copper and it didn’t evaporated. That was one of the great achievement.

Q: what happen with that substance, how it it was taken further in your experiments?

Guruji: it is still with me somewhere. No money, no tin – so like that. I’m keeping it very safely. Where we’re sitting – we put a furnace there, it was done and it remained heated at a copper melted – it is about 1100 degrees Celsius. All the furnaces and crucibles must be lying somewhere in the store. Very interesting program.

Q: what happens with awakening – the alternative forms of this 6 samskaras, when mercury, which became purchased of toxic gains strength? It has vitality?

Guruji: after all these things it finally begins to wake up

Q: they say – this operation gives mercury the mouth, which starts to eat and absorb?

Guruji: yes, awakening the hunger, baluk chitan.

Q: where in Gita we can find the mouth of the Time?

Guruji: in 11th chapter – it devours everything. And swooning and killing you can connect with 8 chapter also. Mercury consumes at least 64 times of its own weight. That much you can apply. But the weight of the mercury will not increase: that is only criteria of successful experiment.

Q: what is unsuccessful experiment?

Guruji: that is you just created an amalgam, this is not a mercury actually absorbing it or eating it. And the goal is not creating an amalgam. It is sort of going on particle and atomic level, when they go into each other and the weight is not increasing. Also it’s highly elaborate experiments.

Q: niyamana?

Guruji: niyamana means to discipline it – when it begins to follow your every command. You’re mastering mercury to that level when it is disciplined finally.

Q: when we can relate this stage or state to Gita?

Guruji: when Arjun is saying: You, Lord, forgive me, I was taking you very lightly

Q: that means finally he comprehends whom he dealing with, who’s his friend?

Guruji: that realization will come.

Q: dipana?

Guruji: dipana means again to kindle it to the fire: in mercury it will be more and more. So digestive fire will be very powerful.

Q: there are some other states mentioned  – like gagana, karana…?

Guruji: gagana is another name for mica. Karana is a reason; karana dhruti means the liquification of the thing and then you put inside the thing of a mercury. Baya dhruti: there are 2 types of this thing: once you put metal into mercury and it becomes liquid after mercury consumes it. Second – when you make it liquid outside of the mercury, then mercury consumes it – it’s like pre-digestive diet. Jarana also – when it assimilates. Ranjana means giving it color.

Q: that You have describes like giving emotions and feelings?

Guruji: yes. Then sarana – the 15th – is the very high thing. Kramana means when it begins to go in every cell in the body or the thing, which you’re putting in mercury goes in every atom or even subatomic level. Vedha: now we come to transmutation – you put mercury in metal and it should convert into gold. That is another test for the mercury. Then comes transubstantiation.

Q: what is the meaning of that?

Guruji: amazing thing. I have one very elaborate book on mercury – Rasarnava tantra. Shiva is saying: gyana mukti – by the true wisdom you attain liberation. Pranayama is the reason of attaining wisdom. With the very healthy and powerful body pranayama is possible. And by taking mercury the very healthy and powerful body is possible. So first you should work on it. That’s how the book begins.

Q: You mention, that You were able to get the process up to the 7 stage?

Guruji: yes, all these shodhana, mardana and everything. And I was able to feed mercury with at least 3 times of its bodyweight and we were able to bring it out also. It became a sort of fire-resistant.

Q: feeding with the liquid gemstones…?

Guruji: no, that we couldn’t even achieve – to make them liquid. To make pulse liquid is much easier thing.

Q: but pulse are not needed for the mercury?

Guruji: no, they also fed. But to prepare mercury, so it will absorb – we couldn’t achieve that state. You maybe able to prepare that jewels, but if mercury is not accepting it then it’s useless thing. You need to kindle the digestive fire, create a mouth in it – so it will begin to feed on it. That is very elaborate thing, we were not successful in that. And no money: the jewels are rare – so we couldn’t go for that experiment.

Q: it seems that not only wisdom and knowledge are needed to achieve the practical results?

Guruji: I think we were reasonable successful in that. Again teamwork is required. Svedana is the very difficult thing: you make mercury sweat. You prepare mercury, tie up then it remain, then you hang it in a cauldron, pull it with the uses of the herbs. Then you heat it up for hours and hours to create the different type of reaction, ready for another thing. If you’ll make it with the very great patience – it will work.

Q: also combining it with yoga practice?

Guruji: of course. And they say – they were great people – they were not talking about how much time it will take or giving degrees in Celsius, they will just give you like: you go to the jungle, find the cow and pick the dung and fire it; after it dried up – you take coal. And if you will do 108 of those thing – that particular process will be successful, because it will create certain amount of heat. If you want to give oil drop to mercury – you should remain it boiled and lighting – mustard oil for 4 hours, that is about 150 of boiling point remain in this particular heat without evaporating. They gave amazing things!

Q: all of that increases the longevity of the body?

Guruji: yes: so you can use that body to achieve the great wisdom.

Q: but in the process you also mastering many qualities?

Guruji: you’re learning so much out of it; you’re becoming extremely aware and sensitive of so many things. Maybe the company of mercury and sulfur creates some effect in your mind and physical body also. You’ll become a very sensitive being.

Q: samskaras are also stages of life, like metal – or substance- are travelling through the stages; first stages are inflicted by men forcefully: this is not actually properties of this metal? All these modifications are inflicted by life?

Guruji: it’s human tests everything – like cow can give milk but you can’t get beer from it. But human touch is needed. Maybe for mercury also and for sulfur also – human touch is important.

Q: all this structure of these qualities and transformations are products of the human mind?

Guruji: it’s discoveries of the human mind. I’m sure – some great siddhas or maybe Shiva himself has introduced these things. It’s a gift from Him. I don’t think a normal person could even think, what mercury can do. Sulfur also is very powerful thing. And you need to process sulfur before you started process mercury. We were successful in making sulfur fire-resistant – that is supposed to be very high achievement. Because I have friends among so many different sadhus and people – sometimes they know things, which are not mentioned in books. I’ve collected some of them.

Q: the philosophical stone, which is described in western alchemy…?

Guruji: in India we believed it could be found naturally, lucky can find it.

Q: what is it?

Guruji: I will tell you the very genuine story. When kingdom of Gwalior were established by Scindias – Maharaj Scindia was the grand-grand father of current kings. There is a river called Suvarnarekha – nowadays it’s just a small drain. Their army was crossing it. Some elephants were in big chains – and of the chains became gold. It’s real story. They search very thoroughly whole river for a month – but find nothing. And the chain – it was about 60 kgs – all became gold by crossing the river. We believe that paras pathar could be found naturally. And it happen in Gwalior and it’s true. If you will keep the philosopher stone on the person in the mouth – it will transform your body also. But most of the people are concentrating on achieving that. But the real luxury is the very long healthy life. We have enough space – but not enough people and not enough money. We can create a laboratory and keep it in secret. Some free-mind people are working in many Ayurvedic things – we can call them and create the right laboratory with the right fire and all these things. But almost in every book they are saying: more successfully you have done it and consume it – you will achieve the lifetime up to 10000 years; then you break everything, destroy everything and leave that area forever.

Q: what will happen with someone, who can go through all the processes of the 18 chapters of Gita?

Guruji: he will become immortal and just be free. He will do whatever he want to. That is liberation. As we discussed in Gorakhbodh – Gita maybe the manual instruction for immortal person.

Q: so it’s true realization from all yogic texts?

Guruji: yes. People make it more philosophical then real – but we can see it’s real. I maybe the only one who wrote the commentary on the 7th chapter – even Shankaracharya avoided that. That means they were not aware of these things.

Q: You mean that shloka about  avoiding old age and death?

Guruji: you will no karma being and adhya. If you’re a philosopher – why you want to avoid an old age? And the result of mahamudra describing exactly that way in Hatha Yoga Pradipika – it avoids old age and death. It’s a reality-show, practical problem: you need to understand it and overcome it.

Q: old age is a real problem

Guruji: even medical science recognizes it as a disease; Ayurveda also.

When you have nothing to discuss – discuss philosophy. Endless discussion will follow. Most of the great philosophers are telling: life is a riddle, life is a mystery; but I’m telling that life is transforming future into past. They were not aware of the Time as a different thing.

Q: they never concentrated on that

Guruji: one lady came; her Guru is dead now – and she asked me: what is life? And I quoted that from Neil Gayman: life is a disease, sexually transmitted and invariably fatal. She was shocked in silence. Then she said  – I’m not agree, I will ask what my Guru will say. I asked, what Guru said? He said : life is a riddle.

It is not my original thing, I’m just paraphrasing it from one very great poet from Madhya Pradesh. “I will say something – you will find it great, you will say “OMG”, you will say “Wow” and you will give me standing ovation also; but when I will say something, which you’re not understand and it will go beyond your understanding – now Shailendra Sharma is said really something great.”

Q: you will stay in silent, if it’s beyond your understanding

Guruji: then you understand – Shailendra Sharma said really something great.

Q: both of them – alchemy and yoga – are talking about longevity; and even while process you’re learning so much?

Guruji: yes, about life. We have been discussing about making your subconscious mind conscious: it means that part of the brain, which is lying dormant – here is the time to activate it. That means it create the extra electrical charges in the body and the normal body will not tolerate it. Maybe it’s preparation for that – so that  superbody will tolerate that tremendous amount of the electrical charges. Maybe the vajra kaya will follow – that electrical body which we discussed. You must have the very great body to tolerate it.

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