Q: is it true that Lahiri Mahasaya worked as a tutor?

Guruji: yes, he was the tutor of the prince of Benares. Sanskrit teacher.

Q: it was before he achieved Samadhi?

Guruji: he was already go through that. It is on record that maharaj of Kashmir, maharaj of Nepal and maharaj of Benares – they came to him and became his disciples. All this things you can find in Purana Purush. I’m the only one, remain unemployed. I think if you remain unemployed, without work, making money or any effort to make money – your thinking and your attitude develops in a very different way.

Q: Gupyanath Sanyal had been initiated to Nath tradition?

Guruji: no, it’s traditional way of the name – in Bengal they do it more.

It was before we found Shiva. Me and Mahatmaji were sitting on that veranda, it was very heavy rains. Suddenly we heard “boom” sound and something fell from the sky. I told him went into the rains and he brought this thing – it was very big cherepah. He was unconscious, we put him on the floor thinking he’s dead; but after half an hour he brought out his head. We still don’t know. What happen – he came with rains or something. And some years before – maybe in 1996 – thousands and thousands of small frogs fell with the rains. They were everywhere – maybe millions of them. Then after many-many earthworms came: we saw in every cm one earthworm in the soil. Then they disappeared – but the land become very fertile and it’s all green. I can understand that very small frogs with the rain – but from where this very big cherepah came – we still don’t know. The snakes were overfeed: they were eating and eating all frogs. Frogs and earthworms were coming after the flood – at the last week of june. We were underwater at least three months.

Q: that time python came?

Guruji: it was like adventure: I never heard any man who was hit in navel by any python when the flood was coming. Unique extraordinary story. 2nd October: we were celebrating our bull’s birthday – python came out and went into veranda – I had him caught with the snake charmers. He was not very big one – but nearly 40 kilos. The length was little bit more than 4 meters: 14 feet.

Q: have You caught pythons after that case in this area?

Guruji: many times: even in 2016 we have caught 6 big pythons. The biggest we have caught was about 8 meters: snake charmers told me that she’s female; now female is gone – no more children coming, no more python there. Forest department couldn’t do anything and said we must call the snake charmers. They chanted some mantras on pebbles and throw it to her: she went like semi-unconscious – then they caught her. She was very heavy – more than 100 kilos. It took 5-6 men to carry her.

Q: so snakes are not deaf, they’re hearing mantras?

Guruji: magic works on everybody.

Q: You met Hanuman before that rains?

Guruji: I was already talking with him. and when the so much blood were going – he appeared in vision. A vision of Babaji also came. Hanuman Ji caught thousands of spirits here; and my bleeding stopped. Babaji told me that only two more times blood will come out. The strike was very hard: I’ve never heard that someone start bleeding after such strike in pupok. It was strong urge for urination – but only blood were going. And we never consulted any doctor.

Q: You were not afraid?

Guruji: what about to be afraid of? I’ve just asked – whether my time is came I’ll put my lotus otherwise what should we done? They appeared immediately. But it took two months to recover. Swelling subsided slowly-slowly. I begin to feel more sympathy to the pregnant ladies after that. I was also carrying big stomach( laughing) it was a good education – you can say.

Q: it was painful experience?

Guruji: not that pain; initially it was painful, only problem was with the swelling. Even if it was pain – our tolerance is good.

Q: when You saw Hanuman Ji again?

Guruji: then we begin to talk very frequently. All that things about darbar begin to develop. Previously in our lineage nobody was involved in ghost program. Other lineages are also mostly involved in philosophy, which means nothing. Maybe it is the part of spiritual knowledge.

If you think you’re living spiritual way of life without even seeing or talking with a single spirit – what type of spiritual life you’re living? You should be aware of them and they should also know you. Simply assuming that by living such way of life you will become very spiritual person – now I don’t believe in this.

Purity will come, for sure. But for really spiritual life you should be able to communicate with the spirits also. That’s main thing. I think with enough yoga this ability develops.

Q: did someone from our lineage met with Hanuman Ji,

Guruji: I’ve never read anything about like this. But Lahiri Mahasaya saw Shiva and Shakti – he writes that in his diaries. Yogic way of life is a very extraordinary supernatural life. First you become natural, then you become supernatural. Nobody has any idea when they are seeking to learn yoga or they are beginners in yoga – nobody can imagine, what is waiting for them and how far they can go – it’s the very open thing for anybody. This much is sure: many strange experiences will come. another point is: when the strange experiences are happen – you may not realize it, when it is happen. But after some time when you look back then you realize – oh my god, it was very strange. In the moment it’s very difficult to understand, what happens.

Q: does Shibendu Lahiri ask You for some knowledge?

Guruji: no, now he’s too old for anything; why he came we still don’t know – but he apologized. This time it was good: so many cameras were here – they caught many photos. In my opinion – when he was asked direct questions – he begin to dive into philosophy. He was avoiding direct questions. Now he’s old man – it’s difficult for him to walk. The best part of the visit was – he gave me 5000 rupees which I didn’t refuse( laughing) you know the significance he giving me money? It’s custom in India; he know that I’m the real successor – it’s like paying the mark of respect. But he’s the son of my Guru – I shpuld giving him money. But when he comes – he gave me money. Openly – he never accept it, but inside the heart he knows.


Q: why we should say mantra before the practice?

Guruji: that is offering your respect to the Guru. If you’re not respect the Guru – you will not respect the teachings also. They go together.

Q: the word “mudra” is the same in yogic and tantric tradition?

Guruji: no, they are different. Kundals are also mudras. You’ll accept – this discipline works: mind begin to be different after that. Description of Hanuman is also: he’s wearing kundals and have slightly curly hairs.

Akhanda mandala karam – an eternal round shape, which is in everything; when it appeared – I bow down to them. The spirit is looking like it. And it will continue to come or not to come – one day you will realize that you want to know your own spirit. Even everyone is carrying – but the real acceptance comes after. Just keep doing it.

Kriya yoga is the only method which actually make your spirit appeared and you can see it; but to develop some communication and develop the genuine friendship – it will take time. First you look at it, then it will start looking at you. Then it will play or test you – it will disappear, no matter how you will pressing your eyes; then suddenly it appears again. Have patience and be regular. Amazing technics! You won the lottery.

Q: everybody has the same visions?

Guruji: it will depend on the individual; generally the appearance may be the same – but it will always depend on the individual karma, mental level – so many things. It is just like that: we are all human beings – same, but it’s still there so much varieties.

Q: and after yogi achieves Samadhi?

Guruji: even then.

Q: it depends on the source from where spirit comes?

Guruji: all the karmas been put on us, different births – everything clarifying so many things.

Q: what does it mean – when you become one with your spirit?

Guruji: they’re saying it in Gorakhbodh: when in the city of 9 doors Hari will meet Brahma and then they become friends and they never go out of the city. Hari means “which takes away” and your spirit is Hari because it takes away the life: life comes with the spirit and leaves with the spirit.

When the spirit will be your mind inside the 9-doors city, which is the body, the friendship will begin and they will not leave the body. It maybe the beginning of the very long life, eternal life or immortality. That is the very amazing result. Not many achieves – but it worth time. Let’s try for immortality; let’s die on trying( laughing) immortality or mortality – we should be in a position to understand it; what is life and what is death and what is the common thing in life and death – then the different mental level will begin. Of course it takes a lot of time to understand; recently we read – but understanding develops next time. The word “kutastha” means immortal spirit.


Q: the immortals are hiding?

Guruji: every superhero has the secret identity – that’s the best thing from comics. Recently I saw “dr. Strange” – I’ve read many comics before, but the movie is good. And it also tells me: wherever the American disciple came – there will be always danger for a teacher. The best of disciples was Johny English( laughing)

Q: what do You think of that creatures about Castaneda wrote – which spirits has the triangular or square shape?

Guruji: sphere is a final thing: everything is part of it; even a triangle will finally form a sphere.

Q: You think he saw some spirits like that?

Guruji: we also saw some spirits like square and triangle – but the general shape is round. Even here in photos some squares and triangles have appeared. It depends on the standard of the spirit.

Q: why he called them inorganic?

Guruji: he knew only that Don Huan was teaching him – and there are some half-truth mostly. Remember, red indian will never be a friend of white man.

Q: he was like Buddha – to create confusion and transfer it to the masses?

Guruji: half-truth is more dangerous than real truth. Real truth will give you peace. Half-truth will create so many confusions. It is like carrot hanging in front of the donkey.

Geometrical forms are the symbols of elements: triangle is of fire, square of earth, etc.

Two lines from Kabir: maya didn’t die, the mind didn’t die, but so many bodies died. And the thirst for something and hope – they didn’t die. That is what Kabir says.

The main goal of yoga practice is to achieve Samadhi. Then use Samadhi for get the real knowledge and wisdom. Then finally you will awaken 100% of your mind. That is the main goal.

Q: the horizon is always in front of You?

Guruji: yes.

Q: if the person practicing something, and the goal of it is not Samadhi – it could not be called yoga practice?

Guruji: Samadhi is a yogic achievement, it’s the eighth achievement of yoga – so it should be there. But whatever you’re practicing in any direction, remember one thing: you’re not practicing, actually that is your mind practicing through you. Whatever you will do – it will bring about some development of your mind. It will create more refinement in your consciousness and very deep development will follow. In any art – music or anything – mind is doing it. Mind is the doer of everything.

That’s why in Brahma sutras the first question come: who is the doer? After they’re studied everything and they learn everything and the question come: who was learning? Who was knowing? And the study of the mind begins. Fantastic conclusions! So take a good care of your brain.

Q: it is difficult

Guruji: yes, it is difficult. Also I think that word “mind” gives the misdirection, because the word “mind” is like abstract word. Nobody talks about the development of the brain. But brain can be developed – now we realize the purpose of Kriya yoga.

Q: what is mind in that case?

Guruji: mind is the consciousness of the brain. Collected consciousness of the brain you can call mind. And the brain is the seed.

Q: mind is the millions of thoughts together, no?

Guruji: that is consciousness of the brain. Every thought is rising from that ocean. And brain is floating in the fluid.

Q: but brain is the physical substance?

Guruji: that’s why it can be developed. Not much is known about the brain. Even great scientists are just scratching the surface – it maybe carrying some great mysteries inside. Now I realize, after 36 years of practice, that all of we are doing – we’re actually trying to develop the brain. Every movement we do – it’s aimed for that.

Q: when we’re training the biceps – it becomes bigger; the same thing with the mind?

Guruji: I have noticed that on more than 200 of my disciples; I found out that my head size has increased, after I begin to practice Kriya yoga. I was already initiating others – so at the day of initiation I’ve measured them with the thread, gave it to them saying to keep it safe; then I’ve measured them after 6 months of practice; every time it was the difference from 0,5 inch to 1,5 inch. If the head size is increasing after that – it means some development inside of the brain or the skull is taking place. Some different fluid or some different layers developed. I’ve never come across any other system which will say, that the brain is develop and your head size is increased. Not everybody understand that development, because brain always remain unseen. But it see through your eyes, it listening through your ears.

Q: common opinion that the development of the brain depends on how much books you read?

Guruji: that is half-truth. The development of the brain the development of the consciousness will follow. Another point, which sometimes I think: scientists have discovered so many different types of hormones coming from: that means the teenage, the youth, old age – they all coming from the brain with hormones. Maybe with this practice some virtually unknown hormones maybe coming. They will create different reactions in the body. It stand to reason. Nobody knows, from where they’re coming; that’s why khechari is so important. It will receive the hormones directly and they will go directly to the heart from under tongue – so many things are possible there. Old age starts from the brain, youth starts from the brain – everything depends on it. Nobody is thinking of developing. Only yogis now realizes, that it is possible. Only when curiosity for knowing this and that develops.

Just imagine the situation: one durak in Russian village kissing the girl and Pushkin or Tolstoy kissing the girl. The results and reactions will be different. Pushkin and Tolstoy will express something very poetic and artistic; and durak kissing a girl will simply produce another child. That is the difference. Or maybe if the girl kissing Tolstoy – it discard sneezing. So remaining clean is more safe( laughing) no sneezing.

You will achieve that state of mind with your practice. You will no need to practice meditative state – you will always be in meditative state. Concentrate on practice: very regular practice will bring you that.


Q: could the excellent astrologer say about person’s strong planets just by seeing him?

Guruji: yes, very easily.

Q: and if he see the chart?

Guruji: he will easily said if the chart is right or not  – whether it fits.

Q: most common belief of Christian priests is  – if you will do some asanas all hindu spirits will immediately come to you; what do You think on that?

Guruji: if you do jesus asana on rings or bars – jesus spirit will come to you? No comment

Q: what is the meaning of the word yantra?

Guruji: yantra literally means “machine”. They are like laboratory things. That is machine, which can teleport you to particular spirit. But only blueprint remains – original yantras are disappeared. All you see is just design of machines, and if you see the blueprint of machine – it’s impossible to imagine the machine.

Q: but your yantras are genuine?

Guruji: I’ve never see equal of them.

Q: they are magic or science?

Guruji: science, look like magic. And magic maybe some kind of science.

Q: in ancient time there were lot of them?

Guruji: no, they were always rare. It was only for important people, yogis, those, who knew.

Q: what do You think about installing Shri Yantra or the picture of Shri Yantra?

Guruji: it’s very common – many vastu shastries and astrologers are recommending this. Some temples on south were built exactly by the blueprint of it. Very prosperous temples. Like Tirupati Balaji – it’s built on Shri Yantra and it’s the most prosperous temple. But maybe the real principle must be different. Prosperity is a temporary thing. It’s no harm to try – if it’s temporary, have it.

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