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GURU Introduction

Q: how You will introduce yourself, Guruji?

Guruji: well, very simply; my name is Shailendra Sharma. I’m a very ordinary and simple man, I’m Indian, I’m a Hindu; I do puja to my kula devata – which is Shiva and I practice what my Guru taught me. This simple thing of my introduction.

Q: what could You say about this program – Prem Darbar – how it come to You, what is it?

Guruji: I’ve begin to live in this very ancient smashan – cremation area- where Krishna’s 16000 wives were cremated and most of the Bharatpur king’s family and 6 kings were cremated here. We came here in 1993. No one could live here before – I was not aware of that. There was lot of histories and that place was supposed to be the most haunted place of the entire area.

Then in December, 1995 – Mehendipur Balaji, Hanuman Ji contacted me through a medium. He begin to talk, I also begin to talk and I couldn’t believe in the beginning that it is Him, who is talking with me. But over the period of some months some very extraordinary things happened – then I begin to believe that with whom I’m talking.

Then he asked – that medium – that you should put a photograph of Yogiraj – the name Yogiraj was first used by him. And then my involvement with ghost court begin. It is continuing since then – it is now more then 20 years of association. I will say, that he enlarged lot of my understanding of afterlife  – how it happens, what people faced after death – he gave me a lot of wisdom in this. I’m thankful to him also. And also in 2013 november, when my sister died of cancer – he helped her a lot after she was dead. He took very-very good care of her and he guided her again back into incarnation. That is another story.

It is always very good things to have friends in the right place. Everybody will go cross over; without preparation you will never know, what you’re going to face. It is better to have some very powerful friends there.

We are yogis – so we are already practicing to make our spirit our friend – and only yoga teaches you this. Maybe because the spirit was becoming friendly so he contacted me. I’m grateful for that.

Q: what You’re exactly doing in that Prem Darbar?

Guruji: with me the power of the lineage of the parampara is connected with the darbar. Only yogic parampara can actually help the spirits in the proper way. That is our work here, which I’m trying to do best of my ability.

Simply catching ghost is not a very big problem – there are many exorcists who are doing it; but here we’re actually after catching a spirit or removing him of the possessed body – we also guide the spirit. That is the most important part of it.

Helping living people is one thing, but helping the dead man’s spirit is also very important thing, which very few people can do.

I’m learning a lot – very new day something comes up. And awareness becomes more and more.

Q: all the spirits know You – or You introduce yourself somehow?

Guruji: when Hanuman Ji himself introduce you to the other side – every spirit become aware of your existence. It depends on the introduction – who is introducing whom.

Q: it was some cases when spirit even know that great power wanted to argue?

Guruji: some arguments always happen – but usually everything is within control.

The great yogi Gorakhnath has one said: mere bhakti – Guru ki Shakti. My devotion and the power of Guru – it works. The word is real truth, and this body is very fragile; my devotion and the power of Guru – thus said the mantra the Ishwar himself.


(case 1:Tantric put the very powerful spell on this girl. He made her possessed by several spirits.She came to Darbar again and again but they didn’t allow her to speak. Today by the power of Patal Bhairavi that tantric was invoked and expelled from the girl.)


Rajkumar Sharma’s interview

There are so many Darbar which are existing right now – but because of association with our Guruji this darbar become very powerful. because of Guruji’s grace any spirit or ghost, which troubles any person, being anywhere across the globe – they can call him, invoke him and bring him here, tie him or ask him to surrender.

He is associated with this darbar last 36 years and the last ten years he has association with Guruji. Now he is able to control many powerful spirits – Guruji is saying that power is Mahakal himself. He can control any type of spirits and make them surrender.

Guruji presents here in the astral form, he knows Guruji in this form. He immediately recognized Guruji and bow down to him.

Q: how exactly people become free of possession?

Rajkumar Sharma: he has the great power in the astral form and this possession, which attached to any human in the astral form – so spirits communicate with each other. That power, which he has, catches and controls that particular astral form and ask him to surrender. Because of Guruji’s blessing his astral form is very powerful – that is Patal Bhairavi.

Q: Guruji is always present here or he’s coming in particular moment?

Rajkumar Sharma: at this time in this darbar Guruji’s always present. In some cases he just mentally remembers Guruji and he immediately comes in the astral form. All the spirits know Guruji and recognize him.

Q: they have some kind of punishment or prison?

Rajkumar Sharma: he has thousands of thousands of spirits in his support. There are two types of reaction of spirits: one of them comes to surrender and are ready for do the good things – they are immediately added to forces, which he has. As to that, who are not so good – Patal Devi is very powerful and she just turns them to ashes – or hang them.


(case 2 – Aghori have done the very sophisticated work with a lot of complicated rituals, where he used the power of Kali Ma. This girl is coming here second times.  He wanted to kill the girl because his work was destroyed and resisted to Darbar- that’s why his spirit was caught and convicted to 100 years to hang on peepal tree and be drubbed.)


The supreme deity, which is residing of this place – Balaji Maharaj; from his right side of the chest, on the level of heart, sacred water flows. It flows from the deity itself. That water and the ashes, which they are give, are so powerful – they cures anybody immediately from possession. Nobody knows the source of that water which flows from the deity. Balaji Maharaj himself is very powerful and no human being is able to stand next to him – except Guruji, who is standing next to him. People, who are sensitive enough to see the spirits, were asking – who is him – but nobody could negate the power of Guruji.

He is saying that very soon the time will come when all across the globe – Bhut and pret problems will start coming.

(case 3 -Tantrik, who put the spell on this girl, was a siddha. He personally knows Patal Bhairavi- but nevertheless he was made to leave the girl and the spell was cancelled. )

There is one specific case: one indian girl, residing in America, has possession with the christian ghost. That ghost was invoked, spirit was asked to come – and now this spirit surrendered and now he’s working for the good deals in the guidance of darbar.

There is a person, called Rajesh, who is associated with darbar. There was a very strong tantric, troubling this person – so he came to this darbar. And he also had ancestors, who are very powerful, but even them were not able protect Rajesh from this tantric. And in the process in darbar this tantric said – I’m so powerful, nobody could do anything to me. He invoked Mahakal and Chandi – and they caught him easily and even take his Guru. But Guru said – I’m very simple person but I’m suffering because of this tantric – so I surrender to the darbar and I want to help to darbar. Now all they are free from this tantric.

Nobody knows the power of Guruji. And he has to explain that Guruji is Shiva himself.

(case 4 – This family stopped to worship Kali Ma, and one of ancestors punished them by sending a ghost to torture them. Darbar found the guilty, who stopped worship- and he said, that he did it deliberately and then repented. Also the man was possessed by the spirit, who lie that he is siddha- but he was a genie. He surrendered to Darbar.)

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