Follow your heart – which maybe the most difficult thing in the world.

Q: what will be if follow the mind?

Guruji: mind is always calculating. Heart will tell you the exact thing the first time: then mind takes over – and you make the wrong decision. And what mind? Only 1% of your mind?

Q: so this first feeling like intuition?

Guruji: intuition is good: that is what following your heart means.

Q: it’s the easy thing to do…

Guruji: in the society it will become the hardest thing to do. Society doesn’t accept your heart.

Q: what is the opposite thing of love?

Guruji: there is no opposite, nothing. Love is the single force which can exist without any polemic opposite force. Love defies any scientific calculation: love is the single force which can exist without any opposite and equal force.

Q: love is everywhere?

Guruji: if you’re lucky enough to experience it. That is the very lucky thing. We have the poetry about, very touchy thing: an emperor, by creating the most beautiful Taj Mahal, has actually mocked by love of the poor man. Poor man can love with the same intensity. You need to consider that also.

Q: anger or hate – they are not opposite to love?

Guruji: they are different emotions. Even hate is just another angle of love because when you hate – you keep thinking on that person all the time. If you love someone you also keep thinking on him all the time. Love and hate may be two sides of the same coin.

Q: I think it’s international: from love to hate is one step?

Guruji: from hate to love is also one step.

Q: could be the death opposite of love?

Guruji: no, you read my book: life love death so much – from the moment it starts it’s step towards it. True beauty experience is the moment of death, because the moments of union are always beautiful – when life meets death. Life loves death so much. I’ve written it in my commentary on Gita; in the 3rd chapter you’ll find it. Life is continuously running to meet the lover.

I’m going to say something, which no Guru or no holy man and no religious teacher had said before: you remember, yesterday we were talking about love? And we agreed, that love is the single force, which exists on its own power. It defies the physic’s law that any force has its equal and opposite force: love is complete in itself. Today I also realized, that we’re all in love – with love itself and keep searching for it.

We find a person, which expresses love – or another person, which expresses love; but actually it is love we’re in love with. Keep searching for it! So we’re in love with the love. Whatever is seen in this creation or on the planet Earth – maybe it’s different expressions and angles of Love himself or itself – whatever term you want.

You will like it, you will appreciate it, you will applaud that Shailendra Sharma said something very good; and when I’ll say something that will go beyond your understanding and you will not understand it and it will shock you – then we sure, Shailendra Sharma said really something great!

I think, this is such a great thing that which is every being is touched by that. Expressions may be different. There was very great urdu poet – I don’t know why I’m remembering him, but his lines were great; his name was Shakir Badain, fantastic poet. When he was dying just before his death he wrote something like that: love is the test – and love itself is the result. I hope, love will remain brightest shining all the time; and now I’m dying in love. My last wish is – the love must continue. Worldly people enjoy the world: here – last salut to you all; I’m dying in love. I mean roughly translated.

Q: why the old people starts to read about love, see the movies about love?

Guruji: because they missed it. Or maybe at this later age they’re realizing the value of it. Quote from bible: a spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak.

People don’t realize, that they are in love with the love; we like that person or object or something, which expresses the feeling of love in itself. In love we’re in love with.

Love is the main reason. Bhakti is just another word for love. We have been given very profound question, when we were in college – I’m still looking for the answer: whom nobody wants to miss, why they are recall them “miss”?

Q: I think we always miss people we love?

Guruji: exactly; there is the whole world around you – 7 billion people, but we miss just a few.

Q: but we don’t know them…

Guruji: that’s why you don’t love them. Knowing is the first step towards love. Without knowing you cannot love them.

If you love someone – you agree to all that happiness what he or she is trying to do. Love doesn’t mean that you must possess that person. If you find true love – the feeling of possession will not be there: genuine friendship. Very deep, intense, emancipated friendship – is love, that is the basis of it. No possession. Only ghosts possess some people.

Q: in Kriya practice we try to make friendship with own spirit?

Guruji: own spirit, own breath, own mind. Everybody else is trying to control them. To be real friend is difficult thing.

Q: if we can be friends with our own spirit – we can be friends with anyone?

Guruji: no doubt. Who is trying to be friends with their own spirit? They even don’t care for it. That is the big thing.

Q: but people even doesn’t know about it?

Guruji: ignorance is bliss. You don’t have to disturb them also and making them enemies.

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