Vishvwakarmans gotra are like a potters here.

Q: gotras also can be higher or lower?

Guruji: brahmins are considered as the highest caste: they are maybe 2% or 2,5% of the whole population. There are so big variety in brahmins and kshatriyas also; vaishyas are much big in number, they are much more.

Q: and mlechchhas?

Guruji: every westerner is called mlechchha. Every foreigner is considered as mlechchha because they don’t have caste or gotra.

Q: who is considered as outcast?

Guruji: outcast is the very serious thing: it means the caste rejects him – he cannot marry the girl of this caste, sit with them or eat with them. That is considered as greatest insult for him.

Q: how the brahmins came into be?

Guruji: as the books say – the brahmins are the descendants of the different rishis, who came from Brahma himself. Many kshatriyas are also from brahmin’s gotras, they are also offspring of brahmarishis.

Q: and who is considered as founder of vaishyas gotras?

Guruji: those who was born from the thighs or stomach of the creator.

You’re listening to the name and you understand what type of DNA and genetics this person is carrying. Then it became social mark.

Q: nowadays everyone mix with each other and system of gotras is broken – what do You think?

Guruji: very different race will come. I think races are already coming together; in the time of globalization every country and every specie is coming together. Girls are playing bog role in it. They are roaming everywhere, find some romance and then different children take birth- so the new type of race will come.

Q: how it will reflect on the rishis, who was the first?

Guruji: the vedic times is over; now it’s democracy and legally everyone is the same. Yogis from the beginning was not discriminating the people by caste or name. only sincere seekers are welcome. As you will read in Mahabharata, Upamanyu rishi story: when his tapas was been tested by Shiva in the form of Indra – there is a very good argument. Upamanyu rishi is saying: nobody is taking birth with the mace or chakra or conch shell or something like that – but everybody is taking birth with the sign of Shiva – lingam or the sign of Adi Shakti – yoni. So the all creation belongs to Shiva and Shakti. You have to agree with this.

Q: so the whole caste system is artificial?

Guruji: no, it ruled the world for millions of years, the vedic time was ruling. As I see: there was no collective identity before. Either you’re a brahmin or a kshatriya or a Vaishya or a shudra or a slave. First Alexandr in his invasion first create the name “hindu”. Now hindu is the collective identity of all of people. I’m a brahmin, but I’m hindu. I can say – I’m hindu and it’s ok, I’m not going into details, gotra and all these things; all the castes – they are all hindus. This collective identity was very much needed. Thanks to Alexandr’s invasion we have it now.

Q: in Bhagavad Gita it is said that castes were coming from the different parts of Purusha?

Guruji: that is yoga book, it is beyond all castes. I just told you – brahmins came from the head, kshatriyas from the arms, vaishyas from the stomach or thighs and from the feet the last caste came.

Q: but what will be now with this system?

Guruji: it will be new era. King Bali is now Indra, ruling heaven; Shukracharya gave the explanation of the democracy in his Shukraniti; now suddenly monarchy disappeared and democracy come all over the world. Big powers are involved here. What we need is more refinement, which will come in time. Now what I see – the legal rights of every caste are same; this equality was never invented before. This is very big thing.

Q: what we see on americans or Australians: they have no gotras, they have no roots?

Guruji: but many people all over the world have settled there.

Q: yes, but more and more people doesn’t have the roots – and they have more problems, no?

Guruji: who have the problems there? but you have to consider the karmic effect also. They took so many black people to work on them like a slaves, but now all the afroamericans have the same rights – which is the very big thing. You must read a book “The roots” – how the man was took from a jungle and became a slave; most fantastic book I’ve ever read. But from another point – if they will not become a slaves, they will never travel to America. It was the sort of reshuffling of the very big powers. Baraka Obama was a president – it’s the very big thing and also improvement.

Q: what will be with the 4 generations from the mother’s and 3 from the father’s side?

Guruji: it is still on. There always be grandmothers and grandfathers – so what’s the problem? No matter which country or which caste they are belong – they are ancestors of the person; if he is good to them – they will bless him, no problem.

Q: good to them – that is the question: because nowadays there is no rituals for them?

Guruji: if you remember them with all emotions and good attention – even that is enough.

Q: is it easier to overcome the mix genetics than to overcome the pure one?

Guruji: Gita is saying even if varnasankar will practice yoga – he will achieve. Yogis don’t discriminate. But it is not easy for anybody. But it’s the touchy topic for most of the Indians – they will take the defensive arguments. Among my disciples I have the people from every caste. And here is no discrimination: you even doesn’t know, to which caste they are belong.

Q: even 30 or 50 years before nobody would even talk to us, so now it’s the great changes

Guruji: thanks to Shrila Prabhupada – he did his part in bringing the races together. He bring the different races together – you cannot ignore this fact. Most of his Babas, going to the west are doing exactly the same thing – bringing the races together.

Q: what about last rituals: if everyone will mix – what will stay finally?

Guruji: most of the religions came into be in the time of monarchy; so we don’t know which type of order will come in the time of democracy. As I see – yoga is becoming very popular, which is the very good thing. This is the most democratic thing.

Q: what do You think – cremation will be the best?

Guruji: well, so many dead bodies were buried during thousands of years – it will be more clean; for cremation not much land is required. Now with the modern technologies even not much wood will required. If it were no cremation before – why in bible it is said: ashes to ashes, dust to dust? It means the ashes were there. the life is carbon based and your ashes is very near to carbon – so it’s most scientific way.

Q: on what will depend the quality of the invoking spirit if someone tries – on the ritual or on the land?

Guruji: on the quality of the person, who is trying to invoke. What is the definition of the practice? It is just the way of convincing yourself that you can do this. What else is practice? So every ritual is like that.

Q: what is including in “hindu dharma”?

Guruji: everything.

Q: what does it mean? Everyone has his own path or what?

Guruji: I will say – many people will be angry to listen it – but everyone, who is born free on this planet is hindu by birth; then they are baptized into a different religions. If you’re free man, free-minded – you’re hindu. You don’t need any ritual to be a hindu, that’s the beauty of it. We’re free to worship any god, free to have any philosophy – freedom of thinking. To be a hindu you don’t need baptazation.

You’re born as you’re. how this name were coming? There is a river calling Sindu. And they were pronouncing “s” like “h” – so they pronounced Hindu to the Sindu. And the land beyond Sindu became Hindustan. Whoever is living here was called hindu. That’s how it started with Alexander’s invasion.

Q: so whoever was born and was not belonging to any religion – they have natural devotion to the Mother Earth?

Guruji: we definitely have this. Instead of worshipping someone sitting in heaven – Earth is providing everything to him; from food and shelter to everything. They will recognize this, yes.

Q: so naturally we are connected – but then it was closed and shifted to heaven?

Guruji: I think the basic idea of Hinduism is worshipping nature like Krishna: I think it is paying respect to nature itself. To the cows: if you have cows – the land will be prosperous and healthy; they go together.

And we must also listen to the Shanti path – which is from the vedas but it is amazing: Prithvi shanti, antariksh shanti; they are saying that Earth will be happy, the space will remain in peace, the hills will remain in peace, rivers will remain in peace – even the peace will remain peaceful. Shanti path is amazing – it’s a must read thing for anybody.

If you want to be a monarch – it’s not democratic way and it’s not good for society. In monarchy everybody was just a subject; in democracy we all have individuality, individual respect – and we have the same rights and duties as well.

Q: but what I see – nowadays perceive himself as a little monarch?

Guruji: that is what I’m saying – in ten generations this feeling will disappear. It’s very recent – maybe only 70 or 80 years without monarchy; that shadow will remain for some time. But the life of our Prime minister gives us a great hope.

Q: our president also

Guruji: yes, he was very much needed in Ukraine. The person who has an ability to make other people smile – I like it. Every sand-up comedian is extremely intelligent – this is the hardest part to make others smile and laugh, it’s not the easy thing. I hope he will be the very good president.

Q: what do You think: sense of humor and the level of the development of intelligence – are they connected?

Guruji: I think the more intelligent the person- the better sense of humor he or she must be have.

Q: and if someone has absolutely no sense of humor?

Guruji: I’ll keep quiet. You never know how it will reflect on that person.

Q: Guruji, who is the most beautiful in Your opinion?

Guruji: the most beautiful and the best of the best woman in the whole creation is society. Respect her, love her.

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