We just used the habits which were formed from our younger days and just to make some money – this much of brain is used. Rest of it is relaxing and sleep.

If he is following yoga in a very right way and he’s lucky enough to find a good Guru to teach him – then he will get over all his habits, even his DNA memories and genetics. Yoga is just not a small time thing or very plain thing. Now I’m sure – after many years of practicing you will be aware of the mystery behind. It’s too big mystery. I’ve been practicing yoga now for 35 years plus. And I feel like I even scratch the surface – or I just become aware of the tip of the iceberg, no more than that. Just becoming aware of some things – and 35 years is a long time for anybody.

Q: when we start to practice Kriya yoga technics – it takes a long time to understand and master them?

Guruji: actually at first everybody learns and they don’t take them for seriously – just take them like another yoga asana. But if they continue to practice it – then some different understanding will develop: then they begin to appreciate the depth of it and the mystery of it – and also the results of it. It takes 2-3 years just to understand the physicality of the movement. And of course, in this 2-3 years some results will be shown on the person. The mind will start to open up, he will become more sensitive, and his ageing will slow down a lot – that I can guarantee. These are real signs. Mind is fickle, so sometimes we’re going to this philosophy and that philosophy and leave the main thing behind – that’s how tragedy is happen.

How to say it in English? An idiot or a durak looses a gold coin in a greed of a small coin – that’s how it goes.


Q: when You were talking about kundalini awakening, that it happens once in centuries – it was about the second one, like Shakti chalini?

Guruji: first time happens in centuries, the second one – in thousands of years. Between first and the second great efforts required.

Q: I think if you can do the first – the second will be automatically?

Guruji: if you can do it the first time – then the possibility for the second time begins. Maybe I’m the only one mentioned that second awakening of kundalini is taking place.

Q: between first and second awakening – it’s long time period?

Guruji: initially euphoria of success is very difficult to overcome. If someone be able to overcome initial euphoria of kundalini’s awakening – then, after overcoming this euphoria you will become aware that second awakening is also very important and needed. That euphoria is the biggest progress sign. Most of the people remain stunned there.

Q: so You know the examples, who did it only once and that’s it?

Guruji: many; but even the first time awaken kundalini will give you enough time – your life span will be very long; after few centuries you will begin to think more on it.

Q: what that who cannot overcome euphoria are doing for so long time?

Guruji: if you were remain hungry for so long time and suddenly what you will do? – you will go out and eat. You remember – let’s go to hell(laughing)

Q: so yogis, who can really practice Shakti chalini – they are one or two in whole history?

Guruji: very rare. It’s not the technic, which you can learn at yoga classes.

Like that misunderstanding with nadi shodhana pranayama: they’re writing clearly – first sit in baddhapadmasana then inhale from the left nostril. From there this thing with fingers came – I’m still wondering. If you’re sitting in baddhapadmasan – both your hands are occupied. As we know now – khechari mudra plays the very important role – but all others are doing nadi shodhana with the fingers.

Q: that changing of directions which are described in Shiva svarodaya are also with khechari?

Guruji: it is the best way. Svarodaya is used by accomplished yogis. But I’ve seen some people – even by judging they were able to predict some success or failure in situation or even future also. Maybe when that euphoria on yoga will be over – people will think more seriously and deeply on it.

Q: Shakti chalini also exists in Kriya yoga?

Guruji: kriya and hatha yoga are one and the same. It comes on very advanced level.

Q: why in the books of Gorakhnath is mentioned not three but 22, 18 or 8 granthis?

Guruji: it’s about different things – he’s going into more and more details, but major granthis are three. They are also in your brain. Everything is about opening your brain.

Q: how it happens? You believe in idea of opening the knot on 100% and then it comes?

Guruji: remember, bhed means a secret and mystery. When you will discover the mystery of that particular granthi – you will be in a situation to open it and to understand it.

Q: sounds great, but what’s the mechanism of it?

Guruji: there is no mechanism involved – even scientists are saying they don’t understand the work of the brain completely.

In Brahma sutras it is said by brahmagyanis, that eyes cannot see it – but it sees through the eyes; the tongue cannot taste it – but it tastes through the tongue, ears cannot hear it – but it hear through the ears. What is it?

People say “brahma” – but it is exact description of your brain. Brahma means mind or brain to me. After knowing everything now the question come: who is the knower?  – and then the discussion on brain begins.

Because they use the word brahma  – so many discussions and arguments begin. Who is knower? Who is doing yoga? Your brain is doing yoga – your body is just be used for it. Very simple reasoning. Whatever you’re doing  – if you’re following islam or Christianity, you’re shaivite or krishnait – you’re doing it with your mind. Accept this fact – then many things become easy to understand.

Q: how granthis are connected with the brain and spinal cord?

Guruji: spinal cord is just extension of your brain including cerebra-spinal fluid. Maybe all this chakras described – they are switching the brain in a certain way, different portions of your brain.

Q: can we say that to pierce the granthi first we must develop the mind?

Guruji: first you must understand the mystery of it. First bhed – then bhedan(piercing) will take place. Let’s say – unrevealing the mystery, opening the mystery.

Q: when it pierced – it is physical feeling?

Guruji: when the mystery is no longer a mystery. When your brain will change – your physiological system will also change.

Q: so you will feel it?

Guruji: of course! It’s not a hypothetical philosophical assumption.


We use these words – prana and apana – very lightly, but it takes years of efforts to develop very little bit of understanding what are they. So far they are just sounds. In Yoga Vasishtha the immortal crow – kag Bhushundi – became immortal by understanding the true nature of prana and apana. It goes a very long way. We may not become immortal – but let’s try and die trying( laughing) physical – spirits are already immortal

The moment you begin to understand the meaning of prana and apana – your life span will became longer and longer.

Q: but the first checkpoint is 120 years?

Guruji: you will work out all your karmas and go beyond that. When you will go beyond all your karmas – then only the real progress will begin. Some pull of the karma will always remain( before 120). Then the body begins to rejuvenate itself. Your awareness, understanding and sensitivity will be on another level. We know some people who even reached 180 – they were very different people after 120.

One man was living in Bangalore – he was small king of Rajasthan and live the very private life.

It so happened that some of his descendants was trying for the big loan from Union Bank of India. He took some property papers – they spent 150 years. Bank notices this and set up an inquiry: and they found he really was 180. He died in 2002. This man who told me the story is the senior manager of that bank. But he requested them – please, keep it quiet. I don’t want to become famous. It’s genuine story. If my disciple were not in this particular bank – we will never know this story. There are people living in India, who have crossed over this. As he told me – he was living the very quite private way of life, rarely seen people except his family members or descendants rather. These examples gives us hope anyway.

The easiest thing in the world is to make phylosopical statements, reading different books and no results – but you become famous profit or something. But to have extra 10 or 20 youthful years is remarkable achievement. Let’s always remain grounded, be practical and do yoga on the best of your abilities. Every mudra described – it stops old age and death – so this result should be appreciate.


Q: and You’re practicing Samadhi regularly?

Guruji: yes, that too.

Q: you can say, that you’re practicing yoga when you’re practicing Samadhi?

Guruji: let’s say – yoga is yoga.

Q: before you reach this – it’s just preparation for yoga practice?

Guruji: no, it’s one of the eight limbs of yoga; when we say “yoga” – everything comes into it.

Q: was it possible in very ancient times that people were born with their mind 100% activated?

Guruji: never happened this way

Q: why Brahma didn’t create such a great persons?

Guruji: that was the main reason in the clash with Shiva and Brahma. Shiva created the immortal beings and Brahma never created them.

Q: Brahma likes the company of stupid fools?

Guruji: he wanted to be charged all the time. The main difference between hindu religion and others religions: hindus are not worshipping the creator. Every other religion worshipping the creator. It’s major difference. You cannot worship a person who made so many mistakes in the creation.

Q: when we’re practicing Kriya – which direction we must face?

Guruji: east or north. And the best thing is to face yourself – that will take some time.

Q: what will happen if practice facing west or south?

Guruji: it will be less results – because your earthly body must be in tune with the Earth. That is like harmonizing or tune.

Q: how we can face ourselves?

Guruji: put the big mirror and sit in front of it( laughing) you will see the image of god.

Q: Shiva Ji Aghora face is facing south – so when you’re practicing facing north…?

Guruji: yes, that’s the point. When you’re facing north – hypothetically you’re facing Him.

Q: what is the difference between shanmukhi and yoni mudra?

Guruji: in shanmukhi just some feeling of relaxation will come. it is used just for relaxation and to make low the blood pressure – that is what yoga instructors are saying. It is done without retaining the breath.


Q: how the events of 9/11 is connected with starting Your dhuni?

Guruji: I don’t know –we just started it and I saw that news on TV; then more and more start coming. Maybe some supernatural phenomena is there. With the digital technologies more and more supernatural phenomenon are appearing on cameras. And after we started dhuni – Babaji begin to blinking eyes more open.

It is said in many our mythological books – puranas: Brahmavaivarta purana, Shrimad Bhagavatam purana – that Radha is the basiс nature of Shri Krishna. And wherever her blessings are there or she’s looking with love – nature will be very-very rich here. Whatever we’ve seen, whatever plantation we have done, whatever green we have done – or maybe it is her very good with it. From this point of view and it’s my point of view also – it is direct grace from her. We’re privilege that she made us do that.

Q: what does it mean in that story – when Shiva Ош appeared in front of Brahma and Vishnu in the form of the column of the light; it was said that Brahma will always be mentioned in all sacrifices – what does it mean?

Guruji: in fire rituals Brahma is always invoked.

Q: is it possible to do the fire ritual without invoking Brahma?

Guruji: yes, we’re doing it. Near dhuni – without gayatri, without invoking anyone, direct.

Q: it’s just a habit to do it in old fashion?

Guruji: they were taught like this. We’re thinking with the very open mind and we’re have the original thinking as well – so we can see things which they never see. And it’s not a good thing to disturb them.

Q: why in that story Vishnu took the form of the boar – to find the root of that column of light?

Guruji: maybe that is his natural state. Or maybe the judes were the original worshippers of Vishnu. 0r that’s why they don’t eat boar. You have to connect it. It’s rare to see worshippers of Vishnu nowadays. Rama, Krishna and others have replaced him. and no kings all over the world. Even worships are now humanized: Jesus Christ – son of the man, profit Muhammad, in India so many saints are worshipped.

Q: somewhere I’ve heard that yogin should not cross the ocean? This rule is working nowadays?

Guruji: it is suitable in every days. When you’re learning – you have to travel. But as a Guru I should not travel.


Q: is it true that Guru of Shankaracharya belonged to Shri Vidya lineage?

Gurjuji: Govinda Gaudapada Acharya was the name of his Guru. He was living near Omkareshwar cave; Shankaracharya came and became his disciple. There is too many contradictory statements here: he was preaching that only brahman is truth – everything else is illusion; but some references were find in the books that he was practicing Shri Vidya also. His whole life is a bundle of contradictions.

Q: what does it mean: the sign of vira bhava is advayta?

Guruji: the real state of advayta – when your conscious and subconsciousness becomes one. Then the person can be called really brave – the vir. And then he begins to live in a vir bhumi – smashan is called vir bhumi. Till then advayta is not possible.

Q: till then everybody is in pashu bhava?

Guruji: all are, yes.

Q: Guruji, prana is circulating in the different tattwas?

Guruji: it is because of the prana all tattwas are uniting and your being is possible. Prana is the catalystic power.

Q: so tattwas are the frequency of prana?

Guruji: Tattwas are expression of prana, not frequency. Expression is the right word. No matter how much we talk about prana and elements – it’s just the word play, until unless we go through experience and understand them first.

Q: from what step of yoga practice you start to work with the elements?

Guruji: from the day one. From the day one from the initiation you begin to work with all elements, all pranas, everything.

Q: when vayu sharira is completely formed – what happens with three other elements?

Guruji: they will stop bothering you after that.

Q: equal proportion is coming later?

Guruji: equal proportion maybe the beginning of it – when vayu sharira is ready, then it will be in proportion. Maybe the next step will be immortality.

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