Darshans 2017#8


When we was at school we was told that at first the Earth was the ball of fire and then it cool down and became the earth. My question is – from where it come? From where clouds come? From where so much water in oceans come? So many questions and no answer. And if you look at any religion – Christianity, islam, hindus, Egyptian culture – we never come across of description of snow and ice. Only in Scandinavian mythology – otherwise no ice. Tropical fruits were found even in Siberia region – but suddenly they were frozen. What happened? Scientists are trying to discover. When we read Shiva’s life in Shiva Purana- when he married and go to Himalayas, but no ice or snow is described in his marriage or where he was living.

Q: what about top of Himalayas?

Guruji: now it is snow, but there is no description of the snow in all mythology.

Milk, yogurt, ghee, honey and sugar. And the flowers – as much as available. It’s not a teapot, it’s some kind of kamandala, which just pour some water on Shiva.

Q: and cobra is protecting him?

Guruji: it’s sort of guarding on Shiva, he’s wearing cobra on his neck.

Q: and in front of Babaji – it is a bird?

Guruji: no, it’s a miniature Shivalingam.

Q: we’re not crossing the line in front of a cow – why so?

Guruji: it is said, that you should not cross over whatever we put on Shiva. It removes every type of prosperity and good fortune. So never cross, just make u-form. It’s up to you, how much circles you want to do. Now I’m doing puja continuously for 18 years. I’m unemployed – I have nothing else to do.

Q: You have enough will power to do it

Guruji: it’s not a question of will power, we have no choice.

Q: I’ve heard if someone touch Shivalingam he will get sick?

Guruji: I’ve seen it many times, some people are dead also.

Q: but when You touch – You feel something?

Guruji: oh yes, I feel very different.

Q: but it’s good death – to die after touching Shivalingam?

Guruji: no good death. We know the man – he suffered and suffered and suffered and lost all his weight and died when he was only 20 kgs. Only skeleton remain.

Q: why it happens? The energy burn him?

Guruji: you don’t want to be touched by everyone, that’s the point.

Q: you see the difference before you start doing puja and after that?

Guruji: dramatic difference. I think Babaji decided to create special routine for me, which only a person with Samadhi can perform. I have not manas kama – I mean desire in the mind I would like to ask to Shiva; he appeared – so it is my duty to pay respect. And he is the first Guru of yoga also. He is our family god also, so it’s very natural for me now. The whole area is looking different.

Q: can we worship Shivalingam at home?

Guruji: be very careful, if you can follow the discipline – you can do everything. Hindus are smart: they build a temple in one place and house in another place. No one is pure enough to follow the discipline. It is just like you invite president to your house and you wore him to live like you do. It’s not going good. Some mistake may definitely come. It is a good idea to just go to the temple, offer your respect, then come back home and relax.


It’s in human nature to blame someone if they failed; it is devil’s guilt – but if something good happened they say: “ I did it”.


Q: people are saying – you’re not a big fan of Gautama Buddha?

Guruji: no, this is not true. But as a yogi, if somebody is asking, it is my duty to point out the obvious facts of his life. I just want people who are coming to me to open they mind more. I just will ask you the very simple question, you know about Chinese history. How many kings and emperors you know, who just ran away to save their own life, leaving all people behind to suffer? How many emperors and kings you know? From China, India or Russia – anywhere? They run away from the country or from the city where they were ruling just to save their own life leaving all the public, who were depending on them, suffering?

So never ever trust a monk. He have no attachment, he will never consider you as a friend. Babaji told to Lahiri Mahasaya to teach yoga to normal people, not to monks. They can say bye-bye any time and you cannot stop them because they’re supposed to be beyond attachments and friendship. Be careful.

Q: what’s Your opinion about attachment?

Guruji: I think attachment is good, it makes you progress. You have something to live for? I’m not teaching you to become a monk. Monastery – what does it reminds you? Monsters. You remember the story about Buddhist monastery where tigers were lived? Recently they discovered that most of the tigers are blind and they also selling their organs. I mean – let the dead remain buried.

Q: why do You think attachment is good?

Guruji: it will give you some purpose in life. If you’re not attached to your friend – you’re simply not a friend. Maybe it’s just business association.

Q: attachments also could be good and could be destructible?

Guruji: every attachment will teach you something about your own nature. Maybe it’s a part of self-realization. Every emotion is a part of it. Attachment will bring to the surface all those emotions also. It’s a long study; self-realization like we’re reading – “ I’m not the physical body, I’m a spirit” – anyone can say that. But scientists tell us, that this physical body is extremely complex thing. Even to know about it – they have not discovered everything. Body is very important and physical attachments are also important.

Q: what is tapas in Your opinion?

Guruji: I think living in the society and remaining honest and happy is the biggest tapas in my opinion.

What is the most difficult thing to find in this world?

Q: liberation?

Guruji: find a nice honest man. Or a woman. Keep searching.


Sacrifice yourself in the name of god! Why have not anyone says that “remain happy in the name of god”? enjoy in the name of god? They all gave negative approach.


If we come back to Gautama Buddha – we just  make a general observation. And it is just an observation, we have not give any judgement to him. Wherever Buddhism was practiced – suffering came. Buddhism was ruling in India for thousand years – Buddha appeared in India, remember that; and after him for thousand years Buddhism prevailed. Then we became slaves, islam came, and so many bad things happened to our country. For more then thousand years we suffered and suffered. Japan – epicenter of zen-buddhism –  two atom bomb drop on them. Tibet: for centuries Buddhism were practiced – dalay-lama run away from there. You must be smart enough to observe.

I will tell you the story from Shiva Purana. There were three sons of asura, Tarakasura. They created three cities of gold, silver and copper in the space. And they were so righteous and observing dharma, that they become more prosperous then heavenly gods. Gods became very jealous of their prosperity and happiness. They went to the Creator. Creator took them to Vishnu. He said: “don’t afraid, gods! I will go down and take incarnation as Buddha; I will go down and preach against dharma and they will be deviated from the right path – then Shiva will destroy them”. This is exactly what happened. That is how he came down – he was the incarnation of Vishnu. It is written in Shiva purana and in other puranas also. But the dangerous conclusion is: he was born in India, and after his coming India was ruined. So maybe we’re asuras – that remains to be analyzed.

Q: but they have Milarepa, Tilopa and Naropa?

Guruji: remember, Tilopa and Naropa were supposed to be Nath yogins. At all pictures they are with all nath things. Milarepa was not exactly Buddhist, he was practicing yoga, learn from India – his Guru Marpa learn it. If you will read closely about their technics – you will find them very similar to Kriya yoga. Just open your mind for it. Simply giving them Tibetan name doesn’t mean that they are different. But the purity is lost, I’ve seen that.

Q: why it happened – technics mixed with something else?

Guruji: local impact always come.

Q: isn’t it right – to act without attachment?

Guruji: it is the most confusing statement I’ve been reading for many-many years. Acting without attachment – then you will never act. If you will not attached to person – you will not lift a finger for him or her. You’re always help for certain results. It’s not a bad things – to think about the results. You need always keep your mind open; something you win and something you lose.

Q: how to maintain the balance?

Guruji: if you will be absolutely non-attached – you will not remain alive also. Minimum attachment with our existence – that is keeping us alive. I see no harm in taking care of your love ones or your friends; or even taking revenge on your enemies. It give some purpose to life.

Q: but attachment can be different?

Guruji: it depends on the person’s personality: fanatic person will have fanatic attachment. Balanced person will have balanced attachment.

Q: maybe it’s good to have fanatic attachment to self-realization?

Guruji: fanatics are not attached to the self-realization. Their attachment will create the bog of problems for others. If this attachment is one side – it will definitely bring a lot of problem. That means – if you need to be attached or even attached to someone – you also need to respect the others’ opinion also. That respect should also accompanied attachment – then it is good.

Q: so this balance are from both sides?

Guruji: then it’s the best thing could happen to you.



Q: Guruji, on what depends length of life?

Guruji: nobody knows; we said it is karma, karmic effect. Depends on your genetics and all these things.

Q: I had some friends, who died very early?

Guruji: then another thing: because they die so young – you have the very good image of them. You don’t know, what they can commit after 60 years.

Q: fanatics are at least interesting enemies

Guruji: I will quote here from Don Corleone: keep your friends closer, but your enemies even more closer.

Q: is it true that if we will read one chapter of Gita every day – it will kill all our enemies?

Guruji: not kill the enemies, the most of the negativity from your life will disappear. If the enemy has negative effect – it will also disappear.

Q: I heard that the Gandhi read the Gita every day?

Guruji: so the British empire disappeared. Reading Gita is the very common thing in India. Most of the spiritual or religious state of mind people – most of them read it. Gandhi example is very good: in South Africa he was insulted by some british officers and he resolve that he will do something about it – and now no british empire. It work for him.

Q: I have no enemies in my life?

Guruji: but others maybe taking you as their enemy. Someone can think, that you’re his enemy. So be on the safe side.

Q: don’t You think, that good life is the best revenge?

Guruji: from whom?

Q: I mean – if I’m happy in my life – it’s the best revenge for my maybe enemies?

Guruji: no. revenge not entering here from any angle. If by becoming prosperous you’re demeaning some poor man – that will be called revenge. Otherwise it’s ok, to have a good life. Having good life is not sin. But sometimes sins are more interesting.

From hindu movie: there was a womanizer and he was caught. Judge telling: you’ve committed great sins! And he answered: but consider, how romantic they were!

Another theory: they said that whatever type of karma you will do – you will get the same result. Always try to do romantic karma – so you will have the romantic results(laughing).

It is very easy to stay from temptations when you’re old, but difficult thing is to find them.



Q: there is no difference between asuras culture and gods culture?

Guruji: I’ve never ever read in any mythology  that asuras ever demanded for sacrifices. Only gods keep demanding sacrifices.

Q: for You Samadhi was a stepping stone, you’ve just over it?

Guruji: no, it’s always there, it’s always need. I’m practicing yoga for a very long time; finally you become a normal person. It will make you a normal person. Everybody has so many hangs up and ego problems, which he never like to accept – he had these problems. One by one these problems disappear. Now you know – I’m afraid to go out. That’s why: you stand by the road side and watch people going by bikes and cars – nobody’s mind is on the road or on the driving – their mind is somewhere else. It’s dangerous situation.

Q: brain is the root of ashwattha tree; but Vasudeva resides in the heart. What is more important and what is the correspondence between heart and brain?

Guruji: without heart brain will not survive. Heart is the carrier or the living place of Vasudeva or prana. Heart is very important.

Q: some people say – the heart is pure?

Guruji: the power inside the heart which is making him live, is pure. All that things are the reactions to the society, family and initial circumstances.

Q:Guruji, what guides us in our existence? Vasudeva from the heart? Or the mind from the brain?

Guruji: both. When mind takes over the heart – you have problems and the life becomes so complicated. But in society, if you continue to follow your heart – you will not survive long. There has to be a balance and combination of them both.

Q: how to achieve this balance?

Guruji: by recognizing your heart separately and also developing your brain. They are saying – controlling the mind, but I’m saying – controlling the brain is more important, because it’s a seed of the mind- even about brain not much is known. Most of the yoga is based on controlling your brain. You see – teenage starts from the head, old age starts from the head. If you’re able to control your brain – your reactions will be very different and your physical look will be very different. Nobody is doing anything for the brain development. Only Shailendra Sharma is teaching, but nobody is listening.

Q: reading a ot of books are not develop your brain?

Guruji: memory is more enhanced – that’s it.

Q: could you give the explanation – what is developing of the brain?

Guruji: you develop your brain like you develop your biceps. Take it as a physical part. The head size increases with the practice of yoga- that means the developing of the brain is taking place.

Q: so reading books, do calculations and..

Guruji: this is pass time for the brain, because the powerful person needs something to do.

Q: control of vegetative nervous system?

Guruji: no, I’m talking about general development of the brain inside your skull. Like a physical substance. That will give you extraordinary consciousness and pure perceptions, extraordinary intelligence and understanding.

Q: how to make the difference – where is the brain, where is the mind?

Guruji: brain is the seed of the mind. Consciousness and the mind is just an expression of the brain.

Q: what about emotions?

Guruji: all of them are the expressions of the brain

Q: brain or heart?

Guruji: 50/50

Q: You often say – follow your heart. But what to do if your heart say one thing and your brain say another thing?

Guruji: that’s why discrimination is exercised: you need to understand clearly. If you will survive of your heart is telling, if you have chances to survive – go for it. Your heart is telling that you should kick your boss, punch him and everything – but your mind is telling not to do that. Always be careful.

Q: but should we control our emotions?

Guruji: we need to understand them first.

Q: sometimes they made the practice difficult

Guruji: even with these emotions you must continue to do practice. You need to understand them. I think – having emotions is the  very great gift for human beings. Even though I see most of the animals – every animal has different emotions. That is the play of consciousness, which is very important.

Q: to find the source from where they come, the reason?

Guruji: to understand them. This is the main problem with human beings: from the first moment they begin to talking about control of everything. If you just try to control everything unnecessarily – that will create for you so many problems.

Q: but without controlling the emotions it is difficult to practice yoga, for example?

Guruji: no-no, make them your friends – they will support you. This word “control” is the very negative word.

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