When you’re ignoring good things and intelligent things, wise things in life – then you’re accepting ignorance and you’re the ignorant person, because you’re ignoring everything within you. And this is not innocence.


Q: why we give exactly that five promises?

Guruji: only these five promises are important. Rest of the promises – not to kill, not to do this, not to steal – is for religious people. And they keep breaking the promises. If they will not commit sin – from what they will ask forgiveness from god? Committing sin is very important for religious people.


Q: what is the danger of bastard?

Guruji: they say that bloodline continuation is very important. Bastard is the very big problem: the family will lose its prosperity, new blood will enter into the family line – it creates so many complications, for the spirits of ancestors also. Effect goes to that level also. All Mahabharat battle was because of this.


Family is the part of the society – they are not surviving separately, all the new families creates the society. It is a good idea to have some discipline and respect for this. And the scientists are there to help you: they have already invented so many things to stop the birth of illegitimate child. Use them! Science is always here to help you.

I was never see condom in my life; one day they was invented by government to India. Most of the decorative – paanvalas and others – they just blow them big size like a balloons and we were wondering – what are these things? Then the wise man came and enlighten them – this are that thing. Then I think: the man, who invented them, must be a very wise person – who conceived the idea and invented it – and now the whole world using it. Hopefully. Fantastic invention of the mankind – just not illegitimate child to take birth. You can imagine our surprise – from where such balloons came? The inventor was man enough to invent it.

It’s not a taboo to discuss these things – this is how the life continues. You cannot actually give a judgement – this topic is not good, it’s idiot and obscene, only that topic is good – when you’re always talking philosophically. You must be very practical and able to discuss anything with the very open mind.

Q: why Brahma created such creation, based on sex?

Guruji: Shiva created immortals, who can bring a child simply by imagining it; but Brahma make it more interesting(laughing). The inventor of condoms creates the first revolution against Creator. All the birth control things which were invented – they are against that creativity.


We love to laugh – so share your laughter with others.

Q: does it mean that when we are in good company – our vibrations has one frequency?

Guruji: of course, and we charging our energy and increase it more. If you will grow in yoga – this thing will come naturally.

Q: sometimes different people are coming and you’re trying to see something good in them…

Guruji: no, see them as they are. Don’t go too much to find and see something good in every bad person. He is good as been bad.

Q: what happens with emotions when your mind is fully awaken?

Guruji: strong mind will have strong emotions. Emotions will always remain. If there is an ocean – waves will always remain.

Q: they will have the same chemical reactions as before?

Guruji: the body will be extraordinary after that: so if it will be chemical reaction – it will be on a very sublime level.

Q: so they will come but they will not affect the body like before?

Guruji: no, they should not.

Q: you will be like observer – or you will perceive them?

Guruji: it’s your choice: you can do anything with them. What is liberation? Liberty to do anything. It’s your decision.

Q: and you will be able to invoke it any time?

Guruji: it’s naturally state, no need to invoke them.


Q: what is yantras?

Guruji: like superbeing can have more human form – but more super thing; yantras maybe their real physical structure.

Q: they are alive?

Guruji: of course. They are suppose to be alive.

Q: I read in some purana when Shiva Ji appeared in the mountain form, and then all gods began to appear in mountain forms – is it the same?

Guruji: it maybe same; mountain is like upward triangle, and upward triangle is a symbol of Shiva.

Q: so mountains are the forms of some deities?

Guruji: yes. Or the breast of the Mother Earth.


The Russian names sounds strange for me – but I remember voice of every disciple. Voice is recorded. When I’m talking on the phone – you all have witnessed it – nobody has to talk, who is talking. Simply by listening to the voice I knew who is calling.

Q: everyone has own vibration; and every deity has their own mantra, and that mantra is like the body of the deity?

Guruji: it is actually their vibration, sound of the vibration.

Q: so with certain development we can discover our own mantra?

Guruji: why not?

Q: it’s like our own name?

Guruji: no, it’s like our existence.

Q: but it will differ from the name of the spirit?

Guruji: yes.

Q: and if we give that mantra to some other people and they start to chant it – we’ll became like god?

Guruji: maybe, but it’s not a good idea to give. Some telepathical connection, spiritual connection will begin to follow. And if you’re not powerful enough to look after them in their afterlife – then problems continue. If they will chant your mantra – you will have to protect them and support them. If you’re not powerful enough – then you will be in problems.

Q: on what depends the structure of mantra?

Guruji: again – on the vibration, the sound of your vibration. Even now: if they are saying – they are in the good vibes, it means their vibrations are matching. Vibe – vibrations.

Q: what does it mean when the deity has several mantras?

Guruji: all powerful deities has several mantras, not only one. They already evolved to that level that they can create the different forms of themselves and that forms will have different sounds, vibrations – and reasonably different mantras. That will depend.

Q: is it strict rule that hum and phat are destroyers?

Guruji: they are supposed to be powerful things. Average person – if you will do it, you will have some mental problems. They are very powerful, let’s say like a weapon; and if you’re not powerful enough to tolerate that, your vibrations will be disturbed, some problems will begin definitely. That’s why they are powerful deities: they can create such forms with such vibrations.

Q: how the name of the spirit is connected with the vibrations of the body?

Guruji: the spirit is already beyond vibrations. Alakh Niranjan. Vibrations are only in this creation.

Q: beyond the carbon – beyond the vibration???

Guruji: absolute silence. Or maybe something else what we don’t know yet.

Q: when we become friends with our spirit – the vibration of the body will change?

Guruji: they will definitely change. The spirit will feel that changing, when he will feel good vibes – he will become your friend.

Q: amazing that beyond the carbon there are no vibration?

Guruji: maybe the vibration which we’re not aware of – very different things all together.

Q: there was the method how Matsyendranath’s and Gorakhnath’s mantras come into be?

Guruji: they were masters of the nada – they could create any vibration on their own also; or to separate the certain vibration and make it stand out. They are great people.

Q: they are like a great musician, composers – to create any music from the notes?

Guruji: also great psychic can actually see the musical notes. That’s how the musical language came into be.


Q: some times back we discussed Naga baba and You said they are like the guards?

Guruji: they do very difficult penance and they used to be like a guardians of all other sadhus. There were many historical records of them saving so many different pilgrimages, sadhus and they provide so many things. They are like fighter- sadhus.

Q: they discipline are different from yoga practice?

Guruji: some of them were very accomplished yogis: the Guru of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa – Totapuri Maharaj. He was Naga sadhu, but he was able to grant nirvikalpa samadhi to Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Some of them are extraordinarily spiritually developed.

Q: is it true that he granted him samadhi in 72 hours?

Guruji: that is true.

Q: how Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s body could tolerate such state?

Guruji: he couldn’t tolerate – he died 52. But their work was different, their mission was different. There are many great people in Naga baba.

Q: what kind of practice was given to Ramakrishna Paramahamsa – it was some mantra or it was some yoga technics?

Guruji: every Bengali brahmin – they know about the mantras mostly and he belonged to a priest family. His elder brother were still priest in that Kali temple, Dakshineshwar Kali. First a woman seen him, which is called Brahmani. She was very much accomplished in tantra, she knew all 64 tantras and she taught all those tantras to Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. And after her teachings were over- then finally Totapuri came, the Naga baba, who granted him final samadhi. Kali was taking care of him. the whole temple was built for Ramakrishna’s tapas – so he will attain what he may to attain. Absolute new temple, new statue of Kali – everything. That creation was only for Ramakrishna and teacher came to him, he  never went anywhere – that is the grace of the Mother.

Q: he has two Gurus: what happened with him after death – to whom he came?

Guruji: to Kali directly – it was all arrangement from Kali. His example is only one. No other example like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa – when the goddess herself arranged everything for him. first time the temple was build, everything was absolutely new, and he lived there and accomplished so great spiritual heights – that was the direct grace from Kali. She was arranging everything. She pulled even teachers for him. it is like a mother arranging tutor’s for her child. That is fantastic story.

Q: how he can learn all tantras – I thought these knowledge are for after yoga practice achievements?

Guruji: he was already entering into samadhi since he was a child. He was extraordinary born. They say his first samadhi happen when he was visiting some farm land; he was living in Kamarpukur – very small village, all fields around. It was raining – then it stopped; there were some light and some clouds – and a line of hansa or some birds – they flew. By just looking at them he went into samadhi. He was a spiritual giant.

Q: do You know another example, who was the knower of 64 tantras – except Matsyendranath?

Guruji: no, only Ramakrisnha – by the grace of that Brahmani. And nobody knows where she went after teaching him. these things remain a mystery.

Q: what about that 5 types of trees, which Ramakrishna planted in Dakshineshwar temple?

Guruji: yes, they called panchvati – you used to meditate sitting there. He only meditating there; now people just coming, do their pranam and that’s it. The whole area was for him, whole creation was specially for him. banyan, bael, amalaka, ashoka and peepul.

Q: he was practicing advayta mantra?

Guruji: I think he was already beyond technics. That mantra  – Tat Tvam Asi – is normal foe every sadhu, every sadhu is chanting it. But there is some more mystery: whatever they described may not be the whole truth. Nobody is describing 64 tantras in detail, nowhere – just some superficial things. What was planned – he was graced by Kali, she was taking very good care of him. that’s the beauty: if Mother is taking very good care of you – you have no problem.

Q: that 64 tantras – they are like arts or like texts like Kularnava tantra?

Guruji: nobody exactly knows, what it is. Maybe 64 yoginis are the presiding deities for 64 tantras. Nobody knows from where Brahmani came and where she went – nowhere mentioned. Totapuri also. When I was in Puri – there was a place, people said that Totapuri was living here. I went there – but it was not feeling like that.

Such great people knowing exactly there is going to be their last.

There is very interesting story: there was a very old vulture, living somewhere. And every day some yamduts were pass that way, looking at him very surprisingly and shrugging. They were passing where he was living, just look at him and just do like this – as if in wonder – and the vulture became very afraid. Why they are looking at me, why they give so much attention to me? What’s wrong? He was the great devotee of Garuda. He just pray to Garuda, invoke him, and Garuda appeared. He said – I have a mystery: these yamduts – they are looking at me, wonder, and they are moving on. Why is that? Garuda also was not knowing. But the mysterу became so deep and Garuda decided that: I will take you on my back to the Creator’s place. Creator also was silent, when he heard it. Then they went to Vishnu’s place. Vulture was riding Garuda – and they went there. There yamduts came and caught him. His death was written in front of Vishnu. Yamduts was always wondering: this old vulture is sitting here – and he is to die in front of Vishnu; how it can become possible? And his curiosity makes it possible – he went there for asking the question and that was his death.


One family has very old sweet shop there – his grandfather has that shop. He was the very-very famous sweet maker there. One day something happen and he was late at closing his shop. And there was a lot sweets remain – no big sale that day. About 11 o-clock in the night – it was unusual for those days to keep the shop open to this late – a very tall dark man came from somewhere. He ordered him just put all those sweets to a big basket; the owner said ok and did it. And he paid him with leather coins. In every leather coin it was one gram of gold in the center. He just put the hand in his pocket and simply give hand full of coins, took the basket and went away. He was so happy to see all this gold, which was much beyond the real price of that sweet – he begin to wait every day for that man. And that man kept coming for next 5 or 6 years. Every day he will take a big basket of sweets, all variety which was available; and he would pay with a hand full of that leather coins with one gram of gold imprinted in the center.  They became very prosperous. Then suddenly he stop coming. He continue to wait – but he never ever appear again. Some of the coins were with the family and my friend showed me 2 coins. They were about 1,5-2 inches but with gold bit in the center, nothing was written on it. They became rich. The assumption – he might be a genie. Here also I have heard the story that sometimes some people come in the night, and they take all the sweets away and from smashan the sound came as they having a party.


From mercury you can create a superbody. Then they give the different time frames – that it will make you live 1000 years, 500 years, 10000 years – as long as art will continue your body will continue. It’s more elaborate things.

Q: on what it depends?

Guruji: on the processing of the mercury and how much your body is able to tolerate, that is the main point. Someone who is doing it must be prepared physically also.

Q: first you will take one herb or medicine, than another, than another?

Guruji: there are different methods. First you will create a base with different programs: so your body will be ready to take the mercury of this potency. These are time-taking things, highly technical programs. I think simple dal and roti are good for us.

Vata tapika system is safer than kuti praveshek. You’re expose to normal air and sun and everything and you’re taking some rasayana – so the tempering of the body will be more powerful. But if you’re inside kuti praveshek  – you will creating the womb-like condition, you have to stay away from direct wind and sunshine – it will make you very sensitive and fragile and weak, like a child. If something will go wrong – it will bring bad results. Always vata tapika is more recommended.

Q: could we say that all these mercury processes are like vata tapika?

Guruji: no, they both are recommended there – depends on the quality of the mercury, which you should prefer. My personal prefer that vata tapika is good, because while inside some womb-like stage you will be depending on so many people – and definitely something will go wrong. That is not so welcome thing.

Q: You remember some years back we discussed Padmasambhava, who made his body fire-resistant?

Guruji: I remember the formula, we know it. There is a certain herb – it’s a creeper: you should massage your body every day with the juice of that particular herb without taking a bath for one year; and then your body will become resistant to fire.

Q: for what aim such things are done?

Guruji: to be safe from the fire – what else? For safety.

Q: this not have a quality like rasayana?

Guruji: it will make your body fire-resistant life–long. But one year you will have to go without a bath and every day you’ll have to massage your body.

Q: and the hair also?

Guruji: all, everywhere.

Q: and what about cremation?

Guruji: it will not work.

Q: but body will grow old?

Guruji: it will not stop ageing, only fire.

Q: from where You know the formula?

Guruji: it is mentioned in some ayurvedic books.

Q: somebody tried?

Guruji: I think otherwise it will be not even mentioned.

Everybody wants to be forever young, not to grow old – it is desired.

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