Until unless you will go down grass root level of India – no real wisdom is coming your way. Reading philosophy is different program.

Q: what does it mean – grass root level?

Guruji: to the people, who live off the land – like villagers, poor people. They know so much. Here also we have some siddhas: when you have a problem – you write it on a piece of paper, give it to him and everything will be solved. Without even asking.

Q: and what will be the price?

Guruji: you give them 1000 or 2000 rupees – they also need to survive. He saw one man, who made 1000000 rupees appeared out of the blue – and then they disappeared. He just tied dirty cloths, threw it and currency just begin come out of it. Thousand rupee notes up to 10 million – and then he made them disappear. It is magic! And he is not a yogi – that is another point. With help of certain spirit’s power these things are possible.

Q: but such knowledge must be learned from someone – Guru or someone else?

Guruji: actually they find the disciple. You can not simply go to them and say – I want to be your disciple. Only the spirit will tell, which one to teach.

Q: so this thing from Mantra Mahodadhi….

Guruji: most of the mantras from there are not working.

Q: so it is useless to chant them 1000 times then 10000 times?

Guruji: until unless some master will tell you, how to do it. Because I’ve seen those mantras – some vital point is missing.

Q: so all ancient yoga and tantra texts were created just to create some interest to the subject?

Guruji: no, it is knowledge. It is recorded there. It is reference book, that whoever will advanced enough to understand – for them. Out of compassion they record it. It is not for start classes and make money on that giving such power – no.

Q: like shava sadhana and shavasana have similar names?

Guruji: shava sadhana is to invoke some other spirit and shavasana is to invoke your own spirit. It’s a big difference. And most of those tantrics – they don’t know about themselves, but they know so much about other side. You can not simply reject their wisdom or their knowledge.

His grandfather was in connection with great siddhi. He was the famous astrologer in this area: like we are sitting here – he will tell this man is coming with such horoscope. And suddenly this man will come with such horoscope. He died at the age 104.


Q: it’s amazing – how the dead body could eat 40 kilos of meat? (The question to the story from Durshans#9

This is real story. Near Gwalior there is a place call Datya. There was one very great tantric, swami, everybody called him Swami Ji Maharaj. He had gurubhai – Brahmachari Shardanan, both are dead now. Their Guru was from Tarapith. It was time of the british, they were ruling; in one certain state of Punjab there was some big problem, going on with queen Victoria; and it was a big dispute and somebody suggested to king, that their Guru is very great tantric  and he could easily remove this thing. They approach him; he said ok: I need corpse with the list of features and at least 40 kg of meat, wine, and the meat is need to make laddoos. These two disciples were helping him.

They went to certain smashan in Punjab and made a sort of mandala on the ground with flour, turmeric and different colors. And the dead body – it was easy for the king to kill anybody with poison or by drowning, so the dead body was lying there in between.

Swami said: I will sat on the middle of this corpse and I will start ritual chanting mantras, and when he will laugh and ask something – you start feeding him these meat laddoos and give him wine.

So after midnight there was a very terrible laugh coming from the dead body and he sat up. And these two disciples – one was giving wine and one was giving these meat laddoos; and that dead body ate the 40 kilos of meat laddoos and 40-50 litres of wine disappeared. And then he asked in a very horrible voice: what do you want from me? Why have you call me? And then Swami told him about problem with the king- and he said: within 24 hours everything will be alright and again dropped. And within 24 hours everything was settled peacefully with big profit to the king.

It’s true story. And I will say in India there are still some tantrics who are masters in it. This is shava sadhana: you need to invoke and some people are doing it to invoke big powers like Kali and Tara.)

Guruji: dead body was not eating – the powerful spirit in him.

Q: meat just disappear in the astral world?

Guruji: the spirit, which entered this body just ate that. Not everything can be analyzed from the physic science point of view. There are many different principles which are beyond physical understanding.

Q: you told us that spirits are so much attracted by alcohol?

Guruji: what is alcohol? Spirit. So the spirit will be connected with another spirit. Spirit is essence. When you make a spirit, you make apple or something rot away – then the essence comes out. In human beings also: when you’re extremely old – you’re rotted away – then the spirit comes out. And somebody is drinking that. Instead of discussing beautiful philosophical imaginations we’re discussing horrible things.

Q: like we were talking about eating god’s flesh and drinking god’s blood in Christianity?

Guruji: from indian point of view it looks like magic or tantris ritual to me. If somebody have drunken the blood of your son – will you forgive him?


Q: is it true that Bagalamukhi could even paralyze the planets?

Guruji: if your own power is that much to use it – why not? It could be – stop the movement of any planet or star.

Q: that was Ravana doing, when Indrajit was born?

Guruji: nobody exactly knows what Ravana was doing. Another important question – you should have your chronological order very specifically. Ravana was killed before Sati. That means it is not like that. Sati was born after. Daksha yagya happen after Rama and Ravana- it happen after Ravana died. You need to fix time correctly. He lived 11 billion years – it’s very long time. Even 311 years sounds great. Oh, don’t worry – anyway your spirit is immortal( laughing).

So much questions about immortality are asked to me. There are countless yoga teachers around the world – nobody discussing immortality.

(…in the fourth generation of Brahma the creator. Brahma – his son Pulastya – his son Vaishravan – his son Ravana, the great- great son.)

Mystical story about Ashwatthama.

When I was living on my farm, in 1991. Two of my disciples came – that we have heard about one old man- there was a village about 70 miles from my place: he knows Agneyastra and he is willing to teach some people. So I gave them permission to go. They came back after 4-5 days: they found that old man, but the story was absolutely different. Old man was nearly 100 that time and he told them: when I was young I had a daughter about 14-15, very beautiful. Her mother died, I’m a widower. That time was the total ruling of small kings – before freedom of India. So the local landowner or landlord – whatever you call him – was very bad person, womanizer and rapist.

Somehow he came to know about the beauty of that child – 14-15 years is childish age. He sent some man: our master want to get marry so give us auspicious time for marriage. And that old man was village priest. He calculated the auspicious time for marriage, give him, and they told him: now be ready – our master will come to marry your daughter this date, so be prepared. And that was very serious thing: he was 60 plus and very bad man – she was just 14-15. It was about 10-15 days away. He was worrying – it was too much for any father. Physically he could do nothing.

All about 6th or 7th night – there was a knock at the door in the night. He opened: very impressive man was stand there – with long hair, long bear and moustaches, very fair in color and very impressive looking. In India villages – there is always a temple in village, and the main priest of the temple if some sadhu or some wandering monk is come – everybody direct them to that priest to give him food. There are many sadhus, who takes food only from brahmins, so the village priest takes care of them always having enough flour and other food, which villagers gave. He asked for food; the priest said please, come – and they prepare food for him. When he was eating he noticed the worrying look of the girl and father’s face and say – please, if it is all right, tell me what is the problem, what is bothering you? And the father begin to cry like a child and tell him all that happened. The man listened to him peacefully and said – ok; that was after the 7-8 days the marriage will done forcible. He said: if you will give me food for 7-8 days, consider me as the elder brother of your daughter and when they come – say that brother is come, he will do all things. When you’re drowning even a small straw looks like it will help you.

The priest say – he never see that man lying down, he was always sitting in the corner of the temple, he takes food only once in 24 hours – that’s it. On the day of the marriage some people came from landowner – he made a camp out there with his small army. Father said – this is the elder brother of the girl and he will do everything.

So they were going to see the bridegroom. And the man said: I’m Ashwatthaman. I’m your ancestor. Because you belong to my clan – somehow I’m able to hear your cry. When I say : Run! – you run, don’t look back. I will leave from this place and these bastards will die today. Priest was full of fear.

When they reach the camp he said: I’m here and we’re not going marry our child to you; and he said to the priest – run. While running the priest just saw that he took some dust from the ground, touch his forehead then throw – and it was big blast like big bomb is going off.

Ashwatthaman never came back. Priest came running back and hearing such big blast all village come to see what happen. All the army of that landlord – all horses, all guns, all swords were incinerated – only ashes were there. And there was a big crater like atomic blast and the soil was like glass – it was changed so much. The villagers thought that the priest is a siddha and he has done it using agneyastra. He kept telling – it was not me, it was someone else – but the more he denied more they believe it was him.

That girl was married into Kanpur to very good family – that case made the priest reputation. Bad man disappeared with all his army – just some ashes remained. He believe, that Ashwatthaman still moves, he has knowledge of all the weapons. And we’re lucky enough to hear it first stand account. We heard it in 1991. My disciples come to learn the agneayastra and came back with that story.   

It was before, approximately 1920th decade. That priest is also dead now – he was nearly 100 at that time. That means because he fed Ashwatthaman for 7-8 days – maybe the closeness of him cause such long life. We never know exactly, but he crossed 100 years. Ten years ago I knew he died recently.


… the vedas were seen by the rishis, they have seen all these mantras. If you just go by the language – Rudra Yamala tantra is of later time. Vedic Sanskrit is very ancient.

Q: in Rudra Yamala tantra it is said that everything could be achieved by the vedas and the same results you could achieve by the tantras?

Guruji: if you look from absolutely objective point of view – what are vedas? They are creation of certain rishis who were powerful enough to make some spirits extraordinarily powerful and create a heaven and those gods was certain gods of rishis. It is creation by rishis – all gods were creation of rishis, because all the gods like Indra and another devas were the sons of Kashyapa rishi. So rishis were powerful enough to create a certain astral world for themselves and some spirits will be made very powerful by them  – by their power of mantra, whatever that power was – so they were continue to serve the rishis. The main tragedy of everybody is that you can not live permanently in this world and they can not remain permanently in the other world. This was the thing of the rishis, they were creating the place for themselves in astral; so they were powerful enough to remain either here or there permanently. It was their decision – whether to go, whether not to go. That was the main achievement. The very-very-very big achievement. They were creating gods, they were so powerful human beings – if you can call them human beings at all. Most of them were sons of creators or descendants of creator himself.

Q: so already immortal beings have not enough power to remain simultaneously in two worlds?

Guruji: if you are immortal – you will have it everything because you are in one place permanently. If you have even a hint of permanency or stability in your life – I mean you can expand. They were creating gods for themselves so they will be creator there. They were very powerful beings. And I feel – they are still there. They were the great experiencers – anubhavi – and they continue study the creation and humanity. Some people are saying – they are full of compassion. That also means – they must be walking among us. It is their free will.

Q: but now seven rishis creates the different system – not vedas and tantras?

Guruji: yes, they are very different now. We will know in future. The play must go on.

Q: it was Shiva himself – who stopped that game and start another one?

Guruji: actually he destroyed all the vedic programs and created something else. Thanks to Shiva that human beings were able to reach divinity. Before that no human being was ever worshipped, but after he did revolution against all these vedic gods – you see, Krishna was human, many human beings came after his divinity. It’s absolutely different program now. We need to think more on that.

Q: can we say – generally it was play between Shiva and seven rishis – gods were just like managers?

Guruji: he gave a big beaten to those seven rishis, except maybe Agastya and Atri. They were the great beings, Atri – the father of Dattatreya. But ithers like Bhrigu were beaten in Daksha yagya. It is all power game.

In Shiva purana is – when Shiva send Virabhadra to attack all those people in Daksha yagya: some rishis’ beard were pulled off, their teeth were broken and they were given severe beatings. And then the writer writes: and those shivaganas done things with them, which we can not write here. So much things to imagine, what they can do. It means – it is genuine honest narration, which is been written.

Q: is it true that Atharvaveda is generally dedicated to Mahakali and Tara?

Guruji: you can call Atharva rishi as a father of Ayurveda. He writes so much about herbs; and also he is a father of tantra as well. Very mystical program. Atharva rishi is one of the most mysterious rishi – not much is known about him, except he started Atharvaveda program. Ayurveda and tantra came out from Atharvaveda. Rigveda was the oldest one and Atharvaveda was latest, but even latest is very old. In Atharvaveda is said, that if you reach the certain level of awareness – the herb itself will tell you about yourself. The knowledge is always there, it is never lost. Just you need to aware of it.

Q: again about Daksha yagya: who was Pushan?

Guruji: one of the vedic gods, connected with sun. Pushan, Savitar were controlling so many things – and they were given big beaten there. They worshipped stopped after that.

Q: and what about 8 vasu: they were worshipped before vedic gods?

Guruji: I think they continue to be worshipped, because Bhishma Pitamah was incarnation of one vasus and they actually take care of the Earth, looks after the Earth. That’s why earth also is called Vasudha – belonging to the vasus. Bhishma was most mighty warrior of that time. Vasu control eight directions.

Q: why only 8 and not 10?

Guruji: above and below are not on Earth, and directions are belonging to earth.

Q: what was before vedas – all systems, created by rishis?

Guruji: actually – nobody knows, because it is different cycle of creation. They are saying: when Brahma opened his eyes, he remembered and then begin to create. And then rishis came out and all the mantras were rediscovered again. Astral worlds are always there.

Q: it must be the first Brahma?

Guruji: you can take Time as the creator of everything.

Q: who was rishi Mankanaka – for him Shiva himself dance his tandava?

Guruji: there is only one reference about this rishi, he’s not mentioned anywhere else. It means  – there are rishis, who were before this creation and who will remain after this creation.

Q: why Dhumavati has broom and fanner?

Guruji: by fanner she refines jivas and she sweeps all negativity in us. She is death herself. Most powerful.



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