24 minutes is very important time unit. If you can keep your eyes open for 24 minutes – the kurma vayu is under your control and you see the light of God inside your sahasrara.

Q: what is the real meaning of kula?

Guruji: well, in Hatha Yoga Pradipika and several ayurvedic ancient books I’ve seen that kuleen – belonging to a great thing that is the person, who is attained khеchari mudra. He is a yogi and only he is considered as kuleen. And kula is the line of Guru and disciple. So when you attained the awaken Kundalini – you become a real kuleen – belonging to the real noble family, blue-blooded.

But now people drinks your blood also – that, who taking classes on awaken of Kundalini.

Q: elder than 2 years but younger than 8 years – such beautiful virgin with japa should be worshipped?

Guruji: between 2 years and 8 years old – such virgin is considered as the direct embodiment of Durga, according to Shakti worship.  If she has certain signs – then her presence is enough. It’s exact description. Not every girl, but with special formation of the body; for Shakti worship it’s necessary.

Q: what is the aim of such discipline?

Guruji: for invoking Shakti – like Durga will appear or Kali will come, something like that. But then again I will tell you what I observe over the years: until unless Shakti actually wants you to see her – you can not see her, she will arrange everything for you. I think it is a very famous story – I’ve told it many times.

Mystical Story 

There was one good woodcutter – or how you can call the man who goes to the jungle and cut the branches to get wood. He was from Bengal; once he was cutting wood and somehow he got late. When he was come down from the tree – he heard the roar of tiger. He was afraid- so he remain on the tree. It was the special night and after some time he saw one sadhu with jatas, dragging the dead body of a virgin. He put the body under the tree and created the yantra on the ground and he bring some ritual things with him. He put the dead body in the center of that mandala and sat on top of her stomach, put oil in her mouth and light a lamp in her mouth and begin to say mantra loudly. The woodcutter heard it and somehow he remember it. After about 20 minutes the tiger came, attack that sadhu and drag him away. Everything was ready, and that man was sitting on the tree. It came to his mind – “let me try”. He came down, sat on the stomach of that girl whoever she was and begin to said mantra. Hardly he said mantra three times and Kali appeared and said – ask, what you want? He said: “ before asking, please answer my question. That sadhu was doing great tapas and the tiger drag him away; and I just said mantra three times and you appeared. I don’t understand” . and she said, smiling: “ you don’t remember, how many times the tiger  has dragged you away – this thing was real for you, your time is come”.


So most of the times such things are arranged by Shakti herself. If she is favoring you – then. If you will try to find exactly such girl, do this and that – it will never happen. It’s true story from Bengal.

Q: they say such girl must be from the god’s or rakshas’ family?

Guruji: it means astrologically  she must be deva or rakshasa.

Q: and when Shakti is saying: I’m kumarika and you are kumaraka?

Guruji: it means – I’m the virgin and you’re the virgin too. And for many western so-called “tantrics” it’s just a sexual arrangement, – but it’s not sexual arrangement, it’s something very different.

Q: the great deed is to give daughter to the kula?

Guruji: it’s another hindu thing. When the father marry his daughter – he always tries to find the man with good family, kula. And here we actually donate our daughter, it is called kanya dana. He’s referring to that. Here it means – if you’re able to find a real yogi – donate your daughter to him. That can be no better bridegroom than that person. It’s really rare to find. Only in India it happens like this.

Q: but for what yogi needs such a girl, if he’s the real yogi?

Guruji: again I will tell you – it’s not a sexual arrangement, it’s something else. If Shakti will favor that yogi – the special girl will come to him. Her presence is enough – that is amazing situation. Only Kali, Tara or some other great Shakti can arrange this actually. So far we heard about it only with Kali and with Tara, no one else.

Q: can we find such example anywhere?

Guruji: any rishi had discipline this. Many kings were giving their daughters to rishi. Chyavana, Raikya, others also.

Q: and what happen with such girl – she carry the Shakti?

Guruji: she may become Bhairavi of that particular yogi or she will become a very respected woman, because if Shakti sending her to that particular yogi – she will be very powerful herself. And she will have enough power to give curses and blessings; they are actually worship them with so much respect. It’s very rare to see now.

Q: and they are also remain like sixteen years old or they grown old?

Guruji: that is not known exactly; but only we know about Devi Parvati – she looks like a girl of sixteen and has eternal youth. And some other yoginis – like queen Menavati, who is the Shakti of Jalandhar Nath, – she also continue to look like the sixteen-year old virgin; but she is a mother of another immortal yogi – Gopichand, even then she looks like sixteen-year old girl. There are some references to such yoginis. Who will not like to remain sixteen-year old for next one million years?

Q: what is vagbhava bija and kurch bija?

Guruji: vagbhava bija is the seed mantra of Saraswati and kurch is also connected with that.

Q: sadhaka could make the fire cool and the water fixed – what does it mean?

Guruji: it’s very significant: the fire in the body – he should cool it down. And the water, contained in your body – he should make it stable, – then only you can hope to remain living for centuries.

Q: again it’s all connected to Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Guruji: that is the basic thing. Until unless you go through it – you have not going to understand any text. But I think – these are for very rare people, it is very easy for people to believe that if they drink the blood of the son of the god – they will go directly to heaven. Simpliest way. But if they will be asked to go through so many complicated things to study – who will like it?

Q: sadhaka must worship Kumari with wine, meat, fish and mudra?

Guruji: all our mudras are like that. Swalling your tongue is like eating flesh, and the thing coming down is like wine. All these things are connected.

Q: and what about fish?

Guruji: fish is like your mind. I mean no fish can remain steady. All fish are always moving – like the normal mind. Eating fish is for simple making your mind steady. It doesn’t mean you catch a fish, fried and ate it.

And for us, yogis, eating fish is not a good thing, because she is considered as the mother of Matsyendranath himself, he came out of the fish. And you should learn discipline from the fish. They never come from water to kill or do some harm to you. You go into the water. They never break for discipline, so we must  take the inspiration from the discipline they do. It’s very inspiring thing if you observe their discipline.

I’ve seen many Shakti worshippers, who were doing such yoni mudra – and mostly they suffer with great problems.

Q: who are Swaha and Swadha?

Guruji: two wives of the fire god.

Q: who are Savarni?

Guruji: one of the Manus. Different Manus are ruling – his name is Savarni. This era begins  after apocalypse which happen with Svayambhu Manu, and before him it maybe Savarni Manu. His name is mentioned in many puranas.

Q: why in this text yoga practice is mixed with Shakti worshipping and other practice?

Guruji: remember, Shiva is the Guru of yoga, but he is very deeply connected with Shakti. Where is yoga – the Shakti will be near you. Sati took ten forms to protect Shiva in ten directions.

Q: such great power could need protection?

Guruji: Jiva is Shiva, that’s why the spirit is immortal. And we have ten different senses – and these senses are keep protecting the Jiva. Many great things are written, but not many will understand them.

Q: does gods have jivatma and paramatma – or they have only paramatma?

Guruji: everybody has jiva, gods also. Jiva is everywhere, because it’s one part of karma. In every being, whoever he is.

Q: but Shiva is paramatma himself?

Guruji: yes. And I like what they say in Shiva purana about Shiva, the essence of Shiva: the only thing that I can say that HE IS. That’s it. I can not describe anything more than that. We must read that very carefully. We’re really discussing deep things.

Q: could human have paramatma?

Guruji: yes, it is there. Nobody is out of paramatma.

Q: gods come from different planets?

Guruji: no, most of them are children of Kashyapa rishi. Maybe from different dimensions, but Kashyapa rishi is the father of them. But not Brahma; Vishnu is considered as his son. And nobody knows about Shiva. Swayambhu – he created himself.

In every chakra is swayambhu lingam, and they are reflection of Shiva, who is in your sahasrara. Because in five chakras  – there is form of Rudra there. Rudra, Ishwara Rudra, Sadashiva and Shiva; then inside sahasrara there is Paramashiva.

Q: but chakras must be developed?

Guruji: only after development you will become aware of it. They represent five elements also, and five elements are also describe as having persona: if they are the persons – there must be jiva inside them and jiva is Shiva. Five elements are eternal, but they carry atma itself. Its big combination.

Q: how it is possible to make all the water in the body fixed?

Guruji: only by yoga practice it is possible. You will become super human being when all the elements will have equal balance – 20% in your body; certainly they will change some their properties. They will express themselves in different ways.

Q: when you stop your heart and make the brain waves flat – it is connected with water when you make it fixed?

Guruji: not water, it is cooling of the fire. And also another point here: the water can be referred to your cerebral fluid. Your spinal fluid and cerebral fluid – that is the main water, which carries the consciousness.

You see, most of the molecules are not in harmony – that’s why mind is always moving here and there. By regular practice the molecular structure of your water, cerebral spinal fluid become harmonized – that is called stability of the water.  Which until unless you know it – you will never understand how to make your water stable.

Q: as I understand, chakras are always moving in the spinal fluid?

Guruji: only after chakras forming the water is stable. They are alive.

Q: chakras are part of the consciousness?

Guruji: only after chakras has been formed – the power will pass through; Kundalini or super consciousness or sub consciousness will coming.

Q: they are like the gates?

Guruji: they just forming circuit – then the electricity will flow.

You’re trying to magnetize and harmonize your cerebral spinal fluid by taking your mind again and again in the certain way. Until unless they are in harmony, molecular structure is absolutely in harmony – no significant development in the brain is coming.

Q: you said that chakras are like connectors in the electric chain: they have different frequencies?

Guruji: the first is of four petals: it is just like step up of the energies. Amplitude amplifies.

Q: like semi-conductors?

Guruji: you can call them but again it will mislead us. Because semi-conductors will become more prominent than chakras in understanding. It is impossible to give the physical example of them, because you can not measure consciousness. It’s absolutely different thing.

Q: the scientists are trying to measure the synapsis in the neuron’s net

Guruji: they don’t know the true names of these things, they just give them names for their own understanding. That’s how misunderstanding begins.

How do you know monkey is “monkey”? no monkey come forward to tell you – I’m monkey. Than how you now it is the monkey? We can call them any different names. We try to codify things – then we think we know everything. But it’s just creation of our own mind, so we think – oh yes, we know now. Why green color is called green? This is we have given that name. We create different terms and then we remember them, mark them up and then say  we’re very knowledgeable and wise.

Q: when the person achieves Samadhi – he look at the whole world without names?

Guruji: yes.

Q: how this knowledge remains when you return from Samadhi?

Guruji: because you’re wonder the nature and nature express itself in different ways without giving names.

Q: how you can describe your experience first time?

Guruji: it’s impossible. In India we’re saying – when you give jаggery to a person, who’s not able to speak; and after you give it to him, you ask – how it is. What he will answer you? Or you’re standing somewhere in a beautiful seen – like on some mountain or something-  and a blind man is with you and you’re telling him how it is.

Very old indian story.

You know khir? One blind man was invited somewhere and they say – we will give you khir. He said what is khir? How does it look? They said it is white in color. He said what is white? They said it is white like a swan. Then how a swan looks? They were trying to explain, that – oh, his neck is like this( gest, showing the swan’s neck). And the blind man touch it and say – no, no, this khir is very bad, I don’t want it.

Q: when the person is saying without the words?

Guruji: then you don’t need names, it’s mind-to-mind connection. No confusion.

Q: it must be some distance between such people?

Guruji: no distance. This is atindria – beyond senses.


Basic instinct

Basic origin of desire: when you see someone having something and when you begin to think that you must also have it. just for nothing, just of the sake of possessing this thing.

Q: it is game of our mind?

Guruji: you can call it the game of our mind, but it is the basic instinct of comparison with another person.

Like this person have something – I must have the same. This basic instinct is in everybody. So we start to desire so many things. Basic desires are not many. We don’t desire basic things, they are there, but other things we desire. Only in comparison. It is just like somebody said that you’re going to the restaurant, ordered something, and you have been served; then you look at the side table – somebody’s else and then you think: I’ve should order that. That’s how desires come. You’re never satisfied with what you have. You must have what other person have.

Q: how to become satisfied?

Guruji: when you stop comparison. Stop compare yourself with others.

Q: what is the tree of wishes in different yogic texts?

Guruji: it is called kalpa vraksha. It is said that whatever you will desire – it will grant it. But it has a very different effect also. One man accidentally reached kalpa vraksha. He was very tired, and he thought – let will be here some cool drink. And suddenly cool drink appear. Then he think – if I have some nice food, it will be even better. And food appear. Then he wish for the very soft expensive bed – it appear. Then he thought that how these things are happening; there must be some horrible monster who did it – and if he will come, he will eat me. A monster appeared and ate him. So we have to be very careful what we wish or what we desire.

Q: here is the reference, that stambhana – is to stop your own water and your own fire?

Guruji: everything begins with your own self. When you somehow are able to make the elements your friend – then you can influence the elements outside also.

Q: here it’s not about equal proportion – just stop the fire and water?

Guruji: for me it’s like suspended animation. Water is stopped, fire is no more there and subconscious is conscious. There are many references to the same thing.

Q: so all shatkarmas first must be try on sadhaka himself?

Guruji: he should have enough power to do that. Only your power will increase with that – your abilities, capacities.

Q: what does it mean than sadhaka must drink the juice without shame?

Guruji: as a yogi I will say – that juice are coming down from your brain. And without shame – means with courage.

Most of the people are very much afraid of society or family – then what people will say if I will be like this. That lifestyle of a yogi or sadhak is very different, which civilized person are not like and follow it in front of others. So no shame, it should be done with pride!

Q: why it is said that sadhaka see the god at the eight feet higher than sahasrara?

Guruji: yes. When it will open, the aura will develop beyond that limit.

Q: virya bhava can be of three types: veda – is lowest one, the middle originated from agama and the highest is vivekalassa?

Guruji: when he develop enough to use his own mind instead of running after information which other people have collected. When other people have collect it – you read that, that is call education. Then you start to conclude on your own. Vivekalassa is the highest level of the development of the consciousness.  You already are tuned with nectar.

Q: why he becomes the knower of six adharas – why only six?

Guruji: maybe they are reference to only inside your head. Two ears, two eyes and two nostrils; the seventh is your mouth, but in khеchari it is already blocked. Maybe they are talking about that six.


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