Night time is suggested the best for the yoga practice. Gita suggest it.

RUDRA YAMALA TANTRA (continuation 2)

Q: in between of closed nostrils he should contemplate of being and nothingness?

Guruji: that is khechari. The empty space behind your nose. Nothingness is void, shunya, and being – you’re being in the void. Your own consciousness and the consciousness of the void – both are there.

Q: when he do this practice – auspicious Vama appears on the left side and auspicious Purusha – on the right side?

Guruji: Vama is the woman, Shakti is called Vama. And only Shiva is called Purusha- that means Shiva and Shakti appears. When I was dictating Gita’s commentary – on my left only man shadow was seen continuously. Whenever we reach tempo in dictation – a golden dance shadow appeared on my left. It was golden, long hairs, extremely shapely – maybe 6,5 feet tall, bear bodied. And everybody who was there in the room – they could see it. We never discover, who he was.

Q: maybe it was Babaji?

Guruji: maybe, and maybe someone else also. Babaji is not that tall – 6,5 feet, and he is much more slimmer, than Babaji. Face was never appeared – only shadow.

Q: you said that when we achieve something – our shadow will become more transparent?

Guruji: that mean the shadow will become one with you. It’s not disappear, it goes inside. More power.

Q: the greatest light of muladhara, which surrounds the area of jata. Where is muladhara and where is jata- what is the connection?

Guruji: spinal cord is just the extension of your brain, and jatas are actually covering of your skull. So the great light in muladhara will definitely go there. You can not separate them.

Q: this is jata( showing  knot hairstyle)?

Guruji: no, this is jura, jata is different. Bun or knot are called jura – usually ladies make it. Jatas are look like dreadlocks, but dreadlocks are different thing. For real jata you take some hairs and put the milk of banyan tree and made it condense – that’s how jatas are made. Dreadlock they made in a different way. They may look like jatas, but they are not exactly jatas. Dreadlocks are fashion, but jatas – not. If you don’t have jatas when you’re living in the jungle – you don’t have to take care of your hairs; once jatas are made – no problem. No combing, no shampoo, nothing.

Q: because of prana siddhi are attained, because of apana the diseases are destroyed, because of samana all auspicious are attained, because of udana poverty destructed and because of vyana Ishwara is attained?

Guruji: exactly. Samana is connected directly with fire, and with fire all the auspicious things are done. And it also creates digestive fire: when there is no food – nothing auspicious is possible. When you’re highly developing consciousness – you’re able to destroy all negativity inside you, but if you wish – you can destroy anything. Vyana is actually all pervading in your body, so when you’re connected with the vyana – the all pervading element, you also become aware of it. Prana and apana are the basic, and their expansion are three more and five more sub.

Q: how it’s possible for the spirit to leave the body, if the body is buried?

Guruji: it’s not possible. If the body is buried – it can not leave. It has some chance, if some person will come and the spirit will be able to possess that body – then it can go somewhere else, using the body as carrier.

Q: is it possible to leave the body consciously?

Guruji: it happens extremely rare. Very rarely it happens in centuries. It’s not a common thing.

Q: how much chapters has Rudra Yamala?

Guruji: there are two volumes. But also translation must be very accurate. It often creates so much confusion.

I remember one line, even Yogananda smile on this. He’s talking about the man; that under the big roof of the sky the gods are living inside the skin. One britisher read that translation – then he made the idol of skin and then begin to worship it.

While discussing my own thoughts become very clear – and it’s good.

Q: when sadhaka is constantly repeating Shiva’s name in his practice – in the sky or heaven he attains the body of the bird. Why so?

Guruji: when it becomes absolutely natural without any effort, instinctively, naturally – that is called sahaja. That is in translation – body of the bird; it’s another thing – he becomes khechar, it means he is able to fly. Who goes to the gods – called khechar and every bird also called khechar – who’re able to fly in the sky.

Q: why here is used the word Dhruva when they are discussing the spinal cord?

Guruji: Dhruva is the ultimate thing for steadiness. When everything becomes centralized, in hindi it is saying – dhruvikaran. It is centralization of everything.

Q: while subdividing the endless nadis by endless dhyana yoga you should fill your city with supreme amrita. Why you should subdivide nadis?

Guruji: by understanding the body all nadis are subdivided. You should understand every subdivision and the core of that subdivision which is eternal.

Q:  without pashu bhava how vira can control the senses.Humbleness is the base of shanti, of calm?

Guruji: humbleness means that you’re not going out to show off whatever you have or don’t have – you just take it naturally. Big thing or small thing – it doesn’t matter. From yogic point of view humbleness is simple thing that I have the right to live on this planet so every insect, every being have the same right to live on this planet. That is the beginning of humbleness, respect life. If somebody comes to you, you’re not doing anything, and he just start to provoke you and some fight starts and he said – you’re not humble, you should be humble; – I’m doing nothing, you come to provoke me. One came to me humble, others achieve it –  achievers of humbleness are better in my opinion. It’s also can be called very good manners.

Q: bhoga – is no way to moksha. But you said that yogis are the great bhogis?

Guruji: of course! Ordinary bhogi are using only 2% of his consciousness doing these things – so what he is enjoying? And yogi is enjoying 100% of his consciousness. That is the greatest enjoyment, you can be supreme bhogi. The word bhoga has very many meanings. When we’re offering some Prasad to some gods – it is also called bhoga. And when you’re suffering with the fruits of your own karma – that is also bhoga. Karma is the basis of bhoga. No karma – no bhoga. When you’re using 100% of your mind – no one can enjoy like you anything.

Q: seeing only the outer space could see the fire, tejas, which are in space; but that one, who has the vision of the Universe knowledge – he could see it in any place?

Guruji: yes.When your consciousness is not limited on that planet – Earth – you will see the fire in all creation – it is there. There are many suns, who are carriers of fire, energy. That means – you have to go beyond this planet experience. Then you will see – everything is everywhere. That will make you very humble person.

Q: why you say that be humble is not good?

Guruji: continuous humble is not good, but good manners are always there.

Q: when someone curse his body – he could attain any form, because of sins person attains stambhana and become a plant?

Guruji: if you’re abusing your body and you’re not using it for the right purposes – let’s say you’re playing the very sinful life what will happen: you will become a plant after death. You will become grass or something, than some animal will eat you, you will become it’s offspring – you will take any form in 1,8 million different species which were created.

Q: so to be the tree is not the development of consciousness?

Guruji: not, if it is a punishment. There are only certain trees that are considered to be with divine qualities. Like banyan tree, udumbar tree, gula tree, pipal tree, kadamba tree, neem tree…there are special trees, not grass which any animal will eat: that chain, when you’re not free to take any form, but the any form come to you. Depending on who – which animal ate you. Udumbara tree is divine, it’s directly connected with Dattatreya. Bilwa, pipal, rudraksha – they are divine trees, and there are food trees which are food for everybody.

Q: divine trees nobody can eat?

Guruji: they can eat, but the result will be different.

One of my dogs play here with some invisible person. And when someone call him – he refuse to go and continue to play with someone who was not seen. It was the great effort to drag him upstairs.

Q: you tell us, that kula is a yogic family, and who is kulachara?

Guruji: who is behaving according the tradition to yogic family.

Q: sadhaka, who has stable mind but doesn’t go with kulachara – if he doesn’t want the fruit – he will attain kulachara easily?

Guruji: it is like in Gita as they say that: do the effort as best as you can, but the result the Time will give. With this mind if you will follow that – you attain success. If you’re always thinking about the result – the concentration will be lost and you won’t be able to perform your best. In a very relaxed mind it happens.

Q: but you say that we must see the horizon in front of us?

Guruji: you must see the horizon, but if you will continue to see the horizon – you will stumble and fall. Keep the horizon in your mind and look at the way so you can walk carefully. You must have the aim. But if you only will continue to talk about your aim and horizon sitting in one place – what you will reach?

Q: here is so much synonyms of muladhara but it is said – where khechari mudra lives?

Guruji: muladhara represents the earth element and your body is earthly body: only with earthly body you can achieve khechari. It’s simple chain. When everything is explained – it becomes very simple.

Q: why “phat” is translated as astra?

Guruji: it is astra. If you are able to master it then you can create some big destruction by certain use of this seed mantra. Seed mantras “hum” and “phat” are powerful.

Q: what is correct translation of “akulakula”?

Guruji: akula means he has no parents, he appeared on himself. But he created a family of Guru and disciple for different arts – so he is kula. The first one.

Q: what is kubjika?

Guruji: it is the woman with hump back. Sometimes Kundalini is referred like this.

Q: more looks like Dhumavati?

Guruji: no, she is straight.

Q: why shanti is among shatkarmas – like vashikarana and others?

Guruji: when you’re bored on this planet – you will have to interact with society, even if you will leave society and start to live in the jungle – society will come to you. And they are always disturbance and create some problems; wherever so-called normal person goes – he create problems. There will be unnecessary confrontations just to prove some religious point or some egoistic point or something – so these are things which will protect you. That’s why they are mention in every book. Protection is the first thing when you continuously do your tapas. You will do whatever you do peacefully. That’s why in yoga discipline from the day one you keep it in secret. From the moment you start to talk – some religious confrontations and jealousy will come. Wherever people are happy to see you happy? It is a hard fact of life. In our discipline Shiva and parampara protect us. I myself receive a lot of protection.

Mystical Story 1

There was a big cave in Himalayas under waterfall and you had to take off everything you have, pass through icy water naked, then you go through the big tunnel and then it was the big opening there – and you saw the lake of absolute golden water. Around it were many-many-many caves. There was a way among them going up which leads to place where Shiva lives. The man who was there – they were all dark in color and absolutely same in their bodies and structure – only their faces were different. They all had black hair, and the man who talk with me had a black beard. One man was white – and I knew him – and he said that his work is now over and your work is starting. Then he told me some other things, I came back, take that shower of icy water  – it was very strange experience. If you just go there, it’s not allowed to go there, only if Shiva call for someone – then. After that I receive that mantra and so many things begin.

Q: I was in Nepal when it was earthquake. We was in the bus on the mountain road, but the earthquake happened in the moment when we stopped to have lunch. In that exact moment.

Guruji: I will say – 2 or 3 my disciples were there. Even no scratch. Protection is always there if you are a little bit sincere in your Kriya yoga practice. I will tell you the real story about protection.

Mystical Story 2

After seeing my Guru in Benares I was going to Lucknow where my younger sister live. Something happened – the train stopped before reaching Lucknow, it’s capital city of this state. Many people just went down and disappeared; me and there were some old people sitting with me – we asked the railwayman, what is the problem – he answered, it was some big strike and maybe the whole night we will have to be here. Then we asked –  how far is Lucknow? He said – oh, very near. So we decided to go down from the train, because many locals just disappeared and we begin to walk to the direction of Lucknow. We were walking inside railway tracks, it was absolute dark. We continue to walk more than hour – and it was no sign of the city anywhere. The wind was coming from behind to the front, and the wind was very strong. Suddenly I heard the voice: leave the track immediately! I’ve just shout it to four-five old men and I’ve also go down after. I’ve made only three steps from the track and immediately the sound of the train appeared – somehow he had no lights and because of the wind we can’t hear him. It was just a matter of seconds. We all broke into sweat and went down. There were two old men very tired and I was also tired – I was carrying two men’s luggage, because he couldn’t walk with luggage. Then a handcar came – it was some inspection on the track or some damage by these strike people. One of old man was the retired railwayman – he shouted to them, and they asked –  from where you are coming? We said we’re from that train. They say are we ok in our mind? They take us to stand near the engine – and it took us only 20 minutes to reach Lucknow. We were in the middle of nowhere, and if we were struck by that train – we would have died like unknown persons. Just that fantastic voice, that said to leave the track immediately, saved us. That train has no lights and because of the wind we can no hear him.

Q: before we came here, we were at Tiruvannamalay at Ramana Maharshi Samadhi place. And we feel the sweet scent here – it was not in one place but everywhere – but it was no flowers and no incense sticks, it was the scent from nowhere – what it was?

Guruji: in South India they have the different tradition: they burn incense very early in the morning, in the pot – and then they take it away. So the fragrance remain for very long time.

Q: but it was everywhere!

Guruji: I will tell you what happened. When the king was doing parikrama here – his stuff are carrying incenses in a big pots, and the smell from them remains for the three days. This is India!

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