…remember our lineage: our first Guru is immortal. So maybe if somebody will practice to his  satisfaction – he will allow him entering to his immortal group. This dream should always be there.

Q: you told us that Paramahamsa Yogananda is now in Babaji’s group?

Guruji: no-no, he is only preparing now. So far.

Q: I think about – what exam you must pass to enter this group because Yogananda did the great mission

Guruji: but we don’t know – maybe Babaji set it. It is also some type of physical training before. Maybe he’s going through that. But until unless you are free of disease and you’re able to tolerate any type of weather – you will not be allowed inside. It is just a thought – we don’t know exactly the real thing. There must be something very deep and only he can decide and he knows. We have never heard – what criteria. Now Paramahamsa Yogananda living in Benares near his 40 now.

Q: he is practicing Yoga?

Guruji: I’m sure – he is remembering everything. He’s looking much far better than his last birth. Physically more handsome and more charismatic person.

Q: he’s not Guru now?

Guruji: no, no need to.

Q: but he has Guru now?

Guruji: he doesn’t need to. He remembers everything.

Q: his Guru considered as Babaji himself?

Guruji: he was disciple of Yukteshwar Giri, and he was surrounded by direct disciples of Lahiri Mahasai in his previous birth. Then he had to go to America to carry out the direct order of Babaji – he was successful in that. He left his body, took another birth  – now he is ready for power. He is still preparing.

Q: now he is living half-secretly?

Guruji: yes, nobody knows who is he.

Q: and how do you know?

Guruji: oh, I know. Not by divine decree – I just know him. He also knows me.

Q: do you know how much persons are now in Babaji’s group?

Guruji: exactly I don’t know, but all the names in Hatha Yoga Pradipika belongs to his group. It’s very ancient powerful group.



Q: is it true, that Shiva in form of Dakshinamurti is the founder of all tantras?

Guruji: actually Shiva has five faces; Dakshinamurti is the face, facing towards south. That was the story that some people asked him very deep questions and that time Shiva was sitting facing south and the great wisdom come from him. They begin worship Shiva facing south – that’s it.

Q: I’ve read that Shiva told rishi Agastya to go to the south to give knowledge

Guruji: it was his son. Agastya went to control one mountain who was growing out of proportion.

Q: who was Andhaka?

Guruji: son of Shiva. He was born blind but very powerful. He doesn’t know that he’s son of Shiva – so he attacked and was defeated by Shiva. Now he is granted to be superpowerful gan of Shiva.

Q: but Parvati was involved in this conflict

Guruji: yes, because he doesn’t know who he is.

Q: he is some kind of bhut?

Guruji: no, he’s shivangan.

Q: why he was born blind?

Guruji: when Shiva and Parvati was playing – she close his eyes and from this Andhaka appear. Play for them – problems for us.

Q: what you can say about two paramparas: one from Shiva to Matsyendranath and Gorakhnath and another – from Parashurama to Dronacharya?

Guruji: no, another is from Shiva to Jalandharnath to Kanifanath – there are two branches.

Q: these two are yoga paramparas. And from Parashuram to Kripacharya?

Guruji: they call it Shri Vidya – art of immortality. It is more higher level.

Q: and Lord Parashurama is the founder of this branch?

Guruji: no, the founder is Dattatreya. Actually nobody is the founder; when Parashurama was sent to Dattatreya for knowledge and received upadesh  – then it started. You know the story how Parashuram went to see Dattatreya?

When Parashurama killed Kshatriyas 21 times and fill 5 lakes full of blood to do tarpan to the ancestors  – after that he somehow couldn’t find peace. Even he killed all Kshatriyas and fulfill his promise – he couldn’t find peace for himself. He went to Benares – Kashi – and he went to brother of Brihaspati – Samvarta rishi. In legend is – he’s still live in Kashi till today. And Samvarta rishi said – that it is only one being, who can give you peace: go to Dattatreya. He told, how to find him and also – that his test could be very disturble. But you must learn for him and don’t have fear at all – you must go through the test. Parashuram went to a place where he was live and find a very beautiful black dog guarding the door. And he had to take permission from dog to come in. That was the first test – the dog gave him and when he entered the cave – he saw Dattatreya lying naked drinking wine and one apsara – very beautiful naked woman was sitting with him. She was giving him wine in a glass made from ruby. Parashuram did pranam to him – he called Dattatreya Guru of the Gurus – and say that he come to seek his blessings and upadesh. And Dattatreya told him: what I can tell you? I myself is slave of my tongue and my  – you know – so what I can teach you? Go! And Parashuram said: please, I’ve already come through your test – so please, give me peace. Then Dattatreya told him so many things, he made him disciple and I think their dialogue in Tripura Rahasya and many other books – there are many recordings. Parashuram went away for 12 years, he was thinking on that and again some questions come to his mind – then again he go to Dattatreya. So immortal being learning from another immortal being.

Q: how Samvarta rishi know about Dattatreya?

Guruji: he’s brother of Brihaspati and he’s also immortal – the secret things are known only to secret people.

Q: and Samvrta rishi teach someone in Kashi?

Guruji: no, he just be there to be near Shiva. It is said that you need eternity to understand the nature of Shiva just a little bit – so they like to live around Shiva’s places. They could continue whatever they do; because Shiva is Guru of all Gurus – Time is Guru of everything.

Q: if Shiva is Time, what is the representation of Dattatreya? He is beyond Time?

Guruji: nobody can tell you. He is the most mysterious being in indian mythology and legends and he’s still there. He is immortal and he is embodiment of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva together. It is said he’s chirkumar – always looks like teenager. And he can appearss like an old man also. It’s his decision – to whom give something and to whom don’t give anything.

Q: and who else are disciples of Dattatreya except Gorakhnath?

Guruji: actually the whole nath lineage considered Dattatreya as they Guru.

Q: considered – ok, but to whom he give his teachings?

Guruji: he’s not a yoga instructor to give the regular classes. I mean when a person is there for centuries and thousands of years, then he decided  –  now his mind is develop to this level and come, gives one hint as a seed, moves away and this seed grows up to big tree in coming century – his teachings is very different.

Q: is it possible to read somewhere about it?

Guruji: there is no one book on it – all things are given separate. There was one scholar from maybe Britain who tried to combine all stories about Dattatreya – this book might be available.

Q: I remember one very interesting story you told us about competition between Dattatreya and Gorakhnath

Guruji: they were just playing; you see – this is the play of the immortal beings. They just met one day and say – let’s take the entertainment, let’s play hide and seek. There was a big lake. Gorakhnath said – ok, I’m going to hide, you seek. And he became the minutest of the minor frog and entered into the lake. Dattatreya found him in one instant. Then it was Dattatreya’s turn to hide – Gorakhnath continue to seek him for thousands of years but couldn’t find him and say: o, Guru, please, appear now. He appeared. He was hiding in the water, turning water himself. So no one could find him. It is the play of great minds and great immortals.

Q: Guruji, what do you think: Matsyendranath and Gorakhnath had some missions to go to China and Nepal?

Guruji: for them Earth is Earth. They can be anywhere – they are free. And they don’t even need a passport to travel. Sometimes I feel – there are great mysteries in China also. It is recorded that rishi Vashishtha went to China and learn about Shakti worshipping from there. It is clearly written in Rudra Yamala tantra. There are mystery there.

Q: why we call Shiva – Adinath?

Guruji: because “adi” means primal, the first. He was the first nath – so we call him Adinath. The first yogi.

Q: and why we worship Shiva in the form of lingam?

Guruji: actually this is another mysterious thing. Most of the people translate “linga” as phallus. But if you go by the language – there are certain words with the male gender, there are certain words with the female gender, and there are words, which are in between – nor male, nor female. That Shivalinga means – he’s not a man, he’s not a female, he’s not an impotent person – he is Shiva besides these things. This lingam represents his status, symbol. The fourth state – turya.

Q: what about the story when Shiva met with rishis in forest…

Guruji: o, there are numerous stories, but original Shivalingam is the symbol of Time. You need the symbol to worship and to understand something. Most of the original Shivalingams appearing on their own – they are not made by men. Nature provides.

Q: I don’t understand – why exactly this shape?

Guruji: actually nobody knows. It is just there. It is not men-made – that’s why nobody can explain, why it must be that shape. It started from the calculation of Time begin. The big lingam from fire appear between Brahma and Vishnu. Time calculation begins with the appearance of Kalabhairav.

Q: but what was before? The Time was set like one moment or how?

Guruji: I mean – calculation for the creation. Time doesn’t need to calculate itself. Only creation does.

Q: I read that before vedic era Shiva was not mention anywhere like Shiva – he was only Rudra?

Guruji: most of the vedic gods were heavenly gods. They find break to no men in spiritual world – people were worshipping them with different rituals so after death the gods could let them in. That was the main aim of all these things. But Shiva is the Guru; no god was teaching anything – only Shiva begin to teach human. So many arts, yoga, dance came to us. Shiva started.

Q: there must be Guru parampara from one Guru to another one. But we have Shiva and Dattatreya – both Gurus of Yoga?

Guruji: Yoga and Aghora both and Tantra as well.

Q: so from Shiva to Dattatreya and then to Matsyendranath?

Guruji: Dattatreya is combine incarnation of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. And his father was rishi Atri and mother – Anasuya. I think his father must be his Guru and mother also. They are all immortal beings – he was born from immortal parents. With the combine power of all three gods. Nobody knows of him much.

Q: how we can make the parallel between Shiva as Kalabhairav and Shiva as Rudra?

Guruji: Rudra is also one of his names. Who is able to liquidate the most powerful misery problems – that’s why it is called Rudra. This is the definition of the name “Rudra”. Rudra is defined, definition of the certain. And Shiva again is Shiv, because Shiva is always towards Shakti, whose name is Shiva. Male principle is Shiv and the female principle is Shiva.

Q: why OM is the seed mantra of Shiva?

Guruji: because the word um is his name. When you put this point above(ॐ) – it becomes OM. Otherwise it is um, which is name of Shiva.

Q: why exactly um?

Guruji: because most of these things comes out of his damaru – nobody knows exactly. We can explain something which men invents and discover, but when the source – not much logic applies there.

Q: and how creates bija mantras of chakras?

Guruji: you see – this is alphabet.  Put that point on any alphabetical letter and it becomes seed mantra.

Q: so it is not one seed mantra for one chakra – in muladhara it could be four?

Guruji: yes, there are four. Four mantras in the four petals and one mantra for the earth element – lam – it belongs to earth element.

Q: so all that – lam, vam, ram…

Guruji: it belongs to different elements. Earth, water, fire, air and akash. Om in agnya which is beyond all elements. That mantras is in the center, and letters are on petals.

Q: for what discipline these mantras are used?

Guruji: it is recognition only. Recognition of that certain element because lam is the vibration of that particular element, so petals has this vibration.

Q: exists some discipline to activate them?

Guruji: only Yoga can activate, not by chanting; if you continue to say “lam-lam-lam” maybe you can become mad.

Q: is it true that moles is considered as Shiva’s animals?

Guruji: name Shiva means jackal in Sanskrit. Nothing about moles. And female jackal is called Shiva.


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