Q: is it true that in vedic times mantra “ Om Namah Shivaya” was for Brahmins and “Namah Shivaya” – for all others?

Guruji: Namah Shivaya was for the girls, women.

Q: question about nadis and vayu flowing in it

Guruji: not in every nadi.

Q: each nadi has their own vayu?

Guruji: there is common vayu. The main problems is that: because nadis are not open – so the air flow is not there. That’s why the air body remains incomplete – that’s why ghosts look so horrible, because some portions are missing and some are there. With very hard yoga practice all the nadis are open and the air is flowing, so your air body is becoming very powerful and condensed. You will look beautiful, not as a half-portion is missing, complete.

Q: so in ideal condition vayu must flow in every nadi?

Guruji: in ideal condition – yes. Nowadays so many people are full of hot air, but their nadi remains closed – they talk too big, but actually – nothing.

Q: when we made our air body complete, all nadi will be full of air and it will be equal proportion – how it will look?

Guruji: it will take five elements in your body  equally balanced. It will give different qualities to your physical body.

Q: so only by thought you could create anything in astral world – clothes, for example?

Guruji: every clothes is by thought: you think, that – I must have some new clothes – and you go and pay and have new clothes.

Q: in astral world too?

Guruji: of course

Q: and to whom I must pay there? There are some astral shops?

Guruji: it is said: whatever is donated here – received there. Different payment.

Q: how astral body changes with different births?

Guruji: it will continue to take on the shape of the new body. It is the main thing of identity crisis: to establish the real identity to the astral body – because it is formless it needs a form. For the permanent form they change the bodies and keeps the form – that’s their tragedy.

Q: what will happen with the yogi, who has the completed astral body but somehow must take another birth?

Guruji: he will continue to remember – he will not forget.

Q: but how his astral body will look like?

Guruji: like original. Even a little child will have grown astral body.

Q: but will he be naked or have clothes?

Guruji: well, yogis are allowed to live naked – that is no problem. That’s why they are supposed to live away from society. Otherwise they can be arrest for recent exposure. Even he is innocent – he will be arrested  – that is the way of society.

Q: astral world have some levels or layers?

Guruji: oh, it has many layers.

Q: can we separate them like more deeper or less?

Guruji: separation is the human tendency: we lоve to separate, then study; but in astral world we should study the whole without separating. Here it is necessary for us, because we have very limited consciousness. But there you don’t need to separate to study something.

Q: but in the beginning, when you just entered the astral world – you have not the all possibilities to go everywhere?

Guruji: the limitations will be in your mind. It will take some time to adjust there. That’s why we are keep saying: focus! Control your mind! It will help you there in a big way.

Q: if nobody give me donation here when I die?

Guruji: it is you who will give donation that you will receive. That is very old hindu believes. If you will not help to some person who needs clothes or something – than you will receive nothing there.

Q: but if I’m yogi and my astral body is very strong?

Guruji: for a yogi this rule does not apply. You will be live without clothes – you are powerful enough. Maybe devil teach this Adam and Eve. You are naked, because you have not given anything to anyone – so eat the fruit, become conscious of your nakedness, go out of heaven, give something to others – then you will also have clothes. This maybe one of the meanings. But this fig leaf program is beyond me. Any goat or sheep will run after you to eat this leaf – I think it was not a good idea. So give and you will also receive. The golden thing. Always help if you see the person need of something. If you are in a position to help – please do so. Nobody knows when he will be in situation to receive help.

Q: but sometimes you give the bigger help to person if you not help him?

Guruji: don’t put so much philosophy. Just help and forget about it.

Q: on the physical level, when the junctions of the nadis are so much dirty – the vayu is not circulate?

Guruji: they are not dirt, they are not open.

Q: so vayu is not circulated in some parts?

Guruji: in most of the parts! If your mind working 2-5 percent – that means only 5 percent of your nadis are open. It is directly connected with the conscious and subconscious mind.

Q: so ordinary person are even not aware of his blocks in nadis?

Guruji: nobody is aware.

Q: so physically you can not perceive it?

Guruji: no. so as your consciousness will begin to develop – more sensitivity will develop, more awareness will come and the nadis will begin to be active. Let’s say – the air switched off now. And vayu is like electricity current, so they is not reaching there.

Q: is it possible such situation, when the vayu begins to flow in opposite direction or change one nadi to another one?

Guruji: no, only if something wrong with you – then. That’s how the sickness and illness come.

Q: any sickness begins from problems with vayu?

Guruji: not any sickness, you can get infection from others also. Like a common cold.

Q: when the cold is coming?

Guruji: it disturbs your system. Vayu is the carrier of it.

Q: and vayu changes his direction?

Guruji: no, because of the virus it acts in a different way. Microbes entering your body are also breathing some different vayu – it will have the direct reaction on your own system. Why are you laughing – you think virus is not breathing?

Q: could the really good ayurvedic doctor know about his death before?

Guruji: yes, there are certain physical symptoms which begin to appear one year before, six months before, one month before. This knowledge is in Yoga in Ayurveda also. If he is good – he will understand.


Q: what do you think: nowadays Shri Vidya tradition exists?

Guruji: I think every tradition still exists, but they don’t show off themselves and they are very mysterious people and live secretly so nobody knows.

Q: Ashwatthaman was the last carrier of this tradition?

Guruji: you don’t know that – maybe he taught other people also. They are immortal beings – they may decide to teach someone after 10000 years or even 1000 years. We can put no rules or limitations to them.

Q: all group of Babaji is the great force. It must be the great opposite force in the world?

Guruji: we don’t know that. It’s not a comics story so they may not have an opposite force.

Q: but even if we take the seven rishis – Vishvamitra is the opposite force?

Guruji: he is not an opposite force, they just create the certain situation. It is just like reality game – for they entertainment they continue to play. It is just like a playing chess – you need the opposite part to play.

Q: and who is the other player?

Guruji: nobody knows.

Do you think the caveman was intelligent enough to create the greatest of inventions of old time? My theory is that some immortal being came, made the wheel, showing them off, use it 3-4 times and left. And then the cavemen just begin to copy that. Do you think cavemen was intelligent enough to separate the iron from iron ore? Some immortal being came and demonstrated it to them 2-3 times and then they begin to copy. Maybe their main entertainment is just to guide humanity in centuries and thousands of years. They are immortals, so they can just wait and watch and then give some initiate them and then again wait and watch. Think on that.

Q: so we have three paths to immortality: yoga, aghora and Shri Vidya?

Guruji: you can say it, yes.

Q: it exists some more paths?

Guruji: not to my knowledge.

…I’ve written much about Time, consciousness of the Void and consciousness of the Time also. And I’ve even show the way how actually realize these things.

Q: is it true that Indra cut the wings of mountains – they were flying before?

Guruji: yes, it is wide known story. I’ve read it in Mahabharata, it is also in Skanda purana and Linga purana. And even there is a saying of Bharthari, the immortal disciple of Gorakhnath. There was a son of Himalayas – Mena, the brother of Parvati. To save his wings he dive inside the ocean and refuse to give the wings. Bharthari writes: it was better for Mena that his wings would have been cut by Indra but it was not good that he left his father in problem and just escape himself.

Q: every time Indra creates the problems for everybody

Guruji: now he is ousted by Shiva and now king Bali is in his place. That’s how this globalization begin.

…yesterday when I saw city people – it is not a good thing. I was feeling like an alien there. And everybody was staring at me, looking at me – it’s strange feeling then everybody is looking at you.

Q: we can do anything – but it is not the main aim of life? Without yoga everything is meaningless


Guruji: now for us – yes. And for them yoga is meaningless. Like to opposite sides.

Q: what is langhoti bandha?

Guruji: it is just the idiom for absolute celibacy. It is not some bandha or technic.

Q: the spirits or souls are coming not from one source, but from different places?

Guruji: oh, yes( smiling).

Q: is it somehow connected with astrology? Different nakshatras or ganas or something?

Guruji: exactly it is not known – all that different ganas has the spirit inside, but what is the real connection with the spiritual world?

Q: so by astrology we can’t judge about origin of the spirit or soul?

Guruji: it is not possible to define or understand it by astrology.

Q: ok, but for reason so much definition in jyotish was created?

Guruji: you can study your own karma by studying your previous life or probable future in this life.

Q: and when we are start to practice yoga – we are beyond it?

Guruji: only after successful practice of yoga and when you cross the age of 120. That’s catch point.

Q: before the age 120 it’s impossible?

Guruji: some influence will remain but with the very regular practice of yoga the planets will have very less negative influence and more positive. That’s good news.

Q: what is the aim to be born in human, deva or rakshasa nakshatra?

Guruji: according to karma.

Q: why some nakshatras are inimical to another ones?

Guruji: you should use your knowledge and be careful with the people born in inimical nakshatra for yours. It’s common thing because of karma, nature and variety of humanity.

Just imagine: they were born happily, they live their life happily, they went to college happily, they were married happily, they became parents happily and then they died happily. What is the interesting thing in this story? Until unless some opposition is there, some villain is there, some vampire there – where is the entertainment in such boring story of life? Create entertainment in the story of life – all forces are needed.

Q: without duality – no happy in this life?

Guruji: entertainment. When you become an accomplished yogi – then you can find entertainment inside your own consciousness. Until then some interesting stories needed. Till now I was always unemployed, doing nothing to make money, but now suddenly these two things are coming up so I don’t know how to react or what to do.


…Christianity and islam are just a branches of Judaism, Judaism is the major religion. Most genealogy Judaism belongs to the judos. All the story about Adam and Eve, heaven, god – it is jewish god, Yahwe, and for him all them are worshipping. Even if they called themselves Christians or musalmans – they basic mother religion is Judaism.  So they god is Yahwe and they think he is almighty god which is everywhere. And it might be true – I’m nothing against it. But in India we have many-many-many different gods – they are ruling the world and they are very strong spirits, let’s say worldly spirits – they are there. And we are actually able to recognize every god, how it looks, it’s name; there are many different mantras to invoke the certain different gods. But judos has only one word and they also say – he, whose name could not be spoken. They maybe knowing him, but they may not be knowing him. Atha dhyanam – how to think of this god: they actually describe, how he looks. So you need concentrate on that, visualize it, and with that perfect visualization you also chant certain mantra which Guru is given to you(!). then some telepathic connection will begin to develop with that certain god- after some time.

Q: if someone will try to invoke some god with some mantra?

Guruji: no, it will not work, because it is always from the tradition. And you need to know which god actually is more connected with yourself.

Q: and who knows – which connection must be done?

Guruji: only Guru can tell you that. Who is the very open-minded Guru not belonging to certain sect , who is really interested in your progress – such Guru. It is sad that nowadays we don’t see many Gurus like that.

Q: from the yogic point of view – Time is one god?

Guruji: Time is the basis of everything; everything came out of Time and to the Time it shall return one day.

Q: what is the difference between Time and gods?

Guruji: gods are devatas. For hindus Shiva is the embodiment of Time. For Shiva we had the word Ishwar – we can not translate it as god. Then for Vishnu and Shri Krishna we have the word Bhagavan – you simply can not translate Bhagavan as god. And there are heavenly devatas – they are called gods. From language point of view devata is god. But there is no synonym in English language to Ishwar and Bhagavan. We need to understand it.

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