…I became your Guru and you became to practice yoga seriously – it has direct effect on you. Support of the lineage is there – that’s the main thing besides practice.

Q: why they supports?

Guruji: imagine your babushkas and dedushkas talking about children: if they are doing very good – of course they are feel happy in comparison to others.


Q: what do You think – for yogi shilajit is needed?

Guruji: I’ve never used it. But you can take it, if you want.

Q: if we use shilajit – it could somehow overheat the system or not?

Guruji: I’ve heard it from one old ayurvedic man: he was taking shilajit for maybe 70-75 years. Always in the winter time, never in the summer time. You can also do it – you will be very fit. In fact, 90% of ayurvedic medicines prepared with shilajit. It acts as a carrier.


Q: what do You think about that Goa style tattoos when people depict chakras on their back?

Guruji: it will not work. Nothing will happen – they cannot see them, others will see. If you not see – you will not be affected much.

Q: what about “om” tattoo? It somehow changes their life?

Guruji: it is suppose to do that. The changes begins from the time he take decision to make such tattoo. If the person see “om” continuously – some good changes will definitely come. but personally I don’t like tattoo. When you make it – you burn the old molecules carrying the information and trying to induce something new. Some effect will definitely come.


…children considered as pure as paramahamsas – they have not sexual awareness so they don’t need cremation.


Q: when You need to take a right decision – what do You do?

Guruji: I’m always follow my heart. If you follow the heart – the decision will be the right one. If the whole world start to criticize you and tries to stop you – be sure, you’ve taken the right decision.


…one krishnait and one normal local man died at the same moment. Because they died at the holy place of Vrindavan – they reached the gates of Goloka. They go to see Krishna also. Krishna said to local man – yes, you’re allowed to go inside, you’re very welcome. And to the krishnait he said – kick him and throw him to hell. Then Krishnait took stand: I knew this person – he was my neighbor, he never remembered you – and I was chanting your glorious name in 24 hours a day and you’re sending me to hell? And to him – to inside Goloka? Krishna said : only because of this! You never give me a moment’s peace. He never bothered me – he will go inside. That means – too much communication is not good.


…if it’s not in your heart, the motive is not there – then you will practice for some time trying to do the same like that person. Hope is the very romantic idea and it helps pass the time also.


…calculation of the Time: we become aware of the Time by greater totality of it. Our consciousness is very limited – we start from calculating and then going to abstract. Suddenly you cannot jump to abstract without knowing and understanding. 9 is the indication of infinity.

Q: why not the 8?

Guruji: 8 is considered as infinity in western tradition but we’re writing it in a different way. 9 is a reverse of the OM. Old hindi style is different from modern one. Not any number gives you itself in a table, only 9: it’s 18- 1+8 is 9, 27- 2+7 is 9 etc. all play of Shakti.

…training is need just remain normal after practice – but you will not remain normal after practice. The very regular workout is good enough.

Q: I have very slow progress in practice

Guruji: progress is steady and that is good. Drop by drop the pot fills.

Q: nothing like hyperventilation?

Guruji: you can try them – but good fitness is required.


Q: what do You think about the idea of absolute symmetrical body – like yogateachers of Iyengar method saying?

Guruji: symmetry of the physical body is something which you’re born with and you can develop it.

Q: but is it really needed or important?

Guruji: not to me. Kriya yoga is not for make your body symmetrical, we rather use the body to actually know the spirit inside which is immortal substance from whatever we say beyond everything; breathe is connecting body and spirit- so you take hold of your breathe, go inside your body and you will find the spirit there. The aim is to make your spirit your friend: then it will tell you things from the beyond. You will need to use your body to reach inside. Our aim is direct contact with spirit, using our breath as a cord or a link. Remember, body is a temporary phenomena, it will end one day. Use it as best as you can and take good care of it.

Q: what about the aim of fitness?

Guruji: fitness is very important in life – there are so many different methods to become fit, instead of tying your body into different knots. It may give you some confidence that – yes, I can do it; but again I’ll tell you the main definition of the word asana: asan, which is roughly translated as posture, – it is just to provide a seat for your spirit and the spirit will feel very comfortable. That is the main aim. If you go to the ancient texts of yoga – they are not describing many postures.

Q: if we use postures like fitness routine – will it make our body stronger to tolerate another breathing patterns?

Guruji: I think, 16 asanas which are described in Hatha Yoga Pradipika – your body will be prepare to tackle more – let’s say intimate practices like mudras and different pranayamas. Only them and they were never used as a fitness program. But you need fit body to practice.

Q: we must use heavy weights for it?

Guruji: not use heavy weights – but moderate weights you can use. That’s enough.

Q: what’s about development of right and left hand?

Guruji: only warriors has right hand stronger.

Q: but it’s not possible to make a body absolutely symmetrical?

Guruji: it’s universal discussion. Everybody has some differences. We were just discussing about hope – give the hope to someone and he will begin to practice and earn you enough money.

Q: does it meaningful – to die with symmetrical or asymmetrical body?

Guruji: if you will die without knowing your spirit – then it is a tragedy. Symmetrical or asymmetrical – doesn’t matter. That Iyengar people considered as yogis? Fantastic.


Q: this is the theory that the axis of the Earth has been changed?

Guruji: it was changed in 17th of July 2003. Since then everything is different. On that night Mars was at nearest point – Earth, Moon, Mars and Sun were in one straight line. The gravitational effect was very strong and the Earth moved( turned) in space maybe 10 to 15 degrees. The gravitational pull was too strong. The poles will melt and it will be more like tropical weather; the North Pole maybe shift towards Canada – it will be very cold there, near minus 50 or 60. If some physical changes will come – the frequency also be different. Now the weather is different, sunlight is different. In this home: when we first came here – there was no sunlight. Now when the sun is rising – sun is lighting directly to that door. And it is less and less cold. Even in the Himalaya it is not that cold now. I was telling all the Russians that Russia will be warmer than before.

Q: but now it’s minus 35 in Moscow

Guruji: it will no lasting long. It supposed to last very long in old times. Even Siberia is getting warmer. Here I will give you another point to think: read every religious book all over the world. Ice and snow not mentioned anywhere. From where it came? If they have snow – it would be described. Yesterday in newspaper was written that snow line is higher and higher and trees line is higher and higher in Himalayas. More and more trees are growing. They are afraid that the snow will turn into rains and it will make great floods. That’s all effect  of the Earth changing position in the space. It looks like it move a little closer to the Sun. it looks like the days are shorter now – or I feel it that way.

Q: what is the best weather for practicing yoga?

Guruji: Govardhan temperature is the best.

Q: for whom the fourth puja is doing?

Guruji: for the kund.

Q: what’s the reason for it?

Guruji: kund is considered as a very holy being, it has personality and presiding deity – for that. It’s female, very old – before Krishna time. I think in almost every old kund some powerful being lives, always females.

Q: what about the sea?

Guruji: it’s considered the male god there.


Q: when Shiva destroys all creation in pralaya…

Guruji: I will tell you: the word “pralaya” is not destroying – because he’s not using any celestial weapon to destroy: he is dancing. That means the music of the creation or say the vibration of the creation, if it is not remains in harmony and quite chaos develops – then He dances to put it back into harmony, that is pralaya. Laya means harmony. Pralaya means special harmonizing. It is not destruction – it is harmonizing of the creation again.

Q: pralaya is not Apocalypse?

Guruji: no, He is creating a harmony. Whatever is without of harmony, the bad music will disappear.

Q: some people are saying Shiva doesn’t care about people?

Guruji: because that person was trying to please him in some way without seeing Him face to face – which is extremely rare. If you will sitting in front of Shiva face to face – he cares.

Q: it’s impossible to make him care about you?

Guruji: it is difficult but it can be done. Difficult to please the Father. From hindi point of view the word difficult is difire – all the cults; as long as you will remain in the cult – that will be difficult. As long as you remain cultist – you cannot please anyway. From any cult the culture develops and civilization forms.


Telepathy is more elaborate intuition. It’s beyond five senses. It is directly connected with the development of the mind, not with any gland. After some time you will have the feeling to insulate yourself – too many thoughts will disturb your mind.

Q: sometimes it’s very difficult to understand – is it fantasy or is it real?

Guruji: even the fantasy is real as fantasy. Whatever is happening is real. Never doubt yourself.

Q: sometimes we try to analyze the astral experience

Guruji: how can you analyze the astral experience as physical?

Q: to read the meaning of the dream in a dream book?

Guruji: no, you will also begin to understand the meaning of dreams. That understanding will also develop. No book will tell you. Some references may match, but not every experience.

Q: as I understand – we must have more powerful mind to remember more from that experience?

Guruji: yes, then it will be easy to understand. But there will be no physical explanation: always spiritual explanation are there, not physical one. The physical world is just a shadow of astral.

Q: so if some war happen – at first it happen in astral?

Guruji: yes; only the shadow – like the Daksha yagya fight is there the reflection will be on Earth also. The cause is always there. I will give you very fantastic idea: you remember Devon ke Dev Mahadev? When two parts of Sati’s body went missed and was thrown into water? I’ve discovered them in our kund. It was fantastic for me to see on TV what we already discovered here. Maybe it was somewhere else and these body parts will throw into the past or into the future – to protect them. It’s direct connection but you never know – whether puranas describing the past or the future. In Shiva purana in the chapter of rudraksha Shiva is saying: I grew rudraksha in Mathura. But I was the first person to plant them here. We searched – but not any mention of rudraksha nowhere in this area. Was He talking about the future? Or from the future about the past?

Q: puranas are beyond the time?

Guruji: now I begin to think – as we begin to talk that something happens in astral world then suddenly it appears on Earth – the different time frame they keep describe. In the history of this area rudraksha was unheard of. Only in Shiva purana we read that He grew rudraksha in Mathura also – and it happen in 2002. What they are trying to say?

Q: if something happen there – can we change it here?

Guruji: no.

Q: and an we change something there?

Guruji: only by going there.

Q: what do You mean – by going there?

Guruji: I mean by going there permanently – then only your spirit will be very powerful. By yoga practice you’re doing that.

Q: so You’re simultaneously in two worlds?

Guruji: no, you will make a decision in future – to be here or to be there, where to live.

Q: before that we can change nothing there?

Guruji: no.

Q: if we’re yogis, we’re practicing yoga?

Guruji: you’re changing your life- first you change your life then the situation go changing, something else will appear. A person, who is not in a situation to change his or her life – how can he hope to change someone else’s life or a situation?

Q: if you have some experience in astral and it somehow change your life?

Guruji: you’re coming to India, but you’re powerless to do some changes in Indian politics. That’s how it works. Simply visiting there is not enough to change something.

Q: if you’re doing something there?

Guruji: it’s not your decision – you just do what you must to do, that’s it. You’re visiting as a tourist. Then you will get citizenry, then you get rights to work, then you will rise higher. Step by step.

Q: if we have complete astral body – what is the benefit on that world?

Guruji: you will be the very powerful force. Even here: the stronger the mind – the powerful person will be. Same thing everywhere. Develop your mind – then you will be powerful enough.

Q: when you achieve everything you want  – then your mind is free?

Guruji: only then you will be considered. Before nobody will consider you.

Q: I’ve read somewhere that if you have Guru – most of your education is in astral world and only when you achieving Samadhi you get the access to all that knowledge?

Guruji: what you’re doing with your body has a direct effect on your spirit. More your subconscious mind become conscious – the more your spirit will become powerful. Spirits are not coming here just for fun. They need us also.

Q: what about reverse process?

Guruji: you see, I’m teaching you on a physical plan. When you will begin to have teachings on the astral plan – then the real teachings will begin.

Q: and it begins only after achieving Samadhi?

Guruji: no, on the way to it many experiences will come. Samadhi is like graduation. But you learn a lot before that degree. It’s not exactly the same – but you will understand.

Q: it happens when the body and nervous system are complete ready?

Guruji: it depends – it can click anytime.

Q: such experiences are already predicted?

Guruji: no, the results of yoga cannot be predicted. I will give you one example: one wise man seat on the road side and a traveler was walking – it’s old time story. And he asked the man: how long it takes me to reach that town? He remained quiet. Then in anger traveler begin to walk and man called him – it will take you one and a half hour. He said – why didn’t you answered me? And the man said: I didn’t know, how fast you’re walking. Now I know and can tell you the time. That depends on that.

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