I  think imagination is the strongest form in the creation. You should be intelligent enough – it will develop after long time to use your imagination. Imagination: you’re giving image to something, which is formless – that is creation. Control of imagination is called will power. If you’re able to control it somehow – you can create everything.


If you remember Hitler – his propaganda system: the power of half-truth is much more than power of real truth. Even lie, if it had repeated 5 hundred times – it will appear larger than the truth. So don’t go much on the commentaries, read the original texts and literal translations – and draw your own conclusion. Or talk to me(laughing). Very open-minded discussion is needed from time to time. Most of the translations are not accurate – but they will give you the general idea. Just analyze the word “translation” – I think it explains everything. Translation means that you should have capacity to go into trans when you’re reading something and understand the meaning what that person is trying to say – then express it in your memory. That is the real sense of translation.

Q: English is not so poor, like everybody is saying?

Guruji: I think no language is poor. Every language is very rich in its own way: you just need to catch the essence, what the person is trying to say, and only in trans it may possible. In hindi it is called anuvad: anu means an atom; that means whatever you’re reading – you go to the subatomic level of what he’s trying to say – only then you will be able to translate it. Otherwise it will be mistranslation. And the power of mistranslation is more than the real one – or even of original thing.

Q: everyone here understands what You say in different meanings

Guruji: it will be always like that, because what I’m saying – I’m saying from different level, and you’re listening to that from different level so often it will be the misunderstanding. My friend – grand grandson of Lahiri Mahasya, Banamali Lahiri, used to say: when the author is writing something, reader is reading something – he will understand only if he is on equal mental level as author – only then the understanding will take place. Otherwise there will always be misunderstanding. I agree with him. But we should read – it will remain in the back of your head and one day you will understand suddenly.

Q: I’ve noticed that the questions maybe the same every day – but You give different answers to different persons?

Guruji: you see, it’s a very different thing. One question will have thousand answers, depending on the person. Every truth will have thousands of angles – but it will be same. It was one very good question – if god is one, why we’re calling him in different names? She was babushka and I say to her: you’re a woman, but your husband calling you the different name, your father maybe calling you the different name, your brother – different, lover – different, your son, your grandson – all of them will call you the different name; but you’re one and the same – that’s how. But it’s not the easy thing to make babushka or dedushka understand something.


When you want something and after all you receive it – then euphoria comes and that feeling is called happiness. And when it’s over – in the gap of appearing another desire you will feel peace and satisfaction. And that is beyond them. All these are temporary phenomena, but that peace will last for longer and longer time.

Guru’s guidance is extremely important. This is not a thing you just take very lightly: you’re using your pranic force and life force, and if something will go wrong – the result will be dramatic. If your consciousness is very physical – then it will be problem, it will not understand the supremacy of the mind.

Q: but it is normal

Guruji: what is the definition of normal? Nobody is normal – everybody think he’s better than others. One thing is very easy: to define what is normal.

Q: I mean if you have fears, you have habits for analyzing…

Guruji: fear is very important – it will make you careful. Fearless person is just an idiot. You learn to use emotions like this – anger or fear – in a very positive way. Only a person with slightly developed consciousness or having a good Guru will use them in very positive way. Main thing is how we react to these things.

Q: so emotions like happiness and sadness?

Guruji: they are like waves in the ocean: when you’re going deep into the ocean there’re no waves or storms. Go deeper! All go beyond what you called atmosphere effect – into the outer space where are no wind flowing, no snow falling, no cyclone. Go very deep or go by that. You’re swimming – not diving very deep into the ocean. But you never know, what dangers are lurking here or what can happen in outer space.

You will realize the real value of life when you’re facing death. Without realizing death you will never realize, how life is precious, how much it is precious and how important it is. You can go to the jungle and be there until you realize it’s too long for you – depending on the situation. Also if you’re in very good physical health – your mood is good. The sensitive person always remember such experience. You will be more mature and your thinking and feeling the perception of life will be definitely different than before. Out of the pain of separation the love takes birth – it was a poetic thing but I think it’s true.

Q: our consciousness needs experiences of all kinds of emotions?

Guruji: otherwise how you’re going to understand yourself?

Q: so every situation or every action we can take as a kind of teacher?

Guruji: if you will take them as teachers and their teachings; or you can take them as adventures or misadventures. I think learning and entertainment are two most important things in our life. We  learn from entertainment also and the learning can be entertainment also. Final thing is to keep your mind busy in a very good way.

Q: if think about all like a teachings we can become mad?

Guruji: no, not teachings like school or college – it is self-learning thing. If it will be like school – of course madness will come. experience is the real wisdom. That is the difference between information, knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is something you read and discuss and wisdom comes with experience.

Q: but if these two are giving controversial results?

Guruji: even controversy can be very entertaining or tragedy: it maybe tragedy for you or someone else but it maybe entertaining for someone else.

Q: tragedy is good entertainment?

Guruji: if it’s happening with someone else( laughing)

Q: only higher emotions makes our mind busy?

Guruji: when you’re going into the sea in a boat – to cross over the big waves it is difficult, but when you’re over them – it’s more calm. The example is not exactly, but you will understand. Confidence is very much needed – you will be controlling yourself. If your mind is calm – you can tackle most of the situations. Anger will always take you the wrong decisions.

Q: you don’t know what is coming first?

Guruji: anger is evolution of your frustration. First frustration, then anger, then some violent action may follow, and if they dare too violent – the police will come. the right understanding develops with time; when you suffered enough – then we say yes, now we begin to understand.

Q: what about the fear?

Guruji: when you actually overcome the fear – you become truly brave. Becoming brave is when you overcome the fear – and it also make you very careful. You cannot live in fear – even movies teaches us so many things. You cannot live in fear – you have to face it. And from that movie – Ghost rider: about Satan having a soul: he can have my soul,  but he can’t have my spirit.

If you will not understand them – then who will understand? You need to be very careful in deciding whether that emotion is just a reaction to someone else or your genuine emotion which are coming from the within? That discrimination is very important. Most of the time what you call emotions are just a reflection and reaction to the situation you have – you have to discriminate it. Most of the girls have a touch of empathy: if someone is suffering they’re start to suffer. It’s a very difficult thing of girls. Some men also have this, but ladies are more prone to this – that is our good luck.


Q: will diving support me in yoga practice?

Guruji: you can practice but it will not support you in yoga: the fitness you have during will help you, but not diving or freediving technics.

Q: what about swimming?

Guruji: swimming will make you fit. Fitness is very important. Some exercises are always recommended. Butterfly style is good, back style is also good. Whenever I swim on back – it makes my chest bigger, more muscles develop.

Q: why freediving technics are so different – because of water?

Guruji: objective motive is different. Fitness and freediving can help you in a practice of yoga, but in itself it’s a different thing.

Q: where the changes starts with yoga practice – in physical or astral body?

Guruji: both

Q: I think from the beginning the spirit has problems with communication with the body?

Guruji: I’ve seen many times simply possession of the body – no problem

Q: so we should be careful, what we inhale?

Guruji: you’re doing pranayamas – don’t worry

Q: can spirit possess animal?

Guruji: yes, very easy. It’s much easier to possess an animal.

Q: the soul and spirit are one and the same?

Guruji: no, very different. When you’re giving your soul to the god – what does it mean?

Q: you die?

Guruji: you die, and you are allowing that particular religion to do things with your dead body – that is giving of your soul. By doing things of your dead body your spirit may be controlled by someone. What is the difference in different religions? All their last rituals are different and somehow they affect the spirit. The word “soul” has a german origin – and it means “ which is bound in death”. Only your body is bound in death – your spirit is immortal. Joining particular religion means you’re signing a contract that after your death whatever they will do with your dead body – they’re free to do. Be careful here!

Q: why not to say direct – I allow you to do everything with my body after death?

Guruji: to keep your mind in more romantic and sophisticated mood and give your imagination more ideas – so you will imagine that after death you will go to heaven. This is utopian thought: who goes to heaven? They are all waiting for judgement day. Heaven is empty, hell is empty. Only yoga gives you the third option.

Q: if you’re not belonging to any religion – your spirit is free?

Guruji: I will tell in my foreword in Gorakhbodh: true spirituality does not depend on religious beliefs or individual faith. It’s absolutely different thing. God created this, god created that – but who created  spirit? No religion mentions it. They have their own nature – that is the biggest mystery. That’s why we keep stressing: make your spirit your friend; only your spirit may tell you things from beyond.

Q: so spirit is absolutely free?

Guruji: only problem is how to control it. The simplest method – produce a child.

Q: but it’s for other spirit?

Guruji: for your own is only yoga practice.


If you’re courageous enough to face your fear – it will not affect you anymore. We should be brave enough to face such things.

Q: something bad can happen if you fear of something?

Guruji: bad things can happen if you’re running from your fear. If you’re ready to face your fear – only good things will follow you.

Q: fear is the sort of emotions?

Guruji: fear is the sort of a power, which may affect you and if you use it positively – it will make you very strong. Emotions are very powerful things.


Q: You said before Egypt it was Hastinapur there?

Guruji: yes, this is my theory

Q: why such great civilization disappeared?

Guruji: it was because of Mahabharat – most of the Kshatriyas were dead; then Janamejaya came and did this sarpa yagya – to kill all Nagas. To kill Naga is considered a very big sin – so all civilization ended with that. When we discussed the last way of Pandavas – geographically it goes from Egypt to India and then to the North up to Siberia. Journey started from Egypt and then they were going west – they came across Red Sea: Red Sea is to the west of India, not to the east. Geographical description is very precise.

Q: why Egyptians begin to worship Nagas?

Guruji: we don’t know to whom people of Hastinapur were worshipping; it was vedic gods – like sun god and Egyptians were also worshipping the sun god. What we see in pharaohs is just a shadow of great civilization of Hastinapur. All of them has divine powers, celestial weapons and was of very high height; but what we see in mummies – all of them are of normal height, even short. Maybe Pandavas cross Himalayas through Kalarus – tunnel from Kashmir across Himalayas. Some people done research and found a temples inside a tunnel. Five tunnels are there.

Q:  maybe Pandavas built them?

Guruji: Bhima had the power of 10000 elephants together – but even he run away from Ashwatthaman to save his life. Hanuman’s tail have the power of 600 000 elephants power. But the era of super beings is over I think.

Q: sun like planet had more effect on Earth when it was worshipped?

Guruji: yes, it was no account of the snow when sun was worshipped. Most of the sun worshippers were going bare bodied and we never come across any record they were suffering of cold weather. Maybe Earth was slightly nearer to Sun then. When I was thinking – from where this snow came – then I found one Egyptian story of Isis and Osiris. They were brother and sister and to maintain the purity of blood they were to be married. Then someone said – you cannot married in the 360 days of the year. Osiris say – ok, we will make extra 5 days. And he slightly removed the Earth away from Sun, and now the orbit consists of 365 days – in that 5 days he married Isis. Maybe this moving the Earth from Sun a little bit – that was the only way to create extra 5 days. That’s how snow and ice came. Because the planet were moved a little bit more – more tall people, more great people because the gravitational effect of sun was more and Earth gravity was affecting people less; now people become shorter and less strong. You need to read all mythologies with the very open mind. Connect them – and the very different picture will come.

Q: Osiris was powerful being

Guruji: of course

Q: but nevertheless he’s gone and islam came to that territory

Guruji: first – judes, islam came much later. What we see today is nothing of that great civilization; only some relics and tourists went to see them, nothing more remain.

Q: but even in bible it is said that judes and Egyptians were able to do equal miracles?

Guruji: they were slaves and with slaves you’re not fight – they can only work for you. And Samson is the only character in bible who actually display the power of god, not a magical trick. Moses could be the illegal child of one of pharaohs – otherwise why he was brought up in the palace? There are many shades in history which you will never know.

Larry Carney made very good research  – he discovered that beard was added to Jesus Christ face in 2nd century. What image is being portrait and the original image – they are millions of light years apart.

…maybe origin of roman empire is coming from werewolves – their behavior is looking like that. They taking everything from others, having orgies, eat everything – just enjoying, behaving like a werewolves. Then some greater magic came and they disappeared. Maybe Egyptian culture was just to create the vampires? Otherwise why they mummify the body? It’s just a theory – but who knows?

Q: where we can find the true information about Ashwatthaman?

Guruji: only by reading Mahabharata very carefully. Even physical description you will find there. fourth volume. Before Shalya Parva Duryodhana is going to consult Ashwatthaman – he sitting in Himalayas; and there it is described how Dronacharya got him as a son; and physically he is described. His body is like made of gold, he has black curly hairs; his voice, his shoulders, his eyes are like the bull of Shiva, very powerful; he is the great knower of vedas, including the bow and arrow veda – Dhanurveda – this is given there.

Q: and after Mahabharata what he was doing – is it mentioned somewhere?

Guruji: you will find some references in Skanda purana. Krishna cursed him that you have roamed for 3000 years with the wound on your forehead away from civilizations. Then he went to Vyasa and Vyasa cured him in one month only. The wound disappeared, he became one of the brahmarishi, then he married 17 times – the whole Bharadwaj gotra begin with that, 17 different lines. He will be the next Vyasa and one of the saptarishis; they are all waiting for Kalki to appear. Parashurama is going to be a Guru of Kalki and Ashwatthaman and his uncle Kripacharya will assist him in his work.

Q: what is the story when after the battle Arjuna saw Ashwatthaman with Vyasa?

Guruji: Vyasa is the great supporter of Ashwatthaman. I think Vyasa was the most powerful being in the era of Mahabharata. He could remove the curse of Krishna for 3000 years in just one month. There was nobody equal like Vyasa. He was also able to invoke 1,6 billion of dead warriors’ spirits – he call them just like that(easily). In the whole history of puranas nobody has that power. He is son of Parashara: in that point of view he’s a sort of uncle to Ashwatthaman.

Q: who decide that Vyasa must be changed?

Guruji: now I think Shiva is decided: he took over the vedic gods, the creator – he is setting things according to his own will. He appeared and cut off the fifth head of Brahma – all the stories begin from that.

I’m the descendant of Ashwatthaman – maybe it’s some immortal gen or DNA memory inside? Think big.

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