Q: for appeasement japa should be mental, for prosperity – in whisper and for magic – aloud?

Guruji: that is valid.

Q: last year we discussed about siddha and susiddha mantras – but before practicing you must do something?

Guruji: whatever was decreed and suggested by your Guru – that much. Thousands and million repetitions is just to catch the real vibration of that mantra.

Q: but most powerful is the mental one?

Guruji: at first you say it, then you go beyond it and begin to whisper, then it start happening in your mind – the degrees of mantra. Suddenly nothing happens. When you’re saying it loudly – you hear it in the same time; it is registering in your mind and your subconscious mind. Finally you can close your mouth and it continues there. they are very powerful and potent things. Sometimes very dangerous also. First you need your body to reach to your mind, when you have reached your mind – you don’t need to use your body again; but what your mind is doing has direct affect to your physical body.

Q: what does it mean – body reached your mind?

Guruji: when you’re saying mantra loudly or practicing your asanas by using your body in your certain way you’re trying to reach out to your mind. Every psychologist knows that your body language is a reflection of your mental state. By creating certain body language you’re trying to understand your mind. Once you have reached your mind – then body will become secondary and mind will take over. To reach our mind we’re using our physical body in a certain way; even saying mantra loudly works the same. I’m talking very openly: all of it will register in your subconscious mind and one day you will understand.

Q: as I understand any mantra trigger some changes in our mind?

Guruji: it will create the very big impression on your whole being.

Q: what will be the impression if mantra is not correct?

Guruji: you can even go mad.

Q: what’s the mechanism of that process?

Guruji: it will attract extreme bad luck. You will suffer physically and mentally. The whole creation is vibrating; if you’re doing some vibration, which are not harmonious to your being – your harmony will break. This is like scientific explanation, but there are many spirits, powerful beings are involved in this: they may become angry and you will suffer.

Q: if the person practicing mantra for many years?

Guruji: only if he received it from the Guru.

Q: ok, but if after many years of practice he will stop to do it?

Guruji: in India it is unheard of. Extreme bad luck and problems will follow.

Q: if people from ISCON practice it for example for 5 years then stop?

Guruji: I’m sure they are not in peace. They should have thought before committing themselves. If you give your word – you have continue to do so. When you breaking your promise – your consequence everybody knows. That’s why hell is described in every religion. Person will punish himself. His confidence will be no more, he will never find peace and most of the prosperity will disappear – the “feel good” factor will disappear from his or her life.

Q: what will happen with him after death?

Guruji: unmentionable things

Q: if he take another birth?

Guruji: I think in Gita in 16th chapter it is described in detail. Very bad situation.

Q: if the person take mantra from internet and start to practice it?

Guruji: it will never work. Guru’s help is extraordinary and it is needed all the time. You will need protection in the astral world also. Every mantra connects you with the very powerful astral being, and if you just keep calling for that being without proper introduction- some irritation will follow and it may be dangerous.

This is very utopian thought that every spirit is here to help you and no matter what you do – only with the good will they will come to you. When you’re trying to know things beyond life and death – many dangers are there. you have to be very careful.

Q: is it possible to become possessed by some powerful spirit by the mantra?

Guruji: possession is 50/50 chance but he will suffer mentally – I have seen many people going mad and those who suffered in many different ways. Family suffers. They lose their respect – whatever smallest respect they commanding in life, they become laughing taunts and nobody noticed them. This is very torturous.

These are very mystical things. Until unless you find the very competent person who accepts your request to guide you and if he tells you something – do it very sincerely. Simply chanting the certain mantra or practicing something which gives you very elaborate results as writes most of the texts – it may be very dangerous to you.

Q: maybe people perceive it like a game?

Guruji: there they go wrong. It’s not a game. Hinduism was taken very lightly – maybe that’s why whole world is suffering. It’s very peculiar thing.

Q: for what aim mantras are given in the books – even of Gorakhnath and Matsyendranath?

Guruji: only for senior people and for reference only. I’ll tell you – some small piece always go missing.

Q: just to  make person interest in it and?

Guruji: no, just for yogis, who knows this – it’s reference books not for beginners. Real books are available on mantras – thousands of mantras are there, even the rituals how to make the mantra work; I’ve read them all – some vital point is always missing. No results will come. and there is no books for beginners in this. Go and search and find a competent man who knows enough – then you learn. All the books on engineering and medical science are available – but simply by reading a book you will not become a doctor. But when you’re admitted to institution – you need to read a books. That’s a difference.

Q: so you could not initiate yourself?

Guruji: impossible. They have my best wishes. Again quotation of Captain Davy Jones: life is cruel. Why the afterlife be otherwise? Most of the people describing spirits all of good mood, full of love – but they will have the very big surprise there – when the day will come definitely. What will remain after Apocalypse? Only ghosts and spirits. Every religion believe in afterlife; if I believe in God – I’m ok, but if I believe in ghost and witches – I’m superstitious- and that is also believe in afterlife. That’s why the main object of talking is to KEEP YOUR MIND VERY OPEN, because subject is very vast, very deep and very mysterious. You cannot discard everything like it’s against my faith and I don’t believe in it. Keep your mind open and have faith in yourself first.


Q: what is the difference between mantra and pray?

Guruji: pray means you’re trying to have something from the god to help you in a certain situation – you’re praying for it. Mantra is for that particular deity, which mantra you’re using.

Q: but people using mantra also to have something?

Guruji: they will have the price also. Nothing comes for free. If devil give you something – he will take your soul. Any god also- for material gains or things. Remember, what is promised in Gita by Krishna himself: if a person is my devotee and a yogi – I take care of him.

I will just ask you a simple question: you’re praying to a supernatural powerful spirit who is sitting on the other side of life and you’re asking for money for this life from that being. How it will react?

Q: no idea

Guruji: he will start playing with you and that will be dangerous. If a contract killer or a person who can hold the power of life and death begin to smile at you – you need to be afraid. Or land in Africa and find some cannibals who’re eating white men and suddenly they look at you and start smiling – you need to run away from there. be very careful, these are not so good things.

Q: if somebody uses mantra not for material things but for some knowledge or supernatural powers?

Guruji: then they will put you through test, whether you’re ready for that knowledge.

Q: what will be the price?

Guruji: they will decide; only the test – you prove that you’re fit enough. It’s a rule.

Q: looking like a game?

Guruji: for them it’s entertainment, but the game will be yours – you will get all the knowledge and wisdom. The only thing is to make them interest in you, teaching you and giving you knowledge – you will have to prove yourself. It will affect only you; for them – it doesn’t matter.

Q: what kind of could be that test?

Guruji: there are no set rules. Whatever will come to their mind – they will test you.

I will tell you one real story; there was asura named Banasura. He was the great devotee of Shiva. His devotion and his yoga was so great that Shiva agreed to live in his castle- which is about 3-4 hours from this place – it’s historical fact. He was given 1000 arms when he will go to the battle. One day he pray to Shiva: please, arrange the fight with the man who is superior than me.

That is the dream of a warrior  – to die from the sort of a man who is much superior than them. Shiva arrange the battle with Krishna. There was a very great battle and Shiva didn’t interfere in that, because it was the request of asura. Krishna cut away his 996 arms and only 4 remain. Then Shiva stopped the battle and said it’s enough. Banasura was defeated and then say to Shiva: now what I can do to please you? Shiva said – ok, dance for me! And in that blooded condition – blood flowing from everywhere – he begin to do tandav to entertain Shiva. He used all gestures and even magic  – and finally Shiva was pleased and said: what do you want? He said – I’m looking ugly without the arms, please, make me whole and make me one of your ganas. His name is Mahakal now.

Just imagine: he asked for the battle and he was given, his 996 arms were cut, then his life was despair – because Shiva was his Guru and the final God; and then he said – dance for me! I mean that was the very great test. You can visit and see the castle – it’s on the hill and highly seen from the road and it’s absolutely empty space around. This was the very difficult test – but for very great things you need to go through very difficult tests.

Q: how it is working with our practice?

Guruji: it will continue to be difficult and each level is just a new learning. Training of your mind – but it will be more and more difficult. It’s combine effort from Guru’s side and from your side. Whatever Guru will teach – you will need to practice it. Without teaching and practice process nothing is possible.

Q: now it’s difficult to imagine

Guruji: then the mind will develop and become very powerful and your attitude and thinking will change with that with time. Final thing is entertainment.

Q: we also have the tests in our practice?

Guruji: they will come. higher you will go – more tests will come.

Q: I’ve heard that Ravana had such test?

Guruji: till that time he was not a devotee of Shiva; he was trying to lift Kailash and Shiva hold it just with big toe. First Ravana cried for centuries – it was a lake with his tears which is still there, Rakshastal it is called – then he try to praise Him. But Banasura’s story teaches us more. Now Banasura is one of the chief ganas, Mahakal, he is one of the inner circles to Shiva. And Ravana will come again as Revarnath – he will give extraordinary teachings to the world.

Q: on what depends – more powerful spirit will born or no?

Guruji: in this mundane world the power depends on the power of your mind. Same thing there. only your spirit will answer, who create him. When you invoke some powerful spirit – you become his slave after death; but when the yogi invokes his own spirit – it’s another story.

Q: but could my own spirit give the same possibilities?

Guruji: even more.

Q: why the person becomes a slave of such spirit?

Guruji: that is a price. If you demand something from the other side to this life – when you will go to the other side you will become a slave.

Q: is it true that tantriks could make the spirit slave with the rituals?

Guruji: if they are successful enough. I’ve seen many people going absolutely mad and dying in the process. It’s not the easy thing – you just do something and say “abracadabra” and the spirit will come and ask to be your slave.

Q: why spirits do that?

Guruji: they don’t want to have a body – they’re feel to possess anybody.


I’ll give you the mantra for love: Om Premaya Namaha. Even the seed mantra – Prem – is there. Practice it and love will come to you.

Q: if I say Om Premaya Hum Phat – it will destroy love?

Guruji: so many possibilities is there.

Q: before appearing the mantra must have a seed?

Guruji: no, not every mantra has a seed.

Q: seed mantras are more powerful?

Guruji: it depends on the motive and why this mantra was given to you – what you’re trying to achieve with that particular mantra. If you have received the mantra from the Guru – mantra also means a secret; every secret teachings can be called mantras. That will certainly create very good things in your life, life will be better, your confidence will increase – it will become more comfortable. You will be more brave.

Q: if we take seed mantra, which belongs to Krishna – Krim?

Guruji: it belongs to Kali also. It can be a confusion – you will chanting the mantra for Krishna and Kali will come – and what you will do? Just try to imagine – absolute black, big, naked woman appears with the skull garland, blood from cut head in her hand, in another – big sword; how you’re going to react? If she will appear here I don’t think we will remain sitting here. Instead of sitting everybody will be shitting. If you compare – imagine Helen of Troy sitting here with all her diamonds or goddess Lakshmi sitting here with all her jewels and suddenly Kali appears: you will forgot all other goddesses instantly.


Q: what is trihatha?

Guruji: the right word is triyahat – and people are discussing it for thousands of years. When the woman is adamant on something – I must have it – that is called triyahat. If the woman wants something – she will move three worlds to get it. If a men can develop it for yoga achievements – I think half the battle is already done. It’s the very good simile. The battle of Troy was because of triyahat. They have enough power to change a history and create a new one.

Q: the whole shloka is: you should close the sun or unite with triyahat – in both cases the sphere of moon is attained?

Guruji: only with enough force like triyahat you can achieve anything. Sun means in the solar plexus – for the nectar which is flowing from the moon. With khechari mudra it is possible.

Q: what is the meaning of bhuchari, chachari and agochari mudra?

Guruji: some control over five elements. Unmani is not just unfocusing – it is going beyond your conscious mind.

Q: can be state of unmani compared with state of shambhavi?

Guruji: from that point shambhavi begins. When your vision is outside, but you’re aiming inside. What is inside – only your subconscious mind is inside, which also remains unseen: that is the beginning of shambhavi. And you can go on and on – there is no limits, because mind is supposed to be omnipotent, omniscience – there have no limit, you keep exploring for millions of years and you will still find some mysterious there. The race to learn begins – that’s the main point.

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