Q: Guruji, please, give me advice: yesterday it was very difficult to me to start practice because of so much thoughts?

Guruji: thoughts will come and thoughts will go – you must stick to strict routine. Then slowly-slowly thoughts will be subside and it will be more calm and peaceful. Never let them bother you or disturb you.



Q: if the person see in the dream that he is flying or diving?

Guruji: most of them are astral experiences, because in the dream we’re seeing dead people also. We talk also with them.

Q: if you see your own death – it is your spiritual development?

Guruji: in India it is saying: if sick man seeing his own death – it might be little bit serious, but if a healthy person seeing his death – it increases his life. This is what we believe.

Q: if we not seeing the dreams?

Guruji: many doctors saying that if you’re not dreaming – then you will be mad person. You may remember them, you may not remember them – that is the difference.

Q: how we can separate simple remembering of the day or week from real astral experience in the dream?

Guruji: dream is real experience. You’re going to sleep here and waking up there. go to sleep there and wake up here – like pendulum thing.

Q: if you’re going to the same place in a dream once in a week or month?

Guruji: you’re really going there. your astral body knows what for.

Q: if I saw one and the same dream about my mother, that she’s alone?

Guruji: where is she now?

Q: she’s living with me.

Guruji: maybe it’s somewhere deep in your child memory – the worry, that your mom is alone. I think it’s the scariest thought for a child – that mom will leave you. Everybody fears that.

Q: what is your opinion about technics which are trying to control your dreams – to see the hands for example?

Guruji: I will say – you cannot control your dreams until unless you’re in the situation your astral body and mind are very powerful and it’s within your power to go anytime to astral at will: then maybe you having some control. Then again the situation will remain the same: how many things in this world you’re able to control? What you’re going to control there? you’re not of much control in our situations.

Q: my friend told me that he can choose where he will go in his dream and what he will do there

Guruji: many people trying to teach you, how to travel astrally; they will give you all the thought process and many different technics – but usually they don’t know much. It’s like auto suggestions. This is human nature: we just want to be in control – and fail all the time.


Q: is it true that you’re travelling in astral just imagine some place – and you’re there?

Guruji: you can also contact mentally and don’t need to travel. It’s different world. It’s pure mental world: whatever you will think with the focused mind – will come to pass. That’s why keep saying – control your mind, control your thoughts. In the astral only this will work.

Q: what is the ocean there?

Guruji: oceans are here and there – even more deep and full of beings, which we not know here. All the fairy-tales beings are there.

Q: it also has deeper layers?

Guruji: look at the physical world – you can also see different layers of persons: understanding, process of thinking – big varieties and it’s much more there also.

Q: does creation look like computer game with different levels?

Guruji: more like educational center.

Q: what will happen if we learn everything here?

Guruji: you’re sending a child to school – what happens to a child when he completes education? They are free to choose their career, whatever they want to do. But the child has no choice, which school he will go – always the parents or the government decides.

Q: is it possible to enter someone’s body, who is not dreaming, and see through his eyes?

Guruji: I think it’s not the best idea to enter someone’s body and feel all his bad smells – but it’s possible. Even without entering the body you can see, what he’s seeing. The point is – is it necessary? I keep telling you – the smell of humanity is not tolerable.

Q: when you’re dreaming it is easier to possess someone?

Guruji: and someone can possess you also. It goes both ways.

Q: if someone, whom you know very well, has the very strong thought about you – it’s like magnet?

Guruji: it is like telephone connection. Even without going to the astral world. When you’re calling someone you’re not going to a cyberspace and connect. It happens very easily.

Q: it exists some paths or roads in astral world?

Guruji: spirits can move everywhere.

Q: and the paths from physical to astral exists?

Guruji: it is more like teleportation – they don’t need paths or roads or something like that – nothing.

Q: but maybe they have habits like we have?

Guruji: of course. And they like to have fun and entertainment to pass the eternity.

Q: in shamanic tradition it is said that spirits has their own paths and shaman meets them there?

Guruji: it’s they way of expression the same thing. Suppose somebody is teleporting – how you will explain this? For simply saying you’ll say – he has his own path. That’s how these things begins.

Q: what’s the difference between spirits, born like spirits, and spirits, born like a men?

Guruji: the difference in sexes is even in spirits. Male and female are even there.

Q: it exists the spirits, never taking bodies – human or others?

Guruji: many, yes.

Q: for what aim they were created?

Guruji: they are thinkers and planners. They are extremely powerful.

Q: I don’t even know, how to connect: they are like rishi?

Guruji: let’s back to the comics world: have you see the Green Lantern? They are like Guardians, who have thinking and planning for billion of years. They have enough power to change their form at will, but the basic shape will remain always.



I will quote a comic: if you live for one day or for 1 million years – it will be one lifetime. Enjoy!

YOGA REALLY CHANGES YOU. Now with that device, registering the brain waves, we know – but otherwise how you will know that? It’s unbelievable thing. Nervous system remains extremely relaxed. When the child starts education – the natural state of mind is lost; but he becomes ready to face the society.

Q: is it possible to develop not to quitting theta state of mind?

Guruji: twilight state of mind and twilight we have reading in comics: you cannot see which is vampire and which is normal person because it’s not shadow. In yogic opinion – your shadow is like your past karmas. Your karmas is clean absolutely, when you’re constantly in theta state.

If you look to the brain scan – your pineal gland is the most protected gland in your skull; surrounded by empty space, looks like a thumb. Khechari mudra might be having the direct impact there. how much scientists have know? There is no process known in a scientific world which is actually increase the size of your brain, but we have noticed it. We have measured it on more then 200 subject, but we’re keeping quiet in that.

I keep saying that when you achieved khechari you have to practice very regularly. That is the only key, which will take you to a certain place. It’s beginning of different sort. Body is the real mysterious thing.

When people hearing the word “brain” – everybody becomes silent. It’s the definition of brahma: it sees with eyes, but it remains unseen. Nobody see the brain.

Q: can the yogi experience death and still be alive?

Guruji: every day. By everyday yoga practice every day you can experience death.

Q: when You had this first experience?

Guruji: much before achieving Samadhi. Maybe from the day one or two, but it takes some time to realize, what you’re actually see. I don’t tell them – because unnecessary fear will come.



Q: what I need to do to balance the chakras in my body?

Guruji: to balance them you need to have them first. With the food you just try to increase the better health. There is possibility of chakras in anybody: they form itself in the spinal fluid with  very heavy practice of yoga. This assumption that everybody has chakras, is wrong; but everybody has the possibility to develop them. If chakras will develop – you will have superconsciousness, you’ll be the very extraordinary person.

Q: can we balance our elements in the body?

Guruji: nobody can balance the elements without going very high in yoga. If you will balance elements – every element will have the 20% in your body which is virtually impossible simply by food and drinks. You have 71% of water will remain 71%: if any fluctuation in that – you will end up in 2-3 days. Only thing we can do – to strengthen our immune system and make ourselves a little bit healthier and strong. That is good enough. If you’re in a situation to balance your elements – there is no doubt you will become immortal and live at least for thousand years, if they are in exact balance- 20/20/20 % each.

Q: what will happen with prakriti, with which person was born?

Guruji: after 120 years the new prakriti will form. All the karmas will remain denied, when you cross 120 years. You will be free from any karma – you will be in a situation to decide things for yourself. Your body will be very different. DNA memory will be different, your genetics will change. It’s a very great achievement to cross over 120 years. We’re talking about immortality, but living even for 200 years is very good, or to have extra 20 years of youth for life. Start with small achievements. Remember, literally the word Samadhi means “bringing 2 together”, union. Conscious mind and subconscious mind – this is what we have discussing for quite some time. It was good to discuss on Hatha Yoga Pradipika: make your conscious mind unconscious and your subconscious mind – conscious; then you will know. It is another interesting point to observe: in no religion it is mentioned, who created the elements. They are endless and beginningless thing – they are always there. somehow we see the combination of the five elements in our body and on this planet – nowhere else. If somehow we’re able to recognize they power and somehow create some balance in them  – then life will become divine. Even indian mythology is saying: when Vishnu opened his eyes – he saw only water everywhere – that means water was before him. Nowhere also mentioned, who created the spirits; hindus believe, that spirits are beyond these 5 elements – these are gross things, it is much more subtle.

Q: spirit is more subtle than prana and apana?

Guruji: prana and apana is Shiva and Shakti. Even we don’t know the true nature of prana and apana. Kak Bhushundi become immortal by understanding the true nature of prana and apana. Looks like reality show: we have given the certain frame of time and then let’s see what you can do.



Q: is it true that death has her own personality and gender?

Guruji: in our mythology it is written that the creator created death as the most beautiful girl in the whole creation. When she was told – that is your duty, she was crying and said that she will have only the bad name because of her done. Then the creator said: don’t worry, even you will take the life of everybody – nobody will blame you. Very few people said – death took him up; they are saying – he died of heart attack, or cancer, or tuberculosis. Death receives the credit for that.

Q: so death has her own personality?

Guruji: she is good.

Q: nobody see her?

Guruji: oh, everybody see when she takes them away. They don’t remain to tell you.

Q: is it possible to see her and remain alive?

Guruji: if she’s happy with you somehow and she allow you to be there- or if you’re able somehow to create some extra future for yourself. Remember my definition from Gorakhbodh: transforming future into past is life; absolutely transformation future into past is death. Immortality – having the unlimited future.



In India it is said – the Shakti of Guru or the power of Guru is everywhere. I’m sure – you have noticed, that the expression on my photographs is changing. You noticed that? Big Brother is watching you. I’ve heard many strange stories. One of my disciples in Moscow has a house and a housekeeper, who was coming for cleaning once or twice in a week. She asked him – who is that man, who is on upper floor? He replied nothing, but have an idea.Then he show her my photograph and she said – oh, that’s the man I saw. I don’t know, how to explain this.

Q: it must be You?

Guruji: we don’t know that. That man was exactly looking like me. The power of Guru is everywhere.

Q: could it be your Chaya?

Guruji: no, no Chaya purush is needed. Such stories – when I was seen in different places in one time – begins from 1990.

Q: what I can do when I have the question?

Guruji: when your question is genuine – you’re definitely get enough. If it is just out of curiosity – no answer will come. if the question is really needed and very important for you – then you will get the answer.

Q: maybe it was the ghost in Your shape?

Guruji: no, no ghost can imitate me.



Q: it is really exist the branch in Ayurveda, which works with different kinds of possession?

Guruji: it is called Bhutavidya and it is mentioned in many ancient ayurvedic books. They also give some mantras and some system for exorcising the ghost, some herbs also. In that time when people studied Ayurveda Guru exactly teach them, how to make that mantra work for you; now these things are missing. Only the process is mentioned, which simply by reading the book can not be done. Prem darbar is the better option.

Q: if I see some kind of possession in my country – can I give them address?

Guruji: if they’re asking. Help only you’re asked for help.

Q: is it possible to have possession without signs?

Guruji: 90% cases the person might be possessed without showing any signs of it – but bad luck will follow, sickness will follow and very big problems in the family will continue.

Q: I have theory that possession can come with tattoo?

Guruji: it depends on the tattoo, but it is possible. Better not to have any tattoos. Every tattoo changes the vastu of your physical body. It may be lucky also but it may bring the bad luck also. You have to be very careful about all these things.

Q: You know the cases when tattoo brought luck or prosperity?

Guruji: yes, it is possible. One tattoo is very bad in my opinion – it’s a number on judes during second world war, and it also bring them bad luck.

Jesus, Moses and all the avatars missed; they never were lucky enough to have chai. No ice cream, no chai, no chocolate – I think we’re in a better situation.

…again, the word Parabrahman Parameshwar is used only for Shiva. But because every king is considered as embodiment of Vishnu – and Rama was a king, so they called him Vishnu also. Debatable points are there.

Q: is it possible to be possessed again and again in every birth?

Guruji: yes, I have seen such cases: six ghosts possess a man for three life time.

Q: for what purpose?

Guruji: he deceived them. He didn’t fulfill his word and after death they begin to follow him. It was a dangerous situation. I discarded that spirits and they were justified.

Q: You saw the end of this punishment or it will continue?

Guruji: it will continue for one lifetime.

Q: why exactly that period?

Guruji: very simply: because he said – I will take care of you not only in this lifetime but for seven lives. Out of the blue he made this promise and then didn’t fulfill it. In fact he deceived them.

Q: who was him?

Guruji: he’s just a man I know – not a disciple, but he come some time. Still he’s not in a very good frame of mind and worried. He’s still alive but very suffering. For six lifetimes they give him suffering. He gave his word. They said – we’re punishing him only, his family we don’t bother. In fact, sometime they affect his wife and children. Him we will not leave before the time will come.

Q: it’s not possible for him to change somehow the situation?

Guruji: no. when the word is given – it is done, you cannot go back on your word.

Q: no ritual maybe?

Guruji: nothing

Q: if he would practice yoga?

Guruji: then he would not deceive them, he would fulfill his word. Word, once given, is given. That is another interesting point I observe: no ghost, no spirit break their promises or go back on their words. It is the nature of human beings – they like to break their promises and go back on their words.

Q: if it’s the ghost of a human?

Guruji: whatever. The ghost never breaking his word. If they give the word – they will keep it. In their lifetime – it’s the human touch. In their lifetime the human beings are under illusion, so many different illusions – I’m Russian, I’m indian,  – but after death they realize the truth. When they give their word – they keep it. Human beings are under illusion and delusion and so many things.

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