Q: in Christianity they put the ashes or parts of the bodies of saints in icons or special containers to worship

Guruji: yes, in islam such things also exist. When they are dead – by some ashes and body parts you’re able to contact their spirits.

Q: why their body parts are so powerful?

Guruji: because the spirit is connected with that. Spirits of your grandmother or father will be also working. Now the technologies could make the diamond from the ashes – and it will work.

Q: at least they can be useful after death

Guruji: but I don’t accept it! Why we every time think in the matter of “use”? let’s leave them in peace.

You can not see them, you can not defend from them – so it can be dangerous. Who are we? – the past of a ghost.

Some of the very ancient churches were built in the places of big sacrifices. I’ve read about it in several researches.

Q: it exists some people in Christianity, who can exorcise the spirits or to heal?

Guruji: some cases can be

Q: but they use their own power to have such possibilities?

Guruji: I think it exists all over the world: you connect with some powerful spirit and with the help of that powerful spirit you can exorcise the weaker spirits, who’re creating problems for you.

They are always invoking the holy spirit, holy ghost – who is holy ghost?

I’ve seen the movie “Exorcist” – I only know from that movie. They are always invoking the holy spirit or holy ghost. But I’ve never heard any explanation, who is holy ghost.

That is take us to another conclusion, – even becoming a ghost you have high chances to become holy.

Q: what do you think – when fortune-teller says you that he will change your life and make you happy or will do some ritual for it?

Guruji: it’s very good thing to consult fortune-teller – to listen good things about you; but they will also make you afraid so you will gave them money to do certain rituals – then your life will be better. It is their business. If someone can tell you your future – it can not be changed, remember that. It is better not to know – but we like to speculate, so why not. There are so much – astrology, numerology, physical science.

Q: could they somehow affect you or it’s impossible?

Guruji: I think it is possible. Only protection from it – to make yourself very strong.

Q: but how I can protect my family?

Guruji: if you know for sure – that person is trying to harm your family, go and harm that person. Simple thing.

Now you’re my disciple – you will have spiritual protection. If you will practice regularly – it will create enough spiritual protection around you. Your own spirit, your aura become so powerful, so nothing will work on you.

You just have to be careful for eating something – that’s it. Otherwise nothing will working. You’re receive yoga initiation on smashan – it’s very powerful occult thing.

Q: what will happen with your disciple, if he eat something?

Guruji: suppose your enemy is giving you something – you should be very careful. If it happen – go to cleansing, some slow poison may be given. Anything can happen. Be careful – that’s it.

Q: is it possible situation that the human embodiment of some creature is so sinful that he has no pass to any astral world – he just burned without any life after death?

Guruji: never happen. But I will tell you one case when the ghost was given tax penalty. That question came to my mind and I’ve asked Hanuman Ji how it is possible? And he told – that “I will turn him into a pebble and throw him in outer space. It is as good as death for him. He will hang in a space till eternity.

Q: but what this person did?

Guruji: some very punishable thing. He turn him into small pebble and throw him into outer space. It’s like eternal coma.

Q: no forgiveness?

Guruji: there is no forgiveness.

Why only after somebody committing great crime and he is caught – before receiving punishment he is asking for forgiveness? He was not asking for forgiveness before committing this crime.

Q: but what he must do to have such punishment?

Guruji: I don’t want to give you ideas.

Q: there are lot of such cases?

Guruji: only one.

Q: Mao tse dun or Lenin?

Guruji: two great leaders of communism are lyeing on squares unburried – it must be not a coincidence.

Q: what do You think – where are their spirits?

Guruji: they must be there near the bodies. They are very powerful.

Q: they are suffering because of that?

Guruji: oh, they don’t suffer.




Q: what is kaya kalpa?

Guruji: there are 2-3 ways for doing kaya kalpa. He was not a yogi – look at his photograph, he has big stomach and he was the former prince. But he was a sannyasi and he must doing something. Some sadhu, when he was very old – 90 plus, he saw some sadhu in Himalayan place; he help him and he became young again. Then he did it 2 times more.

Q: how such a man can please sadhu?

Guruji: no, it was sadhu’s grace on him. Maybe he saw some potential in him. It is their criteria – you can not force them to do it to anybody.

Q: kaya kalpa is not the yoga technic?

Guruji: I think it works better on yogins. There are certain herbs and you need to – there are 2 types.

One is called kuti praveshek; that means you create a womb-like situation – seven layers, you go inside and be there for as long as it is required and take certain herbs – of course, you will be depending on some assistant. Then you step by step coming from it – every layer in one week or month. It is dangerous – if something goes wrong… very few people actually knows this.

Second technic is called vata tapik: you continue to live openly in the air and sun and you continue to take certain herbs. It will strengthen your immune system and it will also acuminate your system – you will remain young; it ‘s a very good thing to maintain your youth. As a yogi I will recommend this, because you don’t have to depend on anyone and it’s safe also. The mercury which I give to put in your mouth is a part of that. And all the herbs there are to support you.

Q: from what are made these seven layers?

Guruji: any – either you can made it from mud or brick – the thing is to create the womb-like situation. Absolute dark, and no direct air coming breathe touching you, it will just circulating here. Even  Lahiri Mahasaya describe this method in his diaries; but he never attend to it. He heard it directly from Babaji. To create the womb-like situation and be there for 21 days, take certain things for food only – a milk of certain kind – and also take certain herb which grows only in Himalaya somewhere,  – he didn’t gave the name of that herb. And in 21 days even the oldest of old man will become like a youth of 16. I think that I’ve seen enough and I’ve experienced enough – I believe in this. If you know, or if someone knows and helps you – these things are possible.



While talking about Samadhi good feeling comes.

Q: why Lahiri Mahasaya had short hair?

Guruji: he must looking like a very ordinary person. If he will look stylish everybody consider him as an avatar, who come down to Earth; so he did especially like that.

It is very easy to discuss Samadhi – but it is extremely difficult to find a single person who may have experienced that.

It’s not like – once you become aware and it stops – it continues. If you become aware of yourself – you will also become aware of other selves. Your point of view and perspective will change. So many things will be different.

Q: it happened with You when You went to Samadhi?

Guruji: it starts before that.

Q: it starts when You just start practice yoga?

Guruji: after you gone a little bit in yoga practice – then awareness starts.

Q: it comes suddenly?

Guruji: it is always step by step. It took 37 for you to be 37. No more, no less.

Q: but I’ve did nothing for that

Guruji: after becoming self-aware you will be in position to do something.

Actually you’re not reacting to yourself. The first reaction starts from someone else’action. Then your thoughts become so disturbed by so many reactions – you start reacting on the reaction.

Q: if I just woke up and saw or heard nobody and nothing?

Guruji: it’s the situation you creating for yourself.

Q: so I have no reactions?

Guruji: no-no, just lamenting on the situation you have created. It is a sort of reaction on yourself. Not everybody is smart enough to create favorable reaction for himself or herself. That takes time. If you become more self-aware – then you will stop reacting. You need development of your mind. We all need that.

Here going my famous quotation: Newton said, that in physics every action has its equal opposite reaction.

I’ve added one line more: every actiоn has its equal and opposite reaction – it also means that every reaction has its equal and opposite action also.

If you act in the certain way – you can get a reaction you desire. Think on that.

Q: your action and your reaction?

Guruji: no, it’s general statement, not self-centered here.

Q: if you do the right action – you always have?

Guruji: only the result will tell you, whether it was right or not. In the beginning nobody knows.

Q: what is right?

Guruji: another social impact – what is right and what is wrong.

Q: yesterday You said, that Kriya yoga wash out karma – what is the mechanism?

Guruji: yes. I’ve explained it in one of my comments in “Gorakhbodh”: he’s saying atitaghat.

That means – when you subtract your past from your life. Then you’re free. Subtract means just removing the past from your life; that means all karmas, the memory, their effect, the reactions will be removed.

Q: it’s like to forget?

Guruji: not forget – remove all. We’re all hanging from our past, from the source. When you will remove your past from your life – you will be back to the source.

Q: but we’re living in society

Guruji: oh, it’s temporary thing.

Q: I mean – I live in my home town. This is all my past life. If I achieve Samadhi – I will not remember anything?

Guruji: subtracting your past from your life absolutely – is beyond Samadhi. It will be no past. That means no future. That means you’re always be established in the present moment. That will be something.

Q: you will decode all the DNA memories in your body?

Guruji: every memories gone. It will become supernatural then.

Q: can we say that from that moment karma is beyond society?

Guruji: YOU will be beyond karma. Every karma – what is karma? – it is the carrier of the past. Your karma depends on your past. When you subtract your past from your life – no karma will remain.

Q: and how to subtract?

Guruji: with enough practice you will achieve that. Your body is representing your past. When your consciousness will spread beyond your physical limitations – then you will be subtracting your past.

Q: your perception will be not depend on your eyes, ears?

Guruji: yes, it will be different.

Q: does it mean we will have no desires?

Guruji: the desires will be not influent by personal level. They will be absolutely new. Most of our desires are influent by past experience.

I keep hearing that there are so many people, who are trying to save the world. Maybe that is the corrupt, the problems the world is facing. The day they will stop try to save the world – it will be the time the world will be saved on its own.

Q: mother Thereza was saying that you should not save the world – just come home and love your family; how You will comment it?

Guruji: I will agree with that. She was talking that out of her own experience – she left home to save the world and lives of many people, then in the end of her career she realized that better she left at home and love her own family. We have to take it very seriously. That was experienced thought.

While happiness is something when you’re really feeling happy, it maybe different reasons, but what I observe – when you’re with your genuine friend – you feel happy. That is the basic thing of happiness. Remember, even love depends on friendship. Genuine friendship.

Q: but after practice happiness is always coming?

Guruji: but you’re making your spirit your friend. Friendship is the basis of it. Everyday you’re happy, when you see the friend.

You think when Shiva is doing tandava for Apocalypse – is it bad karma for him? Beyond carbon, beyond karma – Alakh Niranjan.

Q: what should I do like a yogi if the war happen?

Guruji: if the war is coming to you – you need to fight. To protect yourself and those you care for.

Q: who You think will be in that war?

Guruji: I think the whole world will be involved. Situation is not getting better.

Q: at least we have mudgars

Guruji: it’s the best exercise and you can use it like a weapon also.

Q: what is the karma of the person who sacrifice himself to save others?

Guruji: very good karma. If it’s not committing suicide – extremely good karma. They go very high in astral. They saved many lives.

Q: but their own life is destroyed?

Guruji: it will be destroyed anyway. They are not immortals – so it’s a good cause if they are saving others.

If you’re killing people in the name of god – there is not a good karma. They are always creating wars and problems.

In the words of Nostradamus mentioning of banks of the Ganges is amazing.

Q: coming back to topic: that people who were saved also was not immortal and they also will die anyway?

Guruji: but the hero save not just lives – he save so many possibilities.

You never know what other person is going to do. If someone sacrifice himself for others – the impact always remains. I’ve never seen anyone committing bad things after such experience, after being saved the impact remains on their mind. Most of the bad things people do who have the very easy way of life or they were born in extreme poverty, nobody is helping them – then they do bad things.

Q: You said that such people reach the very high position in astral world – but it’s temporary or forever?

Guruji: for a very long time. And after that they will start from the very different level.

Human beings are extremely selfish people: sometimes it is very necessary lesson that to save others may be more important than saving   yourself. We need to learn this lesson also.



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