Prakriti is the energy of Purush. That combination creates too much energy. Literally speaking, gunas means virtue. People are discussing too much about them – but they are welcome thing. Virtue is the very good thing to have.

Q: so energy is in unmanifest form in Purusha?

Guruji: unmanifest maybe not the right word here; let’s say – we’re not aware of it. Energy is there, but it remains unseen for us. Like electricity – you never see it.

Q: what is kaivalya?

Guruji: when you’re gone back to the source. Kaivalya means “me, only me” or “I”. it came after last Samadhi, which Yoga Sutras have described. Samadhi is the result and stepping stone for kaivalya. In third chapter many uses of Samadhi are also described.

Q: Purusha is immortal?

Guruji: like beginningless and endless.

Q: why he needs this experience with gunas?

Guruji: for entertainment. if you’re beginningless and endless – you will continue be there for eternity: to pass time you need some entertainment. very complex and delicate game, which is happen time to time. When one game is over – another begins.


Q: how to affect all surroundings including people by will?

Guruji: first by making your will strong enough – to create this effect.

Q: is it possible by will to affect the time?

Guruji: if your will being not affected by time for a very long time – then it may be possible.

Q: how this state is generally possible and how to train the will?

Guruji: it is not a general state, it’s rare thing – very rare achievement. I know that only yoga makes your will very powerful. But if you want – you can try another methods.

Q: so I must practice more?

Guruji: what else? Yes.


I was watching the movie, where one priest was saying: dust to dust and ashes to ashes. This I cannot understand – because ashes created only if you’re cremate someone. From this simple statement of bible I think – maybe they were cremating in old times? Otherwise why it is said about dust to dust and ashes to ashes. You can try to find the answer.

You can effort to behave with love and care.

Q: You told us, that everyone has the own spirit and the spirit has his/her own name; I feel that my spirit is wondering about his  spiritual family?

Guruji: it’s just a feeling.

Q: it comes from the past life?

Guruji: from the situation of this life. Your spirit already knows his parents and home address. He is here only for education. And the spirit knows his own name also. When you will discover the name and start talking with spirit, taking his name – then the genuine friendship will start. Maybe together forever.

Q: spirits on spiritual level – they has some family or society with common interests?

Guruji: if you will try to imagine that society by looking around on our society – it’s a very big sad mistake.

Q: it’s useless to create some society or family around you here, in physical world?

Guruji: when you will be creating a family or society around you  – spirits are involved even there. I mean it’s up to you – how you feel more comfortable.

That is a fact – you cannot live like Robinson Crusoe. Have friends, have family, create a group or society.


Q: You’re saying, that Krishna is Kali incarnation?

Guruji: I’m nit saying – I read this in two Bhagavatas: Shrimad Bhagavatam, Devi Bhagavatam and Maha Bhagavatam – in two out of three it is mentioned. I’m quoting from there.

Q: could we say that all playings of Krishna and Radha here are play of Shiva and Shakti?

Guruji: it looks like it – every female is a sort of Shakti and every male is like Shiva. It will boost the ego of every durak, but the maleness and male is from Shiva and the femaleness and female is from Shakti. Very simple to understand.

Q: if it’s such great play of Shiva and Shakti – why You have so low attitude to people, who are krishnaits?

Guruji: I’m nothing with them; because of their attitude this reaction developed. I have nothing against them – but every westerner, who becomes the member of ISCON claims that they are superior and everyone else are just bastards, don’t recognizing their greatness – I’ve been exposed for such people in nearly 30 years.

I like to stay away from them.

We are born Indians, Krishna is our god, we all love him, we all are devoted to him;

but if someone is coming and starting to say that you’re no one and we’re superior to you because we’re followers of Krishna – that I don’t like. We don’t need westerner to tell us thing. We don’t need any showrooms, temples and events managed to tell us – that is devotion. For us it’s not impressive.

You must remember that famous joke, when one local man and one krishnait die and come to Krishna. I have nothing against them if they don’t cross my pass. If you really devotee – read and think, go to the grassroots’ level – then you will discover something.


Q: why yogis are buried instead of being cremated?

Guruji: their earthly body becomes extremely divine and pious  – so it is given back to the Earth as it is. And those persons, who wants realize anything in life – their earthly body is not worth preserving – so they are cremated.

Q: is it considered like a sacrifice to the Earth?

Guruji: no sacrifice. It is just giving back to the Earth what we receive from earth in absolute fine condition, improved condition.

I think that word “sacrifice” is not the synonym of the word “ bali”. sacrifice is something you give up to something, but BALI IS LIKE OFFERING.

I think we should think more on the translation, which are largely used – but they create some confusion in everybody. We just have discussion about Krishna’s devotee; the word “bhakti” is not synonym for the word “devotion”, make it very clear in your mind.

Q: what is the difference?

Guruji: “bhakt” means – you have been separated. Out of the pang of separation you want to meet a person again: that feeling is bhakti.

Devotion is different. You’re devoted to making money. There are several words which are not exactly translation of these things. My point is: we’re unknowingly using these words without knowing and understanding their implication. First we have to make things very clear in our mind – that will increase our understanding of the subject.

Q: that is very interesting meaning of bhakti

Guruji: that is the genuine meaning.

You cannot become a bhakt simply by becoming a member of certain organization.

We should find the true meaning of what they were trying to say. Simply learning hindi is not enough, you must think on that more deeply.


I will give you very simple example from Gita, the main book for all yogis. You go through all yoga, you realize death in 8th chapter; then you begin to understand all different powers and vibhuti of the Time; then you actually see Time face to face in 11th chapter. Then from 12th chapter bhakti is discussed, not before that.

We need to think on that.

Also you must remember one thing: the first question of Arjun is: those, who love you and worship you with form and those who worship you without form – who are the best knower of yoga? And the bhakti thing begins from there. Bhakti maybe a result of very high yoga practice. Before that – curiosity maybe there or membership must be there, that’s it. What we’re trying to talk is the genuine, real thing.

Q: they’re saying that bhakti yoga is the best yoga in Kali yuga?

Guruji: they have my best wishes, I’ve nothing to say. It’s useless to argue, let them be happy. Everybody deserves some happiness. You know, why britishers left India? Thanks to devotees: there was no electricity and no loud speakers before. They simply can’t tolerate that. Musalmans are praying five times a day – but Indians singing bhajans 24 hours a day.


Only true lover can become true yogi – this very famous story of Heer and Ranjha. When Heer died Ranjha became a yogi – he became a disciple of Gorakhnath and finally he became a realized being. This what I capturing: love is the true essence of bhakti. If it’s no bhakti – no realization. He was lucky enough to meet Gorakhnath and became nath yogi. By the power of lost love he became a realized yogi. And he went her back, that was the climax of the story.

Q: You said that the vayu sharir of the yogi is looking the same like the physical one?

Guruji: in his prime, yes

Q: from where the ball of light comes?

Guruji: it is a spirit, not vayu sharir. It is inside.

Q: vayu sharir knows the true name of the spirit?

Guruji: no. vayu sharir is next body of any person, it carries two elements – vayu and akash, that is also semi-physical body. And a spirit is inside it also.

Q: after death, if you were yogi – it remains the whole vayu sharir?

Guruji: with yoga practice vayu sharir becomes very condensed, shapely and complete. Most of the ghosts looks horrible because their nadis were not pure – so that portions remains empty; they appear in the very horrible state. The elementary thing of yoga practice creates very strong, perfect vayu sharir. And you will remain in vayu sharir for a very-very long time. You can do real pranayama only in vayu sharir.

Q: if you die before knowing the true name of your spirit?

Guruji: then vayu sharir lives very long, for thousands of years they can continue.

Q: after death you’ll perceive yourself like before, same name?

Guruji: maybe you die here and born there. Or if you’re real yogi and continuously practicing yoga for 10000 years in vayu sharir and when you die there – maybe only one element will remain, that will akash: that will be very near to a spirit. In that state you maybe discover – and in vayu sharir it can be done also.

Q: vayu sharir is not immortal?

Guruji: only spirits enjoying eternal life. Here I’ve seen some spirits – I call them spirits – they are nearly 2,7 millions years old. Most of them are ladies. They keep playing here, like children. Nearly 5 meters tall, extremely shapely and beautiful. They always keep their faces covered – upper part, you never can see their eyes or nose. They’re playing and follow me around sometimes. Their bangles were heard by many people. They’re very ancient – but we still don’t know, who they are.

Q: impossible even imagine 10000 years in vayu sharir?

Guruji: why not – you don’t need even food, just smell some good things – that’s it.

Q: it’s hard to stay in astral for a long time?

Guruji: stability is the main problem: you cannot stay longer on Earth and you cannot stay longer there. First thing is to establish some form of stability – so you will be able to remain for longer time anywhere. Whether you’re in astral world for 1000 years – you may reach as to become gana of Kali. And if you can remain a gana of Kali for 10000 years – Shiva may take notice of you and make you his gana. After that your life is made.

Q: Kali’s ganas are females?

Guruji: both. They are different with Shiva’s ones.

Q: nails and hair of the person are immortal substances; but has they particular smell for the spirit you try to invoke?

Guruji: they are used in many black magic rituals – to invoke the essence of the life of particular person and do things to him.

Q: that spirits of ladies You told – they never travel somewhere?

Guruji: they remain here always. First time I saw them in plantation.

Q: are they semi-transparent?

Guruji: no, they look solid to me. I saw them like you. You maybe noticing: I rarely go there now alone – they gathering around me. When I’m going to the gym alone – they always follow. But of it’s someone in between – they maintain a distance.

Q: they try to communicate, to talk with You?

Guruji: just playing – or maybe they put the ideas to my mind. They’re very powerful beings.

Q: maybe they are 22000 ladies, which connected with Matsyendranath?

Guruji: this number is too big – I’ve seen only few hundreds there. Maybe they are from Goloka.

Q: how it is possible to become Kali gana?

Guruji: remain in astral for thousand years. That is qualification mark. This is very big achievement. Nobody can stop their force.


Q: in the process of Kundalini awakening first apana goes to the heart or prana goes down?

Guruji: it will happen together; apana will replace prana in the heart and prana will go down to muladhara.

Q: should they connect in the navel?

Guruji: many people said that.

Q: and what do You think?

Guruji: heart is the center. That’s why so much talks about heart everywhere. They’re like eternal lovers.

Q: but what about nabhi kriya?

Guruji: it will create a very good body for you: your body was created through the navel. If you somehow switch on the mechanism – the body will rejuvenated.

Q: but for kundalini main point is the heart?

Guruji: for kundalini main point is your brain.

They were giving a sort of symbolic explanation: but same way the consciousness rising up. Then all the stories about serpent power begin. Kundalini and consciousness are one and the same. It depends on your brain. Nobody is talking about brain anymore. Is your eyes looking at me or is your brain looking at me through your eyes?

Q: I hope both?

Guruji: they’re just instruments. So take good care of your brain.

Q: in that process – apana replaces prana and prana goes down – it happens in the same time?

Guruji: to reach the level of that process will take many years, to completely be able to control your physical body, and your nervous system, and the vayu inside your body – that takes years and years of practice. Then these things will happen simultaneously. Somebody’s kundalini awakening is the historical thing. It may happen one time in centuries – not a very common general thing. And immortality will follow.

Q: immortality is the sign of awakening?

Guruji: side effect.

As nowadays it is a fashion – to explain everything scientifically – I will try my best to give you very small scientific reason; every man uses 2-3% of his brain and he can hope to live up to 100 years, which rarely people go. Suddenly if your whole brain become awaken and subconscious become conscious – you can hope to live up to 1000 years at least. Think big! Your head could touch the sky – but your feet should remain firmly on the ground.

Q: what does it mean?

Guruji: means – always remain grounded and think high things. Keep me in good mood – there is most important(laughing)

Q: back to discussion on rasasiddhas: they also must attain the awakening of kundalini?

Guruji: they attained the very long life by using rasayanas. They may live for 1000 years, 10000 years or even hundreds thousands years – it will take them enough time for practice yoga successfully.

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