• I don’t remember exactly – it’s urdu share, but the sense is this: don’t smile at my scattered pieces; I scattered after I fell down – don’t smile on them: try to appreciate the height, from where I have fell.
  • many-many-many became famous trying to give me a bad name.

Our goal is to achieve fame – even if you become infamous- you will be famous.

  • I keep wondering from my very early school days: why the space man – Russian and American – wy they are called “nauts”? I mean cosmonauts and astronauts? Then one day I’ve realized that only nut will think of going in outer space. Maybe it’s a good name for them.


Q: in Kularnava tantra it is said that kaula is superior than every path? Where is yoga practice in that?

Guruji: kaula is yoga practice. Kaula means who is kuleen – the pathway of the kuleen. If you remember Hatha Yoga Pradipika – who is eating the flesh of the cow and drinking – only he is kuleen. He is in kaula and that is kaula marga.

Q: it is said that kaula is superior than siddhanta – what is siddhanta here?

Guruji: siddhanta means the siddhas what are share their experience; the conclusion from siddhas.

Q: from Shadamnaya tantra: Shakti is wine, Shiva is meat – why?

Guruji: khechari mudra. If you look at the MRI of khechari – the tongue looks like Shivalingam, crescent moon forms and the wine comes. Abhishek happens.


There are three terms in indian mythology or let’s say in indian philosophy: seeker – gasu; siddha, muni and rishi.

  • Seeker is the one who is trying to find some question: he has no question, but he’s curious –but no question is forming in his mind.
  • Siddha is one, who us sure, everything is clear in his mind, – and the question in his mind is crystal clear.
  • Muni is the one, who keeps on pondering on the question to find the answer. He go into silent, because he’s too much thinking to finding the answer and trying to understand the question.
  • And rishi is – who is found the answer.

In my opinion this might be the thing.

This is another realization of the day: nobody has the question actually.

To realize the question – you’re the siddha from that day, because you know – what is your question. You’re pondering on it to find the answer – you’re a muni then. The day you found the answer – you’re rishi. Find a question! Not many people have questions. I mean the genuine, deep down questions. That is the great realization.

There is no karma involved in ignorance – only the lack of question. That’s why you’re discussing; the moment you realized the question – your journey for self-realization begins. Not many people knows exactly what they want and what question they should have. It’s the turning point: to find the right question finally and then starts seeking for the answer. If you won’t have any question – no answer will come your way. Even answer will come your way – you will not even recognizing, what you’re receive. Most of the yogis wait for the right question.

Q: and the need for investigation?

Guruji: if the person had no question – what he will investigate? There is no motive for investigation. There are motives for investing money – invest – but for investigation – no motive. Only your mind – if it will open up – some questions will become extremely important and finding the answers may become the goal and purpose of your life: then the journey will begin. Not till then. Ignorance is bliss.


Q: Ayurveda says that all diseases begins from vayu disbalance?

Guruji: and from digestive fire. Usually it begins from digestive fire – and that unbalances the vayus. Fire is the direct effect of the vayu. Jathara agni is an expression of fire element in the body. Ayurveda is not discussing immortality – but they discussing living very long. But Hatha Yoga Pradipika said that very long lived attains immortality slowly. Maybe Yoga must around with Ayurveda.

Q: can we balance the agni by vayu?

Guruji: I will give you the very simple example – we were talking about nauli. Without involvement of the vayu nauli  is impossible. It’s another form of pranayama, which is done without realizing  – that is form of pranayama. Every mudra without vayu is impossible. Vayu is involved in everything, whatever we do.

Q: but in the beginning we’re learning to do it without breath?

Guruji: even then you have to use some muscle control and the breath will be involved there. You will need to create a vacuum to bring out those things – so air is involved already. Even if you’re doing bench press – vayu is involved. First purpose of saying that was – we need to understand that it is not that you’re sitting and doing some prototype breathing exercises, thinking “I’m doing pranayama” – only in that vayu is involved. Vayu is involved in every action you’re doing with your physical body.

Q: if some diseases are recorded in DNA, and pranayama could change the DNA – could we overcome them?

Guruji: when the yogi is extremely advanced – then it may be possible. It will be side effect.

Q: agni must be controlled and balanced?

Guruji: let’s say – make it your friend. Trying to control everything will lead to problems.

Q: that’s why navel is so important in all technics?

Guruji: because of navel your body was formed. It will remain important. It connect with agni directly…


If we look back in history – all great warriors: no one was having six packs. They were very strong people. Even if we look at greek system of exercises with weights: there is no direct exercise for abdomen muscles. Only the ancient figure of Hercules is showing every muscle. Even Apollo is not showing six packs. It’s just show muscle – but it’s look good, if you have it. I think more than hardwork – it’s more depending on genetics.

Q: time to time people are asking what do You think about alcohol and wine?

Guruji: I actually keep the very open mind if someone is not practicing yoga.

Only for a yogi it’s not a good idea to take any form of intoxication – wine or some drug or something because it will directly affect your consciousness, your sight, your mind and your nervous system. For a yogi it’s a bad idea.

But if somebody’s not practicing yoga – let them enjoy. We’re not going to change the society. If somebody asks – give them good advice. Bad for a yogi. And also very good for the government and good taxes – somebody’s taking lot of benefits.

Q: so it’s not possible to combine yoga practice and a little bit…?

Guruji: the results will not be good. When you’re accomplish something – maybe you can try, – but you will not try them.

Q: practice gives higher states?

Guruji: and it’s clean and pure high. Nor alcohol neither drugs will give you meditative or dhyana state; but the practice of yoga is giving you that.

Q: what do You think about using protein?

Guruji: I don’t like this word – “protein”. All romans and greek gladiators were given the vegetarian food. Milk was the main thing; even in indian wrestling the best is considered milk and almonds. You don’t need to categorize. This categorization is only good for business. Too much protein – your kidneys will go away. Instead of fast food take good food. All mothers and grandmothers were knowing, what is good food. And they were arguing for eating outside food from the very beginning. Listen to them.


Q: when Shiva JI incinerated Kamadev – all the fire from his third eye go there?

Guruji: some portion of the fire went inside the ocean. That fire is continuously igniting and burning in the depth of ocean. You have to remember that water is cold fire. It’s oxygen and hydrogen – maybe some reaction is taking place and it acts like fire. It is called Vadava agni.

Q: could it be the mean of destruction of the world?

Guruji: it is very much possible. If it will become very hot – oceans will begin to boil. And when something is boiling – it goes above the pot. Maybe the oceans will go above their pot and then it will be Apocalypse – big flood will come. only to incinerate Kamadev Shiva opened his third eye. Only one time; he was not destroying the world by opening of his third eye. He is dancing to put the harmony, to put the creation in tune.

Q: why he didn’t destroy Kamadev by some weapon?

Guruji: I think it was the yogic achievement for Him. since then Kamadev is without any body – he is omnipotent and everywhere. Maybe it was done to create it like it. It was the transformation of Kamadev to more sublime unit. In every religion exists the Kupid, shooting with flower arrows. Shiva transformed him and now he doesn’t have to shoot arrows – he’s already there, wherever he needs to. More advanced. It is said that he incarnated as Pradyumna – grandson of Krishna: but what happened to him – nobody knows. He was killed in the battle of Yadavas. So again Kamadev is without body. And it was the power of creation – all the gods were worrying too much to get the son from Shiva.


  • One is One Ishwar
  • Two is Shiva and Shakti or Male and Female
  • Three is Three Gunas
  • Four is Four Purushartha
  • Five is Five Tattvas
  • Six is Six Aishwarya, Sadaiswarya as told in Sanskrit
  • Seven is Seven Rishis and Seven Immortals
  • Eight is Eight Bhairava and Eight Vasu
  • Nine is Nine Devi, Nine Nath, Nine Naga and Nine Planets
  • Ten is Ten Mahavidhya Ten Directions and Ten Gurus.


Q: could You tell us about Kamadhenu project?

Guruji: well, I’ve never done business in my life – but suddenly in 2015 there was government scheme for promoting cows and milk, because milk is getting less and less. Many people took the loan from government – most of their projects failed. There was a pressure from local administration that they should give the big scheme to some local farmer. It was the great honor for me that local administration told that I’m the most reliable farmer here and they forced me to take that government loan. It is about 400 cows. I’ve discussed it with my disciples and some people. Here in Govardhan the real genuine milk is nearly impossible to find. Even for the worshipping to Govardhan hill it’s not so commonly available. So we were given that loan and we started work from 15th of January. Thanks to my lawyer and his team – within a year a project was done: all buildings, all the cows and buffaloes are here. We’re producing nearly 1000 liters of milk everyday- it sounds not much, but if I say that we’re producing 3500000 liters of milk annually – it  sounds big. Many Govardhan local people are buying milk from us, Govardhan Maharaj is worshipped with it, many people are coming to take from us the purest of pure milk – which is a great honor for me to provide. Now my feeling is very good. If their number will grow – let it grow, we will continue to support them. It’s a privilege – I’m having the very different experience now.

Q: what products you’re producing in this farm?

Guruji: mostly it is milk and sometimes some ghee – that’s it. Milk is so much in demand here – because milk is rare commodity nowadays; it’s our privilege and great honor to provide it. Even though it’s not so much now – but let’s hope in future it will be more and more. I’m farmer now. The complete scheme is amazing: cow dung is storing somewhere and producing bio gas, with that bio gas the generator is running – and all cookings for cows and staff is absolutely free. And the bio product is the high quality fertilizer. Clean energy – free energy. I was reluctant to accept it – but it was the part of the scheme so I have to do it. Now I’m glad that some wise people thought about it. People are going for solar energy and nuclear energy – but it’s very simple thing: if you have lot of cows – you just have it made and it will give you absolutely pollution free energy and fertilizer as well as bio product. With solar things you’ll have no bio product – so this is better. It will make the land fertile and gives clean energy. We have 120 cows and buffaloes there – they’re providing enough energy. It is fully automatic program: it will need service in every 4 year for 10 days – otherwise it will run continuously. Now I’m thinking for installing it here also – government is giving big subsidy in it and the loan is available. I think we will keep producing milk and ghee. Large proportion will be of milk and if some milk will remaining – we will create ghee also. Milk is too much needed here. I can never imagine that I’ll be the owner of the dairy farm at it will running even without my visiting it – that is the grace of Govardhan Maharaj. Officially I’m a farmer from Radhakund. Amazing thing: the map of my farmland is like a heart. Most of the farmers are not aware of the programs. They were really create very good scheme. Cows are ok, milk is ok – but this pure bio energy for free was beyond my wildest imagination. In summertime generator could run continuously for 24 hours without stopping. Now it’s winter time, the gas is less – but even now the generator is working for 8-9 hours every day.


Quotation from Bram Stoker’s Dracula: your important men with their important rituals cannot save you from my power.

Thousands of ghosts will come. even if one ghost will make its appearance – it’s not easy thing to tolerate. Even Christian ghosts coming. (we’re talking about Mehendipur where Guruji and Hanumanji helping ghosts and possessed people)

Q: who bring him here?


Guruji: it was one indian, living in America. She was suffering with the ghost problem – it was a Christian ghost. Sickness, bad luck, different visions, always anxious – so many things like that. Now she’s all right. He was caught in Mehendipur by certain ritual.

Q: what is now with this ghost?

Guruji: he receiving some punishment – then he will be purified and work for us.

Q: he’s good enough to get some work?

Guruji: not now but maybe in future, let us see.

Q: it’s the first case with Christian ghost?

Guruji: no, 3rd or 4th.

Instead of useless discussing of – I’m this or I’m that – I’m satisfied of what I am. Human beings are amazing, fantastic.

Q: why so?

Guruji: so many beliefs – I’m that, he’s me, we’re the children of god.

Q: the behavior of Christian ghosts are different?

Guruji: more or less the same.

As long as they are not caught they think they are most supreme and more superior. Just one slap and they are humble.

Q: how people who needs help coming here?

Guruji: they must contact our man.


I know some cases – one village uneducated woman was talking fluent urdu. It was my first exposure; she was a panditary – wife of pandit. Many people came to her because she could tell about lost things. Her son took me there with my friend. She got up and did pranam to me – I was so honored; but I was even not practicing yoga then. It was the big surprise for all her devotees there. Without possession she was not knowing urdu at all. And she wasn’t remember what she said. That was extraordinary. many spirits and ghosts were aware of my existence for a very long time. One ghost came to see me – I mean possessing someone – he openly declared: I know him for 32 years. 32 years back I was in college – and this happen 5-6 years before.  He knew me since he started to work on Hanuman.

Q: how he started to work on Hanuman?

Guruji: it’s amazing story.


He was known as Chota maharaj. When he was alive – he was a priest in Hanuman temple. There was some land, attached with it and some musalman and landowners were trying to take that land from him. one day he was returning home alone and they murdered him. he had only 20 rupees on his person. And he was Brahmin; after death he became brahmarakshas. Because the feeling of revenge was so powerful – he killed 27 male members of this particular family. After killing 27 people he felt remorse. Because he was the priest of Hanuman temple and he knew so many things about Hanuman – in that form, in that state he began to do something to please Hanuman. He did it more than 50-60 years. Then he heard Hanuman’s voice: I’m happy that you’re feeling remorse – but you will only hear my voice now. To remove the sin of that killing you need to help people now. More you help people – more your sin will wash away. I’m giving you the certain power, with which you’ll be able to help people. Then when the time is right – you will come near me. He possess someone and begin helping people – he’s still doing it. Now I think he’s with Hanuman. Whenever he’s in this area – he make it a point – come and see me.

Q: he’s in one person?

Guruji: it’s a union for lifetime. Fantastic story.

Q: spirits are different in color and size?

Guruji: some of them – depends on level of development.


I first became aware of it when I was only 5 years old. My grandfather was dying at the age of 97 and the whole family gathered. Everybody attending him, everybody was there. He died early in the morning in nirjala Ekadashi day, about 4- 4:30. Everybody, who was present in that room, he simply said – take me to the ground; in India it’s tradition. From the bed they put him down on the earth. Suddenly two balls of light just came down from the roof, three left – and he was dead. First time I became aware ща some high being came – the whole family continue to discuss it even today.

Q: two spirits come to take him?

Guruji: it looks like it. The day was also very auspicious to die.

You have five fingers – may be they are five elements or five vayus inside you. If you have some extra finger – it means something extra is inside your body. Maybe a sign of a warlock, or wizard or witch. Only with six fingers your six sense will be more active.

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