Q: sadhana and yoga are one and the same?

Guruji: sadhana you can do in any thing: if you’re learning dance – it’s sadhana for learning dance; sadhana is the very wide term. If you’re learning music – you’re doing sadhana for learn music; if you’re training to be a commander in army – you’re doing sadhana to become a commander. Trying to perfect something is sadhana.

Q: technically we can say that we all are doing tantra sadhana?

Guruji: of course: tantra means the technic.


The word “meditation” is not the exact translation of the word “dhyana”, which is the 7th achievements of yoga. Dhyana is achieved when you have mastered your body, you have mastering your breath and by the mastering the breath, the pranayamas, your normal intellect has become superintellect – pragya.

And then the pratyahara has already taken place – that means you can withdraw your mind from all your senses and body; and that simply tells us that yogic’s going into suspended animation has been achieved. And then the power of taking strongest of the strong decision comes – because the mind becomes very powerful, and only a powerful mind is able to take the very powerful decision. Then – dhyana happens.

Samadhi is just next step from dhyana. But meditation is the very different word – because you can meditate on any problem or any worldly thing. I think – it is just thinking and pondering state of mind as it is been called meditation. Dhyana is an achievement with the very heavy practice of yoga.

I would like to add here that dhyana is the Sanskrit word: I will give you some similar words. Plane is called vayu-yan – who takes you in the air; spaceship is called antarikshi-yan – which takes you into space; and the ship, which goes into water is called jala-yan. Dhyana means the ship of your superintellect, on which your mind rise and goes to the core of all things.

It maybe the literal meaning of the word dhyana. In Gita it is written: by riding the dhyana the mind goes there and the yogi sees face to face. So dhyana is the very high thing; and instead of arguing of “we should meditate” we should try to achieve the state of dhyana by working very hard in your practice of yoga. The most excellent, absolute good quality practice will give you this result. You have my best wishes!

There are many Sanskrit words and many people are pronounce them in different way; and they maybe right – I have nothing against it. Like pragya – the special intellect, which yoga practice develops. But many people pronounce it like prajna. If you’ll try to write it in English transcription – you will have pregna, which means reproduction. It will be absolutely different meaning in this. We have to be very careful: what is been said and what is been understood and how it is been spelling. So be careful. Instead of developing of pragya you will develop pregna – not a good thing to do it.

The capacity of taking the strongest of decision – before dhyana.

Q: and pratyahara is not just a will not to do or to perceive something?

Guruji: pratyahara means you’re able to go into suspended animation, your mind is withdrawn from the body absolutely.

Q: even pratyahara is extremely difficult achievement?

Guruji: let’s say – big achievement. The direct result of pranayama. Your mind is withdrawn from the conscious body. Same thing: made your conscious mind unconscious. Pratyahara; you already know about anti matter. In hindi it is called prati padarth.

Pratyahara means anti food: ahar is food, means you’re not eating but you’re gone back to the source, who eats. That is pratyahara. Yoga itself is the very difficult art to practice.

There are not many yogis, who will accept you as a disciple or you will be able to do what they teach. It’s very rare thing, if something like this happens. But we’re lucky enough to have books, which gives references on all that things. And yoga cannot be learned at yoga instructor’s class – it’s absolutely guaranteed. But even then: if there are yoga instructors and people are learning yoga – at least the subject will remain under discussion. That is the main point here.

Q: if even from pratyahara we must stop the heart – what is the difference with Samadhi?

Guruji: next step. When you’re absolutely reach the source of all sources.There are seven notes in the music – but music is music. Many levels in yoga – but yoga is yoga.

I’m still trying to figure it out, what is my mission – if there is a mission. No mission – no work.

Q: great person must have great future and great mission?

Guruji: great power and great responsibility: and with no power comes no responsibility.

Q: and there is no future?

Guruji: if there is no future – it means there is no past. You’re always in the present.

Q: but You  said that immortality is the future? Who creates it?

Guruji: unlimited future. He creates it himself. If you cannot bring about some changes in time – how you can be immortal? It’s very complicated program.


Q: for the rishis is it possible to make time go faster?

Guruji: not rishis – only for great yogis.

Q: can common people perceive these changes with time?

Guruji: common people are working out their own karmas. That plan is fixed: because what they’re going through is a result of what they have done. If your program is fixed you cannot become aware of other things, you will remain there. But sometimes I think everybody may have glimpses of it. There are moments of wisdom with everybody.

Q: I think people feels that speed of time is changing?

Guruji: even they talk about it – when we were young it was different – everybody keep talking like this. They maybe observing it – but they cannot exactly understand it.

Q: when You’re in Samadhi – how You perceive the time?

Guruji: time is perceived as Time is. In its totality.

Q: You see simultaneously past, present and future?

Guruji: no, there is no past, present and future. Just Time. Past, present and future is your focus, your point of view. I was talking about Time more than 25 years before. And about conscious Void and all these things – long time.

Q: is it different when you’re in Samadhi 90 minutes or few years?

Guruji: same thing. One moment is enough. But body will have its own limitations, changes comes. If you will keep wearing same jeans and same shirt – the changes will happen there. Same with body – it will change with time.

Q: how Time is perceived in suspended animation?

Guruji: you see, after Samadhi has been done many-many times – time perception will remain always the same. Samadhi or not Samadhi – mental state remains the same.

Q: it comes from hundreds? Thousands samadhis?

Guruji: at least 5-6 thousands samadhis. Lahiri Mahasaya writes the best: after experiencing 4000 samadhis your mental state will be different. That’s it, he doesn’t say more. It is really different.

Q: it exists practices higher than Samadhi for masters?

Guruji: I’m sure, yes. After you graduate or post-graduate the college – it doesn’t mean the end of education. It continues.

Q: when You’re in suspended animation and in Samаdhi – it’s different states of mind?

Guruji: for me now same – no difference.

Q: but for beginners it is different?

Guruji: it will take years to settle down. You might see the movie “Sleeping hollow”? everybody was talking about Headless Horseman. When Johnny Depp first see him – he shouted very loudly, but everybody calmed him down – yes, we told you before, it’s him. remember? So it is like that.

First you will realize the Time. Then the feelings towards Time will change. You don’t have feelings to the person you don’t know. You need to know first.

Q: how You tolerate the after-experience of first Samadhi? How You survive?

Guruji: it was very difficult. It was many blasts; it became very difficult to tolerate my family – so I just left, begin to live on my farm alone.

Q: how long You recovered after that?

Guruji: few months physically. I can’t believe it myself still. I achieved Samadhi at the 3rd year of practice. And my pulse were stopping within 3 months of practice. I think it’s from past life – one time it’s not possible. But to tolerate – it was difficult. Nobody around will understand, what’s you’re going through. When you will talk anything – they will think you have gone crazy.

Q: in the beginning – You start talk about it?

Guruji: I’ll tell you: one of my cousin came, much older than me. He was just sitting there – and I was seeing the Void. Then I asked – what is between us? – what? – empty space! Immediately he thought – I’m completely mad. He came to my mother and said: he is talking in the very crazy manner. You should marry him or do something.

Q: great decision – to marry mad person

Guruji: only mad man marry( laughing).

Same cousin – who is part of our immortal stories – he was government engineer, after retirement he came here. I had here more then 100 people working; within 15 minutes he calculated how much money it will take to pay them off. Then he called me to one side: come here, I want to talk. And he asked me: how are you manage it? I said: this is the blessing of my Guru and the grace of Govardhan Maharaj. He said – don’t give me this, tell me the truth. Then I asked: please, give me 50 rupees. Out of the blue he gave me. I said: that’s how I manage.

And a famous ghost incident took place with him and his son; he was here for a few days, his son was with him. he has twins – one of the twins was here. They were going on upper level- they were working overtime; so evening time came. I went out to take a break – and he said me: I’m going up to see how work is going. I said ok. When I’m coming back the electricity was gone. It was dark: I hear someone shouting then falling down and running.

Then somebody started the generator( we have the very small generator then). I came running and say –what happened? – and his son was shivering: “ uncle, You were right, this place is full of ghosts”. I asked what happened? “rather I was going on the steps, and suddenly the light went off; I was groping in the dark – and somebody gave the very big bone into my hand. Then I fell down and ran away”. Then came his father, he was also shivering and said: “You were right, this is the haunted place”. I asked what happened? He said: “ I was coming down, suddenly light went out – and out of the darkness the hand came and grab my knee”. Then I got them together and said, what was happened: it was you, no ghost. He became very angry – you want me to have heart attack! But I’ve never have imagine, that such a funny thing could happen just like that. He’s no more now – but we remember him, smiling faces. Electricity went out in the very precise moment.


It’s not philosophical question – who am i? only the person, brought up in the orphanage and not knowing the name of his biological parents – he will ask this question: who am i? You should ask this question from a different way: I would love to know about my spirit? I don’t know much about it. That will be proper question. Think on that! This philosophy I’m hearing for many years. You’re too young to ask this questions – usually dedushkas ask such questions.

Q: I feel, it’s my question?

Guruji: you should think from today: I would love to know about my spirit. About spirit I don’t know – from where it came and where it will go. About my body I know – that it was created by mother and father – not about the spirit.

Q: that was what I mean

Guruji: I begin to teach you, how to phrase your question properly. Only the right questions get the right answers.

The most prototype answer to this question – who am i?:

  • you’re very image of god,
  • you’re children of god
  • god is blamed for everything.

That’s why he remains hiding. If something go wrong – every woman cry: o god, what have you done?! So he ran away long back.


I keep telling everybody: in the beginning gold and silver was the main money. Then it begin to disappear and we were given the pieces of paper: they said – this is money. Now even the pieces of paper are disappearing – only some numbers in your mobile or something – now they are money. I think some day somebody will press a button – and all the money will disappear. Then what will happen? Whatever you will have on your person – that will help you. Be careful!

Q: it exists the personification of gold or god of gold?

Guruji: these are part of the Mother Earth; we also have a certain amount of gold in our system. Maybe if you have gold – that system will be enhanced. It remain without corruption, it’s noble metal, maybe indicator of immortality: you cannot destroy gold. Probably that’s why we’re attracted to it. Slowly it disappearing from financial system – even paper money are disappearing. Some number on account or something. One day somebody will press – and everything will disappear. Gold is suitable for everybody – you can even make some relatives jealous, if you have more than them.

From iron in our body – scientists are saying, ten inch nail can be created. It’s enough in our system.

Q: is it true that gold – if you’ll have it too much – will heat your system?

Guruji: it could. And it will pump your ego as well. Silver will cool down the system.

Q: to use gold in ayurvedic medicines requires very strict discipline?

Guruji: yes, it’s true. Diamond ashes and gold ashes can create the very bad effect – if not taken properly. They are very potent things and requires very strict discipline.

Q: but if you use them properly – benefits are great?

Guruji: it’s very rare to see the real benefit; most of the people I’ve heard – they are all suffering in them. Something always go wrong.

Q: same thing with silver?

Guruji: silver more are used like a carrier for different medicines. Any medicine, any herb is capable of creating problems – at the same time capable of doing good. It will depend on the discipline which is attached with that.

Q: so you cannot just go to the pharmacy?

Guruji: this is not advisable.

Q: could person feel good or bad with gems?

Guruji: yes, sensitive person will always feel it.

Q: what problems can come if you use bhasma without discipline?

Guruji: actually deciding the dose is the main problem. And the dose is very-very minutest. Slightly more than that – and the body will not tolerate. Dangerous consequences will follow. It’s not recommended thing. If you will just eat one diamond – you will be dead in no time. They are very powerful medicines and you have to be very careful when you take them.

Q: so that part of Ayurveda, which is using bhasmas of metals and gems is very dangerous thing?

Guruji: no, it is for masters, those, who’re adept in Ayurveda. They can do it very carefully and successfully. Not just by reading a book – that’s what I’m trying to say.

Q: now the real bhasmas where can be find? In clinics?

Guruji: some big pharmacies are making them. And only vip’s can afford them. Gold bhasma is 4-5 times more expensive, than gold. Same with diamond or other gems.

Q: what is the general effect of bhasmas?

Guruji: gold and diamond bhasmas are considered as rasayanas.

Q: has some bhasma effect like brahmi, directly to the brain?

Guruji: no. brahmi will remain brahmi. Herbs are also very powerful. But you must know exactly, how to pick them and how to use them. But you have to be careful even with herbs: overdose is not recommended. You see: exercise is very good for health. But there is a thing, which is called overtraining. It will spoil your health.


Bill Pearl was the only vegetarian bodybuilder. And he’s still alive, 80 plus. Majority of them died before touching 50. Too much overtraining, too much drugs.

Q: there is no recipes in Ayurveda like protein shakes?

Guruji: they don’t categorize food like proteins or carbohydrates. They only categorize, which food enhances your life force, which food will make it more strong. And which food is good for digestion also. Too much protein is not good for health.

Q: modern system looks like misleading?

Guruji: it is. Before discovering the protein humanity survived for thousands of years. And they were great warriors also. All gladiators on arenas were given the vegetarian food – and they were looking great. Why not learn from that?

It’s famous story: swami Dayananda Saraswati was the extraordinarily strong man. He was celibate and the very good man. Two wrestlers came to him. because he was looking very strong – they say him to wrestle with them. He said: I’m swami, I not wrestle. But if you want to test strength, I’m ok with that. What should I do? He just came out from the dip in the Ganges – or some river – he was changing clothes. So he took his wet langhoti, just squeeze it all the water, and then give it to them: now you bring out at least one drop of water from it. They tried and tried – and nothing came out. He said then: give it to me. He again did it and 2-3 drops of water came. They said: swami, you’re great! He was very powerful. He was a yogi also.

Q: You’re training with heavy weights: You never had overtraining?

Guruji: I’ve gone through it when I was young. Now I’m ok. I see – somehow I don’t need to warm up much now. It’s a different type of conditioning – when body is always prepared. When I’m walking from here to there – it’s enough warm up for me. I’m training carefully nowadays. No need to show off, no need to compete with anyone. Few years back we were always doing arm-wrestling: but I’ve hurt many-many egos – so I stopped.


Marigold also has ayurvedic properties. If you’re cut or you’re bleeding – just take the leaves, squeeze it and put on the wound – bleeding will stop immediately. The leaves work very well – instant stopping of bleeding.

Q: we have the very awful situation this year with allergic plant, which is called ambrosia…

Guruji: it looks like marigold but bigger? It is called ragweed here ( rajahamsa?) it is allergic, but not to everybody. That is another antidote: you plant so many marigold as you can in your area – they will kick out it from there. It’s the antidote of ragweed.

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