Q: what we should do with ashes?

Guruji: just keep it with – it will give you great protection. It is like a blessing.

Q: why human has feelings? Why we live here with feelings and they make us suffer?

Guruji: Yogananda has written a very good thing in the end of his “Autobiography”: leave some questions to ponder in eternity.

First you develop your mind, your consciousness – then think on it. There is no ready answer to it. You need to develop the understanding of this. We have feelings because we’re human beings and this is our main strength.

Q: do we need to suffer?

Guruji: are we suffering?

Q: I feel it, yes

Guruji: enjoy your suffering!

Q: I don’t understand, how can I enjoy suffering

Guruji: you will develop and you will enjoy

Q: when the war will come – so many children will die, it’s awful

Guruji: every soldier was a child before becoming a soldier. You need to see the whole picture in it’s totality, you cannot categorize that.

Q: how could I learn to perceive the death?

Guruji: by accepting it – it is part of life.

Q: without suffering?

Guruji: there is no suffering. In urdu the word “suffer” means journey. On the journey of life you will experience so many things; what you call suffer is just another experience. You maybe suffering from your point of view: but other person maybe enjoying your suffering.

Q: I would like to feel death without fear?

Guruji: only by knowing death there will be no fear. It is our nature to fear the unknown. Face it – you won’t be afraid.


Q: mlechcchhas was taking part in Mahabharata battle?

Guruji: it was the end of kshatriya’s era – it was big changes. The earth recovers at least 4000 years after Mahabharat – only after that the first invasion came to India and the population was only 3,5 million. But yes – the description is there, another races was taking part in battle.

Q: who was Ekalavya?

Guruji: he was nishad – sort of a jungle man, hunter. Krishna beheaded him. too many warriors can make only wars.

Q: between Ramayana and Mahabharata it was also the period of recovering for the Earth?

Guruji: for some time – then the population begin to grow. Always, when population is too much – something happens. Now population is too much.

Q: it exists the method to clean the earth from humanity without wars and without pain?

Guruji: leave the Earth beside it. We’re too small to try to clean this planet. Planet is a living being, it has it’s own consciousness: whenever She decide that we don’t deserve to live on it – we will go. Don’t worry too much about the planet. Every civilization tells us that: they came, reach the certain level in their progress and disappear. We’re not going to be exceptionalities. More progress – the more we will expel from Earth – the more we will be exploit the planet – and we will be no more.

Q: humanity is like a virus for Earth?

Guruji: like skin disease.

Q: but Earth is our Mother?

Guruji: but we’re making our mother feeling bad.

I will ask you the very simple question: mother is giving everything to us absolutely for free – we’re creating business out of it. Earth is not charging or giving you bills – that I’m giving you this and that so pay me. If everything is absolutely for free from the Mother  – why we’re creating this business?

Q: if Earth is mother, who is the father?

Guruji: only mother can tell you that. When your consciousness will unite with the mother – she will tell you. Every child in the beginning care only for the mother.

They never care for the father – till they realize he’s bringing money home.

Q: maybe instead of wars or diseases better to reduce somehow the birth rate?

Guruji: here indian and Chinese are floing. We don’t worry about it. I will tell you my point of view: look down to the history – great civilizations appeared and disappeared. But aborigines and villagers are always surviving. Why? Because in the name of progress we’re mining Earth too much. Aborigines are not digging things, they just live with the nature. We need to learn from  them. Too much business is not good for surviving. Earth is giving everything absolutely for free – we’re making business on it more and more. Too much warriors needs too much iron. So we’re responsible on our own undergoing. Every religion, no matter of sect – islam, Christian or hindu – one thing all of them said: live simply. But no one listens.

Q: but now population is too much and earth couldn’t support it?

Guruji: I think if it’s only for food – earth can support even more.

Q: You think Earth will delete humanity in early future?

Guruji: certainly. We have seen – it happened before and it will happen again. Nobody is going to stop a business. for many people death is their business. Human beings are good for creating business: even in the name of god bug business is there.


Q: what do You think: why dinosaurs were disappeared from the Earth?

Guruji: I was thinking on it and I’ve found the answer; it might be hilarious to some that people will think I’m making a joke – but I tell you in all honesty, it is true. Early human beings somehow discovered, how to make omelet, boil eggs and stir eggs.  And they ate all the eggs of dinosaurs. It was the end of the dinosaurs. We’re responsible for that. Because many people have tell me – that never the skeleton of child or young dinosaur were found – because human beings ate all their eggs. That’s how dinosaurs disappeared. Great mysteries maybe have a very simple answers.

Conan Doyle was a great man; once you eliminate the impossible, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. Maybe Sherlock Holmes was his alter ego. I’ve read the he even consulted police many times.

Q: when dinosaurs were living, what do You think?

Guruji: before Ramayana.

Q: does the part of the spirit lives in the picture or the sculpture?

Guruji: yes, it exists the system in India – most of it described in our books; they create it by description – and then exists the ritual which is called prana pratishtha: giving the life to the stone statue. They are treated like a living beings. Then it will depends on worshipper: if he is powerful enough – the god will response.

And from quantum physics point of view – I’ve already giving this opinion – they say that if you begin to observe the particle, the particle changes it’s behavior. When millions of people are going there, full of devotion they’re looking at him, ancient statue, – the particle of that statue change behavior and they  start to be active. And when the particle of that particular deity will affect you – your particle will also change their behavior. Maybe hindus were great scientists. When you have the darshan – your particles already change their behavior. They will look at you – and your particles will change behavior.

Q: in Christianity is very popular to put the part of dead bodies of saints into icons…?

Guruji: in india it’s considered as unclean. In black magic – it is used: the spirit of the dead person will remain attached to that body parts. By capturing the soul you’re trying to control the spirit.

Q: but could these dead things heal someone?

Guruji: I don’t know – medical science is healing millions and millions of people – but they rarely receive any credit; if one person out of the blue cures some person – it might be placebo effect, but suddenly he’s a saint. You should give some credit to medical science. They cure more people than saints have done.

The science declaring that not a single force can exist. There is always the opposite force. Even our life depends on it: our immunity system is always fighting – so we can survive. Maybe we’re just part of the Earth blood stream.

We have red and white b.c. – Earth might be having four: black b.c, yellow b.c, white b.c  and r.b.c – we’re always fighting together. White b.c. are supposed to defending the immune system – so they are always fighting. White blood corpuscles are always fighting – and we see so much fighting from white people. It is in matter on record: b.b.c and r.b.c  are never invaded another country. India has never attacked another country, never invaded. Maybe African tribes were trying to invade another countries – but there is no records about it. But w.b.c are applied for globalization. Everything is there for a reason.

If they would not invaded India – then how they will become to sing “Hare Krishna, Hare Rama” and we started to tease them( laughing). We have been put to this planet to give it a little bit of color. We added some color to it. And we’re not responsible for eating dinosaurs’ eggs – because no dinosaurs bones were found in India. But many skeletons of people 3 or 5 meters tall were found – there is a place in Himalaya, Roop Kund – so many skeletons with swords and different weapons are lying there. It remains a mystery – what happened there, no reference were found.

Q: in official history there is no description of such height of people?

Guruji: but all the mythologies describes them. I’ve read one book – “Fingerprints of god” : there one man came from the sea, his name was Virochacha or Virotata – it’s absolutely indian name, like “uncle Vira” – he taught people how to start cultivation, how to farm, how to build: maybe he was indian? Virochacha is indian name. uncle is called chacha here.


Q: is it required physical endurance for Kriya practice? What if the body has not enough of it?

Guruji: actually the main thing is how powerful is your desire to practice. Will power is needed. Body will begin to follow. And only by practice it will become strong. Use your will power and start.

Now 36 years of yoga practice complete. And last Vasant Panchami it was 25 years of writing commentaries on Gita – even that is long time. Instead of 25 years quarter of the century sounds better. So when you were going to kindergarten – I was practicing yoga.

Q: it’s our luck

Guruji: my luck also. I can’t imagine what I would be doing if not this.

Q: some time back You said that once the practice could click and become easy: I don’t understand the mechanism of it?

Guruji: you’re just trying to convince your subconscious that what you’re practicing is good: the day subconscious be convinced – clicks and everything is easy. That means all past karmas: subconscious is carrying all your past karmas and memories – they try to stop. That’s why regular practice is recommended.

Q: it happens suddenly, not very slowly?

Guruji: it clicks

Q: I’m trying to understand how it could be?

Guruji: your subconscious accepts and it clicks. Everything is different after that. On religious note – grace of god is coming( laughing)

Q: on what depends that encouragement experience in practice?

Guruji: again it depends on how much effort we able to put in our practice. Are we able to make it better, more artistic, more perfect, are we giving it our best, are we doing the most excellent abhyas or the most poetic abhyas – that would depend on that.

Q: for me Kriya yoga is the new thing…

Guruji: it’s not a new thing, it’s difficult thing. All your old samskaras are hindering you. That’s the problem, but only you can solve it out.

Q: unlearning something?

Guruji: not unlearn, you just need how to grow that. We don’t want you to unlearning everything. Again this categorization that devotion is different and yoga is different – that is again confusion, created by so-called saints. Our book is Gita, which came out directly from Krishna, he’s describing bhakti and yoga there – what is the problem in accepting it? You just need to grow out of your stereotypes. Any time I will give more credit to the words, which came directly from Shri Krishna, then to some so-called saints and interpretations in different way. The original things are recorded. For any true devotee I think it’s enough.

Q: it will be betraying of one tradition for another…

Guruji: where is betraying? Or maybe tradition is betraying you? You need to open up your mind and develop it – so you begin to see. Quietly keep practicing on the best of your abilities and let it happen. We’re not going out to prove they’re wrong – they ‘re trying to prove, we’re wrong. That is their problem. If the person is the genuine devotee  – he should not be full of ego that I’m the only best thing god’s slave; if the genuine devotee is there – in my opinion, he will be the best of the best human being. This is what I believe. But if some egoistic maniac will come and prove that he’s superior because he is a member of a certain cult and he’s devoted to a certain god – I don’t want to talk with that person. This is what I’m saying for last 25 years. Human beings are amazing: you’re amazed every moment they doing something: oh, they’re capable to even this.

Sadhu means a very good man; sadhu present means – who wear the particular uniform and is member of a cult: that is another misunderstanding, which is propagated. In the early puranas they were saying: when somebody will do something very difficult – sadhu he was called; like “wow, what has he done!”. That means, sadhu is a person, who is doing things, which are appreciated. Not he’s wearing particular color robes and he’s dresses in particular way or he changed his name to some das or some other – it’s all new things.

Q: so basically it was associated with some good person?

Guruji: yes, the main problem is to find them. And even if somebody is found – ego is always in between. A person is not listening of a sadhu or a nice man; they are making them listen to what they are learn – that communication should be established. Sadhu means “praised”, who is praised worthy, – this is the real meaning. It was considered praised worthy when they devote their life in tapas – so they begin to called sadhus.

Q: so sadhu and sadhana are going together?

Guruji: yes, who is trying to perfect something. Only sadhak can be sadhu. Sadhu is who has perfected his sadhana. Main thing is to develop the understanding, see through.


Without karmic effect you will never have birth in particular family. By karma you can see person’s mind and his nature. Mind is original for karma. Even in the 3rd chapter of Gita Shri Krishna is saying: that all karmas are originated from brahma. And brahma means mind from yogic point of view. We’re not out of the blue in karma: it’s all expressions of the mind. Whatever you’re seeing in this creation is just an expression of different minds.

Blood relatives were created only to suck your blood.

Q: and parents?

Guruji: you’re sucking their blood. They’re sucking yours. Or – they are pay rents in the beginning, that’s why they are called parents. You noticed: when I said, that karma is just an expression of your mind – everybody becomes very quiet.

Q: the words also have the power?

Guruji: words are very powerful. If you want to see the immediate effect of your words – go to the policeman and tell him some bad words in Russian – you will see the effect immediately. Even the bad words has such effect.

That is the difference between Hinduism and Christianity: Christianity is saying – you were born in sin. Hinduism tells you were born free. Major difference, which are noticed: hindus don’t worship the creator, but in Christianity creator is worshipped. And we don’t need to baptize to be hindu.

That was one fantastic comics: the god must know what should I do in 20 years. If he’s god – he knows. But if he’s not disturbing me for doing that – why I’m responsible for what I’m done? If he already knows? Very philosophical question.

Basic concept is to serve in heaven. But people has been served in heaven, on a plate.

If you have some health problem – you will not go to the priest, you go to the doctor. How you can put so much faith in them about afterlife? I don’t understand.


Yoga is fantastic world. When a person starts to learn yoga postures, asanas, he maybe able to do some difficult things; his confidence is so much – that he knows yoga inside out and he’s accomplished in everything. Then after some time when he begins to learn some higher things in yoga – mudras and other things – he realizes he knows nothing.

Then after few years of practicing higher yoga again the same feeling come – that he knows everything. But few more years and he’s back to zero – that he knows nothing. And the philosophical thing is: to actually realize nothing and to know nothing is the goal of yoga. Best of luck!

Q: nothing is void?

Guruji: nothing is nothing. Thing is a thing of matter. When there is no matter – there is no thing.

For doing difficult postures you need to have the very strong mind – and the body will follow.

When the body begins to follow it and the different body language develops – it begin to affect the mind. Then the real practice of yoga begins. They both go together – mind and body, body and mind.

I see so much people – religious people, so-called spiritual people: all they are trying to control their mind. But if you can’t even control your physical body, which supposed to be very material thing – how can you directly control the mind, which is the very subtle thing?

Let’s begin from the beginning.

I’m maybe the only Guru, who suggests you to do 100 nauli and push-ups.

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