Q: those, who without quitting their bodies, attained the new ones through the influence of mercury and mica: they are to be praised as rasasiddha and all mantras are at their services?

Guruji: it will create extraordinary mental power, it will grant you access to your subconscious mind; these are very potent things. Maybe mercury awaken the subconscious mind.

Q: you will know the exact meaning of mantras?

Guruji: everything you will begin to understand. You will receive mantras. What is mantra? Mantra means secret mystery. When your mind is awaken – you will begin to understand the deepest of the deep mystery. You will become knower of mantra means you will become knower of the deep mysteries.

Q: You said, that in Mantra Mahodadhi some key points is missed?

Guruji: always

Q: but You know exactly, what is missed?

Guruji: only by developing your mind you will catch this.

Q: so You know the right version and the wrong one?

Guruji: it doesn’t work like this; if it’s something wrong – you will know it is not right. Even this much awareness is something.

Q: it is said that the mercury when swooned – cure diseases and when killed – restores life to death?

Guruji: yes, even the dead will come to life.

Q: resurrection is generally possible?

Guruji: yes. Rasarnava tantra is the very ancient ayurvedic book. Beginning is extraordinary: I’ve just tell you, what I remember;

Shiva is saying : yanat mukti – by the true wisdom the liberation happens. And the wisdom comes with the very good pranayamas. And if your body is extremely strong – pranayama will be possible. For body to be strong – it will need rasayanas.

So first duty is to create rasayanas, take it, make your body strong; then do pranayama and attain wisdom and liberation. This is what He is saying.

Q: all the tantras are connected with pranayamas?

Guruji: yes, and all requires the strong body.

Q: I don’t understand: when the spirit leaves the body – mercury catches it and take back?

Guruji: if the body is intact and if it’s not a very long time passed. The mercury is supposed to be the seed of Shiva. And spirit is considered as another form of Shiva. Shiva will attract Shiva. Kacha is master of it, he learned it from Shiva directly. Sanjivani vidya is based on mercury.

Q: is it possible the resurrection from the ashes?

Guruji: it is not resurrection, it is creation. Life is based on carbon; what are ashes? Carbon – so you can create anything.

In Sanjivani Vidya mercury should be treated by some special things – but it’s impossible to find all the ingredients. I’m sitting here: and you have to become a vagabond and roaming around to find them all. And the process is very long.

Q: but generally possible if you have all ingredients?

Guruji: first you need to collect all the ingredients, then you need to purify mercury, then you start to treat it by all those ingredients – it’s a long process. But worth to try.

Q: what will be the final product?

Guruji: some kind of supermercury or something.

Q: then how to use it? Put into the mouth?

Guruji: sometime it put into the nose – maybe it goes directly to brain. Not many interested in Rasarnava tantra, even ayurvedic men. Only yogis. I found it in Benares and bought it.


Q: our body consists of the same five elements like mercury is?

Guruji: that is concentration – or let’s say the seed of five elements.

Q: can we say that any metal consists of five elements?

Guruji: only mercury has this quality. It has the seed of all five elements; that’s why it has the force to create or re-create, prolonged life. Mercury is directly connected with Shiva. And sulfur – with Shakti. Sulfur is also very magical.

That is the reference from Vasco da Gama – he saw yogis in Goa who were living more than 200 years. They were also taking something with mercury and sulfur. But they never told him exactly, what they are drinking. Because mlechchhas were coming and time changes they came to more remote place. Unnecessary disturbance came.

Q: but their tradition were lost?

Guruji: tradition is never lost.


I’ve did my very famous experiment( famous because of bold man coming); but ashes we found – I’ve just put it inside the cloths and make a ball. I started experiment: whoever will come into my room – I’ll ask them to jump and touch the ceiling. Nobody can do that; but then I asked to take the ball into the hand and try again – and they reach the ceiling easily. The tragedy is – it’s impossible to found such ingredients again. If we could – it will work, I’m sure.

There was one formula, that was mentioned in some ancient ayurvedic books – when they are talking about 18 treatments of mercury. Also you remember that naked sadhu who was making gold? They also talked about that formulas. In 1991 somehow all ingredients came to me. Me and one of my disciples – Rambabu – was with me and we begin to experiment. I don’t know why – but one very bizzare condition were mentioned, that no bold man should present there. We did the process on mercury more than 3 months and it developing on the right way. Then we just put it on the different materials; it has to be boiled – to give it an oil bath, it should be cared in boiling mustard oil for some particular period of time. We arranged 40 liters of mustard oil  – it was the big cauldron outside. We begin to boil it. Till then you have to keep khechari continuously. So far everything was going well, but the one of my old man disciple – he was also too much into alchemy but always failed; he thought that we’re trying to create gold with mercury. Because I was living on the farm, there was no boundary there – he just come. and he was bold. The moment he stand there was a big blast in cauldron and sheer white flames appeared. When the sun is shining, flames are not easily seen; but that white flame was so bright that people working on a distance farm saw it and come to see what happened. It was our good luck – me and my disciple – because we were standing with khechari so the flames didn’t touch us. But behind us there were more than million creepers – they were burned. And that bold man died soon after that, within few months. We collected the ashes – but even the ashes has some effect. Now I’m sure that if all ingredients come again – maybe we will try again.

Q: what must it will be in the end?

Guruji: if everything goes successfully it will be the mercury, which will give you power to levitate. And even with the ashes – first I’ve tried on myself, then on others – they could easily touch the ceiling in jump, which nobody could do without that ball of ashes. Jumping capacity increased up to 15-16 inches within 5 minutes. That tells me if the experiment was successful the power to levitate or capacity to jump on very long distance will come. even that failed experiment gave us some hope. Some knowledge came. And the bold man died.

Q: I think manager of the Olympic team will pay you millions for that thing?

Guruji: that’s why let’s keep it in secret.

Q: Hanuman Ji made his jump with that thing?

Guruji: you have to put it under your tongue – then this ability will come. everyone likes magical stories. I think all magic has alchemical base. All that still is in my mind: so when the right time come, right people and right ingredients – we will try.

Q: in the descriptions of sulfur it is said that the best one is like the beak of a parrot?

Guruji: this type was never seen, only yellow type is available. But there are methods of purification. 100 times, 1000 times – and it’s property will become super.

Q: what benefit sulfur can give?

Guruji: king Bali became chiranjivi because of it.

Q: why he concentrated on sulfur, not on mercury?

Guruji: maybe it was grace of Shakti – but nobody knows the reason. Just the results were given.

Q: have You experimented with sulfur?

Guruji: yes, I recommended them all to take sulfur. Most of them are looking very good after.


Q: why we shouldn’t take the iron with food?

Guruji: only if you’re practicing yoga. Otherwise it’s good. For a normal person it is good, but it doesn’t suit with yoga practice.

Q: what other types of food I should avoid?

Guruji: intoxication should be avoided. Anything, which directly affects your mind, intoxication.

Q: but I know so many yogateachers who are smoking different things and it is not affecting their practice?

Guruji: how can I say? I am a yogi, I’m not a yogateacher or instructor and I’ve never smoke, I never drink and I feel good.

Q: what is the difference?

Guruji: they are making money on teaching yoga – yoga postures especially. I’ll say: to become a genuine yogi – it is a very difficult thing. They have my best wishes. If you want to be the real yogi – then. Just by making some course or opening the yoga studio, by making money – it’s fine, but not much discipline it required. But if you want to become a living Buddha by practicing yoga – then the very difficult discipline you will have to follow.

Q: You have no classes here?

Guruji: we’re not much interested on asanas. I’ll give you the main book on yoga – Hatha Yoga Pradipika. To achive the results described there you will have to follow extra discipline. For yoga asanas you can eat anything, you can do anything – no big problem there. One chillum will enough to take you to Samadhi.

Q: from where this misunderstanding come – that Shiva Ji smoking the chillum?

Guruji: we discussed on that; you see me blowing that thing? From a distance it will look like a chillum. It could have started like that. Nowhere you will find such reference.


Q: convertion the iron into silver or gold is called dhumavedha – what is it?

Guruji: it is some kind of treatment by smoke. You don’t need to smoke together. There is a system in Ayurveda, which is called dhumavan: if you smoke different types of herbs – the essence goes directly to your blood stream. And it also cures. We have experimented on that 2-3 times.

All the great man have recorded their experiences just to inspire us: that if one human being can achieve something, if he makes the record – it may inspire the true seeker in future. Out of the compassion for the true seeker which may appear or may not appear they keep the records.

Here I would like to add one thing (hindi). Roughly it could be translated like this: how long we will continue to worship the footprints left by some great person? Let us go out to touch the horizon and start from there. That is my message.

This is my quote from “some flowers and some thorns”, it will add to the new addition. It may sound a little bit harsh and provocative, but the thing is: (first in hindi). You already know “puran”  – mythological books are called puran; and the widow is also called “ran” in slang language, it’s not respectable word. So the similarity between a widow and a purana is: the hero is already gone, only legends remain. It might be a tragic thing – but only legend remains.


The story of the greatest Guru – Matsyendranath, which I’ve read at many some of the Nath’s yoga books. He was born in Kashmir in Brahmin family, but his planetary situation was so dangerous to the family that family decided to abandon him. they said he was throwing to the Sheshnag lake, which is on the way to Amarnath. And there was the very big fish who swallowed him. and it so happened that Shiva and Shakti came and they were just sitting on the side of the lake – and they begin to talk of how to attain immortality. And Matsyendranath heard it from inside the fish. When Shiva came to know that he have heard this great upadesh – he had no other option than make him his disciple. That’s how it happen. And then he told him, that I will incarnate myself, because many people said I’m the third Guru and you’ll be my Guru then. Then Matsyendranath were doing tapas for 100000 years, waiting for Shiva to incarnate, and then Shiva came as Gorakhnath and became disciple of Matsyendranath.

Q: what was his planetary situation?

Guruji: Mula nakshatra, avudh Mula – Tulsi das was also born in this. It is supposed to be very dangerous nakshatra for the family, for mother and father. Maybe it was to happen this way: if Matsyendranath would live with the family – maybe we will never have Guru like Matsyendranath, or maybe this situation will never be – that he hear upadesh directly from Adinath – it was maybe destiny.

Q: only nakshatra creates such situation?

Guruji: especially nakshatra. Some descendants of that particular Brahmin clan are still there.

Q: they have special surnames so you can recognize them?

Guruji: nowadays they hide themselves; but if you dig a little bit deeper – you will discover it. I’ve discovered some of them.

Q: what you discovered – they are practicing yoga or interest in yoga?

Guruji: some of them are my disciples also. Their population is not much. Brahmins in whole hindu population are hardly 2%.

Everybody deserves some happiness, some prosperity, peace, love – everything.

The poorest man – who has no friends. Money is incidentally – maybe there, may not be there, but if you have no friends – you’re the most poor person. And only the very friendly person can have good friends. If you’re not friendly – always showing your attitude, arrogance – nobody will like you.

What is honor? I’m a nar; nar in hindi means a man – so honor is naturally coming to me. Honor for nar is absolute natural.


Not a single ghost tolds me exactly about heaven or hell, saint Peter – nothing. We have seen millions and millions of ghosts and help them – because ghosts also need help. Whether you’re alive or dead – doesn’t matter – help is required. You see, I’m a grassroots level person, I don’t like to use very heavy philosophical terms – spirit, soul… a dead man is ghost. He needs help – we give him help. Philosophers can discuss spirit or soul till eternity.

Q: that matter, which comes to reincarnation – it is ghost?

Guruji: whatever. Yes. But remember, only hindus are talking about reincarnation.

Q: but we are free – and all of us reincarnate?

Guruji: no. baptize ritual catches you and you cannot escape. Before baptization you had this chance. But if you faith in any religion – have it totally. Believe in what religious books are telling you.

Q: I’m orthodox Christian

Guruji: so you must have faith in bible and your priest: if they are saying that you will lie in the grave until judgement day will come – you must believe in that. If you committed yourself – you must have absolute faith in bible.

Q: but we deal only with translations and they could be wrong?

Guruji: it’s hypothetical thing.

Q: bible was written 2000 years before and it’s very different from what priests are saying now?

Guruji: whatever, you must believe. Have faith! You have to read original hebru – maybe than you’ll understand something. Why you have doubts in that?

Q: priests are not telling the truth to us?

Guruji: you’re not in position to judge them. You’re not a monk, you just observing them from your own point of view. Maybe it’s just a test for your faith.

Q: but I see their behavior

Guruji: maybe they are trying to teach you – humbleness for example. You think you have more knowledge than them?

Q: no, I just have no answers to the questions?

Guruji:  Maybe mind just not developed enough to receive the answer? My point is: leave the situation and let it develop. How we can judge something which remain for 2000 years? It will need learning the subject, pondering on the questions and studying all you can study on that.

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