Q: what happened inside when people are eating the living beings?

Guruji: their DNA memories mixed and changed. That’s why meat-eaters ghosts looks very horrible: it has touch of every animal they have eaten. They somehow connects with their spirits and looks very horrible. Astral body is very bad.

Q: by seeing the astral body you can say – was the person vegetarian or not?

Guruji: yes. You even no need to look at the astral body: just look at man’s face – it’s enough.


Q: why Shiva’s name is not mentioned in Bhagavad Gita?

Guruji: there is no need. He is saying: I’m Time, and Shiva is the Time embodiment himself. You just need to be a little intelligent to understand it.

Q: so if you’re trying to mix two system – it will give you no results?

Guruji: because it will make your motive very doubtful. If you not convinced yourself – not concentrated effort will be done and no results will coming.

Main thing first is to have the very clear motive. Then make a decision, strong one. Then do whatever you want to do. Out of curiosity – I’ve tried this, I’ve tried that, let’s try bhakti or let’s try yoga – I’m sure, no result is coming. The practice will not be enough for such a person. They start by knowing that they know everything. That’s a main problem – and it’s not mine, it’s their problem.

Q: but in the beginning the results of yoga is hidden?

Guruji: if you will have the clear motive – it means you’re intelligent enough; then you will appreciate the results from the day one. Not many people are sensitive enough to appreciate, what is happening inside them.

Q: so the motive is change with practice? Ok, we want to achieve Samadhi – but our understanding is changing with time?

Guruji: actually the motive will remain the same, only the understanding will continue to be more deeper.


In my home town I cannot go on the road – thousands of people gathering. Here is more comfortable.

Q: your old gurubhayas are visiting You now?

Guruji: oh, most of them were dedushkas and many are seeing on us from up there. I heard Lucifer laughing – maybe they’re visiting him also. Most of them were very old – young people were not interesting in yoga in those days. Only retired people will go to learn yoga. I’m lucky – more young people are coming to me.

We can spell kriya yoga like “crea” from creation – it creates a new you. Maybe it was the original name – and then the spelling was changed.


Most of the ancient books depicts different layers of creation. And I need to inform you, that most of the rakshasa were brahmins. Rakshasa, daitya, danavas – they were all brahmins, created by the creator himself. This word “rakshasa” – I will tell you the story, because we need to clarify something. The general impression is very wrong. Out of Brahma one being were created: and they were so hungry  – they wanted to eat the creator. And they say  “bhaksh, bhaksh” in Sanskrit – it means eat, eat him. They become yakshas. Another being, which came with them – they say no, protect him, “raksha, raksha”. They were called rakshasa: rakshasa means who protects. But now all the pandits and preachers changed the meaning absolutely.

Q: but they are not protectors of human beings?

Guruji: if they are available to us – they are for us. Otherwise we will never stop.

Q: yoga practice is not for them?

Guruji: all beings can practice yoga. Whoever deserves the practice and is breathing. The longest living being were king of rakshasa, Ravana. He lived for 311 billion years.

Q: but finally the man killed him

Guruji: when Ravana conquered all the world, he fought with one of the forefathers of Rama and killed him in a battle. And when he was dying he cursed Ravana, that my descendant will kill you. It was duty of Rama to go and try to kill him – and he did it successfully.

Q: Rama came to kill Ravana?

Guruji: only. No other mission. The creation never seen the war like that. Now Ravan will come as Revaarnath – he will be the 25th tirthankar and give the special knowledge to humanity. Let’s hope he will come in our lifetime and we will have some knowledge. But ignorance is bliss – so we’re blissful already( laughing).

Ravana was the son of the rishi, but his mother were rakshasa; he was adopted by his maternal grandfather – so he became the king of rakshasa. After killing him Rama was had to do prayashchitta for killing a Brahmin.

Q: and how Rama ended his life?

Guruji: he went to the Sarayu river – then nobody saw him. All main people and citizens – they just came into the water.

Q: Lakshamana also?

Guruji: he disappeared; nobody knows, what happened to him. he went to the bank of the river Sarayu, everybody was looking at him – and he just disappeared. It is written, that he just let all five elements of the body to merge with the source of the elements  – so he couldn’t be seen.

Q: it was a long time after Sita went away?

Guruji: not much time, nearly immediately.


Q: how long a battle in Ramayana continued?

Guruji: maybe about a month or so. There were only two human beings involved in this war – Rama and Lakshamana, all others were demigods and rakshasas; and they both survived.

Q: and in Mahabharata there were mostly human beings?

Guruji: Kshatriyas; only one Brahmin was there – Dronacharya.

Q: can we say that most of the brahmins were killed in Ramayana and most of the Kshatriyas – in Mahabharata?

Guruji: no, the population of brahmins were never much. Even today the population of brahmins are 2% of hindus. Brahmins were always less.

Q: how Brahmin looks like?

Guruji: like me

Q: I’ve never see a person looking like you

Guruji: but I’m pure Brahmin.

Actually, the main problem nowadays – people see only pujaris and priests and think brahmins must be look like them. But brahmins were the great warriors, they were commanding all the weapons and they were defeating Kshatriyas most of the time. It was like a clash of supremacy. Take Parashuram or Vashishtha for instance, Dronacharya, Ashwatthaman – they were great warriors and masters of the all weapons.

Q: but pujaris and priests are also brahmins? How they lose all that great knowledge?

Guruji: I will say that most of the brahmins are highly educated and occupying very high government positions; they are professors and big officers in army, even in Bollywood some of them made a big name for themselves. I’m a Brahmin and I’m not ashamed of it. And I’m not arrogant also about this fact. How should a Brahmin look? Like me. They have special genetics, special DNA. Brahmins were created from the head of the creator, Kshatriyas were created from the arms of the creator, vaishyas – from the belly and shudras – from the legs. From the beginning they were always small in number. When it’s too many Kshatriyas, too many wars – the earth suffers. When the Kshatriyas are gone – the earth survives again. Nowadays there is a fight for the territory for business supremacy, it’s different motive now.

Q: but it is very bad situation now?

Guruji: it will also change with the matter of time.

Q: from that point of view, from where all non-indians appear?

Guruji: Kashyapa rishi is the main man. It is usually said that they belongs to mlecchas, but on my observation – white race are Kshatriyas.

Q: and to become a Brahmin it must be some special position of stars?

Guruji: no need, because yoga is open for everybody.

Q: but brahmins were born only in certain constellations or nakshatras?

Guruji: no, in a special lineage – only genetics of the family. Only by birth person can be Brahmin; in astrology it simply describes nature of the person. You see, high and low is not a point here; I’m a yogi – and according to yoga anyone, who is genuine seeker – he can self- realized. It was just social structure.

Q: but genetics and all DNA memories is different?

Guruji: yes, it’s like reality show: someone watch, who will survive, get over limitations, expand his or her mind – maybe it’s the only entertainment for them.

Q: but if we compare brahmins and others?

Guruji: their thinking is different from the beginning, attitude is different, body smell is different.

Q: is it possible to achieve such state of mind?

Guruji: when you’re subtracting your past – you’re no more Brahmin or Kshatriya, Vaishya, shudra or mlechcha. Only yogis is capable of doing that.


Q: if we compare Vashishtha and Vishwamitra: first is Brahmin by birth, second – no, but could he achieve same level?

Guruji: never. He killed 100 sons of Vashishtha, remember that.

Q: but he did a lot of yoga practice, a lot of tapas?

Guruji: but the motive was revenge. Motive always remain primary.

Q: in Yoga Vashishtha they are saying, that Vishwamitra became like Brahmin?

Guruji: LIKE Brahmin. His work was to create great confusion – which he did very successfully. Now he is one of the seven rishis.

Q: he is like the opposite force?

Guruji: when there is a game – you need to have a villain to create some mischief and someone will try to solve it. Otherwise how all these immortals will pass their time? It gives some more interesting touch to the story.

Q: can we compare him with Loki –who always creates some problems to Thor and other gods?

Guruji: I can compare Thor with Indra.

Q: Vishwamitra has his own team?

Guruji: his descendants are still here. It exist special class of brahmins – they are his descendants.

Q: so now his gotra considered as brahmins?

Guruji: most of the brahmins don’t like them, they called Kaushik gotra. The beauty of india: we never forgive, we never forget. And the story continues.

Q: they start it before Ramayana – and the game still continue?

Guruji: I think it’s different game now.

Q: how they are connected with raja Bali?

Guruji: raja Bali was to rule – and he donated all three worlds. Now he’s occupying the seat of Indra and also he’s the ruler of all netherworlds.

He maybe the most powerful being now – politically, spiritually and physically. Vashishtha always gave him good suggestions. I think all nowadays processes – like globalization and legally equal rights – are only because of raja Bali. Now legally we all are equal.

Q: Vashishtha, Vishwamitra and raja Bali – they are all in the same game?

Guruji: now Vashishtha is not among the seven rishis, he’s  gone beyond that. Nowadays – Ashwatthaman, Kripacharya, Parashurama, Gholav rishi, Markandeya are seven rishis.

Q: every rishi has his own team?

Guruji: definitely – every rishi has his own disciples and followers. History is very complicated. Maybe the word hysteria – like mental disease – started from studying too much history.


Q: is it possible being follower of advayta system to practice kriya yoga?

Guruji: if you’re following the system of advayta – you’re already committing yourself. That person will never appreciate the true results of Kriya yoga – because his mind is already committed to advayta. And if he is already following the advayta – why he needs to practice anything? There is no separation, no duality, nothing; who is practicing yoga and who doesn’t practicing – it doesn’t matter to them. Why should they practice? Conviction is not there about advayta – it is just an intellectual exercise for them, so they can boast in front of you – oh, I’m following advayta, or I’m following visheshta advayta and I’m superior than you.

Q: but what about faith?

Guruji: no faith. Very open mind and intelligent mind is needed. Believe in yourself! If you’re not believing in yourself – no matter, in which god you believe – nothing is going to happen. Have faith in yourself! Every religion on this planet tells you, that god lives in your heart. So – believe your heart.

I’ve seen thousands of people in last 30-40 years, following advayta. What I can comment – I just wish them well. If you’re following advayta – you have my best wishes. Dvayta – ok, sakar- ok, nirakar- ok, if you’re krishnait – fine, if you’re shaivite – fine, if you’re shakt – that is fine. But I would prefer to remain a human. That is my choice, I’m not forcing it to anyone else. And I’m not allowing anyone else to force on me their own convictions unnecessarily.

Q: for what all that systems like advayta appear, if they are false?

Guruji: most of such systems appeared in the dark period of history, remember that. They maintain the discussion of the subject. It is human nature – to worship the past. Keep worshipping – I’m no problem.

Q: Shankaracharya was wrong?

Guruji: as you mention this name I would like to ask you direct question: are you a door to hell? Shankaracharya stated, that the woman is the door to hell. If you believe in him – you will have to accept this statement also.

Q: I will research on that

Guruji: instead of research – search, and you will find. If the woman is the door to hell – so let’s go to hell(laughing)

Q: when you read between the lines – you see the hidden problems of the writer?

Guruji: yes, the way of presentation will always show.

Q: it exists many women in advayta sampradaya

Guruji: where? I would like to know that. He started different branches of sannyasa only for men.

Q: but who started it for women?

Guruji: maybe women started it on their own. Shankaracharya died in the age of 32. Thу Earth is more than 4 billion years old. But he simply said – it is all illusion. How can the 32-yeared old person declared that the 4-billion yeared being is just illusion? Enlighten – or maybe endarkened , this is the better word. Too many enlighten people are walking around nowadays.

Q: many translators are saying: Prakriti exists only for Purush?

Guruji: let’s say – Purush exists only for Prakriti. You just need to read my commentary on Yoga Sutras.

Q: maybe now You have something to add?

Guruji: no, I never change my statements.

Q: maybe You planning to do deeper commentary?

Guruji: I think that comment was already too deep. I’m just standing in the bottom, waiting if someone will dive deep enough. I’m already there.

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