Q: Guruji, maybe You know why the letters on the petals of chakras has this sequence?

Guruji: yes, because I’m indian and I know hindi; and alphabet in hindi and Sanskrit – both are same. This is 16 svaras: a, aa, u, uu etc.  – they are vishuddha svaras. Then they go down exactly in alphabet order. The last thing is ha, sha, shya,etc in muladhara: then you enter sushumna and camе up to top and see chitragya. Hindi alphabet ends with the letters chi, tra, gya. They are coming after entering sushumna – agya and sahasrara. You go down and you come up.

Q: why they starts from vishuddha?

Guruji: that is the source, basic sounds. No matter, what language is there – basic sounds will be always; they are sixteen in number. With damaru they all came out when Shiva started His damaru. It’s fantastic: if you just concentrate on hindi alphabet – your kundalini will be rise. If you remember how they are on petals – you will remember all 52. Main pronunciation is in vowels – they are the basic sounds whatever you pronounce. Then ka starts. If some grammar man will come – he will exactly tell you the position of the tongue and how you will say it. You know how sa is called? Talabhisa. When your tongue is touching teeth – it construct sa. And when you go up – chitragya. That’s why I’m saying: learning hindi is a good idea, learning alphabet, the sequence of it – then it will become very clear for you. Start from vishuddha and go down.

The ability to say it or to perceive it – maybe coming from that point in your spinal cord. That’s how petals were recognized and they were codified with particular sound and alphabet on them.

Q: so words are going up and down in our spinal cord?

Guruji: not up and down – only in that particular point where the petal is supposed to be. Petals – they actually even describing to make us understand, but we create a flower out of it. Maybe the point of resonance of that particular sound is there. That’s why they connect it. Also this thing is maybe in your brain also; so it connects the brain with the spinal cord with the different vibrating note. It is amazing for me to think, how sensitive they may become to actually see that inside themselves.

Q: when we’re saying a certain word – it resonates with the first letter?

Guruji: letter is just a symbol of that sound. But that particular sound, which symbol is represent, – that sound.

Q: how much petals are in sahasrara chakra?

Guruji: 1080. 50 letters are connected in different points there, they are repeated again and again. They’re on top, connecting with the nerves and covering whole nervous system. In chakras there are so much nerve endings which are connected with different body parts. It is like headquarter. The full knowledge and awareness of the awaken which are going on – inside the castle or bungalow which we call “body” or “department”.

Q: when you pronounce a certain sound, first it resonates in chakra?

Guruji: both places at the same time. We use very limited vocabulary, we don’t have the very great understanding of any language which is spoken around. How many people knows languages thoroughly? We just used what is need for a day in life – no more than that. Brain is just sleeping.

Q: from that point of view only 2% is activated?

Guruji: of course if you will practice – you will wake up more.

Q: so it will resonate in the brain and in spinal cord?

Guruji: here and there – that means through out your body also, there are so many channels connecting there. They are like junctions.

Q: when you do japa many-many times it became to vibrate in every cell of the body and the body became like mantra itself?

Guruji: they call this state as “nyasa” when you’re able to soak all the sounds and vibrations through your all system. But very few people have been able to do that. Descriptions are available in many books.

Q: maybe sound of OM is so much inside You that it is physically visible on You?

Guruji: I don’t know. Some signs are by birth. And there is no match of them also. But on the nail they keep appearing when I touch more while initiating. We still haven’t hear about it anywhere – so we cannot draw a parallel and we don’t know exactly, what does it mean. Of coarse I am happy that OM are inside me. But we need to think more on that.


Q: what about bija mantras of chakras?

Guruji: they are basic vibrations of the elements. See, how that confusion start: those great minds, the yogis or Shiva, when they begin to recognize different elements and they go in details of particular vibration; and every vibration carries particular sound. So when they try to explain it to someone – they try to produce the similar sound. Now we take them as bija mantras, some people are chanting them, the elemental thing is come into being. But it’s much deeper thing than chanting. You need to be in tune: that’s why practice of nada becomes extremely important. If you will not become aware of the basic sound of creation – you cannot go into different delicate directions of that particular sound; that will take you even more longer time; – to recognize exactly that particular note, which something is representing or vibrating on that particular note. It’s a very deep thing.

Q: how for example LAM is connected with four letters on the petals of muladhar?

Guruji: you see, that’s the point: LAM sound was the basic vibrating note of the earth element. These four letters are sub-vibrations of the earth element. The basic sound is LAM, as we read in books, and with four letters – when you will be able to pronounce these five together – then you will begin to recognize the earth element. They had to write it like this: nobody suddenly can pronounce them together. Same thing with each element; and that’s why different petals on different chakras – five lower chakras – as they call nowadays “lower” chakras, but there is no lower and higher. They represent particular vibration of that particular element – that’s why some of four petals, some 8, 12, 16 – like that. If you’re able to pronounce all these things together – then you will maybe in tune with that particular element. So you need highly developed mind, extremely sensitive mind – so you be able to decipher the particular notes of different vibrations and connect them with particular thing. We’re gоing towards them, working on it. But not imagine of pronouncing that: I’m talking about becoming aware of the nada and becoming aware of that particular note of that particular element – all together. If you will pronounce – you will continue to pronounce without any effect.

First awareness of the sound nada will come. then if you continue to go deeper and deeper into it – you will begin to appreciate different types of notes which it is carrying as a whole. Let’s take earth element because it has only four different levels and one seed mantra as we quote. These five sounds, if you’re able to pronounce it together, that particular note; then you begin to understand more and you begin to see different four vibrations or notes. When the nada is you experiencing in general – doesn’t mean you know it ultimately; the study of nada of many different scales will remain, that will take time. Then you will become aware of different elemental sounds – of all creation different vibrations you will begin to see. That’s how it will happen.


Q: for what aim are described four types of nada?

Guruji: these are initial thigs. Whatever we read in books – they are just introducing you to something very deep. That is not the end – it’s just few first steps on the way. How you will describe ocean? Water. waves, sound – but this is not enough. The more you will go deep into the ocean – the more you will become aware of the things it is carrying inside. Even so many streams are flowing, so many things are coming from it – so much things is there, but from the surface what you will see? Waves breaking, big water flows. That’s how.

This is just one of bifurcations of the basic sounds, particular recognition of it. We create it as we like. General sound is there. And remember also, just for the sake of discussion: human ears are not sufficient to hear sounds which are all around us. Our hearing is very limited. That is good: otherwise the system will burst. Any sound – music or otherwise – is just part of the big OM.

Q: why we’re remembering OM in every chakra instead of bija mantras of elements?

Guruji: because it is not needed: OM is a basic seed of all seeds. Again – when you say OM it’s just a hint towards OM. I’ve never seen anyone pronouncing it so far. But when the nada will begin – you will begin to recognize. That is just a symbol of the greater thing. Why these signs are appearing in my body – I have no idea. It’s a peculiar thing. I think we should think more in it because we never had enough research.

Q: I feel something is wrong with my muladhar chakra?

Guruji: if there is something wrong with muladhar chakra – you physically will be wreck, couldn’t do anything. If earth element is weak – then you will be continuously sick as long as you live.

Q: same with every element?

Guruji: yes, different type of diseases are connected with them. We call them disease – but that is unbalance, not exact balance of it.

Q: when yogi become accomplished – he will hear the sound OM and could subdivide it on every letter?

Guruji: you will recognize it. Recognize the subdivisions. As you look at the man, – ok, he’s a man; then you become more acquainted with him, recognize the color of his eyes, his hair, different manners – the way of his speech, his body smelling in a different way, walking in a different way – so many details come after. It’s not exact example –but an idea.

Q: everything has its own vibration?

Guruji: of course, yes

Q: You can hear everything?

Guruji: yes, why not?

Q: when You’re in Samadhi state?

Guruji: much before that; you also learn to switch it off – otherwise we cannot even talk and sit. As long as I’m trying to teach – I keep it switched off.

Q: and humans also have their special note or music?

Guruji: everybody.

Q: but it’s very-very far from the real OM?

Guruji: it’s part of it. Very simple thing: even science says – you’re 99,9% empty space; and sound is the property of the empty space – so the sound you’re vibrating in a different way here. If there is vibration – it has to be sound. Matsyendranath was the greatest of yogi when he’s describing nada in so much details in yoga books. I will tell you one more thing here as a caution: if you’re unprepared – your body and nervous system is not prepared enough, and somehow you become aware of high frequency of those vibration – you will go into paralytic condition. That’s why it is stressed so much – practice every day. Optimum practice, most excellent practice – so your nervous system will become strong enough to tolerate that energy of that particular vibration. We have seen some people, who just begin  – there are ways to close your ears and somehow become aware of the nada – they went too much into it and finally they were lying on the bed -6,7 or 10 years in paralysis. Always prepare yourself well. Harder you will train – the better chances of your surviving. Never compromise. Always think big.


Q: so what are these four types of nada?

Guruji: four types of nada, which Hatha Yoga Pradipika describes is the initial sound only – just the introduction. Nada is one – these four types develops with your yoga practice. Just the introduction thing, then – vast ocean is waiting for you. These are: you just reach the beach and now you begin to listen of the ocean roaring and breaking of the waves – that is 3-4 types of nada; then you dive in. and then you’re inside the ocean – no sound of the abyss coming, but a different note will begin then.

They were great people – who were able to actually diagnose, how much vibrations are in every element. Combination of particular sound; then they were able to go deeper and understand each different note of the sound. Superficially everybody talk about god – but it’s really very deep and mysterious subject.

Q: every vibration has their own sound?

Guruji: and an individual shape as well.

Q: like square or triangle?

Guruji: it can take any shape. Depends on the vibration.

Q: can they have own color?

Guruji: it’s very much possible. But then it must be very different because what we say “color”  – it’s just a different variations of sunlight. These things are beyond sunlight – it’s something else; maybe the color they’re trying to describe is beyond our understanding – it may not be limited with these 7 things or rays of light. They maybe absolutely different.

Q: but if we could see the shape – it must be also limited by the light?

Guruji: no, vibration has its own shape which is not limited by light. There is a certain note, certain resonance – it will give the very individual shape. I think that is from nirakar to sakar, from formless to form.

Q: if it’s combination of sounds?

Guruji: the very different shape will come. we all have vibration and we all have individual shape. Me, you – all has individual shape and we have the vibration also – 99,9 is empty space, that vibration.

Q: if we take muladhara for example: square shape is LAM?

Guruji: square shape is earth element: LAM and four sounds combinely tells us that this is earth element. The symbol of earth element is square – but Earth is round – debate continues.

5 ELEMENTS&NADA(recorded later)

Then they go down to the 5 elements, which combination forms the body; and when they go and actually recognize earth element – the fourth-petal sounds with the sound “lam” and they hear them together – I mean not one by one; then they go even deeper and within to understand the individuality of these 5 different sounds – these vibrations makes the earth element. And they begin to recognize element after element after element. Every vibration has a different sound, which is part of the nada in general- so these petals or so-called petals, different sounds and seed mantras, which we’re see written – actually, they are sounds, part of the nada, and that is vibration. So first you need to understand the vibration of every element, which is there; and they are giving you the specific direction, that if you’re able to recognize this vibrations and sounds – then you will be very friendly with this particular element – which is part of you already. That’s how all these things came into be.

Q: how the geometry originated from those?

Guruji: because if the sound is there and vibration is there – it has individual particular shape also. Every vibration will have an exact shape. Individualized personality – personal shape. It may be round shape, or triangular or square one – it will depend on vibratory system.

Q: they are notes of the vibration?

Guruji: yes, exactly. When somebody are trying to explain the very finer notes and the sounds – they may have to write them down somehow, they may have rough sketch of it. Then other sketch, which is more prominent, and original thought went to that ground. That is fine – but indications are there.

Q: You’re keep telling to your westerner students – study hindi, study alphabet

Guruji: yes, because alphabet is connected with that particular vibration, and every vibration carries the particular sound. I think it has been experimented: if you create vibration – they take particular shapes. Physics approves that also.

Q: that is unbelievable: as I started to learn hindi – they make you to pronounce all that nasal sounds – like vam, yam

Guruji: it hits your mind in a different way


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