When a person comes and respect a Guru – it is not the respect of particular individual. This is the respect of expression of the wisdom, which is expressing itself through some individual, like Guru and disciple. We are just medium: something else is expressing itself. Phuro mantra Ishwaro vacha!

Q: but what’s the problem to pay respect for individual?

Guruji: no problem; if you cannot respect the individual – then you will not respect his teachings also. They complement each other. There are 4 types relationship with the Guru. It is said in India that Guru-disciple relationship of 4 types: first is like father and son or father and daughter – Guru is like a father; then Guru is like a Guru – he is teaching you, you are a student; then he is a friend also – because only friend shares a secret; and Guru is also like a son – because he is a human being, he may need help from time to time. So Guru-disciple relationship are of 4 types: father, Guru, friend and like a son. This is indian wisdom.


Punishment is such a great thing, that the fear of punishment makes us live the very disciplined way of life. If there will be no fear of any punishment – I don’t think society will be able to survive. It will become like jungle laws. So the fear of punishment is the most needed ingredient of creating the highly disciplined society.


Q: why it’s so important to consider another married man as a father?

Guruji: so no bastard will take birth in society

Q: why it’s more important than don’t kill, don’t steal?

Guruji: we are yogis: five promises are enough for us.

Q: if we need to kill – just kill?

Guruji: if it is needed to save your life, then. Otherwise the yogi mind became very powerful and usually they become very peaceful people. Only these 5 promises are important. Rest of the promises – not to kill, not to do this, not to steal – are for religious people. And they’re keep breaking their promises. Again the list gives you so many ideas. If they will not commit sin – for what they ask forgiveness from god? Committing sin is very important for religious people.

Q: what is the danger of bastard?

Guruji: well, they say that bloodline continuation is very important. Bastard is a big problem: the family will lose its prosperity and a new blood will enter into the family line – it creates so many complications. For the spirits of ancestors also – effect goes to that level also. All Mahabharat battle was because of this.

Q: spirits of ancestors not accepting them?

Guruji: even if he will do something – it will not reach them. I think this is a very logical promise.

Q: but this bastard could be a good person also?

Guruji: he could be anything: he maybe a seeker also and he can receive yoga practice also; but we should not disturb the social structure, that’s it.

Q: why the result of his ritual will not reach ancestors?

Guruji: because he’s not in the bloodline – he’s corruption of the family. Not everybody’s like paramahamsa who will say: oh, my grandmother was so good, she was having affair with so many men and that my uncle belong to that man and this my uncle belongs to this man and my father belongs to that man. I think nobody will like to say that. Or: my fathers’ children are playing in many houses of our village. If we are in the society- we should respect some rules of the society. Otherwise anarchy will come. a man, who is not the son of his biological father, of someone else, can be the highest of the highest spiritual level also.

The biggest example – Narada muni and another is Satyakama Jabala. Narada is the only celestial rishi – his mother was serving somewhere and any men were visiting her so Narada was born. When children were playing they taunting him, asking his father’s name. he went to his mother asking: who is my father? You can read about it in Mahabhagavatam purana. And she said truthfully: I don’t know your father’s name, so many men were visiting me. Tell them – you’re my son. Then so many sadhus and holy men also visiting – they began to sit with them, listening to them, talk – and his mind became very different. Finally he reached the highly meditative state of his mind. Then he heard the sound of Narayan, Vishnu: You will not see me in this life, wait; then you will be the one of my greatest devotees next life. He waited all his life – then he died; he was born from a head of the Creator – directly as a rishi. He is still considered as a greatest devotee of Narayana. It doesn’t mean, that being a bastard stop everything for you. But it is a social discipline, which we should honor.

Satyakama Jabala is another example – Jabala was a woman, also so many men was visiting her. Satyakama was born; then he saw another children, going to a rishi for education- he insisted that I must also. Rishi asked him his father’s name – he said I don’t know. Rishi said – go to your mother and ask her. He went to his mother, asking father’s name and she truthfully said – I don’t know. So many men were visiting me – but you’re my son. So tell the rishi you’re son of Jabala. Then he came to rishi and said: my mother doesn’t know the name of my father – but I’m her son and my name is Satyakama Jabala. Rishi is rishi – he said: you’re very high born person- only high born Brahmin can accept this truth. And his name became immortal in vedas, he is great rishi. It doesn’t matter if something happening – you have no options; maybe you have better options. But even then – to honor social discipline we promise this.


Q: what is the best idea about education?

Guruji: you should learn everything about your past also; then you should also become aware of the present situation, what you’re represent. Then give your contribution for the better future.

Q: so education should prepare us to…?

Guruji: without knowing your past how you will know what is good and what is bad? You’re actually sharing the experience of so many people, who accumulated all these records. Yourself simply cannot do it everything alone. I will quote Babaji here: be wise like an ant: if there is sugar and sand together he takes only the sugar and leaves the sand. This is the big mixture of education; so take the best and leave the rest.


Q: Guruji, what is maya?

Guruji: that is a debated point for thousands of years – what is maya; but my observation is: Brahma created a sexual creation. Sex is the biggest of the great maya.

Every human relationship – started point is sex. Mother, father – you have to worship them and respect them – it is a sexual program. Children, brother, sister, mother, father – you take any human relationship – it is based on sex. That’s why ancient yogis were telling that if you’re able to rise above this thing and you’re able to see through it – only then you can be concept as gone beyond the maya. So sex is the maya.

Our mind is not capable of understanding the reality – so we keep bypassing it. Even a little bit intelligent person – he can see and understand.

Q: when the person will understand this maya – he become to perceive everyone as personality?

Guruji: it is the part of self-realization. First you will look yourself in introspect and understand what is life, what is your atma, dehi – then your attention will go to the body and then you will also realize – this is direct result of the sex. Then you will begin aware of sex in a very different way. Instead of involve in it you will become an observer. And your perception and your understanding of the subject will be very different than an average person. When you will look around – there is nothing to see except sex.


Q: terrible situation

Guruji: for some people – enjoyable also; but for persons who can see – terrible for them. Again depends on the point of view. That’s why we said: what is the awakening of Kundalini? When your attention rises from between your legs to your head – that is real awakening of Kundalini.

Q: why Brahma created such sexual creation?

Guruji: he put sex – so nobody will get over it. They will came moving in a vicious circle without having a chance of liberation. Thanks to Shiva – he gave us this information and knowledge of yoga so you can be an observer and may even hope to rise above it. It’s like reality game or riddle or puzzle which you need to solve. Otherwise what is the value of the game if it is so easy?

Now we can understand, why brahmacharya was stressed so much. Main thing was to rise above it, have the very objective view to that things. Without real understanding your level of consciousness will not go beyond that. As a yogi I will say that you need to understand the subject thoroughly – only then you can go beyond.

Q: otherwise the concentration on the subject will remain but with minus sign?

Guruji: that’s why our population increase so much – we are discussing brahmacharya too much. This is such an important subject and everybody avoids talking it openly. It is impossible for us here or anywhere that their grandparents were having sex- it’s impossible for a child to even imagine. One boy came to me, carrying the book of poems written by his grandfather, some bhajans. And he were saying: You know, Guruji, my grandfather was such a great saint – he was a brahmachari all his life. I said: ok, I believe it. When I look at you – I believe it!

First you will be interested in what is life; then you start to develop your consciousness, develop your brain; then so many philosophical things starts come to your mind. Then finally you become to realize that’s the physical body which is supporting your brain’s life; then you will realize – it’s direct result of sexual relationship. Only then this thing will come, not initially, nobody will think on that – we’re thinking too high.

Q: after that he will use the certain technic to make the process reverse?

Guruji: no, I think real understanding is enough. You’re already develop to a certain level – only then you will focus on that.

Q: is this bad karma for a yogi to manipulate the people using this instinct?

Guruji: I don’t think yogis are affected much by this. But if you create something – another chain of karma will be. Creator is already there. Manipulation is not a good thing.


We have stressed too much on the development of the brain; and many people who are too much into philosophy don’t take it serious. Just the example of Gautama Buddha – how he became a Buddha himself will give you some information or maybe some understanding – why the development of the brain is so important.

We read in his life – when he stop eating, he was fasting so much, and then he describes himself – when he was touching his stomach – he was touching his spinal column. In the words of Buddha – you will read it in Milendasotta and others. Then he discovered that fasting is not the way – so he stopped fasting and five of his followers abandoned him. he was just sitting under the Bodhi tree; now the determination of Shakti should be observed. One woman, Sujata, she was the richest cowherd woman there  – she was owning thousands of the cows. She went to worship the wood god here and she was carrying rice, cooked in milk, in a gold pot. Now the formula – maybe I was the first one who observe it – because many people have read it but it doesn’t registered in his mind; all need some brain development. She choose 1000 of special cows, milk them and give that milk to 500 cows. Next time she milked them and that milk was given to 250 cows; that way it finally come to one cow. Essence of the milk of 1000 cows were come to the milk of one cow and in that special milk she cooked rice with the certain herbs – those herbs are not described. She was cook rice in the gold pot and she was carrying it to offer the wood god, the god of the jungle. She saw Gautama Buddha sitting under the tree; he was looking very good, handsome man, he has very high qualities physical – and she was so impressed so she offered this thing to the Buddha. He ate that and throw the gold pot to the river. According to Ayurveda – that is the most potent brain tonic you can ever imagine. And Buddha was going so high that he sat under the Bodhi tree continuously. He became enlighten and became Buddha, Gautama the Buddha and rest in history. See, that is the formula of the very potent brain tonic; now you can understand why I’m keep stressing on the development of the brain. Without brain development no realization will coming your way.

Yogiraj uvacha:

Here I will tell you, what is self-realization: the all creation is illusory, it is all illusion. In the creation of illusion when you will make yourself real – that will be self-realization.

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