What is the essence of the warrior? They train their whole life to be a warrior – so they can go to war. And two type of things – when someone is attacking and someone is defending; both of them are warriors. The greatest aim of the warrior is: to kill or to be killed. And I will say as a yogi: every warriors death should be honored. This is the most honorable death. We must respect that and honor that. To kill – and to be killed: that is the essence of being a warrior.


Q: on what happiness depends?

Guruji: I will say – if your happiness will depend on other people’s opinion and comment – you’re never going to be happy in your life, even after death. Essence of happiness is inside you. Find it! Everything other is just a mean to express your happiness which is already inside you. Yogiraj uvacha!


They lived in very small village with no water – so we arranged water also there; also we helped him with a marriage – because it’s expensive for a poor man; but they are very good people. His son – snake charmer – got married to another snake charmer’s daughter. They came to me for blessings: they was very good looking couple – she was hardly 15 and he was 18-19. And the boy asked me: Guruji, how should I keep my wife?

On the spur of the moment I answered: you should take care of your wife like a scabbard takes care of the sword. Remember, no matter how sharp a sword is – it never cuts its own scabbard. Your wife is like a Shakti to you, you should protect her like a scabbard protects a sword – and when the time will come, the sword will protect you.

They are happily married, now he’s proud father of 6 children in the last 18 years – so I think everything is going well.


Q: another question about perfection: from where the desire to be perfect is coming?

Guruji: the real motive to be perfect in some art or something comes from within. And if the possibilities are there – then you will continue.

Q: how it comes within the body?

Guruji: as a result of your past karmas.

Q: how they will travel to the body?

Guruji: the dehi will bring all your karmas.

Q: if the person has possibilities but he’s not interest in using them – it means in past life he overcome this?

Guruji: no, he’s not so aware of that possibilities. His motive maybe shifted in the right direction.

Q: what I observe – if people have very great possibilities they have no interest to develop them?

Guruji: it means the effect of good karmas, the genetics they found- but maybe they planning something else.

Q: the genetics is the effect of karma?

Guruji: what else is effect of karma? Why you were born in certain family, in certain heritage, with certain relatives in certain circumstances? This is a direct results of your previous karmas. When you’re thinking – I like this and I don’t like this – then it is a situation. When it is repeated – it becomes a habit, thinking it’s your own thoughts and your own choices. It’s circle.

Q: what about prana?

Guruji: prana is neutral: it just gives you life and that’s it.

Q: prana is the same from birth to death?

Guruji: prana is animating everybody – but it is your mind and something, which is carrying forward.

Q: it is some kind of energy?

Guruji: energy is just a word. It’s so many talks about positive energy, negative energy – but what is energy?

Q: that’s why I’m trying to understand, what is prana?

Guruji: it’s a different thing. The scientists says – the energy cannot be created and cannot be destroyed; now Government is saying – save energy! – and we still don’t know, what we’re going to save.

Q: and what about the prana?

Guruji: you cannot save prana, it is already there and it is almost beyond your control. What you cannot control – what you can do with it?

Q: prana has any signs like plasma or whatever?

Guruji: prana is prana. I will give you an example – it’s not appropriate but I’ll just give it: take it as a train, prana is like a train. The train is not appreciate, who is riding – the evil, the priest, whoever – it just taking everybody to the destination, that’s it; without carrying, who is riding. So as prana: it doesn’t care, to whom it gives life – it just gives life. What you do with your life – it’s your problem.

Q: train can move faster or slower or even stop for some time…

Guruji: train cannot – only train driver can do that. So far prana is just a term which everybody use frequently.

Q: does person have certain amount of prana for life?

Guruji: of course. That depends on the count of the breaths you have.

Q: prana has any memory?

Guruji: it has all memories.

Q: when prana comes to new body life – it brings them there?

Guruji: prana is already there. It is only mind and the spirit or dehi, who is coming to enter the body.

Q: any part of prana has all memories?

Guruji: yes. Just a single piece of your hair is enough to carry all your DNA memories.

Q: but who is bringing prana into new body – mind or dehi?

Guruji: prana is already there, and karma is catalytic thing.

Q: but without prana body is dead?

Guruji: no, it is looking like dead – but the new form of life is taking over. Bacteria eating the rotten body – it’s a new form of life.

Q: prana is not entering with the first breathe?

Guruji: your consciousness is entering, prana is already there. Otherwise the fetus will not grow.

Actually all these things we are practicing are for knowing what is prana. Reach the source of life; by reaching the source of life you will begin to understand why it is life and why it was created.

Q: the whole life is like training process for that?

Guruji: like a school for us – whoever we are: we left home to go for a school to learn, educate ourselves – then we will be capable enough to create our own home. That is the journey of life.

Q: people build houses and die in own houses?

Guruji: no, people are hoping to create a home just build a house and departed. We must to learn to differentiate what is home and what is house.

There was a movie in hindi: the villain was aghori – and he addressed everyone like: you bastard, you’re dead body on smashan! – what you can say on that.

On both sides of your breaths you have to worlds: if you’re still breathing – you’re in this world. When you stop breathing – you’re in another world.

The destination of life is death – and there is no other way.


Q: Just to conclude very interesting conversation which we have about the sexual nature of creation: it was good discussion where You give many points; following from that – we are creatures of that creation- therefore, was the Freud right when he wrote that human nature is based on sexual instincts?

Guruji: not only human nature – every being in this creation are contend in the instinct of sex. In India we are saying that Brahma created the sexual world. Here I will add one thing to Freud: every other being, from insect to a plant, from animals to anybody – they are contend in an instinct of reproduction. Only men had a capacity to take a decision – no, I will not breed. That makes a human being or a men to stand apart from any other creatures in the world.

Q: what are the reasons, why this decision is taken by human being?

Guruji: otherwise how you will understand the Creation? Only when you stand apart and you begin to see what’s happening – only then you’re capable in taking the decision.

Q: so in a way it’s a protest against to be a part of the system?

Guruji: no, it is not a protest – it is just the understanding that I will not be a part of the repro.

Q: it’s a rebellion?

Guruji: in a way. But he is not actually doing it, he’s not preaching it; that’s why sadhu’s brahmacharya was stressed so much. But it’s a personal decision – I will not breed.

Q: that popular in a western countries now – child free, to live the life without reproduction; what do You think on that?

Guruji: I think it’s the way of nature to erase the genetic record. I see a very big change in a world in few centuries: one chapter is over and another beginning – we’re in the middle of it. Maybe nature is already decided to erase the certain people; that’s why you see so many homosexuality – it is also part to be erased; that people are not standing apart – they are just don’t want a child. That is the difference. Or just shying of responsibility of taking up a child.

Q: they are saying – it’s conscious decision, because the population are multiplying and they couldn’t see the exit?

Guruji: but only so-called rich and educated people are taking this decision – population will be continue. That means it will be much less educated people in a world.

Q: so they are making intelligent decisions instead of going for instincts?

Guruji: looks like it. Blessed are meek for they shall inherit the kingdom of Earth. We need to remember it also. Meek will remain – warriors will kill each other.

Q: and at the same time we saying – we’re entering the golden age?

Guruji: yes, Kali yuga ended in 1944; now this is yuga which is not described in any religion or anywhere. It’s absolutely new thing. That tells me that the golden age is already began – we just need some time to understand it. Maybe even then we’re just in a middle; let’s hope it will refine more and more with time.

Q: so the meek will be inhabitants of the golden age?

Guruji: democracy is for the meek.

Q: I would like You to elaborate it more?

Guruji: you see, those people who are not able to fight for themselves – now they have a system when the government defines them; they just need to cast their vote – that is their war and that is their bravery and that is whatever you want to say. All will be done for them by others – army, police and all who were train to do that. So democracy is for the meek, not for a very strong people. They may criticize me; but if you look deeply on this – you will discover the fact.

Q: yes, such things must be understand: democracy is great, having a family is even greater – but they are certain part of be into historic process?

Guruji: yes, that is also true. But if you look back – history was written by the warriors and adventurous people. Meek persons left no mark in history. Even that is good.

Q: so appropriation for some rich and braveness both?

Guruji: if you’re highly educated and you’re rich enough – you should produce at least 10-12 children. In India we see that who are not so educated and rich are producing so many children.

Q: what’s their place in the future and development of India?

Guruji: that is just another vote. Now what I see in psychology – more we are more power we will create in democracy.

Q: it’s also applying for muslims and Chinese?.

Guruji: actually muslims are producing more; hindus still have only one wife. Allah is looking after them.

Q: it’s weapon of choice?

Guruji: actually this word was coming from Hawaiian “aloha” – it could be aloha with the time become Allah( laughing)


Q: At some point you said that the gods or the immortals don’t care about people: their scale of the time and their goals are too different and humans are more like a small insect for them?

Guruji: It is impossible to define their way of thinking and their motives.

Q: However, our line of kriya yoga tradition, our parampara was started by the immortal?

Guruji: My personal belief is that if some immortal being will take some interest in humans (Babaji also started his life as a human being) and will teach us out of compassion – I don’t think it will be a worthless or meaningless teaching. Maybe some seed of the secrets of longevity, which fuses the hope to achieve had been woven into the structure of Kriya yoga. Of course, it could be that Babaji had introduced this teaching to us just for his own entertainment, wandering: who will be able to understand and to achieve the infinity…

Q: Do You think he himself travel through the system of the Kriya Yoga to achieve immortality? A: It looks like it Q: So maybe the evolution of human being, traveling to reach immortality is reflected in this teaching?

Guruji: He is a human being, who achieved immortality and obtained a great wisdom. In the duration of very long-life wisdom continues to grow. Compare a five years old child with a 50-yeared old man: you’ll observe a difference. Then compare 50-years old with 500-years old man– he may not even be a yogi, but his experience will be undeniably greater…then compare them all with a 5000-years old; simply by living for so long they will obtain immense experience.

Q: So, it is a reinforcement of the consciousness which matures in the vessel of the body, like an old wine?

Guruji: Another point: every 1 gr of genome carries more than 4 billion gigabytes of information. To be able to access this information you need to become immortal, so you will be ready to read yourself finally and fully.

Q: And to understand yourself?

Guruji: Of course; you’ll read and then you will reflect on it – and then some understanding will begin.

Q: Is it decoding of your own genome, which is happening on this level of consciousness?

Guruji: Maybe; that’s why the immortality is needed – so we can read our own book.

Q: One American group, “Magnetic fields”, sings that “the book of life is long and boring”?

Guruji: Absolutely wrong: book of life may be long, but it’s absolutely not boring. That is for sure


Q: about prediction of Kalki avatar – in the end of Kali yuga: how it corresponds to?

Guruji: Hanuman Ji used that word: Parabrahman Parameshwar himself will take the human form, he never mentioned Kalki. But Kalki is written in ancient puranas.

Q: how this name came into be?

Guruji: it will be the last avatar of Vishnu, he will be born in a brahmin family and he will kill all the bad people.

Q: it’s the special timing predicted?

Guruji: no

Q: not connection with Kali yuga at all?

Guruji: it was to come in the end of Kali yuga. But in my observation Kali yuga ended in 1944.

Q: so where is he?

Guruji: maybe avatar – Parabrahman Parameshwar – is coming now, to start a new age.

Q: does it mean that the prophecy is not come to real?

Guruji: we will have to wait in this 21st century. Kali yuga ended: 432000 years was the time of Kali yuga and it is very interesting to know that most of the calendars just counting down the last 2000 years. Indian calendar, Gregorian calendar and other calendars also. The 1944 was the year 2000 in Indian calendar – and suddenly everything is different after that. Meek inherited the Earth.

Q: but where is avatar?

Guruji: we’re still waiting( laughing). Hanuman Ji told me – he would come in 21st century. Only 19 years has gone.

Q: nothing in the scale of Time…

Guruji: yes.

Q: any other predictions from Hanuman Ji in 21st century?

Guruji: no. he didn’t say anything. Now he outlined the place where he will be born

Q: it will be great disaster for human race or the war or…?

Guruji: now it looks for me that something had changed; Second World War was the biggest disaster.

Maybe we will face one more war; but this time more natural calamities are coming.

Q: actually we doesn’t need to do anything?

Guruji: nature will. Yesterday somebody asked me about аll that people, (who froze in the snow or died in the floods) what will happen with them; and I remember that water is also considered as the cold fire.

Now it is too much floods, most of the graveyards are flooded – so it’s look like last ritual for them. Something is cleaning. This year it was too much floods simply by rains and most of the graveyards were also underwater. That is the end of the chapter. Not only in India – all over the world. 40 years before I’ve read one science fiction: water level begin to rise very slowly and human beings were going to high grounds to save themselves. Then someone said: world will not die with a damp but with a winter.

Q: maybe he’s a virus?

Guruji: no, he will come in a human form. Maybe he will carry something. He will achieve immortality; Parashuram, Ashwatthaman and Kripacharya will support him. if he comes in our lifetime and we will able to see him – it will be good fortune for us.

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