I hear – nowadays so many people are taking money by telling about spirituality and yoga; claiming they are gurus without any solid lineage behind them. They just start to teach on their own because they are so great and they can do anything. I will just quote one of the saint poets, Goswami Tulsidas: the Guru, who is just taking money from the disciple, but not taking their sorrow and giddy – such Guru goes to the worst of hell. And I’m beginning to believe in it, I’ve seen some cases. We have to be very careful – when you’re trying to buy the lead someone to spiritual far; first inquire – you need to be honest with your own self. If you’re not honest with your own self – then you simply cannot be honest with your own follower or your disciple. And if a Guru is not a well-wisher to a disciple – then I don’t know, what can be. If Guru is there – he will be a well-wisher to the disciple, he will guide him with absolute honesty in a best possible way. ( Yogiraj uvacha)

When you have genuine Guru – your level of confidence is high and you feel very good then.


Only through her the spirit is allowed to enter inside –  otherwise it remain outside you. It allowed particular spirit to establish the certain connection.

Q: if the spirit will not take another birth – it has no chance?

Guruji: no chance. Only after forgiveness will happen – then maybe he will have a chance to take another birth.

Q: without taking another birth the spirit couldn’t be forgiven by someone?

Guruji: if somehow she will be able to take another birth – that birth she will suffer like hell as a result of karma. Better way to clean now. You have to face your own karma.

Q: people, who are doing parikrama or some tapas…?

Guruji: they are going beyond the effect of the karma. You will be pure, you will rise above the results of your karma, your mind will be free of the shadows of your karmas – then only the wisdom will come.

Q: but what spirit can do?

Guruji: only ask for forgiveness. Without a medium they can do nothing.

Q: if relatives or someone will do the ritual for this spirit – will it help?

Guruji: temporary. But ultimately they will have to face their own things.

Q: if someone do tapas for this spirit?

Guruji: if he hadn’t do some tapas for himself – no one could do for him.

Q: but if someone alive is doing tapas and gave all fruit to this spirit?

Guruji: if it is done genuinely – it is possible. It rarely happens.

Q: have You know some cases?

Guruji: I will tell you a story. There was one man suffering with cancer last state and the whole family came to me and say: please, save him! I said – ok, I will try; one thing I can do: I can give the part of my lifetime to him. they all say – yes, yes, please! Then I said: I can take some months and years for your all lifetimes and give it to him – then immediately they refused. I kicked them out. Not single one of them was willing to give one year of their life span to the dedushka dyeing. But when I said about me – of course they say yes, yes, please. Most of them are very greedy people.


Q: have You find something really genuine in the depths of subconsciousness?

Guruji: I will tell you a story – then you will draw your conclusion. There was a very nice couple living – very nice gentleman, very honest and hard-working. They had a son – he was a very obedient, carrying son. He went to school and find very nice teachers there; he passed college with very good numbers and good degrees. He found a very nice job. After his job was settled he found a very nice girl, they got married. They bought a nice house and got nice children. Then he retired and live the very nice retired life and then he died. Where is adventure in that? Very boring life – and adventure is always welcome. If life is so sweet – you’ll become diabetic in no time. Then you find a nice doctor, who will treat you very nicely, giving you nice medicine.

Q: could psychological violence harm you like a physical one?

Guruji: if you’re taking him or her seriously. If this person is really important and his or her opinion really matters – that’s the first point. If that person becomes very happy and you’re getting nothing positive from that or he becomes very angry and you don’t getting anything negative from that – so why you care? Your confidence should not depend on someone else opinion.


Q: mind cannot be educated?

Guruji: no.

Q: but when we were children – we somehow learn to read, to walk?

Guruji: here it’s much deeper thing – it’s not about reading different books and getting a degree. Education actually means to become wiser. With control of breathing your mind becomes wiser because understanding will develop. Whatever you will understand – will become your wisdom.

Q: do You have the special technic to extend the holding of breath?

Guruji: only physical conditioning and very regular practice will create this.

Q: because some time you reach the point and nothing happens for some time? Maybe some special exercise?

Guruji: no, it will be deviation from the main goal. Do your best and then some more; – and then you will be through this.

Q: for example, freedivers could hold their breath for very long time?

Guruji: but only holding the breath is not important here. The way you’re practicing in yoga is a very different type of holding your breath. And remember: yoga is not a sport, it’s a very different thing. You must use your body to achieve something spiritually and mentally. Body is an instrument.

Q: why emotions influences the breath so much?

Guruji: yogis are saying for thousands of years that your mental state is directly influenced by breathe. If you’re angry – you will breathe faster, if you’re highly emotional – you will breathe faster; when your mind is calm and quiet – you will breathe much less. It depends on the mind.

Q: it’s so close connection…

Guruji: everything is connected. Breath is the carrier of life: you’re breathing – that’s why we discuss. No breathe – no sound will come.

Q: nada sound?

Guruji: the words! We’re creating sounds( smiling)


Let’s hope one day we’ll find some real thing. Most of the Indians who went to the west – they became reach and famous. Their empire is still running. Even then – the name will continue. We have saying in India: if other one is eating bread with lot butter on it – don’t be greedy: you just eat your dry bread, drink water and be happy. So if they are making lot of dollars – it’s fine.

To develop you sometime need challenges: without challenge no development is possible. What you consider as your weakness may turn out to your strength in future – if you’re able to overcome it.

Q: to overcome something you must understand it completely?

Guruji: without understanding what you can overcome?

We keep hearing – that nobody is perfect. I said: you cannot be perfect without realizing the fact. When you will discover the fact – then you can be as per fact; and you will be perfect!

Q: if the countless consciousness is choosing by itself, how to appear – why it choosing to appear as miserable people?

Guruji: it is another emotion: misery or happiness – they are just emotions. You should read my commentary on Shiva Sutras: mind takes over the body as a bride, makes it pregnant with the seed of consciousness, and then the consciousness as the fetus grows in the body. So body is the mother of consciousness and mind is the father. When consciousness is fully developed – it is delivered in the time of physical death. Then it is together forever with the Time. Consciousness is child of mind and the body.

Q: what if in one moment all creatures in the universe will wake up?

Guruji: they are already awake. They just don’t realize they’re awake.

Q: but miserable people…

Guruji: they just create their own misery. The more we will go against the nature – our own true nature and the nature in general – only misery will follow. And misery love company: one miserable man will find another miserable person, they will find another miserable person – and the community of miserable people develop. To share their misery. Because they are doing good by going against the nature, taking care of their families, for this thing and for that thing. They are just doing good for themselves by going against the nature. And the misery will follow. Accept it.

Q: now we are on the way to awakening?

Guruji: we’re on the way – so we can use our dormant brain which is sleeping subconscious mind: then only you will become aware of so many things.

Q: now I’m sleeping?

Guruji: no, you’re 2-3-4% awake; rest is sleeping inside your mind, in the brain.

Q: but if all the creatures will awake on 100% – then what will happen?

Guruji: I think the world will become the very great place. Only then the best communication will begin, because everybody will understand each other – their expressions, their emotions, their visions, their imaginations – everything. Perfect communication will start. And maybe the flight of imagination to a very great level will begin.

Q: does it affect the great Time?

Guruji: you will begin to understand Time then. Time remains unaffected. You think if you go to the beach and you swim in the ocean – is it going to affect the ocean? Only you are affected. Same way.

Q: is love a some kind of connection with Universe or some kind of samadhi?

Guruji: love is the very great emotion and we’re go much deeper to explain it and conclusion, which came: very deep intense emancipated friendship is called love. Think on that.


Arrogance is the feeling when you think that only you’re right and the person faces you is just another idiot. That is the basis of beginning being arrogant.

Q: in new generation it is rising?

Guruji: some time; but older people are more arrogant.

Q: what is the difference of attitude and arrogance?

Guruji: attitude is maybe aa reflection of your self-confidence; but arrogance started by thinking that the person facing you is a bastard and only you are right.

Q: what if arrogance will rise?

Guruji: you will think you can command and control everybody.

Q: arrogance and self-confidence…?

Guruji: self-confidence is different: you know exactly what you can do and what things you have inside you, the possibilities you’re aware of. That will give you self-confidence. Arrogance is something you don’t have but you imagine to have and try to prove it to other that you have that thing in you – which you don’t have. That is arrogance. More confidential things you know about yourself – the more self-confident you will become.


Many so-called black magicians, tantrics and aghoris – we have seen them in India – they carry human skull. The theory is: the ghost of that dead person is connected with the skull and they are trying to control it in some way. What I say: if you have good in your heart, a real feeling of friendship, and you аre well-wisher to the other person – then so many very good relationship with the living skulls of the living people. Where is a harm in it? But they all go after a dead persons. You just need to have goodness in your heart, friendship in your heart, and you need to be well-wisher of the fellow man – and living skulls will be yours. No problem.

Q: and they will do for you many things

Guruji: and you also – that is reciprocal. Friendship is friendship. Yogiraj uvacha!


Q: what does it mean – the real ahimsa?

Guruji: real ahimsa means no more violence remains inside your nature. And the whole nature becomes very friendly and start to care about you. That is being established in ahimsa. There is no other definition: the word is “no violence”. But what is that state is not written anywhere. A-himsa: no more himsa.

Q: should we try to be non-violent in real life?

Guruji: well, I try my level best; that’s why yogis were suggested to leave the society and live alone in the jungle. Because in society it’s almost impossible thing to achieve. Even if you’re not doing anything – someone will provoke you, someone will taunt you, someone will take some pleasure in ragging you – so many things. As a reactions violence will come. So stay away from people.

Q: when You came here – a lot of people tried to provoke You?

Guruji: yes, I answered them that way.

Q: when You answered – You were not in non-violence state?

Guruji: no, I was in a very violent state.

Q: so as a yogi You were not observe ahimsa in that moment?

Guruji: that was the moment thing – it was just a reaction. Not that thing – I deliberately coming out to fight with someone, they were coming to create problems with me. Now finally some peace is there.

Q: is it different karma for the person who is doing violence with pleasure and who is just reacting?

Guruji: who starts the violence – is always not a good thing. Bad karma will follow.

Q: but if you’re giving the adequate answer without any feeling, just you know you must do that?

Guruji: you see, in India, when we go by train third class and it’s so overcrowded; when you’re trying to board the train – there is always big resistance: don’t, don’t, people not allowing you but you just force yourself – then things settle down. Then everybody is in non-violence state. Same thing always happen.

Q: so violence is too much instinctual and not intellectual?

Guruji: although you need to think, what is the reason of doing it. Usually it is greed, jealousy, or some self-interest. Maybe business supremacy. Maybe the utopian thought – that I will create the empire myself – you will get over it; maybe the violence will leave you as well.

Q: could we say that we established in non-violence when we understand our anger and control it easily?

Guruji: no, the reason of the anger. Until unless you will remove the reason of that anger – anger will remain. And also: anger is a very potent force. If you are able to learn, how nurse your anger, keep it inside; it will become the extraordinary potent force with which you can do many things, achievements. That’s up to you, how you use that anger.

I will quote mr. Amitabh Bachchan here: maybe 20 years or something his interview was on tv. Girl -journalist was asking him( in my opinion, it was idiotic question): if you’re going somewhere and somebody slap you – what you will do? Hats off to mr. Bachchan, he simply said: I will just say “sorry” and move on. I’m too busy to answer that. If man’s lifetime ambition was fulfilled by slapping me – but I’m too busy to answer him that way. I will just say “sorry” and move on.

I like this answer very much. You don’t have to react. If you have some very big thing to achieve – it will be just wastage of time and disturbance in our focus into it. We need to consider that also. And I’m sure: if someone will slap Amitabh Bachchan like this, as she asked and he not answering him, just moving on achieving his heights in his carrier  – I think it will be the biggest punishment for the person who slaps him. best answer. Anybody, who has achieved the great heights in any field they are – they have something to teach, you have learn of the experienced.

Q: if someone is irritating you so much: you can ignore him – or you can make him suffer easily but without anger, because you know how to hurt?

Guruji: I think the best answer is not to response. Ignoring is bliss!

Q: but if he’s standing in front of you and don’t let you go?

Guruji: do like that( show the wave and turn). And you must be intelligent enough to be diplomatic to avoid. It’s just a test of your brains. Remember the story? You must not stop hissing. It’s a great wisdom in that story.

Q: but if you’re discipline someone without any anger – it’s also bad karma?

Guruji: no. if he needs to be discipline.


I will tell you a real story. In this area there is a class of snake charmers and those who cure from the snake poison: they are called bayagirs and they are real knowledgeable people. There are times when someone was bitten by the snake and they are called and they somehow stop poisoning from spreading. Then they call that particular snake spirit into that bitten man and the spirit of the snake enters into a man or woman who have been bitten and they discuss. And the discussion go – why have you bitten? Then the negotiation goes on and most of the time they are successful. The snake comes, suck out his own poison and goes away.

And about 17-18 years before in a village nearby Govardhan it was one person: he was bitten by snake 17 times. Why are you laughing, it’s just a beginning of the story. Every time some bayagir will come, who will save him. then again snake cobra came and bite him. then bayagir called their Guru, who was a very old man. Then he invoked the spirit of the snake, who was biting him so regularly. That was fantastic story which came up: that person has murdered his wife, she incarnate as female cobra and she was biting him to take revenge. He even told them – you see, murderer himself is talking, spirit is inside him, he is not aware; and she told him: he murdered me with a tool of farming, spare, and he buried me there in particular place. Then the thing was done, he was taken to that spot and they found the remains of the wife there. Then all the bayagirs said: now we will not help this man, he is a sinner; and then the 18 time the snake bitten him – that was that.

It is a true story, it was in all local newspapers. In grassroots level people there are many different masters. They may not be philosophers but they have true wisdom, very practical knowledge.

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