Your world is inside you. And you’re part of the bigger world which is outside you.

Q: before You start to seek Your Guru – have You know Your destiny that You will be the yogi?

Guruji: when I was very young I had a very strong impression that I’ll going to write books. And also I knew that I’ll live in a very big place. Because we were so found of reading novels and comics – so I was thinking that I will write some novel or some detective story – but it happened to be different. And I’m living in a big place now. Maybe such impressions are known to every child.

Q: then You read the “Autobiography of the yogi”?

Guruji: something click inside my mind and the journey begin.

Q: that time You were sure that You will be the yogi for the whole life?

Guruji: yes, never any doubt. Main thing was to find a Guru. It was a big adventure and I travelled all over India just for that. And I think that experience was the most needed: when you’re searching for a true Guru and you’re lucky enough to find him – you go through many fake people and I will tell you: bigger deceptions are done in the name of God and spirituality then in the name of deception itself. If you’re man enough or you’re strong enough – then you will overcome all these disappointments and heartbreaks – it will actually prepare you. These things are needed for developing your own personality and making you strong-hearted person; because path of yoga is very mysterious and needs a very strong mind and heart to go on. Only setbacks are actually test you.

Somebody asked me: is Your heart ok? He just had a heart attack and came to ask me about my heart. It is witted by so many desires and was broken so many times – then still it is beating: it must be good.

Q: your heart was broken many times?

Guruji: I just said to him. still picking up the pieces.


Q: from Gita about kshetra and kshetragya: kshetragya is spirit or consciousness?

Guruji: kshetragya is your consciousness and spirit both. And kshetra is your body. There is another good meaning: a farm is called “kshetra “ here. So body is give to you like a piece of land – and it’s up to you how you cultivate it and which seeds you are sowing in it and you will have that crop. The body is like a field: you can cultivate anything in it. It gives vast possibilities for so many things.

Q: so when we’re practicing yoga – we’re trying to cultivate something beautiful?

Guruji: as it is given in Shiva sutras: your sleeping giant is planting the seed of consciousness in the field of the physical body and as a fetus it will grow and one day it will be delivered.

I tell you – no one said it before.


Q: what is the difference in tuning of the image and really going into the energy of something?

Guruji: you’re going into the essence of the image and that will take you beyond energy, take you to the formless thought. That will be the state of pure thought. Then after pure thought you have experienced – then you also begin to see from where that pure thought appearing; then you will become conscious of the Void, which is literally means Shakti; then you will also realize – the Void is not just a void, it has its own consciousness; your consciousness will develop and you will tune your consciousness with that. Then you will also realize – this is not the end of the journey, because Time is even beyond the Void and it has its own consciousness- so the journey will continue.

For understanding that you need to stretch your imagination. Imagination is the very potent force, very great power. It’s up to you, how you use it.


APHORISM – To say “no” to anyone is very easy; but to actually know a person is very difficult.

Q: what do You think of role of visualization in building muscles?

Guruji: if you just sit down and keep visualization that your muscles are growing- nothing will happen. You must visualize yourself that you’re working hard, very much hard in the gym and then physically execute it – then some muscles will develop. Process is very important.

Q: but if they will go together – they will improve?

Guruji: definitely.

Q: sometimes we want to understand the energy of the nada?

Guruji: first we imagine that there is nada – then we experience it.

Q: Kriya is imagination or will?

Guruji: Kriya is a physical act which your mind is telling you to practice- so it will develop.

Q: it is natural current?

Guruji: no, it’s not natural – it is your working out to develop yourself, to develop your brain, to wake up the sleeping giant. You’re using your body to practice these things. Body is just the support system for the brain.

Q: but moving of the energy in the body is differ than having an image of the object?

Guruji: state of your mind depends on state of physicality of your body. If your body is in good condition and without any problem, your mood is good – your mind is working well. If there is something wrong with the body – even constipation – then mind is not working good.

Everything comes down to it: even your mind will be forced to follow your genetics and DNA impressions and whatever you exposed to when you was young child. After you will overcome those limitations which amounts up to 50% of it – genetics, DNA, family circumstances, blood relations – this is 50%; when you have overcome these limitations – then 50% you are free to act and imagine also. Till then somehow your imagination will continue to be affected by these past impressions of genetics and DNA as well. It’s a complicated thing.

Q: what is most difficult – DNA?

Guruji: DNA and that you start by accepting that you’re the greatest person in the world and every other person was just created to serve you  – this is the most idiotic DNA.

Q: concentration can be moved physically?

Guruji: yes. The real concentration will actually happen when you realize the real purpose of your life. Then your whole life will be concentrated to achieve that. Then first time you will begin to experience what is concentration. Till then it’s just exercise for the mind.

Q: when we overcome our physical limitations…

Guruji: by understanding them

Q: you really become stronger physically?

Guruji: if you’re not stress yourself physically – you’ll never realize your limitations. And if you never realize the limitations of your physical body – you’ll never be able to overcome them. It is gradual evolution. Again you must be intelligent enough to understand that: you need to overcome your physical limits. Then you will know – what are my limits? – that will create great self-awareness. Not many people are aware of their limitations.

Q: when my body will become very-very strong – what happen after this?

Guruji: you will be very confident and your mind will be very strong: because for a strong mind supporting system should also be very strong. Ultimately it is happening in the mind. Strong mind and strong body always go together. When you are born strong – you will take your strength as granted and you will not value it; but if you work hard to develop your strength – then you will learn so much in the path of development. You will be much more self-aware and confident than just a person who was born strong.

Q: I have experienced it when I lose strength doing only postures – it takes 5-6 years to bring it back

Guruji: when you’re trying to bring it back because you have already experienced it – that journey sometime maybe more difficult and more wise also. You learn so much out of it.

Q: why we not value what we were granted?

Guruji: come easy – go easy. When you earn something you will also understand the value of it. Someone will win 1 million dollars in lottery – and it will just disappear. If a person is working hard to earn the million dollars – he will value it and he will learn how to copе up.

How long we will continue to worship some people left behind? Let’s get up and also go somewhere. That’s my point. What he attained – it’s up to him: what we will attain should matter to us more. Something can inspire us – but we cannot spend our life only discussing his achievements. We should also try to achieve something.


Ram-Ram was found on her bone. I have a disciple – Surender Chawla; Mrs. Tehri is his elder sister and they are his nephews.

Her mother was given by some sadhu or holy man when she was 5 years old: daughter, you should remember Ram-Ram inside- and she started doing that.

She grew up, she got married, she had children – but this thing was continuously inside her. And then as the villagers say she lost her mind and was found talking with someone invisible; and people were saying that she lost her insanity. She also came here to see me in maybe 93 or 94 – very serene and saintly lady.

Then she died. In India that is a procedure to cremate – then on third day you go to pick up the bones and you collect the bones and you washed them with the water and milk and then you put them in the Ganges. When they picking her cremated bones, her forehead bone was found intact. And on that bone the Ram-Ram were written in 4 languages – as if you right by nail on the wet cement or something: the languages were Hindi, Urdu, English and there was one south Indian language that they couldn’t recognize that time. It’s a great miracle – and it also confirmed that hindu beliefs are valid. I’m very happy it happen with my disciple’s mother.

And another case is from Gwalior – I have a disciple there, Mahendr Singh Sangar; his father, Jagran Singh Sangar was very stern and like an army man and his forehead was shine.

He also coming to visit me very regularly but he never practiced yoga. He died one day and then same thing happened – after cremation then they were picking the bones – Ram mantra was found exactly that way on the forehead bone. And that mantra was: Om Ram Ramaye Namaha. And I will ask him – I think they have photograph of that bone. I’m happy it happened with my disciples.

We kept it quiet – otherwise it will be all over newspapers; because then the controversy may begin – some people that is fake, they are just trying to become famous; unnecessary criticism will come so we kept it quiet. But we were know it for fact. It strengthen our faith – which was already strong but now became even more strong.

Q: why very often in the books they are saying when teacher is giving mantra to his disciple – nobody should be around in a big distance?

Guruji: so no vayu will go in anyone’s nose from Guru’s mouth.

Q: why for different mantras different distances?

Guruji: the way it is said – the different forces of vayu will also come into play. That is the technical aspect.

We believe that Creator writes something on the forehead, your whole destiny. And this simple things that Ram-Ram was found of these individual’s foreheads: that means whatever Creator written – it was erased by the grace of Rama and they got liberating. It proves that!


Q: amrita which is produces in the brain: it differs when the person is in samadhi or not in samadhi?

Guruji: even if a normal person will produce accidentally – it will go into digestive fire. It will make a person a little bit stronger than usual but that’s it. But if it comes into the heart and goes through blood stream – then it work miraculous.

Q: but if yogin is in samadhi or not in samadhi – the process are the same or different?

Guruji: no, samadhi – in suspended animation nothing happens with the physical body.

Q: how it can happen with normal person?

Guruji: accidents do happen time to time. There are cases when extra shot of adrenaline make so many people do superhuman things but they were ordinary people. You cannot define a rule for it – it may happen it may not happen.

Q: yesterday we discussed that amrita could form only if ojas will form?

Guruji: in regular way – that’s the point. Alexander Graham Bell invented telephone but he was never student of engineery or something, it just click; or James Watt discover the steam engine looking at the tea boiling. He was not an engineer. And he couldn’t improve on what he discovered. For that people with great education will need – to improve those things. That amrita is like education – you will improve on that chance thing.


Q: when the yogin proves his devotion to prana – the immortality will come. how to prove his devotion?

Guruji: who is trying to know the true nature of prana? Only the great yogis who have great ambitions starts that. When they spending their lives practicing pranayama – it is sort of devotion to it.

Devotion is not just to sing the glorious name of prana all the time. New mahamantra: Hare Prana hare prana prana prana hare hare Hare Apana hare apana apana apana hare hare – that is great.


Q: who is aghori?

Guruji: Ghor means darkness. Aghor means who has expelled the darkness of ignorance from his mind and his subconscious has become conscious. Pure consciousness can be translated as aghor. And aghori is the one who is trying to achieve this state. Because the original Guru – Shiva- lives in smashan; so those so-called aghoris  – they also try to live in smashan to get attention of Shiva and Guru, so their darkness will be expelled finally. This is the real sense of aghor and aghori. I have observe for last 40 years: if you will find 4 or 5 pure aghoris in India – it will be very optimistic number. They are extremely rare. And what we see – eating flesh, taking chillum – they are not aghoris. They are just trying to attract some ghost so they can order them to prove their power so the world will say – oh my God, he is a miracle man! But pure knowledge is a very different thing.

The darkness of your subconscious mind, which is sleeping: when it is no more dark – then it is a state of aghor. And Aghor is one of the five faces of Shiva, who lives in smashan, most beautiful and most knowledgeable and wise.

Aghori is the one who are trying to achieve that by the grace of Shiva by living in smashan.

Q: but You live in smashan?

Guruji: here I will make another statement: to be able to live in smashan and to be able to do sattvic puja, to be able to find a natural Shivalingam – can happen only by the grace of Shiva and Shakti.

There is no other way. Many people whom Shiva doesn’t want to live in smashan – he will put some pishach on their head, some possession and they will start to eat corpses, shit, drink urine and do unmentionable things. They’ve been rejected by Shiva.

Q: in the center of kutastha – it is darkness?

Guruji: only by going through darkness you will understand the true nature of darkness. Then the very different life and wisdom and knowledge will come. light not always means that light; – light of knowledge, light of experience, light of wisdom… just for language we have to use these words. Because our sight depends on light, our eyes are seeing only reflection. When we will begin to see with the divine eye – then we will see the reality, not just the reflection of the things. You’re looking at me – but you’re looking only 60% of me: 2 elements – they go missing.

Q: where is the divine light?

Guruji: it maybe the core of the subconscious mind.

Ghor literally means absolute darkness – of ignorance and everything.

Aghor means – the darkness of ignorance is no more.

That means the subconscious brain wakes up. That is the state of aghor: pure consciousness – no duality, no conscious mind, no subconscious mind. Everything is merged together and everything is conscious: that is the state of non-duality.

Q: that’s why Namah Shivaya is called aghora mantra?

Guruji: no, there is another aghora mantra. But it’s just like worshipping the footsteps left behind by someone; better to get up and go somewhere ourselves. Do I looking like aghori? Maybe someone will think so – wearing black with the black tilak on my forehead- but then aghor is looking good( smiling)

Q: what is another aghora mantra – or there are many?

Guruji: no, one is main: Aghorebhyo Ghorebhyo Ghor… that one. But I don’t think many aghoris may have such living conditions on smashan. Grace of Shiva and Adi Shakti!

Whoever will be very close to Shiva – he will be powerful.

Such mantras are carrying certain message and even mystery there: simply by repeating them nothing will happen.

Q: but the structure and words of that mantra are true – or that is some mistake there?

Guruji: maybe – when you write something down some mistake is going to happen, always.

Q: and that mantra is for invoking Shiva for aghoris?

Guruji: Aghor face: Shiva has five heads – Tatpurusha, Sadyojata, Vamadeva, Ishana and Aghora. Aghor is the most beautiful and the most awaken – who lives in smashan. That maybe to invoke him or jut trying to please him.

Q: what is the difference between vama marga and dakshina marga?

Guruji: vama marga – when you’re living with the woman; a lady is called vama. And right path – those, who live alone.

Every Indian who knows hindi even a little – knows that wife is called vama or a woman is called vama. She’s always on the left side of the husband. So any person, who is not discarding lady’s presence, he has no hang-ups or complexes in his mind or brain- left style, no problem with them.

Q: technically we can call vama marga any system, which is not for sannyasi?

Guruji: you can call it that. And it brings us to another interesting conclusion, because Babaji allowed this Kriya yoga for normal householders – so we are also vama marga. Vam is for the man, and vama is female – that “a” creates big difference.

Q: we never connected before vama and vama marga…

Guruji: they say that vama marga is the very bad thing; or only absolutely not seeing women is the only way. But the body was created by a female – how you can get rid of it? The impact of a woman will always remain on you.

Q: also it is said that dakshina is right hand path and vama – left?

Guruji: which hand is more important to you – right or left? You should have knowledge and information about them both. And then take a middle path. Vam also means left, and vama means a woman – who is on the left always.

Q: usually it is said that vama marga uses all things which are against the social rules – drugs, alcohol?

Guruji: whoever becomes more powerful  – I think they go beyond that so-called norms of the society. And they are intelligent enough not to disturb society at the same time. Society is the very touchy thing, even though it is very forgiving also, it provide so many things; but if you hurt it’s ego – it’s very touchy as well. Society is the female word – and every girl is very touchy.

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